Today we’re looking at something a little different this is a replacement grip from a company called hore and this thing is really cool this little ergonomic grip is not an overgrip this is a fully replacement grip you take your old grip that came on your paddle and you replace it with this thing and it’s designed to fit really well with.

Your hand and with your fingers I actually talked quite a bit about the hore grip in a paddle review I did for some Ray paddles in case you want to check that out but I love this thing so much I thought it was worth its own video I believe the hore grip design came from padel and if you’ve ever played padel you know you sort of need.

To have soft hands to not overhit but it’s also really important to have soft hands and pickle ball because if you squeeze too hard or grip too tight that’s actually what leads to tennis elbow and pickle ball elbow so it’s really important in pickle ball to have a loose grip as well and that’s really the main purpose of a hore grip it beefs.

Up your grip it gives you really good feedback back to keep your hand position and then it lets you have a looser grip and if you struggle sort of changing grips or keeping Continental or keeping whatever grip you use like this can actually help maintain that grip because you get really good feedback these dimples here like let you know where.

Your hand is all the time and for a lot of people just the way this is designed like the ergonomic nature of it like your hand just fits on it like a hand in a glove and it really helps your paddle the handle feel like an extension of your arm it’s just very comfortable to a lot of people and hore has a number of different versions of their grip they’ve.

Got long ones they’ve got gel ones they’ve got ones with carbon filaments like there is a lot to choose from and they range from about $25 to $30 but if you use promo code Matthew K will knock 10% off but is it worth it like it’s really player dependent but if it ends up helping you keep your grip position if it ends up helping you have soft.

Hands if it prevents tennis elbow I mean it’s definitely worth it but you really just have to give it a try and a little PSA when you’re installing your hore make sure you take off as much glue from your old grip that’s stuck to the handle and I’d recommend wearing like latex gloves because I have no idea like I’m sure the glue that these grips are.

Adhere onto paddles is toxic so I would just wear gloves and then another thing you’ll want to do is soak your hore in some hot water for a little while before you try to put it on and once it’s warm and pliable I would also put a little bit of water on the handle and then it comes with these four plastic tabs and this is how you sort of you come up from.

The bottom of your handle and you just work it up and you’ve got to be patient and you got to be careful because if you end up tearing any part of this the ends like that means when you’re done this is probably going to wiggle and you do not want your grip to be moving around so just be very careful and take your time.

All right that’s all I’ve got the hore grip might be right for you if you have trouble keeping your hand position if you’re moving grips around or if you have trouble keeping loose hands if you’re gripping too tightly this might be exactly what you need but you just sort of have to try it and see if it works and thank you for watching I’ll be.

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Appreciated but most importantly I hope you get to pickle soon and just don’t forget it’s about having fun
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01:17 Ergonomic Design
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