The kid wants to win and everything he does I have achieved 12 gold medals 12 silver medals and 23 bronzers he intentionally put himself around better players to make sure that he could continue to grow and continue to push that ceiling higher who knows what the future holds for Dylan Frazier hopefully in the future it includes a lot of gold.

Medals and fewer silver and bronze medals man come on still in Fraser I was born in great state of Missouri and I played professional pickleball my mom actually introduced me to the.

Sport while we were in Florida visiting her dad and stepmom and she actually sought it out like she had played while she was in college so we found it at a recreation center there and we played for a couple hours we went out there and we were battling against some of the local players there and we really enjoyed our time on the court so we came.

Back to Missouri and found the show me pickleball club which is the club of Columbia Missouri and the rest is history we just started playing we really enjoyed it playing here in Missouri as well and we found tournaments and and kept going so we'll just get the hips warmed up a little bit here my name is Marshall.

Corbin a personal trainer here at the southern Boone area YMCA in Ashland Missouri Marshall likes to work me hard he makes sure that that I'm not walking out of there like ready to to go jump on a trampoline or something so this rotational pattern he's working on super important for all athletic movements kind of this triple extension that's.

Where you get a lot of your power from we're just kind of biasing that outside hip muscle for stability purposes immediately after I'm done working out I feel like I'm able to move a lot Freer just because it's not resisted so the idea is that if you resist all these movements that when you're doing unresisted you're going to be able to.

Move faster and Freer and pick a wall just like tennis too again requires that that powerful swing so working on just a lot of getting strong in these kind of rotational patterns that rotation in there good when you first came to me you know he said he wanted to work on his conditioning a little bit more so we can be more.

Efficient on the court with as soon as simple as this and be powerful there right he's going to take less steps and less energy overall explosive powerful good if there is one thing that I do dread it's probably the sled at the end of it that's that's definitely the hardest one Ready set go go.

just keep going keep going keep going keep going keep going keep going good good stuff man looks like you're barely tired I started playing pickleball when I was 14 years old and I am currently 20 years old so I've been playing for six years it's tough to juggle school with pickleball.

Especially when I'm playing probably about 35 tournaments a year doing school on top of it makes it a little more challenging to find some practice time but I typically practice pickleball 15 to 20 hours a week when there's a tournament on the weekend I'll I'll be able to finish school work the first three days of the week like Monday.

Tuesday Wednesday and then I'm traveling later foreign Stein my mom called me and said Jack you got to play this sport it's called pickleball we met at the courts some random tennis courts that was seven years ago a couple days later I went to.

Play with the show me pickleball club and Dylan was there my mom and Dylan's mom already had a friendship there so me and Dylan hit it off and and we started playing some tournaments together and practicing together you know to answer Doug's question why why did he pick it up so much faster than than everyone else it's an enigma to me best way I.

Could explain it is like the little kids that really soak in the foreign language faster than the adults became easy for Dylan and we all got better over the years but Dylan exponentially uh got better Pokeball is commonly described as a cross between tennis and ping pong so you play with the Wiffle ball and a paddle that's very similar to tennis and.

That there's a net and you have to hit the ball over you have to keep it inside the lines inside the court so so you play games to 11 and it's not Rally score you have to score on your serve but but it's a really fun sport I think it's the number one growing sport in the country right now without a doubt Dylan humble the first word that comes to mind.

Nice he's one of the nicest men you could ever meet and and he's a lot of fun some of the pickleball players that I really looked up to and kind of modeled my game off of were Kyle Yates and Dave Weinbach and later on Ben Johns those three I watch them the most just because they're winning the most honestly like they had the most success.

At the time so I figured it might as well learn from the best so Major League pickleball has kind of been a newer thing in our sport where it's team event that brings players together and they've brought in a lot of celebrities to the sport to name a few LeBron James Tom Brady Drew Brees Jim Toth have all invested in Major League pickleball.

Teams and have showed up I know Drew Brees and Tony Romo have gotten out there if I had to choose between playing against Tom Brady Drew Brees or Lebron James I would probably choose to play against Tom Brady I just love watching Tom Brady play football just because I have a lot of respect for what he does out there and his knowledge for the game.

Is able to do so between the three of them I think I'd like to take on Tom Brady although I don't think he'd be the best out of the dream I think LeBron would definitely be the best between three of him he's just a physical Force out there he's just a lot more athletic the most intense match that I've been part of I could probably say the one I.

Was just recently in at the PPA Vegas tournament I was playing singles and I was playing against Jay de Villiers we were battling out it was a backdraw match that we were playing a game to 15 kind of back and forth throughout the entire match and he got to a point where he was up 14-11 on me so he just needed one more point to win the game and so I.

Kind of saved a few match points got back into the game made it 14-14 eventually the game ended at me winning 1816 and that was actually the first time I had beaten Jay in a singles match so that was a big moment for me and just career really but that was an intense match foreign.

means you're putting on a lot of work to maintaining your level and pickleball and even getting better and competing against some of your opponents who are not taking days off themselves so it means waking up every day and and going to get a workout in even if you're tired and getting all my schoolwork done you.

Know doing all the all the little things right to make sure that I have the ability to compete at the highest level thanks to everyone for watching my video to check out more stories like mine make sure to like And subscribe out here.

Professional Pickleball star Dylan Frazier is winning a TON of medals and is currently the #7 ranked men’s player in the world! Dylan is grinding every day on the court and in the gym to make sure he keeps getting better!

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