feel the force with the head gravity tourhead updates the gravity tour with a stunning flip design and loaded it with Technologies the pathfeatures an average weight of 8.1 ounces and is built with a polymer core and a graphite compositeblend hitting surface The Sweet Spot power core creates a massive forgiving Sweet Spot while thehybrid hitting surface with spin-on technology provides the best of all worlds for the ultimateblend in power Comfort Control and stability when I was looking at the head pickleball paddle lineupfor 2023 I actually gravitated towards the gravity tour for a couple reasons the first was I reallyliked the Cosmetic it's really stunning bronze color that made me kind of pick it up and lookat it and then I was a little skeptical of the head shape I am not typically used to this shapeand I when I hit it down to the court though I.

Was actually pleasantly surprised that I didn'thave any adjustment period I actually really nicely transitioned into this paddle and the firstthing that I noticed was The Sweet Spot I actually thought it was really big and forgiving and thatno matter where I hit it on the paddle I was getting a nice consistent response which actuallyhelped me play better well the first time I picked it up was right off the you using it and you wereplaying really well with it so I wanted to get it in my hand see if I could play well with it tooand I had a bit of an adjustment period it's a lot more powerful than the paddle I typically use andso I just when I was dinking I was overheating my dinks at first also I missed a few returns longwhen I was just trying to drive the ball deep and then get into the net so once I got the powerthing sorted out I played much better with it and.

I agree that sweet spot is really forgiving andit seemed like wherever I hit on the paddle I was getting a nice healthy shot off the paddle face Ialso noticed that power as well and I use that to my advantage but I also when I look at a paddleI always see what the texture of the surface is I like that grippy surface and that helps me getSpin and this one I'd say is medium I do feel a little bit of texture there and that helped mewith both my Top Spin and my underspin and to keep that power under control I found myself playingaround on my serve with some nice Spin and then even at the Baseline and my pony was up at netI was trying to drop it at their feet kind of getting them to pop it up so really impressedwith both the spin and power aspect yeah it was really forgiving for me to when I had to playreaction volleys I thought the paddle was pretty.

Maneuverable and also that powerful responsemeant I didn't have to get a ton behind the ball just to hit a nice volley and then when theball was jammed at my feet and I'm right on the Dank line I was able to dig it out nicely eitherplay a dink back or I had that mass I could use to push the ball deep if the opponent was in theback court there plenty of grip from the paddle surface I would agree there I've actually got thegravity tool light in my hand and I prefer this one a little less power because it's not quiteas much weight and then I can whip it through even faster and so I'm getting a lot of spin outof this paddle compared to the regular gravity tool yeah if I had to give one negative for thegravity tour it was that I wasn't the biggest fan of the feel now that's more of a personalpreference I just wasn't feeling as connected.

As I wanted to at times and the other thing was Ido have a two-handed backhand that I really love to use and this handle is was okay I didn't feellike I could get fully too hands on that handle really get that angle and I do know that there'sactually a long handle LH and a short handle sh for maybe a player like you that only uses theone hand with and doesn't change their grip so lots of options from the gravity Tour line yeahI just use one hand and I don't really change my grips a whole lot so super easy paddle for me tojump into as I said I prefer the light version a little bit more but it was a really fun playtest thanks for joining us today for this paddle review for more information on anything paddlerelated be sure to go to totalpicable.com
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The new HEAD Gravity Tour Series was designed with years of thought and forward-thinking innovations. From the Sweetspot Power Core, designed to boost ball rebound energy across the entire hitting surface for a massive sweetspot, to the Hybrid Hitting Surface with SpinOn technology, that combines the best attributes of graphite, composite and texture. In addition to The Gravity Series is loaded with useful technologies to dampen feel, maximize spin and power, and offer the largest sweetspot HEAD’s ever created. Weighing in at 8.1 ounces, this paddle is a powerhouse with great spin potential that can benefit any game style.
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