Beautiful and I saw it too so ignato which I saw it too I'm not gonna lie that's what he's known for okay foreign Irwin my goodness wow this is complete chaos let's just.

Let it play out oh my God all right I think Cameron Blackwood has something to add here what's going on down there Cameron yeah but what they're saying is that James.

Aggressively did a split step and it's called as a hindrance now they're saying now you can't gasp in the middle of the point just saying that it's um all right so to Cameron's point if you caught some of that you can't gasp and it was considered a hindrance based off the footstomp and the noise that he.

Created in the middle of that with his split step um again I'm not gonna I I'm not gonna lie I did it was noticeable to me I'm not saying it was a hindrance whatsoever but I did go wow that was quite the split step in my mind um but that's that's pretty remarkable to call at this point.

In the match there's some wild stuff going on we had Rob nunnery on the Baseline before his serve with his toe we had Tyson McGuffin across the sideline with his serve there are some interesting stuff that I have never seen before and I've been playing high level pickleball tournaments for six years this is crazy stuff and a reminder too.

For New Jersey fives at this point we're up 20 to 19. it was game point for them to send it to the dream breaker wow this is going to take some time here's another look and again you can see how James pops down big jump yes no I mean I I clearly see it but I just because that ever okay so as an.

Athlete has something like that ever happened to you on Court and has never bugged you never okay never now has anyone ever stopped like that I know that like Dave Weinbach will occasionally wave his paddle while going to his other to his partner he's not getting the ball saying mixed doubles I've seen that before but on a split.

Step you're squealing your shoes I have never seen it before okay so another thought just came to mind we've seen say Riley Newman hit down on one knee or do something you know fun and silly when the ball's not coming his Direction then also try and catch the attention so is that not considered a hindrance uh I I honestly don't know and and the thing is.

Is stuff like this it can't fully black and white no there has to be some sort of a gray area discretion so it's super difficult to really yes it's objective that's exactly right gray area always causes issues when you can see how dang competitive that everyone is money growing in the sport to leave any form of great area is just.

Very very difficult to do you see a meeting of the mines right here with the referees please so it did not go to a dream break so the hustlers at one and two they have completed their full play they're going to need some help but they do have a chance to advance.

MLB commissioner Brooks Wiley and Channing with the referee right now and players are back out on the court just kind of staying warm and loose so let's Adam give just a little bit of a run around of what has taken place in these past three days uh let's talk a little bit about what we've seen at the.

Challenger Club coming to this point we saw the Chicago flights we're in the semi-final house I believe it's the Bay Area Breakers yes which which was kind of an unproven high upside team so when you have that combination of unreasoned and talented sometimes it falls flat on his face and.

Sometimes it rises to the occasion that's exactly what we've seen for the breakers some big play from Alshon Pablo Tellez Rachel Summers I mean there's some really good stuff going on at the house by the way in terms of standings for players and how they've shaped up her she's done exceptionally well out there and she's starting to uh you.

Know so early in her Devil's career makes a pretty good decisions on the court so very impressed with that whole Squad so that's a nice little preview for you guys as it is 48 players drafted in that Premier level 12 Total Team three groups of four have been in action and this morning we're closing out those group rounds they.

Round robin a format today we will also have our quarterfinal action for the premier level that will start at 3 30 local time as well as a second starting at 5 pm here on the Talking Stick Resort championships on whether that was a hindrance by James they were on at game point to send it to a dream breaker.

And it is a veteran ref out there Jim Ryan so I see you chatting with Bob Switzerland as well veteran ref so uh yeah I guess we're going to see what happens
This match had EVERYTHING. I am calling it the best Pickleball match EVER.
Takes place at 2023 MLP Mesa

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