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welcome back everybody it is time to play ball here on Center Court uh thrilled to have you joining us here on Tennis Channel and there you see the two seed Matt Wright on the far side in white got Riley Newman up close with his unique two-handed backhand warming That Thing Up and there you see Thomas.

Wilson strolling out on court and the Winter Soldier Pat Smith's got that right sleeve rolled up as he always does and uh it's gonna be a great match to start the day and Jan Mike you have a little uh tennis history with uh Matt right do you not way back history we played junior tennis together he played he was uh I believe.

It's a while ago but I believe he was number one in the nation in 12. he was the man to beat and uh here he is out here playing some top level pickleball now so and has been for a while yeah for a while exactly when I first saw his name I can't be the same guy that I know from the junior tennis.

And uh he did play a little bit he's playing The Challengers are a little bit in the Challenger the Futures level as well in tennis tour but uh has had extremely good success here yeah so uh highly skilled tennis player played his college tennis at Michigan so uh he's he's got a big day with the Wolverines playing tonight and the uh.

Big Ten Championship as well so I'm sure he would he would love to win a championship of his own can't do that today though so we play through the semifinals and then if they are fortunate enough to get through best three out of five in the finals tomorrow as part of Championship Sunday so the interesting thing with Newman and.

Wright is they've got a budding rivalry with the Johns Brothers in the last eight finals that they've played each other it's been 4-4 so a lot of work for both sides to do there on the other side you've got Pat Smith playing with Thomas Wilson Thomas Wilson has played a lot with his cousin AJ Kohler this year but this is a very.

Athletic formidable team and you know when you're playing a team that's seated well that's won a lot what's your mentality when you know you may be an underdog but not by a wild stretch for sure well the mentality has to be you're going out there to take him out to be worried about you know the outcome too.

Much though it's a probably not a good thing you gotta stay in the moment as much as possible that's always the look you need to have it in in any really sporting Endeavor is is out there to win it but you know take it one one step at a time and and sort of figure out the strategy that might work and uh it is always fun it was always fun for me as a.

Tennis player to play somebody I was supposed to in quotes beat and and find a way to to win those kinds of matches so that was um you know it's no different out here and you know when you have the Target on on you know your back on your head that that's a little harder it's a little harder for for writing him to continue.

To play at that high level and and beat these competitors so that's what we'll be looking for today is how they respond to the challenge yeah so you're gonna three see three humongous forehands from Wilson Pat Smith with his hat on backwards in the near court and then Matt Wright and then just that interesting pan pancake grip from Riley.

Newman and then just that devastating two-handed backhand that is just hard to read and comes from all different places yeah very difficult to read and what he can do with it sort of right in front of his body where you think it'd be a little bit of a weakness for for Newman you have to get that into sort his right hip.

That's sort of the target is to make him hit a forehand when he's a little uncomfortable he'll get a few unforced errors that way off the paddle there but the backhand side it is one of the best in the business and it is one of my favorite shops out there it is certainly unorthodox but there is no one way to play this wonderful sport.

For sure there's only one way for you to play it and everybody's trying to figure that out you're a great example of that uh from tennis you went two-handed on both sides so yeah that's not a thing I would recommend to anyone else it was uh it was a different way to play it worked for me but uh you know it's it's what works for you the individual.

And uh that's one of the fun things about racket Sports in general is that there's a lot of different ways to sort of figure out how to hit it different kinds of spins will or won't work but uh even just watching how much spin these guys can put on from that paddle onto the ball it's impressive the new technology that's come along has.

Really aided in that certainly couldn't do that back when I started playing pickleball when I was about 12 years old and back of our court and we played with those wooden paddles at Dillard paddles you couldn't put a lot of spin then but uh where the technology has really come along pretty impressive yeah probably not uh shaping the ball with the wood.

Paddle like these guys are today yeah it was even harder to put the under spin which is a little always a little bit easier to get sort of a slice type of a shot in this sport but uh now you couldn't put any kind of tough bit then and now you can see how much the shape they could put on that ball good look at uh Matt Wright the other.

Thing that Wright and Newman had to figure out is they brought this partnership together two Alphas who is going to be that player that plays the left side and plays the more aggressive role and they sort of tried to work through that and now they have that dialed in with Riley on the left most of the time not all the.

Time and you know Matt has done a nice job of transitioning from a left side player to a right side player in this partnership yeah he does a great job on the right side and I've covered several of their matches and really enjoyed the combination that they have it is a little bit more equal than some teams.

But you do have Newman taking a few more uh of the middle balls and moving a little bit more than Matt does but they have a nice combination it's certainly working well for them yeah and this is a couple of guys that were Arch Rivals a couple of years ago but saw the potential of what this Duo could mean and then here they are and.

They've got a bunch of titles to show for it and have really pushed the Johns Brothers to elevate their level because this is no cake for anybody and this is no cake right here I mean Wilson and Smith will make it happen you also have two boys from Wichita here uh Matt Wright and his partner on and off the court Lucy Koval over there Jay.

Davilier also in Wichita and Pat Smith also from there so uh what is it about Wichita you got Naples you got Wichita there's these these hotbeds you wouldn't necessarily think yeah it's uh and more and more so many of the top players are in Austin Texas now too as well the idea of how hard it is to advance in these.

Tournaments now with all these new players coming in you've got to have good practice partners and people to push you because you know in other spots as you mentioned that is happening yeah the idea always has to be you want to train with the best players in the world you want to play against the best players in the world if that's not in.

Your mind you probably shouldn't be playing a sport at the highest level absolutely or trying to so we are ready to start our first quarterfinal here on Center Court it is an absolutely beautiful day let's play Pickleball Pat Smith to serve side out zero zero one right well.

Put it in play for him and Riley Newman just deep from Riley zero zero look at that unique grip he has foreign wild Swings with the Tui that don't find the court to start trying to find his range a little bit point nice drive there.

It's pretty hard to read that yeah pushing Newman wide and then going down the middle Wilson likes to run around over there second serve for Smith and Wilson to win today Pat Smith's got to make one huge percentage of that huge forehand drive side out deceptive Wolverine there Jan Mike.

I held on to that for a second zero one second serve down that difficult spot right in the body there zero one two side out it's a little stop sloppy start for the two seed here you haven't been able to.

Get on the board this is when Wilson and Smith need to take advantage of that point it's a nice scrap from Pat Smith back in the Baseline 201 Thomas Wilson's brought his forehand out today yeah he played well yesterday in the mix I feel like he's he's started.

Off right where he left off there foreign but the right idea yeah because Matt Wright is wanting that backhand so shot selection was good there two zero two again game one quarter final point.

Again with the forehand that's nice look at that positioning side out if we don't hear some German from Pat Smith today will not be a real passionate experience so look forward to that later we may even bite his paddle for us you understand him of course of course not.

Point Pat Uh showing he got jammed up on this ball right here still able to get the paddle on it second serve another another one off the two-hander Smith was in jail but got to get out of jail free card on the Monopoly board.

There point two three two thank you side out Riley cannot believe it after a gorgeous third that set that whole thing in motion threw it at their feet and I think a little discussion of.

Holiday gift giving took place there Santa Riley hits a gimme into the net point just a little sloppy for the two seed two times make it up for sure you can't always play your best point let's figure out that I agree I'm Matt making a couple of errors.

And of course what does he do he stares at the paddle come on onyx five two one blame yourself second serve when you have a team that's not at their best right now and they give you a short return that's when Thomas Wilson desperately would like to make just to keep the pressure on.

Upsets happen there's two in a row very makeable shots both of those focused hello Thomas Wilson not only does he have it covered splits the two seed with a beautiful backhand Point there's a great point and finish and this is what this team can do.

Beautiful ATP but Pat Smith ready with the defense yeah nice coverage there looking for it he should be there ready to cover that one right up the line there around the net do figure for writing Newman a couple of points like that can really energize you a couple of longer exchanges maybe just.

What they need and just get some touches and folks please lock in your tray tables and your seats we are very close to the airport so we cannot have you not being safe for landing here so please do that at home especially if you're going to be with us people should be up by then yes it's got to be up very close.

Foreign love the aggression from Pat Smith there yes six three one good energy so far we're at six three one yeah point that's well earned isn't it that.

Fantastic LOB yeah beautiful from Pat Smith and I see a gamma paddle on the ground and that does mean timeout so Wright and Newman are down and you saw that they chose not to switch that uh kept Matt right on the left side and a very patient Point played by Pat Smith and Thomas Wilson so foreign.

foreign welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here with Jan Michael Gamble and uh got a great match going on and have another Beauty coming up we'll have the Johns Brothers against Spencer Smith and.

Christian Showtime all Sean so we'll have tweeners Galore coming in in that in that battle so that's gonna be good but we have a great match on Center right now as Smith and Wilson are up early again if they they could have an even bigger the third percentage was improved so uh Newman and Wright have decided.

They're going to switch out of this instead of keeping Matt on the other side out strategy Works time out was a big help three seven one foreign.

I've heard a lot of come on Pats in this first game as Thomas Wilson because attitude like that forehand volley as well major asset so far side out there's that inside out deception from Wilson as well he's feeling it yesterday one getting coaching from his.

Wife nothing to say except keep doing what you're doing here's the aggression we need to see from Newman point boy it's Santa Riley continues to give gifts Pat Smith was disgusted with his own shot there and it ends up granting a.

Point and it is 8-3-2 side out from Wilson at Smith there pumping each other up after a miss Wilson goes scorpion scramble winner what a combo platter there.

382. those are some quick hands side out and a little indecision on the middle ball there so just a little eight three one kink in the armor and this is when you gotta finish if you're Wilson and Smith second serve.

Yeah it seems like new minute right feeling a little pressure right now you want to keep them playing you don't want to give them too many freebies and again another missed third there I know it clipped the tape but it's still a mess I'm excited three eight one.

Second serve 382. Pat Smith just loaded up and ready on the forehand idea just maybe reaching 482 too much point and there's just the calm presence of Matt Wright nothing's flashy there beautiful finish I feel like that's when.

Wright's at his best just sort of using those good hands keeping things very simple it's close to the net close to the kitchen there finds the angles he's good Mastery of those angles point and Thomas Wilson took a forehand into the no-go zone right here to Riley.

Newman and that's quickly over don't want a challenge the no-go or the go zone for it's the go-zone yeah it's the goes to go but it's the no-go if you're on the right side and another ATP sets up a winner and they are within one timeout must be coming soon here I'd be taking one.

Time not receiver seven eight two one minute hey here we go listen to the earbud in their ears from the Jan Mike headset so uh good battle here Smith and Wilson Sprint out to 8-3 lead in Newman and Wright crawling back within one we'll see the finish at game one after this.

People look at the orchard security guy and go what a joke he's got electrolytes on his chest he's got electoral rights and a squirt gun do I look like I'm a joke funny to me.

thank you yeah all right welcome back everybody this is Center Court and the 2C Matt Wright and Riley Newman there's a good look at them we're in a hole a little discombobulated but uh.

They're on a nice run back they have gotten within one here in game one and uh forced the time out from Smith and Wilson side out all right well it worked yeah Thomas Wilson's been ready for this speed up on the left side of his body second serve.

I like that little play there the drop shot lanky clunked it and got away with it because he just apologized yes foreign and there's the German from Pat Smith as he attacked when he was off balance there seven eight one right there we haven't had too many dink exchanges.

There that one going in the way of doing right second serve 782 no Point left-handed finish we go Southpaw and we're at eight a piece here good Lefty overhead yeah it's a little bit show time but.

It's incredibly effective too Point hello Lefty again and hello Newman and it's nine eight nine eight two side out now we're more urgent come on Pat from Thomas Wilson is their lead is gone but they're down just one second serve play that surf awful close because he.

Catch the line there okay side out oh tween or try after a uh Phantom face comes across the screen there that was something interesting foreign those are debugging device you know you got to debug all of your equipment so that was and that was an actual bug we.

Don't want you seeing insects on this coverage so 982 point oh no and Pat Smith Chucks that electron paddle on the ground can't believe it it's a little too Frozen in his tracks there needed a little bit more footwork I think a little bit of a reach we are at game point for Newman and Wright.

Oh point game 11 and that will do it with a beautiful finish so this is going to be the one that got away when Smith and Wilson think about it up 8-3 and did not score again eight in a row game two coming up next love 15 30 40. any point one means you.

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welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here with Jan Michael Gamble and we saw a sloppy start for writing him and but we did not see a sloppy finish no they cleaned things up nicely didn't make as many errors there sort of took control also at the net now they're.

Looking pretty relaxed getting two time in zero zero two Denise Smith and Howard Hepworth are our referees and a whole bunch of German there from Pat Smith a couple of chances to finish here but maybe that one game one was in the back of his mouth yeah I didn't put.

Anything on that backhand volley there point and there is the full syrup and butter pancake grip package right there you do not go there two zero two little clip off the tape didn't hurt either you know maybe a little side of bacon side out this is a dangerous point in this match.

Right here for these two ten points in a row for Wright and Newman point the real nice patient point from Smith and Wilson one of the longer points we've had so far yeah I think they need to continue to be solid they were so solid to start the first game off.

Sort of made too many balls especially arrows on the third ball really let him down point gave some confidence back to their opponents really right Newman sort of stole the show after that the sun could be a factor there you can see the Shadows Matt Wright might have.

Been looking right into it uh usually has a very trusty overhead second serve another missed third and a Grimace from Pat Smith foreign two two one second serve better overhead yeah and another crazy left-handed save.

Here from Riley Newman he's beat yet he's so athletic to you know sometimes just making him hit one more ball you get a mistake yeah you'd be a unique individual to switch the hands that fast what's up own the little dropper after an insane get in the middle from Riley Newman yeah it's nice This Guy's in the drop.

Shot too held come on Pat coin and there's the come on Pat that got him that 8-3 lead playing aggressive keeping the ball down you see the pantomime of the SWAT there from Pat Smith a little bit up and down he's hits some great shots.

First game but he's made too many errors if he steps it up he'll have a shot Wilson's played about the same level the whole time second serve I heard Pat say my bad there went directly into the paddle on the backhand side of Matt Wright and you put your partner in peril.

That's shaking his head is Riley Newman I appreciate him saving our video board back there on that ball that was well out but he played it foreign and now a nice little run of five for Smith and Wilson yeah that's more consistent play that we've seen from them in this second game.

Five two two versus the end of game one foreign hit that last volley there for Matt Wright but he dealt with it nicely yeah his ability to manipulate that paddle I mean that was paddle face straight down there he's still able to hit a winner second serve.

Two five two side out you can see Newman shaking his head before he even hit that still had the last shot and that was a carryover right there sort of weird attitude to bring to the serve there and do himself a favor yeah point.

Nice finish there from Pat Smith and you see them dink in the middle this right Newman team off the bounce is less dangerous in the middle of the court so it's nice to have sort of a safety spot but if you find the outside Wings Chan Mike you're deep trouble that's true six two two especially of Newman there.

Great Energy Great finish and this looks a heck of a lot like the beginning of game number one impressive run so after 10 in a row went the wrong way for these two including losing game number one they've put seven in a row of Their Own wow I formation they get out of it.

Side out Pat Smith tries the Inside Out up at the body but Riley's just so good with that forehand he's able to get there Smith Newman choosing not to take the time out on that run saving it for maybe later three seven one they took a time out at this very score.

In game number one and then one on a tear yeah foreign like going inside out and then setting yourself up for the big highlight reels point I feel like we made me deserve to freebie after he gave that freebie of the serve back a little while ago.

Think Thomas agrees with you but I agree the pickleball gods do and that's just full-on assault of Pat Smith right there from Riley Newman five seven two line on the return that'll been two in a row.

Foreign look at this point and it goes wide so a tremendous battle defense to offense and back and forth Jan Mike I was looking at it I was that was impressive all four players there and uh I think Newman and Wright aren't.

Complaining that the timeout was called on the other side so again for it a five-point lead slipping away from Smith and Wilson here in game two the most important part about Tuesday night pickleball at the orchard is the net every Tuesday 4 30 a.m you're sleeping I'm not I'm measuring the.

Height I'm measuring the length I'm measuring their circumference and I'm measuring the tension who does tension we do foreign folks welcome back uh Dave Fleming here.

With Jan Michael Gamble and Jan Mike it's deja vu five-point lead playing well Newman and Wright cleaned it up a little bit go away that's one of the reasons that they're so tough the reasons that they're you know challenging to to win these events time and time again is very confident sex players to figure out ways.

To get back in these games side out and just moving that ball a little bit of void the pancake that's the spot if you can get it there seven six one a little bit more trouble with that point and there's the big forehand from Pat Smith in a big yell from The Winter.

Soldier and desperately needed second serve that's the volley he was looking for yeah he still has so much good work but that a little bit into the body couldn't get the paddle around and this time it is Pat Smith that wins the head up battle with Riley Newman.

Pat Smith energized with that forehand up the line might get him some a little more confidence now winning in volley Exchange side out Finish Line in sight six nine six nine put them away though oh my so we had scorpion double bounce on the tape.

And then a little frustration for Mr Newman the hand went up sorry sort of sorry not sorry there yeah Pat Smith wanted a great gentleman in the sport he might actually mean it just a little um I'm sure I agree with you that that was weird Lefty SWAT.

and Pat Smith not able to get low enough to finish with the Scorpion yes after a really impressive point from Thomas Wilson 792 game two side out.

Good speed from Wilson to move it over there that quickly so that 10th Point can be a big one put pressure out there on your opponent 97. he got stalled at eight in game one let's see if they can push through it gotta make your thirds you can see really tough to see on that side.

We are still going all right and wide from Pat Smith crazy lob overhead point I don't give it right here good fortitude from them taking their time on some of those overheads that is not easy into the sun second chance.

that's a great take from Riley Newman there especially having been beaten down the line before to still have the gumption to get in there in the middle yeah you figure you have to give that one up one seven nine one you can make that forehand up the line again.

Sometimes you gotta ship your cap second serve big energy big emotion big yelling another lesson from Riley Newman but can't get another one back so they get the side out no damage done can they sniff that tenth Point here seven one why would I do that right.

Second time so we got the full uh analysis without even Us credit where credit's due Matt does like that shot 97. Thomas Wilson basically hit the Onyx logo on his paddle wow Newman and Wright were in trouble that entire exchange and got out of it.

Boy ready 791 yeah second says but they have answers when they're returning just another solid performance at the net.

Smith making sure everyone's in the proper position foreign you're here watch it point and Wilson goes for the lob after a couple little dinks after the netcord got involved and now we're at eight nine yes.

Yeah Point huge lengthy dick exchange goes the way of bright and Newman and there's a close-up of the point before it comes to the net one minute it's two in a row good time for a timeout I feel like momentum is moving the way of doing the right again.

Two what a finish we will have for you coming up one two three foreign first quarter final here on men's and.

Women's doubles day we'll have the ladies later in the show but This Could Be the One That Got Away of Pat Smith and Thomas Wilson can't get a side out here they were up 8-3 and lost game one they were up 7-2 in this game we are now 9-9 they desperately need a side out here after calling timeout point.

Three in a row and Thomas Wilson goes for a little too much off the two-handed backhand and we are at Match Point ten nine two minute right just willing to stay in that exchange a little bit longer point and Thomas Wilson pulls the trigger again and it goes deep and unfortunately for Smith and Wilson this.

Is the match That Got Away so an impressive battle but they just couldn't come up with the goods at crunch time and this ball coming up here is going to sail deep from Thomas Wilson and Wright and Newman found the answers at the end really really fun match to watch they have the confidence in the tools to get through matches like this.

That's why we see them in the semifinals or further so often they're one of the teams to beat yes so they are the two seed you see them at the bottom up next will be the Giants boys against a very talented eight-seed Christian auction and Spencer Smith the 12th seed retten Meyer and tardio very dangerous that'll be a great match.

Coming up with Jay davilier and McGuffin and we'll also have AJ Kohler and Tyler Lou against Greg Dowell and James ignatowich all that great pickleball coming up foreign.

Foreign it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margaritaville you can go to Margaritaville too visit.

Margaritaville foreign welcome back to Lake Nona Florida just outside Orlando the house the mouse built Ryan bird Dave Fleming glad you're with.

Us here on Tennis Channel an exciting Saturday of doubles action and I'll tell you what Dave you can feel it in the air there's a line to get in the parking lot there's a great crowd on hand it's a hot Saturday apparently a cloud in the sky there is an energy and an excitement to watch the number one team in doubles after.

This match is interesting because you've got everybody knows Brothers older brother Colin younger brother Ben the best player in the world Spencer Smith a very talented player who's been in the pickleball scene for a few years and then you have the upstart Christian.

Auction who has never seen a tweener he doesn't love more he will hit him all over the place he loves Showtime he plays to the crowd this is a kid that started his tennis career at Virginia switched up to Chicago won the D3 title there and then said announce to the world I'm gonna be a pro pickleball player and here he is on Center Court.

All right Dave give me the recipe give me the you know obviously this would be a major upset everybody knows it including right including the upsetters so what has to happen off the bat so they just believe yeah I think you know Christian Alshon you can see him there walking out in the pink he believes the second he.

Steps on the court so belief for him is not the problem I think you have a new partnership with Spencer Smith and Christian allshot so they need to have no mistakes on just balls in the middle communication and everything like that and then I think you got to play loose like we saw in the match before this one Pat Smith and do you really believe that.

You really believe that they are walking onto this court thinking they're going to win this match they I do not believe that because you know I mean they know they have to play Perfect to try and win this and I don't think as a competitor you should ever enter a tournament if you don't think you could win it then it'd be clear absolutely do I think.

Everyone watching thinks they can win this match no do I think two people in that environment do yes that's Spencer and Christian for sure I mean these are talented players the challenge is you have the best team in the world across the net all right let's get into that chemistry difference obviously you're talking about two people that know each.

Other better than anyone else in this Sport and then a kind of a new partnership how does that weigh in and tip the scales even more it really does because not only are Ben and Collins great players they're Brothers they're practice Partners they analyze the game better than anybody so they're they're a nightmare because not.

Only are they the best athletically they understand the game the angles the strategy better than anybody and they are a magnet for the other players to learn the game they understand it that well so this is needing to be Christian Alshon and Spencer Smith have seen when Ben and Colin have gotten in trouble it's been blunt forced trauma.

Bring Heat at them because if you want to think with these two you're asking for the wrong Colin Johns hasn't missed a dink since he was 12 years old and he's 29. I'm interested on your viewpoint on that relationship of Colin taking the backboard approach Lenny and his brother who everyone knows is the best player to.

Just Attack Mode Bulldog compared to when you get a new team and you have Alshon and Smith is there an outfit in that group is there someone willing to take the back the back door yeah it'll be interesting to see how they choose to play this I mean all shot big ranging kid and uh definitely has oh he's an athlete kind of alpha inside him.

Spencer Smith is a very good experienced comfortable player on the left side so you know we talked about Newman and Wright in the prior match two lions that had to figure out who's going to play the left side and they even had to switch out of a couple changes when they put Matt right on the left when it didn't work for a minute so I expected.

Them to choose one but then if it doesn't work switch out of it that's what you got to do if there's one thing to lose there's another thing to lose the same way Dave we love an underdog we love the chance for an upset Until you realize that the other team's just better than you are so gonna be fun to see uh I'm I agree with you I think I.

Think Alshon and Smith are coming in here 100 in belief that they're about to make something special happen yeah and that's happened I mean and in pickleball there's so many runs Ryan so if you can get hot for a minute and you look up and you run four or five and then maybe the pickleball God say you know what I'd like to help this out so in netcore the.

Ball skids off a line a ball gets lost in the sun Christian Alshon actually lost a heartbreaking singles match lost the ball in the Sun I mean this crowd is uh they are fired up and ready to go so are we a little feel-out process obviously yeah and just from a positioning standpoint uh the more experienced Spencer Smith on.

The left very comfortable over there so that's the choice these two have made fortunate there zero one one second serve you called it I mean this he is an alpha he is an athlete zero one two he believes.

Foreign you know you see how calm Colin is over there all this wild kinetic energy around them resets just then let's Big Brother find the all Sean body point wow we almost had a guy get tagged by his own player there as Spencer Smith had to dive out of the way and they all.

Sean return 201 second serve I'm real interested in kind of how you feel though feeling out process goes for Alshon and Smith and if they do decide to deviate from the initial plan yeah I think they got to figure out can can Spencer Smith do enough damage from the left side and do they like Christian.

Allshine as good as bands in front of him so far not so good now right and then what you also start to see obviously a little bit is things get a little more uneven forces that belief that we talked about start to waver just a bit.

Yeah the scoreboard adds another element of pressure and maybe just getting rid of that zero will re-engage that belief just all right we're on Center we're playing the judge Brothers we're on Tennis Channel you know let's go right there has to be a moment where you say let's go.

Oh what a shot oh and John takes the heat out of a hot hot kitchen so a ridiculous ATP that comes and is saved by the player on the left side of the court you don't ever see that Spencer Smith thought he'd hit a winner and Ben Johns ends up being the one that finishes.

Foreign speeding it up and again that last point with the crazy ATP and the save that can be disheartening too that to that belief four zero one play a great ATP and you eat it on the Highlight Reel it's going to be all over social media and you're on the wrong side of it I felt that this was a second.

Serve a quarterfinal matchup but I felt like elshon was the guy that had to kind of step forward as a player that's ready to step into the next there's a lot of pickles yeah the hard the hardest part for these guys coming from tennis is the doubles game because it is singles is much more similar these hands.

There you got a good yell from all Sean as he stared down Ben there so again he's like focused he prances around the court you see it in his eye don't you fly absolutely second serve you know at some point it's a great time it's great to believe you got to be able to produce man you.

Got to execute these thirds are way too high and that's a ball that bounces so they can get in the points but scorpion power from uh Colin John's there and it's not time to switch sides for them yet but they've got to get the ball on the ground and bounce.

Second serve four zero two obviously fun watching him yesterday in the mixed foreign that's when Spencer Smith's got to do on that left side he filled the middle handles this ball that's the one where he's not on point Ben's gonna hit a.

Winner down the middle so can they build on it another high third Hammer Time foreign how good is that how good is that it's very good and it's the challenge that they're happy to dink with you and then if you leave one up trouble is coming that we have reached the point where all.

Sean said let me try on the left side so you know we talked about in the open how is this partnership going to work let's see if this change helps at all not right there but he was off kilter to begin with I like that they tried something different because they still have that zero you know that does speak though to.

Just the challenges that they face of of probably not equal in the talent department but also so many unknowns in the chemistry world you pretty good chemistry student fun I uh did not do very well there I I stuck to uh let's let's add something or let's write something but let's not put things in beakers Ryan let's not have me around.

With that well we're uh we're putting this in the beaker on Center right now without Shannon Smith point wow and now now they get a kitchen call and nothing is working a ball before that off the tape those were the things we talked about they would need to pull the upset Smith and all.

Sean and it is the absolute reverse of that happening here 60 . point timeout receivers 702. frustration land here yeah this was the exact scenario that they could Hill aboard as the Johns the number one seed.

Are in complete control here at the Hertz National Championship Orlando Florida back after this thank you Brian burr back with Dave Fleming Tennis Channel gorgeous Saturday in Orlando Florida.

And I'll tell you you know you just take a look at this parking lot coming in obviously fastest growing sport in America is pickleball but the fans in Orlando they can't get enough I mean this place has jammed all the courts fans everywhere gorgeous day and you got a thousand amateurs playing so that's the beauty of the sport it's.

On the rise and you can come out and play right next to these this is literally the best player in the world right here we'll have Anna Lee Waters later today too um playing for the first time in women's on the PPA tour without her mom who we again wish her well suffered a torn ACL.

With a heartbreaking injury for her second sir and discombobulation continues they're trying the side switch you know Alshon is such an emotional fiery uh Entertainer just haven't gotten to that no we haven't seen that at all and maybe a missed return can be that.

Ignition I mean he's got this angle he's ready to pounce on something yes now let's talk about let me put you in this position now where you're a little over match you are trying to develop some chemistry out there obviously game one getting away from you here uh you're a veteran that's seen it.

All how do you change things up how do you attempt to just try something new well I think the side switch is the first thing and they're in the middle of that the problem that I'm seeing from all Sean right here is he's trying to do too much so you're gonna get your chances these guys aren't robots Okay so you're.

Gonna get your chances but you have got to be a little patient on the balls like he's made two loose errors second serve Let The Game come to you like that yeah that came that came to him and he and he hammered it eight one two I think you break up bring up a wonderful point though that the doubles is it is a little new and something that he needs.

To kind of figure out on the Fly there's no denying phlegm that this guy physically athletically his hands too it's just it's a small court with four people on it and he seems to be almost out of place right now yeah he's he's learning as all these players do and as I mentioned I mean Ben and Colin practice finite skills within.

This sport all Sean's just getting used to the basic angles of the highest level Pro pickleball he is a tremendous player but he's just got to find so that's the difference in reps on the court it's significantly different to the very beautifully uh orchestrated orange outfits on the other side.

It is a rarity now for Ben Johns to get a compliment on his uh dress code so yeah gotta gotta give it to him one more giving mood today yeah those boys woke up and said you know we're gonna match on Center you know we like that point and it's just just nothing down you know I this this game I've seen.

Stranger things have happened but I'm not calling to come back here because of the way this is going I think you happily put that the the first thing that had to happen and that wasn't a quick start well that was a quick finish unfortunately for of Sean and Smith you know jumping in for for one match.

Here I wasn't expecting to be on about 45 seconds today we'll take a quick timeout from the Hertz National Championship back on Tennis Channel you think you know Rose Nama Eunice Rose lost her first title fight glad out lost right then and there she made a decision start believing think she would become a.

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From hurt you can enjoy all the Traditions with none of the emissions hurts let's go ho ho let's go foreign welcome back Center Court PPA Hertz National Championship Ryan Bert Dave.

Fleming number one men's double team doubles Partners in the world here in the quarters finals and it looked like they're well on their way to a semis unless Christian Alshon and Spencer Smith can find some chemistry and find a way and look at the little elf Colin Johnson here here's a toy here's a gift so.

Maybe that can be it because they're on zero forever in game one side up just some confidence can go a long way but trying to hit a ball down the line from that position a drive when Ben's just waiting is just the wrong shot choice and you know I think you see that.

Sometimes that you start going for the Hail Mary when it's you can't force it no point a little bad luck off the tape there yeah you it's hard because you're like you know a baseball team that's you can't hit a seven run home run so you gotta you gotta settle in and just play.

You're an athletic player Christian play your game now we will see the John's challenge today there's no doubt about that there's some great rivalries in the doubles game we will flush out and diagnose it's going to be a heck of a Saturday point.

And that's this just go just fire at John's backhand and jam up Colin Johns is the way that Wright and Newman to speak to some of the Rivalry we've had they've won four of the last eight against these two so and they've done it by bringing pace so not that that blueprint is easy but at least there's one that has created now.

Those are two highly talented highly you know we've talked about chemistry they're in sync together this team is new and you cannot miss a serve Brian no that's uh one two one fight cloud cover here uh story today also we've got to bring it up it was a lot warmer this morning.

Which obviously will play out over the length of the day Science Fitness and ability to get back and how long you're on the court so uh anytime little cloud cover obviously that helps a bit absolutely and you know it's also cumulative from Thursday and Friday as well as you know Ben Johns has already takes the heat out.

Of a hot hot kitchen that shots yeah this is this is the challenge and he knows where Christian's going with that ball before Christian even hits it and it's those combinations tennis players come over they're used to One-Shot winners Ryan right in pickleball you are setting up the second or in some cases the third ball you know.

It's so much more Tactical oh big brother getting out of the way smart very smart you know he probably got the first helping a turkey at the John's Family Table you know I had a chat with him this morning though and and he understands even though he's big brother he understands what Ben means to this.

Game and the the skill level he has and you know we talked about that off the set I I think the ability to take a second stage on a team is critical and CJ is also one of the best teachers of the game and tacticians another time out here on Center Court the Johns look like they're on their way.

To the semis we'll see after this the most important part about Tuesday night pickleball at the orchard are these cameras this is the Canon 6r44-2b we got a red light situation here ah there we go green light.

All right that one's done 35 more to go welcome back Center Court PPA Hertz National Championship Orlando Florida great look at the Johns Brothers the number one doubles team in the world and they appear to be on a pretty casual.

Mission today not a lot of emotion from these guys uh they're out here to to kind of get off as quickly as they can it appears absolutely no stress on these two timeouts being called and they're in complete Command foreign let's see if Smith can't get a little something going here talked a lot about.

Alshon is you know the the guy here that certainly has that look trying to be an Intimidator but maybe it's Smith's turn to just settle things down a bit oh that caught the line okay go big or go home so you know it looks like he's gonna hit a tennis serve with the way he steps up to the line.

Saying so and it's Precision like that drive from Spencer Smith cannot find the three Ben John's paddle at that height it's got to be lower well for me there's something about watching the best do it and how they do make it look so effortless yeah five three one over the last two days and.

Through Championship Sunday we'll see a lot of sweat Blood and Tears out here but with these guys it it does almost look like it's a rhythmic dance it is and uh these are dance Partners from birth you know Blood Brothers when Ben John showed up in the world when uh CJ was six years old he never dreamed he'd be doing this and and Colin actually was.

Making a run in Tennessee you know didn't see that happen and then it's baby brother that's gotten him the opportunity to play at the USTA national championship campus ironically in a different sport a fun to watch again just.

Completely not prepared and there's just that deception too so you know yes this looks like they've gonna go get their dog and walk in the park I mean that's how comfortable they are that's that's part of the the Ambiance of these two Colin and all Sean.

Thought he hit two winners there and there's CJ misses this one and that's the other frustrating part there two of the best levers of the ball too so they will not they don't let you get away with an out ball sign up there's some of that power from Alshon that we were hoping to see maybe inflex his muscles just a bit haven't.

Seen enough of this three eight one and again that's that ability to be patient and pick your spot for that little luck there but Lady Luck is uh they'll take it they'll take seven more of those in a row here Ryan if that's uh that's the giving it's the holiday why not try it there's a more precise third makes the.

Next ball from Ben John's a little more difficult you know I'd like to just see just what happens when the Johns are are tested a little bit well the leads but two after a couple errors from Ben and Stephen Ben stares a hole through his paddle when he misses so uh everybody does it all right let's see big Point here.

Seven would be a big big deal point and there it is with an all shot yell yeah I kind of felt like we're at that point where if you open the door it's like that 16-1 seed in basketball you just give them a little hope thank you sir good is that how good is that and he didn't Panic on the ball before.

That then went on off the net just flicked it and hits the winner a lot of people don't reset their whole motion oh another mystery and the only tweener we've seen from Alshon all day was the retrieval of that missed serve right there now that was a really unforced Air at eight seven.

Point and a carryover into the next point just cannot happen nine seven one I think you bring up a great point that Panic is something you do see often even at the highest level but with the Johns it just it might never even really get a sense of what the score is yeah.

Yeah they look the same this could be the first point of the match and it happens to be match point ten seven one there you go we're ready to move on to the semifinals will they be tested today second sir enough good answer from Christian Alshon right there and you.

Know if they go back and watch this it's this point where okay be ready as a counter instead of trying to do crazy things from bad ball position hey the lead's only three and they've saved two match points why not why not Seven Ten one this is it here right you got to at least get back to tense.

Absolutely second point there's one stop on the three-stop subway train to ten eight ten one big big spot right here second game a lot closer than it feels but anything are you sure.

Forced on to the second service Alshon and Smith 8-10-2 yeah it's just it's tough but you've got to fire away at Ben so just have to be more precise with your choice hello Spencer Smith indeed all right Utah just jumped out of its chair it's 9 10. they're one away one away here.

And like I said 100 you just don't feel like it's this close but scoreboard don't lie no it doesn't so I don't have a little miscommunication there and that's that chemistry lesson that uh stepping on each other's feet not at that point so now once again the johns with a Chance.

Point game match will be that methodical and as expected in QuickTime the Johns Brothers on to the semi finals the patience the chemistry and of course the skill and the inexperience there all Sean is a big tall dude he got a pop-up instead of whipping that out of the air he took a step back and then made an error so even little things like that.

That were match point he makes that who knows where we end up Ryan and now the Johns one went away from another trip to Championship Sunday flip yeah they'll see a familiar foe you know Jay devilian Tyson McGuffin that'll be a fun one later today now that was uh the best plane their best glad you're with us here on a Saturday.

On Tennis Channel look foreign.

I'm your six ladies the world will get back on its feet we'll help you stay on yours it's your secret it's the expert help I got input Solutions make an appointment at foreign.

thank you thank you all right welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here and uh we're at the Hertz National Championships and of course they're brought to you by Hertz get that.

Hertz rental car this holiday season by Chase beared Wealth Management DraftKings engage pickleball the official paddle of this great event Guaranteed Rate and Margaritaville hotels and resorts.

So we had Ryan Burr hop in Jen Mike gets back Jan Mike welcome back and uh we got uh three players on the court that we saw yesterday in mix so uh Tyler loong the Lefty will be playing with AJ Kohler James ignatowich closest to us will be playing with Greg Dao on the far.

Side with the festive shorts there in the hat on backwards and uh if we were having a dunk contesting that a witch and DOW would be tough to beat those are a couple of tall boys out there they would be he's got the right shirts on for Florida as well so Dow usually plays with Anderson.

Scarpa so uh new uh new partner for him here as the 11th seed and Kohler and Loom this is gonna be a very Dynamic team you're gonna see the crazy third shot lobs that AJ Kohler loves to do both players love to Ernie and uh I think you're gonna see just a very athletic event.

Here with all that reach into the kitchen you know tell our tell our audience you've been playing since you were you're 12. the advantage of that that that arm span that these tall players have yeah certainly well it certainly changed the game itself has changed since then we didn't have we didn't really think about all that.

Dinking it was a little bit more power pickleball that we played as kids and my whole life and so the game has changed a little bit it's sort of changing back a little bit the Johnson Brothers play a lot of power we just saw that and they're excellent uh last game last match so now we see a little bit of blend of both and having that reach and.

Being able to to win in those deep exchanges create some angle but of course not too much angle or being able to even cover those atps in the side of the Court there are are a huge asset so now you sort of expect players to have all those tools and when to kind of pop the bigger ones the faster drives and change up the pace a little bit and.

Be a little bit difficult to read is is one of the biggest assets to players yeah it's uh it's gonna take the full package to continue because more players are going to be flooding in here and you know you mentioned the ATP I think one of the interesting things as we've watched the evolution of this game atps used to be.

Oh went over there somebody hit some winter now it's just like another shot people are defending it we even saw today and yesterday people hitting winners off the defense of that yeah it's pretty impressive you have to be looking for that on the defensive side of it it's obvious that it's gonna come you can't always cover it uh I believe.

Ben had an impressive one yeah the first game of the last match he covered an impressive ATP so you got to be looking for that defending wise and uh or even even growing up we didn't even think about for me it was an imaginary line all the way across the court the kitchen extended past the line so there was no earnings really we didn't really think.

In those terms and now players look at of course to have those exceptional earnings as well yes sir Ernie Perry of course uh didn't see those lines and said I'm going to jump over there and I'm gonna do something it's not Bravo over there I can go there that's uh all right changed a little let's play Pickleball Greg Dow.

Gets us started here and Greg Dow puts it in the net he'll clean that up zero zero one loong had a nice run to a bronze medal we called that last night with Anna bright so uh good tournament for him so far point it'll be interesting this match up here.

With both Bloom and ignata which with huge forehands but the Lefty versus the righty one zero one create quite a bit of spin as well off that paddle yes and that trampoline underneath ignata which is still there bouncing point it was different than some of the other players but uh it's working for him.

Yeah you've got that Lefty righty forehand in the middle too which has served a lot of doubles teams in tennis very well a couple of Brothers come to mind Brian's switching together sometimes but having that forehand in the middle can be a big asset depends on how much Faith you have in your back to.

Identify those strengths and weaknesses as quickly as possible side out I played a lot of doubles myself with this word I actually prefer add Court beforehand was good my backhanded wasn't wasn't really phased by that side I actually prefer it as well in pickleball.

Second serve that's interesting though they've been thinking about it I think that actually might change I had the right partner out out here I prefer my backhand yeah and you'll see as Loom goes tweener we are looking for him from all Sean and we only got a ball retrieval and there's.

A steady hands from AJ Kohler just so good that's beautiful put away two zero one yeah some of the ladies with the two-hander in the middle on that right side it's it's as good I mean you know there's a myth that the forehand always takes to the middle that is not true and that two-hander can really do some.

Damage I think it's the shot that you can do the most with it is uh zero two one pace can you have something else and also not make one two one that's the one of the big important things don't give away too many free points for sure oh that One Rides the rail but uh skips past the stopping point on the uh train.

Tracks there and goes well wide that usually stays in but that one took off it's another showdown between ignatowich and loong NATA which was on the wrong side of that bronze medal match I referenced in mixed last night playing with Jackie kalamoto who played some terrific pickleball herself last night she certainly did two.

Two one troll she had it's fun to watch three two one point foreign yeah and you hear a lot about the importance of the third Ball but that's two bad fourths in a row from mcnado which is Dao that turned all the offense.

Over to Kohler and loong and they pounced and that's the that's the way good teams win so up three here in game one in the quarters the most important part about Tuesday night pickleball at the orchard this door this is the door where the pros come in.

It's my responsibility a lot of people will do a simple lock unlock test I do a 34 point inspection top to bottom left to right no door no Pros no Pros no pickleball foreign.

Talking some pickleball with us here in Orlando Jan Michael gamble thrilled to have you here and there's a good look at Tyler loon Utah's favorite off to a good start here in their quarterfinal can't miss out coming out a little bit second serve.

That's a great spot and uh Kohler wasn't sure if that got caught in the exhaust of the plane flying overhead lost track of that one that was a nice ball jamming him up on the paddle side hip oh side out yeah it's top of those planes flying.

Over if you're looking for the sound coming off the ball which can really tell it's one a lot about how it's coming if you can't hear it but uh and you don't know your favorite and Ernie King just so athletic and such a good read of that and that's usually the ball you.

Place you want to drop it find that backhand but he just takes it from you he steals he's the Grinch so can I call her backhand volley is fantastic top stuff it's so unique because most people don't look at how wristy he can be with that special special skill.

Second serve D over with a little bit of risk but keeps things pretty simple like doesn't close the face too much see that when it mixes delivery there put some nice spit on it point seven two two it's time for ignatowicz to get engaged.

In this with all the aggression that we saw last night as when he started taking over points he was a big big factor nice reflexes yeah that's a good here the beauty of ignata which there was he left it so shallow that he couldn't flick it the net gets involved two in a row there.

In favor of Dao and ignatowicz let's see if they can put a run together we've seen runs all day long and that's just the way pickleball works this nice little reach there from Dao on that fall.

Alive and bangs that off the hurt sign and left center field for a double 40 that's the combo that ignatowicz loves he loves to shake and bake his own ball just didn't make good contact on the second one there it's good enough there polar yeah we talked about the reach of the.

Tall man but the tall man also has a bigger body to get out exactly get it in there Great Exchange included in Ernie right there but uh Kohler see Kohler doesn't panic to over commit to cover and fill.

In there it's these two look very good today nice communication between the two of them so uh it is DAL and ignatowicz that need to communicate how are they going to come back thank you I'm in a bay leaf Tony don't miss me.

Balling like Houston hey feeling like Whitney I need a bag bruh send it too quickly I'm making his dog like I'm in a big league welcome back everybody we are in the Run of quarter-final matches here we'll have the ladies on court here soon as well but AJ Kohler and Tyler loong just playing their way when they need to be.

Athletic they are when they need to be steady they are and have a really nice lead and Dal and ignato which have to find an antidote point yeah they know their spots on on the court I think that's really important for them 10-4-1 out there and Kohler is Kohler kind of.

Plants is ready for the volleys sir where we see loon trying to make some impressive plays a little bit more Showmanship looking for the Ernie's looking to take some bigger cuts from time to time point game 11-4 and the two-handed roll dink betrays.

Ignatowicz there so Kohler and loong in command finish it off on their second chance and they are a formidable part of this draw they are the three seed and they'd love to wreak havoc all day long they're certainly doing it now new people pickleball the bubbly Team.

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From hurt you can enjoy all the Traditions with none of the emissions hurts let's go ho ho so first let's go welcome back folks Dave Fleming here with Jan Michael Gamble we're on Tennis Channel we're at the there's a beautiful look at the Welcome.

Center the USTA National Champion National campus right here and Jan Mike a lot of tennis players they use this as their training facility absolutely Orlando one of the best training facilities for American players certainly on the East Coast it is the facility inside out some players training also in New York.

And then of course at Carson in the west side of the states just outside of LA a good start there for ignatowicz second serve this facility here has so much space so many courts now some pickleball some paddell out there I think I saw some.

Volleyball courts it's a fantastic place to train numerous Sports now side out and a few of those down the line errors continue for Dao yeah I feel like that's the thing that needs to happen is that'll step up a little bit NADA which is gonna have to hit his.

Forehand as big forehead maybe a little bit better so far core has just been too solid it's not making any unforced errors really making the shots that he should make and Loom has just been fantastic creating plays a little injection of pace there again on the big forehand it's a formidable.

Weapon yeah loves to slap that over there and ignato which goes for too much angle there's that threat of movement again Kohler coming into the middle tries to go backside point there's that backhand volley again he's just so solid.

Point the point construction is a mess for Dao and ignatowich because they're letting loong and Kohler dictate how these points are going we haven't seen any of the flash the magnetovich so if you don't have it you know it's in your body how do you how do you go get it how do you get out of the frustration and say.

Man I'm a great player I need to start dictating myself you have to figure out a way to sort exactly that dictate a little bit more uh we've been asking for that McDonald which has got a fantastic forehand needs to use it a little bit more Dow's gonna have to figure out a way to set him up I believe that needs to happen.

And there your coaching can help yes so that's Morgan Evans who is a terrific person player and Coach as a whole coach me series and uh is coaching up James ignatowicz there's Anna bright also trying to help out last night this couple had to stare each other down across the court so uh that uncomfortable uh match is over but uh so.

Two or three other ideas now given to them Morgan Evans uh great mind for the sport was uh Tyson mcguffin's coach and partner for a long time as well as he made his rise in the game second serve and the first AJ Kohler lob is absolutely spanked swatted away there yeah not a terrible idea but.

I mean I don't know that one I don't know if that gets over a little five eight me let alone big Greg Dow point I do think one of the weaknesses of ignata which that I've seen zero two last couple days is that backhand side it's more of a placement shot he has a little bit more trouble when he tries to drive it.

Up point that's the go-to for the opposing team is that backhand side they don't want to give ignata which too many things extremely solid with that tactic so far oh no in a dreaded HTP that hits that side part of this Selkirk net actually hits the Selkirk logo.

Maybe if ignato which it hit it would gun around since he was the South Kirk player Dao is not side out but that seven nothing score zero is indicative sometimes it feels a little closer no this does not feel close currently change second sir.

Luke's so smart with his finishes Pace then finds the angle point and they get a freebie one seven two just getting on the board can't change things I know when a run can happen oh and a misfire from Kohler a little lost in Con in concentration.

Edge back pretty quickly and uh Mr ignato which says hey I saw those angles from the Lefty Loom try and get this one coming right into your living room three seven two side out oh just deep on the return a little uh.

Ricochet fan sitting down the first base side just got to be ready maybe they brought their gloves so seven three they get three so you know a bit of a downer to miss that last sword they're gonna give it away as they had a little momentum building there I hate to kill your own run second serve.

No though they seem to be a little bit more focused so if they can get the side out back that's a fault your foot touched your neck okay Dow touches the net is the call from onisha Smith so oh and his foot's a mile into the kitchen too so uh eight three two.

Whether he you don't get a double fault like in tennis it's only one it's one point now a missed return and even if I saw his foot touch the neck but I saw it in the kitchen yeah same difference you let it grazed it with his hip when he got so close perfect spot for mcnado which right.

There haven't been enough of those three nine one no time like the present perhaps build on some of this better play that we're seeing in the second game ten got a present right there I don't know how people learn English I meant two different things entirely same.

Word second serve that means tag right there you're it James this isn't gonna be fun for him close-up cam it's a little plastic ball here no harm no real harm done side out again Kohler so solid up there.

And you can just just you know look at the positioning and who's set and now which a little bit off defending second serve nice ball from Dao there see if at the tail end and we're talking the tail tail end of this can he find some confidence side out.

The winning enhanced battle with Kohler is a good way too confident so they need to turn this into a run quickly point more good stuff down stepping up in a difficult position serve.

592 side out swatted away there I feel like this might be the opportunity to put this match away get that birth in the semis point oh hey Mr Ernie King I'm AJ Kohler and I'm a card carrying member of that club as well look at that angle and.

We're at match point second serve oh my we missed it that's the one he wanted for him oh just that's the walk-off he could have just walked her directly to the referee and shook hands tap paddles along the way misses it Second Chance defense.

And they can't do it okay not gonna get a better ball than the one lung had on the first chance but they still have a five-point lead foreign yeah and that's a drop that uh Dow can use against other players but not this guy six ten two.

Side out SWAT team doesn't miss twice so formidable whenever it's too high can't leave it there another match point second serve okay they grind out that one so we'll take a fourth opportunity for this man AJ Kohler to finish.

Blue side out that Ball's going well out but uh we'll never know so four match points saved the deficit is four six ten one point yes Dao has definitely raised the level.

Of his game here in this in the second game great plays awesome reflexes there second sir there's a great example of the advantage of two four hands in the middle that would have been a difficult backhand up above for a right-handed player but not for the Lefty.

Foreign foreign to set up that opportunity to get back ahead in that Exchange and we're seeing the court well such a good job pushing them off the the line all right fifth try.

Ernie comes through the kitchen and uh he's questioning it I saw it live so there's no doubt about the call on Nisha Smith made there and we'll see it right here coming up no he won't but she did see yes she said 100 yeah all right we're gonna we're gonna show.

That again uh for you guys uh but uh oh there it is yeah that right foot is a mile into the kitchen so uh I mean it's it's inside the line so Kohler and loong looking good A little controversy but not really on Nisha Smith and the Reps all over it more quarter-final action coming up.

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Casa is your Castle foreign Dave Fleming here with Jan Michael Gamble and uh we have reached the semi-finals on the men's side and the top four seeds were able to make their.

Way through so the Johns Brothers will battle the villier and McGuffin Kohler and loong will take on Newman and Wright so those are going to be two terrific matches those will happen a little later in the day I keep saying hey it's women's doubles day two will show.

Me some proof Dave well here we go we got Lucy kovaleva and Kylie Smith the top seed against Dominique lepperly and Rachel Summers coming up here Jan Michael when you've been playing mixed doubles and we talked about the reverse of this and now kovaleva plays with Matt Wright we saw Cali Smith with AJ Kohler yesterday.

What do you got to do to come out here and have have that mentality to come play it it's the same sport but it's actually a little different yeah a little bit different well Smith and kovalova they play a lot together their formal team obviously as you just saw there with their seating.

Come out and get get it done and women's doubles it's going to be a little bit different we're going to see some longer exchanges they can obviously blend the Finesse and power extremely well yeah there's a player out here there's a good look at Lucy kovaleva had a good look at Cali Smith before that and.

Take a look at our partner DraftKings and her profile fiery player she will raise that high five all the way up to the penthouse above her head she is 511 so I don't even know that I could high five that and she's been on the scene for a while so since 2016 she has been able to maintain that from Slovakia age 30. again another.

One of the Wichita contingent there you go and uh just wonderful player and so much power and finesse to go with it and she and Cali were a new partnership to start this year got off to a great hot start haven't had as much success over the last couple of tourneys didn't have a great day and mixed yesterday with Matt Wright so this is her chance to.

Sort of write that ship and throw away what happened yesterday and come out and have a good day here in women's doubles yeah absolutely it's a new day so got to leave that behind that's one of the nice things about pickleball is you can play three events so an opportunity to play better and Excel in one of the events or maybe even two of them see.

Uh what you can get have a lot of opportunities to play as many matches as possible first quarter final and the Fitness and we talk about all the off-court stuff really shows up for those players that choose to play all three divisions yeah I think it takes.

Quite a bit of fitness and you know sticking around the site all day long can be very draining to have to figure out how to deal with that I had to play not quite back to back it doesn't seem like they make them play back to back too often but wet sit for a little bit be right back out their body gets a little bit stiff have to learn how to.

Deal with that so you know the off off Court type of Fitness all that comes into play so put the work in it's a long week it really is and you know like the guys just played now they're going to have a period of hours till those semi-finals get out there so put your hydration routine what's your food and nutrition.

Routine you gotta get that dialed in Yeah It's Tricky I tell you from my own experience it was tough for me to eat very quickly after I would play tennis or even pickleball whatever I might be doing you know Fitness wise it takes me a while to come back down off of that but you might have to force yourself if you have very little time because you.

Don't want to eat right before obviously you walk back out there so how much can you eat gotta put something in the system yeah Mom said I gotta wait 30 minutes until I'm allowed to go back in the pool exactly so beautiful day you see Jesse Irvin uh right on cue finding some nutrition over.

The shoulders of our referees Diane Anderson and Norm Klink scales will be calling this and Jesse's been out there all day taking in the actions are out watching scouting perhaps a little bit like well again we talk about the tacticians she's one of the best as well really really understands the game she sits there and watches and it's just.

Going into that pickleball super computer that is her brain obviously loves loves the sport to be around it such a nice atmosphere here on site so we're about ready to get this underway Rachel Summers to serve let's play.

Pickleball being overhead from Cali Smith starts off the top seed in a great way zero zero one foreign nice finish by lepperly there zero zero two leperly caught moving there awkward hack at that one one two big drives from both.

Of these players that you see on screen foreign Giant uses that full arm extension just that poor ball long levers that helps when that thing came out of the factory it's like Lucy kovalova million miles an hour that ain't cool.

Nice handle to the neck cord there by lemperly so zero two one foreign Summers second sir time with lemperly but seeing some good stuff at the net so far on those volleys.

Just a clean roll winner from kovalova as Summers was pulled all over the place rallied peaked backside maybe distract a little bit with Smith's movement there as well oh dear hat goes flying if that lands in the kitchen that's actually a fault but uh all sorts of.

We're having a yard sale out here Jan Mike so uh the overhead goes wide so uh all of that again you can't point you can't win the point three you can win it multiple ways but you only get one laughs thank you for one now nope we don't go to the BOGO here four zero find this for your Christmas.

Shopping though the buy one get one for sure folks second third oh my God Rachel Summers throws both hands up in in just sorrow that her ball you could read four zero two the logo on there assuming it still has it on there that's that cover over it side up.

so that was just four wildly chaotic points and around kovalev and Smith up four here see if Summers and leperley can get on the board second sir nice pressure there from Smith.

Taking control from the start zero fourteen they can't get up keep them back there man absolutely all right it's not really showing off those volley skills again nice drive forehand there two.

foreign that's a nice patient point until a little challenge in the middle there comes up short but uh sometimes when you're playing a team that has this much talent the other side just get a lot of balls can help you boy that is a wild.

Cut at that one one two receivers six one one minute on the odd they stayed and there was confusion as to who's responsible in the middle there so we're gonna go talk about it you guys talk about the beautiful day where you are we'll be right back.

foreign thank you and we are back on Tennis Channel and.

While that looks like a tennis score up there Jan Mike you got to get to 11. that is not the end of the first set we're still in the first game absolutely so kovaleva and Smith playing very solid bringing all their pace there's liberally really going for that.

Aggressive cut return that one catches the line second sir okay we prolonged the points as we've gone through this game and they get a mistake there suspect they'll stay again they were messed up on the switch last time.

oh hello Rachel Summers oh but you missed it deep there plenty of time real close to that back line very close it's just long perfect overhead s beautiful angle so like that forehand return from lemberly.

A lot of spin on that and she is going full again soon man breaking away catching very fast there second serve chose not to switch with them on an odd score here next door now we do play Let's as a do-over but it's got to make it past the kitchen so.

That is a fault so serve back to Smith and kovalev and they go back to their typical placement of Cali Smith on the left side of the Court seven one two foreign nice reflexes from leperley there.

Off that drive forehand one seven one that's interesting they're gonna be sticking with leperley on the left when they're on offense are serving again great defense from lemperly drawing the error foreign might not have even just caught the line those are really tough nice Fair call.

Yes very nice Fair call looks like I actually might have missed that's good sports not looking for the free point there if you're not sure it's got to be here I'd like to see kovalev come wreck that one but we'll play on foreign.

Yeah she's a solid Force up there on those volleys and uh Cali looking of course for the Ernie there but got caught didn't quite get her feet back in place yes not panicking just placing that ball right where it needed to be foreign Smith and cover love will go back to.

That and as Rachel Summers watches this back she had a beautiful two-hand backhand that said beforehand put away but she was surprised by it just enough couldn't finish big opportunity there for her point eight three one.

Second third move backwards there didn't feel like she needed to move backwards actually oh yeah nice angle from Summers yeah Summer's a good couple of very well-placed overheads a little side spin on that as well.

Tracking away from kovalova yeah that looked like a slice serve yes absolutely good leave by the 16 seed there who are trying to fight their way back down big early and that's right points have improved a little more confidence coming from this Duo second serve.

Good Cross Court attack from kovalova there staying on that line we did see a retreat earlier got that big lifespan and all those tools stay up there this job imposing the will there for Cali Smith in the middle of the court and then a lovely Inside Out finish.

Right in the corner eight four one put the nine ball in the corner pocket there it's a beautiful look at how close we are to the runway just wide you have a threat Callie Smith jumping around again you just try and make your spot a little too fine I'll recall nine four one.

Diane Anderson recalling the score here for us oh boy tremendous get from lemperly over there kept it in a safe place yeah definitely great things from her at the net close to it good coverage in the backhand pulling for the top seed and.

The place to attack kovalova she's going to sit backhand is try and find that point inside she does and the windshield wiper was broken down the line showing some of that singles prowess of Cali Smith's right there so a nice Workman like 11-4 some good things from Summers and leperley but too much kovalova and Smith.

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thank you welcome back everybody there you see Lucy kovalova showing her bouncing bouncing a ball on a paddle and dancing at the same time prowess.

Join the Cirque du Soleil over there at Disney Springs here in Orlando she might have to show off a little more prowess than that for Cirque du Soleil but probably except for here has been top-notch for hair she is the star attraction as the top seed with Cali oh my.

God and uh Kelly really wanted that ball that's the comedy part of their routine right there first third for us get out foreign inside out and then a beautiful Cross Court finish here zero zero one.

Second sir that one was even a little wonky there so if if this return that really needs to hit that big cut slice right at Lucy kovaleva's left leg here and see if they can figure it out but smart served at the backhand yeah you figured it's just a little bit little miscommunication in the middle of.

The Court there from really should be I guess Cali says forehand so probably those middle ones says for her to take my time overheads on that side yet lemperly shows no problem she's got the shade she's got the Hat big acceleration through that overhead Jan Mike.

Yeah no bones about that one right there goodbye though second serve able to make a couple steps into the transition area there leperley was in big trouble oh that's great placement right there freezing the opponents back on the Baseline.

Second sir been a little uh fight over the overhead there too they've been playing together all year yeah there's certain situations where you you know the idea is you want the ball you want you want to go out and get it but sometimes you have to have that communication to say who really should.

Take it but again I'm not overhead Miss from two zero two from Lucy there Callie was backing her up so it was in the right spot I kind of got a little too close yeah yeah it might have been an easier ball for Cali too coming across towards her.

Instead of Lucy backing up but uh they're doing just fine up 3-0 here and that just skids off the line in kovalova another great backhand volley from limberly yeah that shot so far Smart Serve that's a long run for Cali Smith but she gets there.

all of that started by a great Rachel summer sermon what a finish one three one nice and compact there on that drive did it again same exact shot with a very short return to serve so you start to worry about your return and they're not going to switch this time so that serve.

Will not be as effective second serve but I like the Rachel Summers saw that and said I can use my serve as a strategic Advantage here point nice two-handed rip and we're tied at three here in game two can't quite connected that.

Sign up goes back three three one top seeds point winner this one will get the eight seed but my goodness are they dangerous Arena tarashenko and Paris Todd so uh danger lurking on the other side of the winner of this one point.

Summer's a little frustrated but you had to go left side of her body right side of her body left side of her body it's true it's difficult point timeout receiver six three one one minute loud Grimace from lamperley but does a.

Very nice job with making a tea with her paddle and her hand there to make sure we had a very official timeout so I'm gonna make one in the booth you do one at home and we'll be right back a lot of people come up to me on Tuesday night pickleball at the orchard and ask me where's the bathroom now is that my job.

But I am here to protect answer it's 55 steps measured once and Thrice because that's what we do welcome back there you see.

It's a very Smiley laughing and giggling top seed there Callie Smith Lucy kovalova to say they're relaxed would probably even be an understatement how dare they have so much fun out there right Dave they have a nice they have a nice demeanor between the two of them I.

Think that's why their partnership works so well not just the great play gotta like your partner yeah and they really enjoy each other you don't have to like a partner but it's helpful on and off the court it's uh great thing for them a nice dipping drop for Cali Smith because partners are.

Humongous sport finding that partner that it's fun to play with that can be the difference in winning tournaments Callie Smith track down uh oh I formation they're okay point and Cali Smith finishes after an impressive get earlier in the point a lot going on in this rally.

Smith's up to the task nice put away there with that drive forward and volley everybody's confused Diane Anderson's like uh let's let's get all of you lined up properly here people are watching second serve well left yeah.

Eight three two oh my God oh you like that play it's the right move maybe you want a little too parallel I think to the net on that swing volley second serve the serve there yeah I saw a wounded gazelle on the Serengeti plane just.

Ready to go pounce on it yeah you like the initiative certainly deliberately make it a lot of things actually happen in that last exchange kept the point alive and close love with an exceptional lob 831 regain control so good second sir.

Good spot from Summers you're making them work but the deficit is still a big one it is 8-3-2 here you figure win or lose it's a it's a nice learning opportunity for Olympians the top team one of the best teams out there I'm sure it was the same for you.

Outer courts are one kind of a tournament match you go on Center that's it's the same 44 by 20 but it is a different altogether environment lens looking down on you there Center Courts a little bit of different kind of pressure in front of all the fans foreign.

Summers have done a lot of that so I'm impressed with a lot we've seen so far agreed foreign this is not overhead practice drills folks on the tennis channel that's number seven and after all that we may need a rotator cuff doctor to call Summers and lemperly.

After that so hard to make that many in a row it is nice footwork could prep make sure you're in position luckily no real wind out there today so a little easier to deal with those lobs foreign 's got that overhead locked in he was ready for that one after hitting several.

And a nice job here by Summers of countering and 62. talked about that on some of the men's matches early if you are playing the top seed being ready for those counter opportunities is so critical so much up to the task there so the lead is just two now six one point.

Oh that's that back in volley that's treated her mostly well good defense and just solid play from kovaleva Smith too much keeping it low enough second serve there's that Sidewinder return again that's our return that Ball's cut into Cali Smith I'd lie.

There I'd rather and let her take that third as kovaleva had to get the footwork squared to win and quit get set foreign a little bit of guile held that forehand a little bit nice drive you have ten yeah here we are at match point for the.

Top seeds too point game match 11 says believe it darn it well cleverly and Summers put up a very game second game battle there so good match we'll have more of the ladies coming up we've got all kinds of good players on that.

Beautiful bracket right there so just sit back relax you get hydrated the players will get hydrated and so will we foreign for many of us we just charge ahead because planning for your future takes.

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For it now that's different discover the bare difference foreign foreign welcome back everybody Dave flemingjan Michael gamble thanks for tuning in on the Tennis Channel or any of the streaming options you've got today.

Beautiful Saturday in Orlando and we've got quarterfinal ladies Action Now underway and there's a lot to talk about about what we're looking at on the screen we'll start with the seven seed Megan Sheehan design and Elise Jones a couple of ladies from Utah and if Elise Jones isn't on the deck at least once that'll be disappointing no.

One gives bigger effort than her just playing with her buddy Megan Chan design who's using that Ace of Spades paddle that uh Pro kenex just released and it has so much force in it so that's the seventh seed and then for those of you just joining us or didn't hear the news of the week you're like Anna Lee Waters is playing with who.

Yes she is playing with Catherine parento as unfortunately Lee Waters had a very serious injury at Nationals a torn ACL she is out for 2023. so there's a good look at Catherine parento so Jan Mike a massive switch up here she's played every tournament except National she actually.

Played in one Nationals with Catherine parento but they have yet to play a tournament on the PPA tour until today well I don't think she really could have asked for a better partner than parento obviously playing with her mom is something that we all look forward to I think it's a magical thing that they can play together.

Not a thing you often see in sports they do it every single week so hopefully Lee Waters can return to form as soon as possible but that's a tough injury to deal with and uh well adeline's picked a good partner in parento she is as solid as they come plays against her in singles often now their teammates and the dubs yeah so.

This is uh a unique situation as right here at the last tournament we've got the team championship coming up and if you've been watching all day you've seen some of the promotion of what's going to happen at Mandalay Bay and folks you can still get there and play these players will all be put on teams.

It's going to be a lot of fun out there but big amateur tournament there as well so sign up go to Team to get involved in that so parento and Anna Lee Waters just sort of got to figure out okay who's playing what side you see Emily Waters she's very comfortable.

On both sides you see how close we are to the airport there's the bubbly Team Championships we are on Tennis Channel now and we will be on there starting on December 16th so let's play Pickleball and uh miscommunication yeah new partnership issue on point number.

One never a good thing Waters looking to have a shot at a Triple Crown already there in singles and mixed second sir left that one I paid for it and there's that pace design can bring.

Point so I was interested to see are they going to play straight up are they going to play yes no you're not okay you're good I'll call the score in the right place is Patty Daly and straight up meaning they're gonna just switch whenever their score.

Requires it Annalee and Catherine comfortable on both sides foreign oh my and she is on the deck on the third Point nice effort threw her body at it no less one one two oh she's gonna be coming right at you.

Folks hurt just by far the most entertaining defender in the women's game it's not even close the volleyball background so used to diving and digging a little tougher to dive on second serve no and yet she does it as if it's grass that is not grass.

One one two yeah no knee pads just scan on court that's uh it's not bad this is incredible she does it back somersault and that is why people love women's doubles Jones was playing from her knees at the end of that incredible point from these four ladies all four I'll call the score.

Anna Lee with some just insane defense a couple of resets there you wonder losing a point like that though for she's on Dion he's not in Jones could be tough mentally three one two yeah try to put it away couldn't do it side out.

So the carryover was just one from that epic point which I'm sure will be played all over the pickleball social media I feel like the kitchen might be playing that all day long yeah that was a 45 second Long Point and it was high quality not just a little dink rally second serve.

Everything you know when you put a team together like this Annalee Waters it's interesting because they've been trying to dissect how do I beat you all year long another beautiful track down there three one one.

Thank you second sir I had it lined up three one two let's see the crowd packed around the court they love when Al and all these ladies are out there Catherine with the sorry not sorry walk.

Back through the hand up with her back at it like you know just so I'm I'm a nice person there you see the great crowd here Lake Nona just outside of Orlando right next to the airport as I know you've all figured that out 141.

Yeah quick hands all around point and one off the tape goes the other way design played her college tennis at BYU second serve boy well held see that where that was going to be.

Delivered to the last second yeah the school is even going to hit that one three four two so combination of issues beautiful ball from design though there's the Ferocious Tui from Anna Lee Waters four three one foreign ahead and catch annalize two-hander she.

Can go cross-court or just sneak it back door on you and that's what happened there Point timeout receiver five three one one minute quick timeout set up ball sailing the net yeah I don't think it counted enough still in the air yeah that was the fastest Timeout on record you hate to have that record but that's.

Where we're at so we'll see if they can rally when we come back most important part about Tuesday night pickleball at the orchard is the sound check we got 36 microphones in here and I'm checking the crowd audience microphone.

The ambient microphone making sure we get all the audio from these matches check check one two check check hello hello hello somebody get me down welcome back everybody who would have thought that Lee Waters.

Would be over here coaching up Catherine parento who's been on the other side of the net all year long but uh unfortunately due to her injury you can see barely through the Maze of players there that uh that's the position so it's great for her that she can stay connected to the sports.

Still through her daughter and obviously a great coaching mind oh absolutely fantastic coach for the both of them did such great work with her daughter in three one hate to call time out and then dump a return point I feel like parental and Waters are.

Taking that time out very seriously as well though even though you've got some good coaching from Lee Waters over there seem to have helped second serve seen a bunch of those run around forehand passing shots and singles just misses that one a little wide eight three two.

Point oh ridiculous angle point filth from Annalee Waters right here it's getting another look at it that's a bit of a question whether it was it or not wow upside down.

Annalee read that when Jones sort of gave an interesting approach to the Tui there sort of held it up in the air and got a miss second sir there's volley there he's looking for it he took it don't let that ball get to your partner on the Run.

Side out that could just be the only question when you're changing nine three one experience points there is whose ball is that in the middle second serve and it is Elise Jones with a gorgeous ATP she had to go a long way she was in the middle of the court but patiently makes it and of course ends up.

On the deck point it's actually Megan that is sponsored by the Court makers should be the other way around man maybe but here we are at game point and that will do it so some very entertaining pickleball score.

A little lopsided there but uh very high entertainment level for those watching here and thank you to you watching at home more entertainment to come right after this foreign y rental Fleet is the absolute goat nice speaking of goats is that Tom Brady yeah he comes in to recharge gets offer.

Updates you know sweet you got it let's go foreign a lot of us miss hit the ball I know I miss hit the ball a lot.

Um thank you foreign welcome back everybody this is the PPA Hertz National Championship in the new partnership.

Debut on the PPA tour side this is their second tournament together look very good there Jan Mike yeah they're too solid enough I feel like it was slightly closer than that score but still fairly one-sided oh got her yeah there's so much pop on that design black Ace paddle from.

X second serve and we get that ball to dip right off the paddle there zero zero too caught it too low point one zero two boy we had a DJ fault there but we're.

Gonna play through it point two zero two start for that Utah Duo right there point and another one through the middle I think they both left that though that wasn't miscommunication that was.

Misjudging Point hello Megan design what a run this is very reasonable time out four zero two one minute zero Elise Jones had the best seat in the house there okay so Jan Mike if you lose 11-3 as we both said didn't feel like an 11-3 they were.

Behind obviously but the points were entertaining come out and rattle off four in a row what do you think they're talking about right here these aunt's taking over with some of those great shots that she's hit a lot of good drives a lot of good Pace we've seen let's take some chances I think that maybe the the key here take a.

Few chances see what might happen and maybe throw printo and and Waters off a little bit with some of the pace coming their way don't let them always be on the attack definitely likes to be on the attack likes to be dictating as much as possible so if you could take that away split the difference maybe a few times.

They are changing sides maybe a little confusion they are a new team you've mentioned a few times today look at that stab from design oh my she's on the deck again she likes going down I mean that's zero four one who got the paddle up I mean I said it at the beginning of the.

Match I just knew it was gonna happen it's just unbelievable to see it happen point when you're playing a team this kid just got to make the fundamentals there that Ball's got to be made make them beat you wow second serve.

Design is firing yeah talked about there I think she is taking a few more chances to hit a little harder it's paid off so far in the second game if design was taller she would have tried and connected on that but uh good leave we'll give her that good leave.

Megan is on Power Hour here folks now a nice drop from Jones six one one hello six one one foreign to and Waters Way backing off the kitchen line here look where that ball struck side out.

Oh man that's a tough Miss right there just can't let that carry over here to the return now quick little coaching session point yeah there's trouble when Emily's able to load up on that two-hander yeah on the prior point and it looked a little wonky they're gonna switch out of.

It I like design on the left side for this team upside down it's great pressure for much of this game I feel like design has been the best player on the court second serve just couldn't get one to bounce there she's gonna have to keep taking those.

Shoes she worked so well for her let Jones use the Finesse now it's parento on the deck that's gonna stand here Jones scream and go and she comes flying in upside down oh design had a chance to go in with her and didn't.

On that ball right there oh Anna Lee never panicking keeping such a level head Jonathan Sawyer is looking for you it is two seven can you find Doug okay I'll call the score to Doug here we go two seven one point.

Good Strat there low and then the drive yep so three seven one twice side out they have stayed with seconds on the left and it did not work they switched there I expect they'll switch again just gotta hit it better plenty athletic to get.

To the right position testing parental up at the net as well second sir seven three two oh my and again finishes after some crazy defense on their side.

We'll have defense to offense is not something you see turning against Annalee Waters very often amazing stuff again just a little on just a lot of great certainty in that middle there that's a ball and a Lee usually would not just hit but hit a winner set up for a winner.

Wow okay so I'm not receiver time out number two one minute and they are down 10-3 so a break is needed for parento and Waters will have the rest of game number two when we come back thank you.

folks welcome back and I say the tables are turned but again we talked about that first one a little closer than the score but this one the score I think is accurate this has been all time in Megan and Elise Jones and.

They've got a game point here to force a third foreign just catches the net so they will have to get the ball back 310 really strong another terrific rally between these ladies second third oh wow.

And Megan continues the Megan design show this time it's a ATP on the full Sprint adopted well to that you figure what did Lee Waters say Waters oh wait wait this is being called out all right let's let's try and see that again.

That Ball's on the line it looks seems to be on the line and the paddle sort of flash past that okay so they called it out so it's a point bring it off turn it off so one of the referees may have seen.

Something different than the other here and that's what they're sorting out Patty Daly and Denise Smith working this out ER angle of this maybe you challenge the call not enough to overrule it's a point okay no where it's a point timeout receivers so.

A very frustrating Megan design because one minute I am quite confident what I just heard was the second referee said I saw it good and then that got overruled by the head referee so a little chaos there yeah it was a great play from our perspective it looks like Dave like we saw it pretty close at least on the line.

Yeah nobody had a better view really than Megan on that is the shot she hit you right Dead Eye right on it so she's a little disgruntled understandably fantastic yeah so you hope for their sake because.

Look at the time that Elise Jones on camera here is investing in mechanics of a call and not it's 10-4 okay they need to get the ball back and finish there is no video replay today so tomorrow you could go to that on a championship Sunday but uh not today so we'll see if this throws this whole.

Second game out of whack but uh clearly frustrated with that call our design and Jones and now they've got to just turn the page yeah you have to struck this off here if you don't have the replay system in place you can't make the challenges there's nothing you can do about it they did the liberate there honors Exchange.

Okay that'll get back to business foreign I was about to say before that crazy call that uh I think Lee Waters told them to go you know more to the Deep exchanges let's keep the ball a little bit closer to the net let's lock them up there and take away maybe some of the power that we've.

Seen from Dijon these on and Megan is putting on a show here in the Land of Magic it is her with the Finish again this is exactly that's exactly why they're trying to keep it a little bit lower.

Yeah they should a little bit closer and make the ball bounce and just grind some danks again riff time rough time rough time I'm not sure why okay analy just ran off and.

Grab something at her might have just been the towel off off camera all right so second game point for Jones and design they did a nice job of doing what we talked about turning the page so can they finish now second sir oh my God overhead two gorgeous lobs from Jones and then.

Design who has been an absolute animal pushes it deep 10-5-2 can't be too unhappy with that almost perfect point and Jones again goes flying across the court design was looking for something in the.

Middle and got caught with her hand in the cookie jar great ball there okay I really like this intuition and important now a little comeback is possible sir.

Love the design is not shying away from the fight here when it is crunch time still swinging away six ten two all right what Strat if keeping it close to the net the dink exchanges has paid off Seven Ten two Chloe.

Miss return in the 10-3 lead is now but two at eight ten two and it is designed that goes inside out the shot she was looking for just High Enough 1081 fourth try to close out game two.

Foreign and interesting that they chose to put design on the right here in this rotation when she's been so dominant on the left fifth try they put her back there oh and another gorgeous look at closing this out catches the tape this time.

Eight ten one that parental finishes and it is nine ten on a one here yes you do timeout receiver nine ten one minute the tension is palpable the players need a timeout you may need a timeout at home we will take one and be right back.

Foreign now welcome back everybody there's Anna Lee Waters and uh they were down 10-3.

They've they've saved five game points have now forced the second timeout call from time in Jones and design and have a chance to tie up game two right here second serve great job by Jones of keeping Ansley out of the middle can't get it on the reach second chance to tie.

Natalie Waters has tied this at ten ten ten two please change the strategy with a blend of pace from annalize now we're at match point we'll do it in a heartbreaking loss for design and Jones who played.

Brilliantly here in game two and just couldn't quite finish parental and Italy Waters get by and we're going to take another look at that epic 45 second Point here that everyone couldn't get enough of here's a good look at it pretty much everybody at the top of their game here.

Save his hat at all and finishes with the backwards somersault and Elise Jones playing on her knees but you saw the Wizardry of Annalee Waters in The Unbelievable defense of Catherine parento they are through but just barely foreign.

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DraftKings engage pickleball the official paddle of this tournament guaranteed rates and Margaritaville hotels and resorts it's a good look at the draw in my goodness Catherine parento and Anna Lee Waters.

Had everything and more from Shand design and Elise Jones who just push them to the absolute limit parento and Waters had to save five game points that would have forced the third game and were able to do it and some of the points including that 45 second Epic epic point that we replayed just for pure joy what a match.

So what do we have next for you well we've seen Jesse Irvin hanging out watching pickleball now she's gonna actually play some so Jesse Irvin and Anna bright will be facing Jana gretchkina and Regina Franco Goldberg so we got the three seed and the sixth seed coming up and we can only hope we have the same high level of entertainment.

Value that we just got from that match my goodness that was great he'd love to see the hustle and then just the will and the want to and I know that wherever on this campus right now that design and Jones are that's Heartbreak City there so uh they were really really close to pulling off a second game and who knows what.

Would have happened in the third they would have had all the momentum so what are we going to see here bright and Irvin have been a dynamic pair Anna bright is uh an up-and-comer she took bronze yesterday with Tyler loong and and mixed there you see those two talking it out and uh the fire and intensity in these.

Two will be significant let's play Pickleball Regina Franco Goldberg puts it in play quick side out here set to serve and a bright to her left I'm gonna Gretch Akita up at the net in the blue hat up in the net at the blue hat and putting away a very nice angle forehand.

Volley zero two side out so a couple quick side out points scored second sir garage Kingdom violent on both sides she will take heavy hacks at the pickleball side out Gretch akina of course is married to Ben.

Newell so Jana Newell is not a wrong answer here Jan Mike as well first point one zero one foreign look at the Cal bear and a Brighton shared this booth earlier in the week during singles day so.

Strategist and has made her bark in just 12 months time came on the scene and then just roared to the top of the game point get that nice and low three zero two two-hander bright secret sauce right there that two unit backhand roll dank at the kitchen is deadly.

Four zero two dangerous run here fine timeouts called by the receiving team five zero two let's do that timeout coming things are very bright for this Duo up five zip here in game number one.

Thank you there you see Jesse Irvin and Anna Brighton what a great Star channel Mike for that one good straight good start and off to a nice run here see if this time out helps their opponents maybe it did a little love from the net to help they.

Also went with a side change but uh zero five one Franco Goldberg on the left now she switches back over to the right side second sir nice offense there right zero five two side out somehow found the line outside the line it seemed.

Yep frustrating Miss there for Gretch Keena just again haven't gotten anything going and you have Relentless opponents across the net here these two will keep the hammer down the entire time there will be no let up I like that Irvin was even looking to poach there it's not something she does a lot yeah she's looking almost all the.

Way over communication though got out of her way point s quickly for the sixth seed second sir boy Arvin has that vicious one-handed background side out.

I don't think just missing reset zero seven one point there we go Franco Goldberg comes in hot tax Cross Court crosses up right there on the board follow it up one very high third that's a problem side out.

Unfortunately for them one could not become two is that ball right there catches the net Point going for the ATP didn't have enough side of the Court there to play with yeah just killed all the momentum sometimes it'll throw it there that time it just deadened it.

Right played a very high level first game timeout's gone by the receiving team that's a great play we saw last night and mixed quite frankly she has been playing at a high level since she broke into this sport so it's the three seed up huge in game.

Number one foreign do you know where real men stay out of Jan Mike out of the kitchen that's a great shirt so we're gonna pick one of those up.

To look at Ben Newell as I mentioned watching his wife Giana Gretch Gainer but uh tough sledding so far for them as they're down 9-1 just emptied their second time out here one thank you second serve nice job by Franco Goldberg there.

They've switched her back to the nine left side trying everything and again paddle clap from Bright there a little angle came out of nowhere stick with her nine most two shots I couldn't agree more I'm with you.

right so that strategy is working Angela luminar head referee calling that scoring second sir Jesse with a chance to a little more pop on that drive two nine two showing some patience there in that last Exchange in the dink what.

The cat from crunch Kina side out then just tried to take a little too much cord pack thank you and we are at the game point you'll see one all kinds of crossed up there it seems to be having a little bit of trouble maybe with the Sun out here kind.

Of look at the sky right coming in as bright as the sun and that is a convincing game one win for her and Jesse Irvin look at those feet moving swings 11-2 this is a very very good third seed and.

That score shows you why our new EV rental Fleet is the absolute goat nice speaking of goats is that Tom Brady yeah he comes in to recharge gets offer updates you know same time next week you got it cool let's go.

Let's go thank you