So something is coming up tonight at nine here on KDK we're going to get more to all of our turkey fun stuff later on this hour but we want to tell you about this too tonight at nine on KDK celebrities are facing off in a pickleball tournament on CBS called pickle yeah they've been advertising this a lot they have no so we decided to.

Have our own mini Tournament of our own kind of um this airs tonight on at five on KDKA news but Christine Sorensen recruited me Mary hours and Royce was there too we had to learn how to play that was the hard part we went to Cranberry for one-on-one sessions um and this was quick like we got 15 minutes to learn how to play and then uh.

We started playing Mary and I were on a team together okay that's I would guess that Mary is good Mary is a fantastic you were paired with Mary Mary is fantastic she's so good cranberry has one of the biggest pickleball leagues in the country in just 30 minutes though we learned enough to play a game and it was really the hardest part is the scoring.

They said oh people don't know how they're intimidated by the scoring and that can and how you can score where you need to be on the court this is a craze though like this is super taking off all across the nation and you know I play tennis and people have said pickleball is sort of like a cross between tennis and ping pong we just say that's.

Accurate yeah or racquetball or racquetball yeah okay so um really competitive uh we all got really into it um and take a listen to this Christine it really is great exercise and you can feel the competitiveness in you rise up while you're playing it was a lot of fun.

And it's just long enough where you want to keep on going it's addicting um I want to come back personally but I can totally see why it's catching on it yeah um so let me tell you we were all on the floor at one point oh really just from exhaustion well because you die for the ball like that's how competitive it goes oh my gosh all right diving to well.

You are competitive to get a point and so I I mean part of it also is that I am not athletic so I would fall I think I fell probably the most out of everyone no but that means you're the most dedicated and I think that means you were willing to risk it all Royce and Christine found a weak spot it is right here.

So they would they would aim the ball right here and I swear it was like a Beyonce like shh like they scored like three points by just hitting it right over him right that's what you kind of try to do during tennis too where you find a competitor's weak spot and then you hit it right there in the middle yeah so um yeah we.

Ended up losing I'll just tell you that but it was a lot of fun so check that out tonight at five on KDK Christina's gonna have more on the growth of pickleball so it's not just us playing but more on the growth of it so you'll want to check that out it was a lot of fun
Pickleball is the latest craze in sports! So, Heather Abraham is joining Mary Ours, Kristine Sorensen and Royce Jones in unpickling Pickleball!