What's up guys we're back with another podcast episode today uh we have another guest and he is one of the best content creators in the game started a journey to go from never playing to Pro in 12 months currently has less subscribers than me on YouTube but probably by the end of this has more than me welcome Kyle kazuda or that pickleball guy and.

What a wonderful intro but before we even get started can we talk like can we all do an impersonation if Chris is what's up guys give it to us one more time so I can hear it okay ready go what's up guys what's up guys that's pretty good I don't know if I could top that what's up guys okay see here's what I find very.

Funny about everyone's impersonation of my what's up guys I have never once in my life thought of my voice as nasally but ever since I have met you James Kyle everyone everyone defaults to the nasal so I'm like it must be a thing no it's it's definitely a thing my girlfriend said it she was like oh gosh how can you listen to him.

I remember when I was I think I listened to James do your podcast I was in the background yeah I don't know if you guys did him on the podcast doing this but he put his hands over his nose he's like what's up guys yeah what's up guys another battle review here that's so funny I think the difference in how you believe you're perceived.

Versus how you're actually perceived is just very different oh I love listening to my voice I believe that is that why you talk so much Kyle oh God moving on himself is this video or just we're on video right oh yeah not just audio oh yeah that's everything he's gonna listen to his voice for two.

Hours oh my God okay well Kyle there are a lot of people who probably listen to the podcast don't know your backgrounds I was hoping you'd say I have more followers than you so don't worry about it but I'd like to just talk about specifically your former Sports background we'll get through kind of your whole background but I know you.

Used to play basketball just kind of walk us through that like was it from a kid up to what age like what did that whole thing look like I think so yeah great question I started playing basketball probably when I was four and I played basketball soccer four four yeah I don't even think I was able to walk until I was like six.

Well that just I don't know what to say to that well I uh but I started fighting around four and I played basketball soccer tennis I played t-ball but realized baseball is a horrible sport so I immediately got rid of that and then when I got to Middle School basketball and soccer coincided same season so I.

Just played basketball and tennis and then when I got to ninth grade I was still playing basketball and tennis played one year of high school tennis um in ninth grade and that was the last time I played tennis pretty much and then I played basketball through high school I played basketball and Au travel scene and then played basketball into.

College played four years college basketball the only other thing I did mention was I did play pretty competitive ping pong with my brother we had a table growing up and I remember like every week I was like Mom like can we find a ping pong tournament somewhere and she's like well kind of look it up and she'll like look it up and I grew up.

In Florida and there'd be like like 80 plus ping pong tournaments and I wanted nothing more than to go to one of those tournaments my mom we were just like did you end up going no I never did I mean that's would have got smoked I would have got smoked because I know like those 80 year olds like it's like pickleball first.

Time I ever played pickleball I was playing with a guy named like his name is Jim and we're on the court and he's he was 80 plus and like it's this common story so many people have the story you go out there and you're like what's up Jim um I turned my partner I'm like this guy's gonna be trash ping pong is definitely one of those.

Sports where if you see it live on a professional level it is kind of mind-blowing how fast that ball is moving like when you're in person it's crazy I think if you watch all the racket Sports intense pickleball uh table tennis and you know maybe some of the other ones that are kind of yeah they're all squash uh yeah I think table.

Tennis probably looks the most impressive to the average person yeah because it's so fast and you can you like tennis it's hard to understand how quick that ball is moving on the screen pickleball it's even worse yeah table tennis it's like the ball's just flying all the time yeah it looks so fast already on screen and then in.

Person it's just like mind-blowing but have you guys ever seen speed chess that's fast I played it the other day and I was like so I'm trying to like work on my mental game I mean I don't know you're talking to a world-class speedcuber here I mean when I see the blur of those colors going around I'm like and then it's just solved I was.

Like no you you totally took that apart and put it back together and you somehow like sped it up in time lapse or something because you tricked my eye yeah because there's no way that that happened in five seconds people don't know that about you about Chris's TED Talks listen to the other day and like you're an unbelievably world-class speed.

Cuber you could take a Rubik's Cube and do it in like five seconds I mean like not many people can say they're the best in the world at something which is fascinating to me and I didn't even know that for a long time um it still kind of blows my mind that you're the best in the world at something.

If you think I didn't start on speedcubing as a three five you're wrong we all start horribly but but I mean basically I played basketball that was my main sport my whole life and I grew up just loving the game studying the game I love my main thing was I would shoot threes I ran around shoot and like digit was my favorite player.

Um Steve Nash one of my favorite players Stephen and so I just I mean like I am now obsessed with the game of pickleball I just was obsessed with basketball and all the way through college and then even after I was done after I finished my career I probably didn't play basketball for like two years it's probably one of those like I'm kind of.

Done with it situations but then I got back into it and I was playing like three four five days a week three on three four and four and all of a sudden I decided I was gonna take pickleball more seriously in the day that I decided to take pickleball more seriously which was I believe it was December 11th 2021. I just it's my first Instagram.

Post ever if you go back and look because I made the commitment like I'm gonna take this seriously I completely stopped playing basketball I just stopped going and playing three on three and my buddies were like dude come on come play with us I was like I'm not I'm I'm serious about pickleball now so I'm gonna stop do you have a fairly.

Obsessive personality the most yeah I think I think you're very similar to me because when I got in I was phasing out of speedcubing before I got into pickleball I was just in a weird stage of life before I got into pickleball but as soon as I got into pickleball basically I was like done okay it's like that sealed the deal so let me ask you a.

Question then because this might reveal something about myself um or I can learn from it when you start something new do you feel like you want to be the very very best at it like this I feel like if I'm not going to be the best or at least giving full effort it's pointless okay that's that's similar to me like if I'm all in on something like.

Pickleball right now like I want to be the best possible player I can be and I want to be one of the best players yeah and I mean that's just like how I think about the world or content like I wanna it's not necessarily that I want to be I want to be better than both of you like big time but like you still had a long ways to go a long ways to go but I I but.

I just have like uh I definitely have an all-in kind of addictive personality that um I get obsessed with something like for a long time I was obsessed with comedy I was I got social comedy for like three years where I was I would literally watch a Netflix special like I would go and like watch Ellen DeGeneres.

Do her special and I would download you could for a while I think you can still can I would download the transcripts of their Netflix specials and I would like read them as I listened because like I mean if you ever watch a stand-up comedian like and you guys know you just it's it's it's unbelievable the structure of their performance but you.

Would never understand that I mean you just you you feel the outcome when you watch Comedy you're like rapping right but then when you break it down you're like this is brilliant this is literally art yeah so like if you're like writing a novel or yeah yeah the way that it's structured it's like writing a thesis it's yeah it's very uh what's the word.

Curated or I guess almost like planned out but also at the same time I think what's fascinating to me about uh performers and you know comedy performers in general is that they always leave room for I guess uh uh Innovation or uh just to like go off the cusp like you know to to go around you know to be adaptive in their.

Performances right because as structured as it is they leave space for that and they know when the routine can Branch off into different directions you know and then recognizing when I think to do that and to Branch off from the script is I think the most impressive skill that like you know live performers have yeah I mean if.

You've like if you don't follow pickleball well on Instagram you should fall pickup all will but the video that you did the video you did with James that because you're because everything you just said you're really good at and like when you do that we do this little bit with James um us three went to Nashville and did a.

And did a little uh just content stuff with James and adovich and yeah and like you do that video where um you have to go watch the video but essentially every the principles of what you just said like creating the structure and allowing I think in Ted lasso it was like let's plan for 80 and leave room for God yes the same thing in comedy I think and.

Um so so anyway I got obsessed with that for like three years and I was amazing to me that you got obsessed I tried to cut your joke off because I was like I knew you were going because you're not funny don't spit your Coke out and so uh but but that's kind of how I mean I did probably three years of like I was.

Reading all the comedy books I was taking improv classes I was going to improv show and I was living in Orlando and Orlando has incredible comedy did not know that yeah and there's this one comedy place called um sack comedy lab Sak and I just took classes there it happened to be working a job with a a comedian he's a professional improviser.

He's been in movies his name's Richard Paul and Richard and I I mean just the different lives you live like I'm 29 now and you know I mean you're still just a little young child me and will being will understand we've seen some things we all know it because we're still growing up at least I still have upside it's all downhill for me I played well.

Played but uh Richard so I got immersed because I'm working this new job I was working in hospital and Richard is a professional comedian and so I'm like getting I had just taken an improv class in college and I graduated college and I'm working with with Richard in this job and every day we just started like Freestyle rapping and like talking like.

Like just goofing around and you post some of your freestyles because in the car and whatnot when I'm with you it's it's actually pretty funny I should record more of these but they just come off and I'm not ready and it's like we'll listen to it so so I do like the free I'm not like I'm not great or anything I just like to do it more as a.

Mental thing and so I like a mental uh I guess exercise yeah so in the car a lot of times like if I go on a road trip I have three different things I I listen to music first and then I listen to a podcast and then I get a little bit tired by that point it's like three hours in and then I start freestyling and I'll just be like going at it loud.

But it is a way for me to sharpen my mind yeah and just like a rhythmic thing and I love words and so I'm like just trying to figure out like there's this guy named Harry Mack on Instagram have you ever seen this guy before I mean you should go look this guy up on Instagram He is unbelievable he just does freestyle he goes on the streets he has.

A little Boombox with him and he's like hey can I freestyle for you guys and he'll just get a group together and it's like a beautiful example of crowd work where he just gets like 20 people and he's just freestyling and I'm just like what is go how did he just rhyme like a four inch door hinge with whatever orange you know what I mean.

I'm like it's unbelievable that's interesting you say that about the freestyle that keeps your mind elastic because I think a lot of especially in the racket Sports we play it's very rhythmic and I mean I don't know in the video games I play and the things I like to do yeah I find that the rhythmic things like really help what do you find.

Rhythmic and pickleball like how yeah I would say just like the dinking I would say in the rallies or whatnot and the way that I move in my footwork it now I think about it it goes to there's like a song or something like that's playing in my head that's probably why I listen to certain hype songs like before I go into a match or whatnot right just to get a.

Flow because if I'm if I'm flowing well I'm moving well if I'm usually if you're moving well you're playing well and I don't know I think it's the same for a lot of sports and why a lot of athletes probably listen to some sort of song or something you know to kind of get them pumped up oh okay well can I go on a side note real quick yes okay there uh.

I'm reading this book my friend Nico um recommended it to me it's called the art of learning and um I've read a lot of like learning and brain books over the years like a lot of us have but this one has been really interesting basically the guy who wrote the book he's an unbelievable writer so the book is well written and he was a grand master one of.

The best chess players there's a movie that you guys on the movie that uh the chess movie Finding oh gosh oh I know what you're talking about ah somebody who's listening right now is like they're totally know it and they're yelling it in their car right yeah 100 right I know exactly which one you're talking about someone's told me about.

Yeah so he so anyway he's the he's the guy that movie was based off of yeah um and if you go look up the art of learning you'll see the author that's the guy so it became a world-class chess player and then he ended up taking the same principles of how he got good at chess and he applied them to a different like Jiu Jitsu and I'm actually not.

Finished with the book yet but there's um there's other uh things that he used his training to become great at and um one of the things to go back to your point about like music people listen to he was talking about flow and like there's like Flow State like we had to send me how I think his name is the guy that was like kind of popularized in.

Josh waitskin yeah yeah waitskin that's the one yeah and um so this Flow State I mean the gist of it most of us know what it is but it's hard to get there is like you're in the moment you know like for basketball I was like I remember a game you're in the zone yeah like eight threes in a row no matter you touch the ball you shoot it from anywhere it's.

Going in it's like nothing can go wrong yeah and typically you can't get in that zone for I mean more than like seven or eight minutes at times and that's what that's kind of how it was because then there's like a break in the action there's a timeout the quarter's over it's half time the game's over whatever that's why people call it timeouts right.

It's true right you get in this Zone you gotta like break the the the flow a little bit so but the whole this whole conversation is like how do you get yourself into the flow and so there's different techniques and ways but one of the things he was talking about was he gave this guy who was struggling and he was doing mental training with him and.

He was talking about how to get into the flow and so he had him like choose a song well first he asked him a question he said um like where do you feel like you're most calm and he was like when I'm with my son throwing a football and he's like okay and then he's like well is there a song that you like to listen to when you guys are together or when.

You're by yourself and you want to feel calm and he gave a song and so anyway he built it and I'm not doing the whole technique Justice not to go back to the book and and say it but he just said get that song in your head um or excuse me get that song on your earphones and listen to it before you go perform it was like Jiu Jitsu that this guy was.

Doing right and take your mind back to that moment with your son to calm your brain and then and there's all these connections yeah that makes sense no there's like a network of like synapses right yeah so like if you have a song that you've played or that it makes you feel a certain way it uh that provides confidence or like you know you think.

About your son you're playing football because that moment in time brings comments so if you think about that moment in time it reminds your body like mentally and physically that you're in that that state again so if you can recreate that state again and associate with the different I guess cues then you can more easily get into that state.

Which is the theory like behind it yeah it's it's so hard though I mean pickleball and even just training I trained this morning the number one killer for me in my training is laziness and lack of focus you know like you're like me and I was training with my buddy Craig and we're like 20 minutes in and we're like.

Water break and we come back and I go like 10 minutes of just like I can't make a third I can't hit a reset I tinkle every ball into the net and I'm just like and we're in this indoor facility and there's some people around so I want to act cool and tough so I'm like slamming balls and like breaking battles and stuff and so and people are.

Looking at me and like that guy cares so much I'm like sure I don't care at all you just bring the intensity because I guess when you're training in practice right you're going like 110 but usually when you go compete because there's so many other factors like typically you're only like half as good as you are right in in practice.

Yeah right so you just got to be try to you have to try to try to train the same way that you play um which is just so hard just gotta and that's why it's important like who you train with because like my buddy Craig is intense and he trains hard and he gives a really good ball and he challenges me and so I've been with a.

Bunch of guys in Phoenix but he's one of the guys I love training with because he brings that every time and he brings it out of me because it's very easy you just like you know you're if you're around really smart people you're gonna get smarter if you're around really wealthy people you're probably going to figure out a way to gain wealth if.

You're around people who are lazy you're gonna act that way and so if I'm around my buddy Craig right and Craig's like raising me up I gotta raise my own level right yeah and so so maybe there is hope that I'll won't be a threes I wouldn't go that far but there's an asterisk it doesn't apply to everyone most people but yeah I mean you're gonna be a three.

Five forever but I think the chance I think for everybody listening who are in their car and like making making food at their house right now like it I mean it's I mean we've all heard this line it's just a line of people like you become most like the five people that you spend the most I'm with I heard that when I was in high school I've never.

Forgotten it it's true and I constantly think about it and like okay content right so I have like a pickleball crew that in Phoenix that I train with a lot yes and then us three um Shay Underwood like we were kind of us four have been communicating around content for I don't know the last six months Shea was the first one that ever.

DM me when I started making contact yeah and he was like hey dude I'm making content and let's whatever you're doing phone calls he brought your name up at one point and he was like yeah I talked to this guy Chris Olsen and I looked up at your Instagram page and I'm like this guy's like a loser no no but I guess you know what's actually funny about this.

Though because my first introduction to you was through Shay he called me and I was like dude have you heard of that pickleball guy and I was like no and he's like look him up I didn't look you up and then it came up again later at some point and I was like okay like I kind of just forgot the first time he's like okay I'll go look him up so I look.

Him up and I watch some of your videos and I think one of them might have been like it was a pickle Aid like commercial that you kind of made or something that was a wonderful it was it was a fit Aid it fit whatever it was I watched this and my first my genuine first thought when I watched this was this guy's kind of cringy I don't like.

It and then and then as I got to know you I was like okay he's fine but those first few ones were rough oh I really hope we're cutting to my facial expression right now I don't know the first like piece of content that I saw from Kyle I really can't think about what it was and the first.

Things that come to mind when I think about you now obviously is the Tyson impersonation video and I'm pretty sure there was some content actually no it might have been um it might have been like dinking everywhere with shame I think I think that was my first introduction to you and then after that I started seeing you.

Pop up and I was like okay see what else he does but then I was like oh wow yeah because that big well he's pretty funny I do think you have I mean just as with anything as you practice you're going to get better but I think in the you know year that I've been seeing your stuff the Improvement is drastic both your delivery on camera like your presence on.

Camera has just improved I think it was just before kind of yeah I appreciate it technically you've also improved because before he was shooting in what 1080 no no he was shooting at 720. oh gosh we're gonna trust me we're gonna get there we'll get to some of this content stuff we're gonna get there I just wanna make two points before we you guys rip on me.

One is when you start at the very bottom which I intentionally did I started very bad on purpose I knew that I could only go up so you know the tough thing is if you do start at three five and you don't well I won't even other but no but but uh for people just listening I'm just I'm just we're just making Chris Olsen jokes right now if.

You're new to the Pod um we probably like reframe and tell people what that joke is um or they have to go back and listen to No they just gotta go back and listen I gotta get the the origin history because somebody else thinks probably gonna be listening and I just say like a three five joke and it's and they're probably like wait I'm a.

Three five this guy is a total he's a jerk he's a jerk but really I'm only making fun of you and I'm only funny because I care about you but um look I can go to it real quick like because people think that it's me who started I technically did it started but I definitely like proliferated that joke what's that word mean uh like expanded.

Upon okay the joke but basically it was when I first reached out to Chris and we made uh the video when I first challenged him one-on-one and that was one of my most popular YouTube videos at the time and somebody in the comments said this you know what Chris Olsen came to my local course in California one time and like yeah he was I thought he.

Was 35 at best and then I told him I was like dude somebody thinks you're just three five at best and Chris was like what who is this guy yeah I was actually like what yeah how dare he and then after that I just kept on with the joke and it just stuck but here's the best part so that guy that commented I actually do know him I met him in.

California and played with his group I loved him they were all super great people but that was actually a joke amongst them is they would just tell each other all the time like dude you're 3.5 at best and so like you know I kind of you know messed with him and then after he commented that will just ran with it and.

Just like every podcast yeah now you've become a brand and marketing Wizard and you're becoming extremely wealthy yeah 3.5 best be careful because if if Jeremy Burns hears this he might start asking for royalties he's out there patent-pending it or trademarking it right now right now I will to put a bow on like the original.

Um question and brings back was u3 and me have been and there's others that have definitely come in and and I think we we were tight-knit from the beginning that's why I say you three um in case someone else is like what the heck what about me yeah so uh I think we've made each other better in so many ways like a rising pad raises all boats.

And for sure and like Chris you and I have talked a bunch will you and I've talked a bunch yeah he's not here I know we've talked a bunch from an ideation standpoint to um shoot and when I made this Tyson McGuffin video like that was one of the coolest experiences for me because I and we can go in that video but I just want.

To extrapolate one thing from it which was I made this video and I really wanted to do it well and so I got on the phone with you guys and like shared the script and you gave me ideas I did um I did like a little like pre-shoot like you told me to you like film it right it's like without my buddies and.

Like what do you call it a pre-vis previous like I took my iPhone and I just like filmed it with some friends really raw I edited it in like 45 minutes and then when I went and did this thing with Tyson um like it was so much better because you guys have given me the idea and then I I mean just to keep going like I was.

Done with the video I did the edit I sent it to you guys I was like can you help me I can't figure this out Shea gave me an idea around the beginning and then you two were together and you guys like spent time and did like a whole re-edit I don't even know how long how long did it take 10 minutes okay so you should like re-ed.

It but you sent it back to me oh that makes so much more sense instead of even just I mean you could have just told me that but if you actually did it and showed it to me so to make a long story longer it's I'm just really grateful that us four have come together in in in and risen each other because it's not every day that you have that it's like.

Incredible it's the same thing you have a great great group which everyone doesn't because depending on where you live you might not have a similar level of play I am so lucky I do here and depending on what you do in your life and your job you might you also might not have people who can sharpen you and so I'm just really like you like in my.

Life in Phoenix I have two I have really two really really close friends here um that sharpened me you know what I mean then like content who are they yeah oh there's two guys don't do it it's gonna it's gonna really no I'll say I'll say all right I mean here's what I say I say uh my two closest friends here this.

Guy named Tyler in in JT and um they're both essentially I have like just a lot of older friends like Tyler's I think 41 JT is 37 I've known Tyler for 10 years JT you've known for actually just a couple years but um his wife and I and Tyler work together for a bit and so um just really close Community yeah and I'm really grateful for that because I.

Mean everyone doesn't have that but I have two guys at any time anything happens I can count on them and if I'm making like a business decision I can go I go to Tyler like he's like a it was a mentor for me for a long time became one of my best friends and so that's you know my life and you guys with content and then me Will said it before and I.

Completely agree with him but he was saying you know had he not come and done the trip where we had made some content together he doesn't know if he would still be doing YouTube like he probably just if I would have quit yeah went and got a regular job like if you we didn't have the regular ongoing communication I don't think I would have quit but I.

Think things would be far less enjoyable I used to very much be prefer working alone I didn't like feedback from people I thought it just kind of got in the way and it was easier to do stuff on my own but now having this group one you improve way quicker and I think the process is just more fun when you have people to bounce things off of I think.

Especially when you get really deep in content creation and I I should have talked about this in the beginning of the podcast if you guys made it this far the whole podcast is going to focus a lot on content creation and Kyle's you know kind of Journey To Pro but along the content creation stuff I think it can be a very.

Lonely thing if you don't have a lot of people to bounce stuff off of and you know as soon as you start feeling lonely or it's just kind of more tough it's just not fun right and I feel like this group makes it a lot more fun yeah just to make stuff like I'm more motivated to do it the ideas like people are like if I don't really feel like doing the thing.

Right now you guys like can I just take you like five minutes and then we can go do something else well one thing to build on that and I think this is cool like I just put a YouTube video out and I texted you three and I was like and I think we had done maybe a week ago for uh one of Shay Underwood's videos and I was like hey can you guys give me some.

Feedback on it excuse me and um you all three just gave me notes on something that you saw in the video to help make make my future videos better and and that's really cool and then like or Shay um I love this we have this little thing it's kind of unspoken now but like if I ever post a video about rules or if I.

Ever like step on the kitchen line uh Shea likes to comment and be like yo like all right you you stepped in the kitchen line even though it bounced you can't do that right trolling you know I mean like light because I mean I mean you're on social media enough like people just go so hard at you yeah they'll just like.

Say yeah not that much I mean I don't have that many haters or whatever but like I don't know mistakes a couple no there's just one Thirty there's a couple people that in my comments I don't know what's like I think it might be a bot but you also might be a person or it might be like a a person a person all right wait on your tutorial video no.

It's like an Instagram occasionally yeah you just get you know it's like weird comments it's like the guy who commented on my I don't know if you saw this Instagram story of mine it's actually probably my favorite comment I've ever seen because it was so drastic that I was like this is just stupid and it made me laugh but the guy said he said what.

Did he say you are one of the worst things for this sport may you ride in Hell okay yeah I mean and I totally agree okay wait but do you have a favorite comment that you've seen oh man I don't have one favorite kind there's just like a bunch of them and I mean they're just like people who just like hate on.

Pickleball but it's also funny of like what their tags are yeah I don't know I should even mention don't don't do it I know which one you're thinking about making you whisper to me we'll tell you like no please say it everyone's like please please no I I said this those haters just want.

You to see attention yeah like there's a guy um and I think it's actually cool if you go back if someone goes back and looks at finds the video or the picture it'd be funny because there's I think it was this 44 feet series that I did with James with James you know which and uh this guy I think it was in the in the video guy commented and he was like Hey.

Man um the way that I can tell that you love James because you're just like looking so deep into his soul there's definitely a connection there or something like that and like and like I know that's how James looks at me but like I don't look at him like that.

So when I saw that I just texted to James I was like man this is so funny but like that's like an example sometimes you're just like the Absurd like stuff people will say but it's probably a person yeah yeah yeah it's I don't know it's it's a wild time but so I want to know and I'm I'm sure some people are curious so you I mean.

Basically when you decided to get into pickleball yeah you obviously made the Instagram account and started doing it did you know from that moment okay content is gonna be a big part of this or why did you choose to do content at the same time and did you do content at your former job when you were teaching we were teaching basketball or training.

For basketball yeah I was working at this company and I still actually will work for the company in the Summers and do some summer basketball camps it's called PGC basketball which was like maybe the most life-changing experience for me in my entire life and so let me show you if there's people listening to this pod and like they have a kid who.

Plays basketball PG basketball com it's the best basketball camp in America and I worked for them for five years and I also I worked in the marketing team and social media I would travel around and teach basketball and it's like it's summer basketball camps for dedicated players who are trying to go on and play at the next level classroom sessions.

Where you're breaking down film um studying leader and we're teaching leadership and I was really fortunate I had an opportunity I got to lead a bunch of those camps and we had 20 people like myself who would run around the country and do over 100 camps um so I got just that wonderful opportunity then when covet hit our camp shut down and we all.

Of a sudden we shipped it to online courses and we had to I mean it was like that like all of our revenue is tied up in in camps you know so we're like and we also want to serve the basketball community in another way because kids are at home so we started doing these online courses so I grabbed like I was living in Phoenix I just.

Started learning you know videography I feel weird saying that I was like use that word Loosely I started learning how to hit play on my phone that's the first time I ever shot a video I had a zoom H5 recorder which is a really good like sound system like device like yes yeah and um I didn't.

Know you were supposed to like be checking the audio or testing it so I literally just like plugged a lavalier mic into it press start and I was like I really hope it's recording so I went over I mean you don't know what you don't know right so I went over to my buddy and I'm filming and we get back that night or that afternoon it's like.

Hey let's let's see that footage I pulled up and there's no sound it's like it's like it's like iPhone sound but we're in Lifetime Fitness like I'm 20 feet from him and so he's like he's like Whispering you know basically it's like all you hear is like balls bouncing and all of a sudden like there's a guy who's like on the.

Court next to us who's just like I own you like that follow up all these yeah he's dunking and like like trash talk and stuff do him like you can't guard me like all these things and we can't hear any of what my buddy it was Tyler actually I was mentioned earlier um and so yeah I don't I just got that's.

That's a tough rant where are we going with that uh we're just talking about content like kind of how you got into it did you have background yeah so so covet accelerated it so Kobe came and also I started filming we filmed online courses and I was behind the camera I was behind the camera for three years like and I almost never and behind the camera again.

I was on my iPhone for like three years then eventually I got a camera um and I started learning how to use a camera you can tell sorry about that in a second because that was a disaster but um but believe it no but I mean so I excited because I like I was never in front doing the teaching my friend my buddy Tyler is like he's on his world.

Class like speaker teacher presenter and so he could get up in front of the camera and do a 30 minute talk and just go start to finish like no stops and it's just like perfect and there's a couple things right and so I was filming him I was doing edits in Final Cut Pro and we were turning this thing into an online course and I did that for like 12.

Hours a day for like two or three months days and you put in the Reps oh man and it was just by necessity because like I was it was like all right what do we do do we hire somebody I'm like I think I can do it and me and my other buddy Rudy who was working this company we were both editing just hours and hours and hours.

And then at one point we had like a bunch of people fly in um and we had like a two-week film shoot where we had Rudy was upstairs editing and I was downstairs like holding like my my gimbal my little phone Gimbal and I was filming or going up and we're air dropping and we're like he couldn't edit fast enough because there was too much.

Content I mean fast enough he would have to be a machine to do it fast enough yeah as a person he's a bot person and so um so anyway that's kind of where the content for me I mean I'd always loved making videos I always done some videos but that's where it like really took off because I was spending I mean I spent I probably edited 3 000 videos at this.

Point you know and it just absurds so then that when our camps came back I was doing all of our social media I was doing all of our videography and I'll take a really fast story about first time I got a camera I texted our president I was like Hey like could we upgrade from my iPhone because I've been using it for so many years and it's.

Gotten a lot of sales like we've like driven sales in this thing can I get a camera so I'm like all right so I look up get a Sony like a 6600 and we get uh um I finally get a like I had a little kit lens which is like crappy but it was good enough but then also I get like a 15 uh 35 millimeter 15 millimeter yeah they're probably 35 yeah 35. and I'm.

Just like obsessed with it it has a 1.4 sorry for I'm just like I'm not here but it's like I'm amazed you even know what that is no big time blur I like took it on my course so anyway I'm I get a camera in like two days later we're going to do an online course with Ennis Cantor who's in the NBA at the time I don't know if he's still in the NBA.

Right now so me and Tyler fly to New York City and I got the camera gear and the whole time on the trip I'm just watching YouTube video after YouTube videos I'm like I'm doing this thing with this camera right I don't care so we go into the NBA Players Association like building which is like this unbelievable facility.

Um and Ennis is in there and he's partnering with us and so it's just we only have two people in there so it's me Tyler and Ennis and I like tried to have a third person so I could have somebody on sound separate with that that recorder and we walk in there and I kid you not I went to like the like hardware store I bought a belt like a like a like.

What do you call it like a like a Gaffers like you put Hammers and stuff in it okay because I I needed to hold that Zoom H6 because I have two mics and I can't have two mics on top of my camera right or something I don't know maybe you could I couldn't right so so then we get in there and I'm freaking out the whole time so I got a headset on.

I have the zoom H6 which is like just it's like six inches tall by yeah it's probably two or three inches thick it's probably like two or three it's like a it's a good size they have these like fat cords in it so I got cords all around my body I have it in this like belt I'm using like a legit gimbal so I got like 40 pounds in my front my hand.

And I got my headphones on and I got Ennis Cantor seven feet tall and Tyler who's trying to focus on the questions and I'm over here just like I pooped myself I peed myself I did I mean I'll tell you what I was like doing everything and literally we filmed it we got back to the hotel at night um and I spent like an hour just going.

Through every single clip and being like I really held the audio please start I've never looked at is the play button going is as many times in my life as I did in that thing yeah and uh I left and I did it all and that's the moment I knew I was gonna do content for the rest of my life that's a great story best part is he's.

Clearly back to an iPhone because all the content you see from him iPhone it's iPhone yeah well here's here's why it's mobile it's fast it's easy and I have an Apple computer so I can airdrop everything and all I did was I found the best microphones which now you guys have purchased in like they're these little DJI like 300 mic you found I found you.

Found the guy to your right didn't find thank you foreign so anyway yeah that's uh well here's what I think is funny about just all of the different content creators in this room me and Will are probably the most similar because we have more formal backgrounds in filmmaking and then.

Obviously you have background in content creation and you dabbled with the camera but when our content creation trip in Nashville I knew you used an iPhone and I could kind of tell you weren't a super technical person but it was not until we got to Nashville that I realized how not technical you are the amount of like you.

Would send me a video after exporting it and you know it should be in 1080P maybe even 4K because I shoot everything in 4k Kyle's Kyle's sending it to me in 720p it's exported completely wrong it's in the wrong frame rate edited in the wrong frame like basically every rule you could break you broke it but somehow you made it.

Works it doesn't matter that's who I am I mean I'm a rule breaker what I love about it though because coming from a background in filmmaking where like everything has to be perfect yeah all the time I think going into more of a Content creation type of thing I I like the looseness where I don't have to be so.

Strict about things and you're just the extreme version of it yeah where there are so many things that you've made where if it was me I'd go oh my gosh this still has so much more to go before I would post this but clearly it works the the extra cleanups are not the reason you're going to succeed or not succeed basically if the content is.

Good yeah and you know the quality is good enough it will be fine so I just think it's funny how different I think I just have some I have some like decision making Frameworks in my mind because some of them are like the Tyson video I spent like 25 hours on it I wanted every single I wanted the color to be as good as it could be I like did some color.

Grading um I not really but I tried but like I'm like sound but the sound design I spent a ton of time on sound design so like if you ever go back and watch that video there's a lot of sound effects in it yeah and then the cuts I mean I just like I wrote the story out I planned the story I wanted to be as as.

Perfect as it could be because I knew it was a type of video that I cared about I knew Tyson would care about it I thought people could really resonate with it and get have some fun with it but there's other videos like I I did uh I don't know I did an interview I just interviewed a lot of players and like I think of one I did with Thomas Wilson.

And it was like it was just really raw I mean just Thomas I just cut it up I threw some captions on it um it wasn't going to go viral or anything but like people enjoyed it and like I call that the 80 like that one's 80 good and what else do I need to do with if I add another 20 to it it's like it's not going to do it I mean Kyle's.

Stuff is more like the 40 percent so it's respectful so disrespectful I think I think Kyle is really good at understanding for each piece of video that he does like who he's serving like who he wants the audience like to be at that point in time and I feel like you serve um you know a decent amount of it's just.

Like you know the Casual viewer but then also I think you understand that there are some casual viewers that are more hardcore and when the effort arises you know because you know like like the Tyson video you knew that Tyson was probably eventually going to see that and you wanted to make a good impression but I think for like the rest of your.

Audience like you're like I think the 80 is good but honestly your 80 is way higher than a lot of people's 100 by far like when when I you know make these jokes about it not being good like obviously the content is good but just for my former background I'm like dude if I published this someone would have had a nail through my head thing though.

And I talk to people all the time about in content perspective they're like I want to do content and but I don't know where to start or how and I think I mean Pros I've talked to Pros who want to start getting and it's different because like how much time do you have how much do you really want to invest do you like being on camera.

Doing it because you know you should be yeah I and I enjoy doing it I love storytelling and I love humor and I love trying to make people like all those things um I've had I edited three thousand five four thousand videos and videos that were from 15 seconds to an hour long.

Like online courses I've edited so many videos and like I don't have unbelievable editing um like technical stuff I don't I have a my brain has gotten way better at story than it has a yeah and so that's the main thing that matters honestly and so so for me it's easier to like do stuff fast and throw it out there but here's.

The lesson and I think a lot of people who are like shiver do content I mean if they want to it's just try it's like I don't know if I should like this if I shoot like this it literally doesn't matter because yeah number one when you start doing it no one even gives a crap they don't give a crap and you suck and you suck yeah no matter what watch it.

Like if you go back to my very very early videos I understood content doing basketball content and I kind of understood what worked for our basketball camp company I had no idea with pickleball I literally was just like I'm gonna post every time I go to the court that's what I did every time I go to the court I'm gonna try to film a.

Video I don't know what it's gonna be maybe it's a highlight oh yeah yeah and part of what that does is if you post quantity over quality at first is it tells you what does well and what does well means like what resonates with people like what are people are people commenting like this is a cool video do more of this are people telling you like.

My friend Joe at one point was like dude I love like I love this thing that you did I'm like that was really encouraging because I was scared of what people were gonna think of me because like it's such a small community and like okay I keep doing I'm like all right I'll do more of that but if you go for high high quality early you could spend like 10 hours if.

It doesn't doesn't do well and then you're like depressed yeah I'm like let me just do something raw and now I'm realizing the educational stuff is really resonating with people and so I am actually and now I have an editor helping me which I I just in the last six weeks have that happen now I care more about like I really want to get the.

Right angles when I'm teaching because I want to actually teach it in a really clear and humorous way so it's entertaining yes but I care more so like that 40 is now like it's actually more like 80 or 80 more like 90 depending on the thing I think will help the most people or perform the best because I have a better understanding of what.

Actually works but sometimes I'll do interviews and I'm like I know this isn't going to perform well because like from a viewage standpoint but I love like I just wanna it's fun like people who follow me are gonna Joy back to that Thomas are gonna enjoy listening to Thomas talk because Thomas is a great dude people love him he's fun he makes.

Me laugh I also think two just with I mean with anything in life really but content especially is just so relatable to me is people will say oh I want to start a pickleball content account or whatever the bottom line if you're doing it because you think either it's easy money or there is good money and that's your reason for doing it I don't think.

It's gonna go well maybe you'll make it work but I think you have to actually have a desire and enjoyment to make content if you don't have that you are going to struggle you won't do it for the long run that's like that's how burnout happens I mean I have to do this so I'm gonna do it um and then you get then it gets hard.

And you don't want to do it like I think that's three like we love it for different reasons I mean why do you love doing content oh man I mean I've just done it for so long now but I think I think for me because almost all the content I have made outside of when I was doing filmmaking anything on YouTube that I've.

Always done has always been informational and helping people basically speed things up from like in speedcubing that's how I got introduced to YouTube I started teaching people how to get faster I was like one of the best in the world at this one event so I would tell people here's what I'm doing right here you can learn from it I.

Invented a couple I invented one method taught that to people and then when I wasn't doing speed cubing I started teaching people how to edit faster because I my brain just loves that technical stuff and so I would see people all the time spend literal days with their software stuck on something something's broken they don't know how.

To do it they can't find the answer and so when I was just taking all this information it's like oh it's nice to be able to just teach someone and save them literal days so what was the feeling that you experienced after somebody messaged you back or you were validated like this really helped me do this better then what did you feel I mean I I.

Think it just it was a nice feeling because I knew how much time I wasted in the past trying to learn these things out so I just I felt useful yeah okay I mean shoot yeah like want to live a fulfilling life you probably need to feel somewhat useful yeah you know what I mean like exactly it's true though but I mean I think that's yeah that's funny.

That you say that because like mine is similar but the framework is different like when I make content honestly it's more selfish I like I make content out there for people to you know provide value to people but really I'm doing it for myself like selfishly like when I put out a piece of content like so someone someone told me this like a.

While ago it's like people do things everything that somebody does is to make them feel important but it's a really like roundabout way to think about it so when I make a content and like let's say it's a paddle review or something it's for the audience but technically it's from my own personal enjoyment like I'll go back and watch that video because oh.

Wow I made this and I'm proud of this yeah even when I help you guys make content right which I actually really like doing but it's really roundabout because first of all like when you guys get satisfaction or you guys make out a piece of content that you're proud of that actually makes me proud like because like I know you guys are happy.

So I know that I helped you guys out like yeah and it's a really roundabout way but it makes me feel important and this is the main reason why I do content I I could say that too the feeling of importance like you're bringing you're bringing value to other people because when I was doing the video editing stuff that's exactly how I felt and it was.

Very obvious how I was making that benefit in pickleball I think it's less so but I I still feel I'm providing value in that people are making a large-ish sum of money to play the game purchasing these paddles and you don't want to buy the wrong one and I think it's very easy to do that so it's like if I can spend a bunch of time with.

This and save you from getting the wrong one or buying one that will break or you know marketing tricks you or whatever and you feel bad about it I feel useful in that way maybe not the same way as the video editing but in a lesser way and you're so honest about it I know you're starting to do paddle reviews too yeah well actually let me before I go to.

That thought what made you start doing them um or just like big ball videos oh paddle reviews well first of all it's easier for me first of all I'm I'm actually kind of somewhat of like a Gearhead and a paddle nerd myself like some people may not think that like I think people think they default to Chris.

Yeah that's the pattern but I don't watch those videos ever I don't even feel good I I am just as much of a paddle nerd or geek like as Chris and I've always wanted to do them but I haven't found a I guess a format or whatnot that I like and then I started doing them more because obviously I've seen Chris's success and.

How he's been able to essentially basically make pigball his full-time thing and replace his income and I wanted to do things like my way on my own terms but I saw the growth and I was like okay I'm eventually going to do this let's just do it now and now I'm seeing more success about it and I think that I'm not going to stop doing them.

But it's not ultimately what I want to do but right now I see it as a way to enable me to do other videos in the future I'm going to talk about this like in a future video on my channel but like I want to have like a series where I go to different parts of the country or different local courts and I want to showcase the courts and the community of.

That people like this is like like how good is insert blank city or town at pickleball and I go and I just play a bunch of matches and stuff but that stuff needs resources and money which I don't have but right now I think the easiest way to get there is to do paddle reviews which I already enjoy and I like and I love and I have a great resource.

In Chris and I'm developing relationships with paddle companies or whatnot so I'm I'm using that as a way to enable other future pieces of content that I would like to do that's cool yeah that's a really I want to be a part of that idea heck yeah come through Arizona's on the list you know Phoenix or whatnot I want to like travel around.

The world to do that too like in emerging places like how could you imagine being like how good is India at pickleball or like Japan or Australia or whatever and I go there and I just play with random people and I mean and if I'm building relationships with these pal companies like maybe I'll pitch them to like hey would you have have some paddle.

That you want to donate to these emerging communities and spread the joy people because my mission is to share and spread the Joy or my joy of pickleball with other people and everyone you know that feeling you get when you play Pickleball for the first time you invite a friend that's never played a rocket Sport and you get them.

Into like some epic rally where they're getting the balls back and then it ends in like a smash and then you see them so psyched up like that moment when they have that moment is like the most satisfying moment like to bring to somebody that you know they did something like really cool or athletic or some crazy get and like I love that.

Feeling see I do this in a much more roundabout way oh yeah my my my mission has clearly become that people who watch me and look at this three five being as successful as he is they're like if he can be that I'll be infinitely more successful in life than this guy you know you know it's uh number one I really hope uh it'll be clip that whole.

Segment of put some really inspirational music over what it just said because I was like wow that was awesome to hear and it inspired me in a way that the game is probably just not allowed to doing content the game is so fresh it's not it's not I mean it's still new-ish yeah of course it's coming out of the scene it's been around for I think 50 or.

60 years at this point but there's not that many content creators there were there's more now than there was six months ago yeah and um because I think people are seeing the opportunity uh one opportunity to impact the sport yeah in a small way yeah like I was doing basketball content for a bunch of years and there's you know it's.

Like a Content creators it's just a term there's thousands of content creators in basketball so you can come in and I mean you can you can still impact the game in a small way of course yes you can impact it in a bigger way and pickleball because it's fresher and and so many new things are happening I mean right when I.

Started making Instagram videos I was in I was in Denver with my buddy Trent and we went to this park and like somebody recognized me for making videos I had like a thousand followers like I saw everybody and that was like that was cool so that was I mean that's a that's a cool thing but let's tie it back to will like.

The four of us there's there's 20 30 people making really good videos I mean I don't know how many people are now and there's more but like the impact the world and so they can impact the game in a new way and like it could be impacted worldwide in a small way yeah and it's not like not changing the game by like making a video right but like you can.

Actually get a lot of reach and reach a lot of people right we're making videos that are hitting people in multiple countries um I've dm'd an email to people in multiple countries which is really neat and so that's one of the reasons I like doing it too is is um the connection and also just the.

Growth of the game like we all have a part in the growth yeah we're not growing the game ourselves like the way wrong yeah but we have a small part it's just like every player has a small part by competing on the tour right and anybody that puts videos out has a small part and just like teaching like going to your local courts and teaching.

Somebody or bringing somebody new like so you know shout outs to everybody out there like who's doing their part in growing the sport of pickleball and honestly right now if you want to go out there and you want to make like content you should because it's it only helps and honestly content creation is hard whether whether you're doing videos.

Whether you're doing photos or writing a Blog a newsletter whatever it is you know all like every single little bit well I think I think out the whole like the growth of the sport is it's kind of like a pie and like each thing is its own slice like content blogs all like podcast everything is under that content slice of pie that contributes to the.

Growth right I'm imagining if a ton of people are getting into the sport and basically no content creators exist and you want to learn how to get better at the game and suddenly Jordan Briones doesn't exist anymore taking not that people won't enjoy the game but now the barrier to getting better at the game is harder like I think having all of these.

Resources online is a valuable way to get people in and make that less of a barrier just like you know people who are building courts and planting all of that is another ambassadors who are you know promoting the sport like all of it the pro scene it's all a slice of the pie that I think helps move it forward hey shout out Jordan Brianna I saw him.

This morning Jordan sleeps like 10 minutes from me that's interesting enough and you haven't met him until now well we know yeah we actually well we actually just met um in person like I don't know four or five weeks ago we drilled a little bit yeah great dude like super awesome guy who actually I love his videos like he makes great.

Videos on YouTube yeah um and just like the best dude so like I mean there's so many good people doing it and like I look at Jordan and I'm just like that's awesome like I love that he's and he's a great dude helping grow the sport and he's putting out great content that I've learned from as well yeah um and the more the more like.

People who are making content it just serves more people because I don't know I I haven't found um a sport or hobby activity that I feel like is so diverse in you know age ethnicity backgrounds Sports backgrounds right and so the more content creators we have like that perspective that unique perspective you know will service.

Those people looking for that content and be more relatable I mean like I'm doing like powder reviews right now like along with Chris but I would say like our videos are fairly different in tone in the way that we go about it you know what I'm saying apparently you guys just think I sound like a nasal Bond I'm going to be releasing the new shows.

Zero zero 16. this is the best spin panel I've ever seen not only that but if you use my affiliate code I could get you a slight discount in your game it will never be uh sorry let me start over what's up guys I only do that for the people who don't know any of us and don't know me like.

This guy's a total but the wing the wing the way I bring value to this friend group is to be the verbal punching bag I've decided that and I am I'm okay with it to the pickleball community at large I think that's the best thing I have to say because it doesn't get said every time um and it probably shouldn't get set every time.

But uh you are like you're not a three five yeah you know like you're like you're like you're probably three six-ish like there's no chance here at three five you have a great drop your hands are are let's not talk about your hands but like your other like your your dink actually.

But but when you like to have paddles at the end of a game you're so kind you are so kind yeah your shirt was pretty good too oh wait no wait the spin serve has been banned I can't even say that anymore this kid no Chris is Chris is a good player and we actually have to play at MLP Columbus uh which is I think the first time I'd seen you play and I had.

Fun playing with you probably yeah no it was good I mean I'm excited to do some playing here you and I uh took on pickleball chick Caitlyn Kerr and Kim klysters yeah that was a lot of fun and uh especially on YouTube I think pickleball will film yeah it's actually still one of my my best performing videos that's crazy right I.

Actually just I want that brings me a thing I want to go on a tangent off of just as like the life of a content creator that people might find interesting the videos that you think will do well I mean sometimes you know this video is just gonna do well you just from experience you know but the amount of times that a video gets posted.

That Kim klysters one is a great example when you are editing that I personally never would have thought anyone cared about that or would even want to watch it uh but it grew extremely quickly one of your most popular videos on the channel I've had a few like that on mine the tier list video I did yeah shocked oh yeah yeah because I filmed it in 20.

Minutes maybe did the edit in 30 minutes probably one of the lowest effort videos I've ever done not because I wanted it to be low effort just because that's the nature of the video well I mean if we Shay Underwood is the best uh he makes the most viral videos and I think there's definitely some things that I mean for a video to go viral especially.

A pickleball video it needs to transcend a pickleball audience yes and so like like for example if I ever do an interview video there's no chance to interview videos going Beyond like 10 or 15 000 unless they say something crazy crazy yeah yeah like I'm gonna be the number one player in the next three months.

Tim's the best dude ever by the way we could go on a Sam tangent he's such a great guy um but on a side note I'm just backpedaling now um but but so it has to transcend and so but but not always because I'm gonna tell you a quick story because that's a great point the net cord when the ball.

Hits the net goes over yeah we put our hand up I wrote an article about it um I don't believe in putting your hand up and apologizing unless it's like the only reason I believe in it is if you're with people you don't know and you're not trying to cause a Ruckus but honestly let's cause a Ruckus how do you even spell Ruckus are you Kus that's all.

Right I don't even know it's r-u-t-k-u-s yeah I think you see if you even know how do you spell Ruckus r-u-c-k-u-s yeah shoot okay it's okay you can stick to making videos all right well but but um I wrote this article and then I posted a video about it and you know people are like ah you should apologize it's tennis tradition I kind.

Of looked up the origin of the net chords anyway so then I post this thing um on Facebook and somebody replies and they're basically like like I'm a bad person because I don't have empathy for the other team yeah um and I'm like empathy for their team I'm trying to demolish their team yeah like if they get hurt I'm gonna like yeah but I hit a.

Necklace after the fact yeah like you know I tried to win the point and of course I'm aiming here's the thing you're aiming low I'm gonna make my point at the end but you're aiming low because you want to keep the ball right over the that's what you know it stays low they pop it up potentially if you hit it high it's either going out or.

They're putting it away so of course you're going to hit more net cords in pickleball I mean there's been 10 net chords in one game I've played in before it's not a coincidence and it's not luck of course you didn't necessarily intend to hit it every time but it should be expected that's my my whole rant on it is stop throwing your hands up in the.

Air and being like this is unbelievable I cannot believe this okay dude you can play Pickleball for a long time yes you can believe it it happened to you 10 seconds ago right and you didn't even apologize and then the other thing is this half the time when it hits the net it actually either doesn't affect the point because you're dinking it hits the.

Net you can still get it yeah or it actually is advantageous to the receiver of the netcore because it hits the net and it was gone it pops up and you put it away so there's just as many of those as there is like a serve return net cord that pops over the net oh my gosh I'm so sorry like like unbelievable to me and it's not like tennis where it hitting.

The neck cord it very well just ends the point yeah and it doesn't happen as often because you're not you're in tennis you're not attempting to hit the ball I mean you have a lot more more so in pickleball that the goal is keep the ball low yeah right and occasionally you want to hit a high for a different reason but right.

Like keep it low and so it's gonna hit the net cord it happens every single game so my whole thing is stop but my point is this person went at me in these comments and it was so he actually posted on my Instagram story because it was just so much it was so fun I remember that yeah it was kind I can't remember the exact thing we could.

Probably go back and find it but the person was just like you don't have empathy I can't believe that you would be okay winning a point like that it could have been a person like a bot person you know so then I was like you know what screw it so I went outside and I set up a tripod and my buddy had this ball machine over at my house so I just.

Plugged it in I was like I'm just gonna hit a quick net cord real quick and post the video so I get outside within 10 volts I hit a net chord it goes over I post a video it's like a three second clip and I said working on my game and in the video guess do you know how many views you hit how many yes uh 1.7 million no it was not that 500k yeah.

It was about 500 it was like four or 500k total right now oh well now it's probably like 501k or something you know you're like no I think I haven't looked in a little while I could go back and look but um yeah it hit like half a million I don't even know why that one but to wrap this put a bow on it is it's crazy in content how the Tyson McGuffin.

Impersonation video I did I knew that wasn't gonna blow up well because it's just not going to transcend to pick up audience probably you know I did fine in a pickle audience I think they enjoyed it but then you put something out it's kind of random and like I think that's more of like because it kind of quote-unquote attacks like your morality.

Or ethics or something yeah I think that's I still really I mean my friends know it um when when net courts happen we don't apologize we started saying smart shot every time it was like smart shot yeah and like because it's just it is annoying the only time I've apologized for real in tournament on netcord it was on Match Point I had a.

Net cord like to win the game and that's kind of course it's annoying you're like you know for their team but in general and of course like this pod is going to be we got video uh someone's gonna I'm gonna lose a match here on Center Court soon and it's gonna literally be on a net Court I'm gonna throw a fit all right if somebody's gonna come back to.

This video and be like yeah you you are such a what's the word a hypocrite hypocrite I'd even spell that what does that even h y no yeah I I just think you you never I mean not never but sometimes the videos you just don't plan for they just they blow up and it's such a fascinating part of content creation and sometimes you.

Spend a ton of time on a video and no one cares and those ones aren't fun okay well one thing I want to dive into before we get into the pro scene because the people who aren't content creators are probably like just talk about pickleball please but I want to know so you you quit your job somewhat recently and I just want to.

Like talk about that process obviously you've gone all in on pickleball both in the the pro side of things and content creation when you were making the decision to quit your job how scary was that thought because you weren't really making money on pickleball yet he's like what money could come in yeah.

I was uncertain uh like any big decision in your life and I will say this like let me give you quick context and then I'll answer because um you asked me this question before I didn't answer it but it was um like the whole basketball thing propelled me I had a lot of skills that.

I've developed to be able to do content so when I started I think it was December 11th I made a decision a few days earlier I'm gonna go all in on pickleball and all in man I saw a full-time job I'm gonna start training pickleball so I made a post on my Instagram you can scroll all the way to the bottom it's like I'm today starting.

My pursuit to be a professional pickleball player kind of like a la Rob nunnery who I think did that I didn't even know about that at the time but he did it like years ago or whatever right um and so then I just started making some videos and I didn't say like I'm gonna quit my job soon that wasn't the thought the thought was I just like.

Making videos and I think I um can make some people laugh along the way so and share the journey I started the newsletter I was writing once a week and I was sharing Instagram videos newsletter and Instagram videos and training and full-time job um very little life outside of that I just have fun doing it right yeah and so.

Um that happened for like six months I started getting traction eventually uh assigned a little deal with Selkirk which made me a little bit of money not anything crazy but that's not enough to live off not have to live off but that just showed me that okay there's there's some money in this and I'll send like LeBron James is signing on with a team.

And Tom Brady all of a sudden everybody's texting me because I'm only talking about pickleball and works Zoom calls and stuff so people know I love it and then fast forward another couple months I'm making more content um maybe getting a little bit of a bigger following I'm going to a lot of tournaments I'm meeting a lot of people.

I'm recognizing there's very little there's very few people in content so so that was the um kind of the Crux of me starting it and little by little it's just like when you build a house you don't just like put the roof on it like you got to build it Brick by Brick and I was kind of laying a brick every single day but I.

Didn't know what the brick was gonna what kind of house was gonna be built or an apartment comp you know whatever is going to be like and so I still don't know what it's going to be but it's it's there's more it's on track to look like a multi-million dollar mansion this is going to be a uh Studio unit and so with uh what's gonna have it's.

Gonna have actually there's no bathroom the washing machine's outside gotta like actually go down the street to a laundromat and I use a porta potty that's on the back but it's fine it's uh one day so that kind of that was the Crux of it and it got me going and then so I'll take you to your question now which was I think maybe two or three.

Months ago I was just I was I'm so addicted to the game I'm like upset I mean it's like so many people I'm obsessed with it and I love it I love playing I love practicing I love playing tournaments I love making videos and so um I I went from full time talked to my work and I was like Hey and they knew the whole time I told the president of.

Our company I was like hey I'm gonna start making some pickleball videos just so you know I'm still fully committed to the company because I didn't want him to be like wow Kyle's like totally Moonlighting right now and all this stuff and he was supportive of it and because he didn't know what it was going to be but he kind of knew me so my guess.

Is a really brilliant guy um as soon as he said that it was like he called me in a couple months yeah you probably thought and so um I I was just taking it I just had it in my heart it was just pulling me pulling me pulling me towards pickleball but I love my job like I work with Incredible people on at PGC basketball.

And it's an unbelievable organization with Incredible leaders in camaraderie like I've never seen in any other company in a culture that is just it is like attractive to anybody that wants to be a high achiever or be in a work environment that is fun to be a part of and so I have these two things in my in my hands if you will and I'm like I love.

This I'm being pulled toward this and that was really the the challenging that was the most challenging I actually wasn't even thinking about money as much now of course that was a part of it because I'd be stupid not to be a part of like how are you going to live what it's going to look like but my heart is just like with these people my friends.

That I've been working with and helping build and like I helped build a lot of that um you know social following and like a newsletter and getting more kids to come to this transformational experience and that's just like I mean when I so and then the I went from full time I said hey can I take can I go to part-time can.

Go like just try it I'm gonna do part-time I want more time in pickleball I want to train more because I'm working 12 and a half hours a day you know I'm waking up at four I'm still doing X I like it but I wake up at like 4am and do people whilst off and then I'll spend four or five hours on PGC stuff and I'll go train and then I'll I'm working late.

But I'm having so much fun and then I just wanted more time so then I went from full time to part-time and then I'm like gosh I think I just need more time I want more time I'm doing the finances I'm looking at possible numbers I'm in a conversation with Selkirk about what a possible deal could look like some other obviously a lot of companies start.

Reaching out when they start seeing videos and and I still make like very little money people are like wow this guy like these people are rich well that's what that actually was what I was gonna get to as I was gonna say at the moment you're still not making a lot of money no I mean Chris Olson and will pickleball will they fund they're.

Funding my life so and so like I like they gave me a glass of water here and like it was free thank God we're in this Airbnb but but um but so that was a part of the decision making so what I had to do I was very it was very challenging I really leaned on my friends Tyler and JT and I talked to my parents and it was it wasn't a one day decision it was a build.

Up and I didn't go from nothing to something I went from I went from never playing pickleball to playing pickleball I went from never doing content to doing content I went from full time to part-time then I went from part-time to um can I take two weeks off like almost like a sabbatical yeah I'm like I just I just need to like I think I need to be.

In it for two weeks and and my work is unbelievable like these people I'm working with are just I can't say it enough how grateful I was to be I'm still a part of that organization in a different way now I'm just not full time with them um and they were like okay do it because they could just feel it I could feel it.

In my voice like my passion for it and so it's like all right take two weeks I take two weeks and like within like seven or eight days I'm just feeling more like this is it and all I'm doing is pickleball for these two weeks like I'm traveling I went to a tournament um I think I was actually the natural thing with you guys was a part that was.

In that two weeks the Nashville yeah it was and so I'm doing that I'm like I love this it's so fun I can hang out with these guys and play Pickleball and and travel and and then I came back in that two weeks and I told my work and I I literally got in the call um with the president of the company's name is manawatza and I just started.

Like crying and I was like it's time like I got the phone I couldn't even speak because and we both knew we're like on the zoom call I'm sitting on my couch I was like it's like an 8 AM call and I'm just like looking at him in the eyes and just like tearing up because I knew and he knew and I think you know like I said he's so smart I think he.

Knew but he knew before I knew you know and I just couldn't make the decision because part of me was like I love these people it wasn't even about it wasn't about money for me in my heart it was like I love these people so much I will feel bad if I leave these people you know and I was actually that is interesting because I felt the same way.

With speed keeping when I was getting because I had lifelong friends like some of my best friends I've ever had many of them were in my wedding it's like leaving it I almost felt like I was like abandoning the the people people yeah and so it just even though I wasn't as interested in speaking anymore it was hard to like kind of e ease out a bit.

Because I felt like I was leaving something behind that I didn't want to learn when you give your heart to something for so long yeah you know and and so much of your time and investment and energy you of course you develop a care that's deep yeah like there's Deep Roots there yeah and so um I mean if I hated that job had been so easy like I.

Can't wait to leave you know it's like I left the job I hated for the thing I loved yeah a documentary coming soon right like but but no I I that's what was the big pull the speed cubing thing I feel like a big part of me it was I felt like I'm letting these people down yes and like my friend Jackie and my friend correct like in in my like these.

People Chad all these people I've been up with TJ for so long and and um so so then I made the decision and I tell you what was so interesting though is when I made the decision I actually felt uh like a weird freedom and it wasn't a freedom like I was being pulled down by the other company it was like it was a freedom as if like I know.

I'm making the right decision yeah because um because my heart is pulling me so hard to pick a ball in pickleball content that when I started and I didn't start resenting it and presenting it's a tough word but I did start like not wanting to do the other work because I wanted to be doing this work so much.

Yeah like in the best ways I still love that work and I know what that work is contributing to it's contributing to 7th to 12th graders who want to play college basketball and and they don't know it but learn incredible leadership skills yeah like it's changing their it changed my life when I was in 10th Grade right and so that's that's.

And other than the very final part of the story is um go ahead no go ahead it's a very final five story is um I started doing it like two weeks in we do like uh the company's amazing we do this little we call a celebration call and we get on and anybody in the company can just join the call it's like a 20 minute call in.

The part of the culture of the company was you do celebrations anytime you're on a meeting so you get into a meeting and let's do a quick quick round of celebrations the celebration is just I mean you're acknowledging or praising um or encouraging somebody on something you've seen them do that you want to you know that we could all do more of but.

You're just like Hey will like I'll do I'll do two right now like will and this is exactly how we do it in the company and this is what happened for me and my celebration call and I was this bomb I couldn't even speak I was actually at Major League pickleball Columbus it was the day after it ended it was Monday I'm sitting in a booth in the hotel and I'm.

Literally just crying my eyes out like I can't even hold it together right like people are walking by and I could feel like I knew that person but I can't look because I'm just like so locked in and it so it'd be like yes it'd be like um maybe I will I celebrate you because every time um we're together which is not that much.

Like you you consistently are the the greatest utility player slash leader when you need to be either one of the both right if you're the one leading a video like you take control of the video and you have really brilliant ideas and if you need to be the utility player in that specific role you just completely embrace the role and are a star in that.

Role and that's something I've always admired about you previously I celebrate you for that all right and then and then uh Chris I can't I can't think of anything yeah but I will say this um I'll say Chris I think I celebrate you I'll be really specific on uh this celebration which is your I.

Love that you do create these great review videos but the thing that's really cool is the honesty that you approach the video with and it's part of the reason you're so good and people trust you so much and I think they will take your advice and go do something with it is because you get onto a video and you.

Just say what you believe and you don't like you don't just um sell out to making money I don't like know your situations up you just sell it to make money you're just like I'm gonna be honest with you yeah um and then in the second part of my celebration for you is I think as a idea bounce off guy you're one of my favorite people to go to.

Because you just give interesting perspective to me that is so different than my brain and so when I come to you I'm like I never even thought about it that way and I think you consistently do that that's why I saw about you yeah yeah that's that's sweet I actually agree with that though because I do think the way we our brains are just.

Wired so differently I think it goes both ways like what are you staring at me really yeah you two are the most different of the group I feel like I I think so people are attracted to like the your ideas a lot of times is because um I think will and I have a I mean when I are funny and you're not so it's like we think along the same lines you know I.

Mean and then like and Shea has a much different like Shea has a Shea is like so the thing I love about Shades he's so Analytical in such a different way than me yeah focused and intelligent but you also do content where it's like you know that these things will resonate with the people but the reasons why they resonate is different like the the information.

That you have the data to back up why videos will work between your experiences and Shay's experiences are different shades obviously very information driven like analytical driven from like so much uh you know just researching the space in the field different platforms or whatnot and from you I feel like it just comes from.

Experience from what you did investment and what you're doing now and that you are so willing to try new things that you know you just have this repertoire of ideas information and um you know hours of work to like draw back from do you know what's neat I think if you took all four of us and put us on like a scale or a spectrum yeah.

You the order that I think it goes from most similar to least similar yeah is it goes me yeah then you then Shay and then Kyle's like me and Kyle are opposite ends of this bathroom Shea is most like Kyle and then you are most like me but you and Shay are like less extremes of me and Kyle yes obviously I think that's why we work so well together and why we.

Love being around each other I mean diverse teams like diverse teams um make things better you typically want to be around people you like their own most like you because you connect with them sometimes yeah sometimes the most but sometimes not sometimes obviously Opposites Attract but I think just different ideation yeah I think that.

Having the spectrum of all of this is good because like me and having will and I be on the same page and turn and things with like filmmaking backgrounds if there's a certain idea I have he probably understands how it should be shot from a filmmaking background but then just like your storytelling side of things is like very strong like the.

Technical side of things may not be but the story is like very good you will come up with a story infinitely faster than I would it'll take me so much longer to come up with this thing I was really just like the I guess example of um example example example here's Exemplar Exemplar what you said he said like example.

E-x-e words are hard words are hard words like you're trying to like rap and you're like I don't know about my temple but I'm gonna make an example it still works it still works but I'm like I'm saying it's uh what's the saying uh done is better than perfect yeah you know never heard that's what it is yeah done is better than no it's good.

You know I think you know to put a bow on the the question you originally asked which is um just that Journey you know I'm in that that booth in the hotel crying and I closed the laptop and I'm sitting there just reflecting on how grateful I am that I've had so many good people um that have poured in my life over the.

Last five years all starting from 10 years are all starting since I went to that basketball camp and so I think that was hard and you're like well so then I went full time into pickleball and someone might be like okay so how do you how do you do that full-time in a pickleball well right now like I'm not making a ton of money and I when I.

Looked at it the framework I was using wasn't part of the framework was like all right I'm gonna look in the six eight months where could I actually um generate some Revenue so I can live right and so like because I mean I'm not like just like this money hungry person but like of course you can't just go and make zero dollars I gotta make money so.

I think you know there's I looked into the future of that and I recognize that there's some brand partnership opportunities I recognized from you guys that um like there's just different ways to monetize content and so I was starting looking at those different ways I've looked into like potentially building you know online courses yeah.

Because you have experience doing that yeah I was going to ask you that because now that you're doing more tutorial videos like are you going to bring some of that expertise and that experience into the pickleball space yeah and I think I think yes and like I plan to um and I'll probably build some online course at some point but right now like.

I'm still learning so much as a player and I'm really like I'm not an expert I'm just sharing I'm learning from experts and I'm sharing I'm taking the Frameworks I've learned from how to teach what I got I was so lucky to get trained by some unbelievable teachers if my buddy Tyler is one of the best teachers in the world like this guy is.

Like is my close friend and I've watched him teach thousands like he's so excited I'm taking some of that learning and combining it with what I'm learning in pickleball and I just want to honestly put as much out on YouTube for free as possible because I because I just I don't feel like I'm even sometimes you like you feel that uh.

Fraudulent like yeah like I don't feel like I'm an imposter right now I feel like I have a skill set to be able to teach and I'm lucky right now I have a great editor that's helping me and make these videos look really cool and so um at some point maybe I will but there's I guess the long story longer is I I believe and I believe when I made the.

Decision there was ways that I could monetize and make a living doing this and I told myself I'm like two months into this decision but I told myself like all right in six months let's reevaluate because I just looked at my finances I'm like can I do it I'm like well there's a good chance that I could you know I have to live on the streets.

I'm just kidding I think I'll be okay Chris has my back whoa and um but I just said like in six months to reevaluate and see where we're at and um so that's what I did and then you know now I'm now what my day looks like is like it's full-time either content creation I mean yes and it's full-time content creation and it's.

Full-time training and so that's what you know and that's like I'm so grateful and lucky I have the opportunity to do that because so many people like even tell me like I wish I could do that and I'm like yeah I am so lucky that I'm doing this right now I'm grateful that it's a possibility what's the split right now between content creation and.

Training because we've talked you know a lot on this pod about content creation and you know your journey to get to where you are content creating but obviously I think we know and I think a lot of people out there know that you are looking and trying to go pro I mean and you're playing and you're playing pro right now as well so how does that.

Fit into you know your work day and are you focusing more on content creation are you focusing more on training what are you prioritizing right now or whether what is the percentage split that's right okay let me say it's probably uh uh 60 40 training to content creation okay and and that's I mean you're putting in a spot to give you a.

Percentage I think that's somewhat accurate um it's kind of crazy because we just talked about content you kind of hear our passion all three of us and I do love content and I'd say though I love playing more yeah you know I I made a shift in my my mindset over Christmas break I've been training for a long time.

And like I have a newsletter that I write I kind of write about the journey every week on it um and in it I've just I've looked back and read some of the old articles and I'm shifting and I'm always writing about how do you practice smarter and I like was I was writing about practicing smart like six months ago but I realized.

I was kind of practicing dumb you know because you only know what you know at the time and you don't know what you don't know um and it's like the whole the more you learn the more you realize you don't know I'm like Oh I thought I was doing that well then I heard somebody else talk about how they did it now I'm like.

I'm an idiot right yeah I I will say since we've played and drilled together and you know done videos together I will say that out of all the people that I've played with or against like you have a very interesting style and I think you are the most comfortable like when you're stretched out wide which I find very fascinating oh interesting like I.

Mean most people when they're stretched out I mean obviously you know you're tall and you know you have reach and I'm going to make a guess that that comes from you playing basketball like all these are I just feel like your body control um when you're far outstretched and your skills right there your dexterity is.

Pretty impressive thank you I would say okay well I just watch I honestly I watch a ton of JW and I watch a ton of Ben um because I think their balance is two of the best yeah you rarely catch either of them off balance yeah movement in their movements in their positioning and and that's what a lot of things I'm.

Trying to work on right now like into your question about split and let me show the shift over the Christmas break I was like I like training more I mean I like I like I think I like competing more because people ask me this question all the time you know I I like training um more than I like content if I had to be.

Put on the spot but not by much I love content I love storytelling and the shift I made was I'm gonna now build my days around training first content second which just three or maybe two months ago or before the break it was content first I'd wake up at six or whatever and I'd edit and maybe come up with ideas and do videos and then I.

Would figure out when to train but now I schedule you know I'm gonna train on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Craig and then I'm gonna maybe I'll then I'm gonna go work out or whatever and then I'm gonna do content um maybe I'll set a Lifetime Fitness and do stuff for like three or four hours and then I'll go practice again and so right now my day.

Typically looks like I'll wake up and and I'll do some type of drilling um it's seven or eight almost like a super early riser I go to bed early and I'll wake up at like four I love that so it's just like I'll go to bed at like eight or eight thirty so I wake up at like four and I'll do a set of me as well yeah I just that's right that's why like.

My mind is the sharpest and it's different for people of course like yeah you stay up late and I just can't do that I'm like I'll be sharper at 4am so I'll get up and do like three hours in the morning uh or two hours or dependent depending a couple of probably three times a week I wake up at four or four Thirty and then the rest I'll probably.

Wake up at like six and not do any work in the morning um and then like this morning I woke up at 5 30. I worked for maybe an hour and 15 I went to train from 7 15 to nine um and then typically on Thursday I came here to do this typically I'll go work out for like 30 or 45 minutes and then I go home and I'd work for like three.

Hours um and then I'd probably go play a game that afternoon or drill again so that's kind of the that's kind of or do yoga or something like I'm really training like and like if not interested in right here I could just hear him he's like and you're still not that good Kyle but uh but that's kind of what it looks.

Like because I'm just having so much fun doing it okay yeah well speaking of which before I guess uh this podcast too long I'm gonna last one we're going no this is like this is Joe Rogan podcast people people are like keep talking right he's taking over the pot this actually will be I this podcast is going to be an experiment so if you guys made.

It this far you let us know I want to know what people feel about long episodes because there are definitely episodes I I could see going along with certain people I knew this one was gonna be long I'm just curious what people you know let's find it what are the limits people I mean I first read a great tweet it's like long form I used to do like I.

Would write sales copy for um the company I was working for where sales copy is like you're writing an email with the intent of um like selling a product right and I was probably kind of and one of the things that sales copy is like short form sales copy or long form which converts better and gets people to to.

Buy the product and now the product that I was hoping to promote was this camp and I believed deeply in the product so all I was doing was like telling the benefits and the outcomes that you would get from going and the length was the length and yeah and and so the I mean I think you go back to the history of advertising and you look at like.

Different advertisers long form copy does well actually long form copy typically does better than short form copy now that was in the past and you could argue someone could listen this it's marketer that's like well our attention spans are different sure sure however we sit down and watch a two and a half hour movie we sit down and binge.

Netflix for eight hours we sit down and listen to a Joe Rogan podcast for three like it really at the end of the day it's not the content if the content's good people will listen if the content sucks they'll get people are probably there's no one listening right now and you were gonna say it I was gonna say it so anyway that's just I can't.

Make that point so I mean I would but I would be curious to know what people think because um if you don't enjoy if you enjoy content at the beginning I mean hopefully you're getting to this part now that's what I'm most curious about is because we almost did this backwards where we didn't start.

With the thing that most pickleballers would be interested in I think some will be interested in the content stuff but you know obviously we could always I mean we could always do an intro in like and say hey just so you know we're gonna talk about content it's super funny sure I could do that um it's your podcast though don't don't take my podcast stuff.

Yeah well we'll talk a little bit about pickleball now because I think an interesting question is because now that you're playing some of you know the pro brackets or whatnot what is the difference right now what do you see is the biggest difference what is so tough about playing some of these Pros like you know in your eyes because you're.

Right there you're definitely better than us like me and Chris right now and I'm far better than Chris but like what yeah what is the difference like what what do you need to get to the next level and to find success yeah um well here's the thing it's just everything's.

Harder though when you move up a level you think you found figured it out at 4-0 and then you go to four five and you're like oh shoot I don't know anything yeah I don't know anything and then because you're like telling your friends like this is how we have to play that doesn't work at four or five or whatever then you go to four five same.

Thing five oh the game's faster or or people are under control more um and then you start playing pro events the first program I ever played was at the Atlanta open and I was like I'm so excited I looked at the bracket the night before and playing Jesse Irvin um and and Kyle Yates I'm like yo and so I wrote a newsletter the night before uh.

It came out because I think we're playing Friday it went out Thursday night I took a screenshot of the bracket and I wrote a newsletter predicting what was going to happen I'm like this is it's my first pro tournament I just uh we're playing 5-0 mixed and we're gonna be playing Pro mix playing Pro mix on Friday 5-0 kind of which was the other.

Way around but anyway so here we go we're probably gonna it's gonna be the upside of the tournament like there's no question about it how did you actually say that well I I predicted I'm like I'm pretty sure I said I was like this is going to be the upset and like I'm going like because what else are you gonna believe like I'm gonna go right exactly.

Then I mean your chances of winning go way down if you did that so I go in and we're like warming up um on Center Court it's like an 8 A.M match and me and uh playing with Jennifer Tavernier are just great player love playing with her and uh we're warming up and then all of a sudden Kyle and Jesse are there and they're warming.

Up and like I'm still fresher and I kind of look at these players as like like they're so this is amazing like I'm not looking them as equals but still I had the prediction the night before so like we're definitely winning this match so they're going up and I try to like say hi to Kyle and consequent stuff I try to say hi to Jesse she's like she's so.

Intense and focused she doesn't really talk to me and so I was like all right well I'm gonna Crush her right so then we're about to start the match but there's no refs or like what the heck all of a sudden they say hey your match is actually second on Center like we've been warm up for 20 minutes getting ready to go so we step off in like.

Catherine parento is about to come on and Riley shows up late he's playing like cool smider and maybe Salome or somebody else I can't remember um and so Riley shows up he like does one stretch and he goes out there and they just like they win whatever and I'm like so that's how that's how you become the best you just throw up late.

Do one stream I think they went down like two six or something came back and so now we're sitting watching and then we go back on court to start and again predictions in my head I'm like we are winning this Mike come on we're going to win this match there's like it's Center Court 9 A.M or 8 30 whatever time it was and there's not that many fans but I'm.

Still feeling nervous because that Center Court Atlanta is like kind of daunting yeah um and we go out there and we lose 11 0 11 0. so all right because I predicted so I didn't write a newsletter for three weeks okay yeah no but but here's the learning from it like what was the hardest thing about that.

Match well I remember I walked away from that match and I was like wow it was really hard to get to the kitchen oh wow they sped up every ball at us that they could right and those were two things that I learned from that first pro match and those still those two things actually still apply very much of the pro level where if and I actually.

Played against Riley and Jesse last weekend um and then I played against Riley and Matt the next day I'll talk about that in a second but getting to the kitchen is very difficult at that highest level and like it gets it gets more difficult the higher you go but like what do you have to do well you.

Have to hit a decent third well Kate so you don't have a decent third which is fine well number one you need to miss it high so you have a chance because you're missing the net points over yeah right and then you the next thing is you've got to be good in transition so you got to be able to hit a fifth so or like hit a reset ball into get get up to the.

Kitchen you're not gonna win a lot of points against you know Riley and Matt or Kyle and Jesse being at the Baseline where they're both at the kitchen right and so we couldn't get to the kitchen and there's quick side outs and then we had like the occasional I mean we I think we got a few side outs on their serve because I mean it's easier because.

You know we're returning we're at the kitchen line but even still what happened when we were returning is you know if you don't return it deep you get punished all right they're gonna rip the ball at you so people are like how do you beat these bangers well the number one thing to beat a banger is actually to return the ball deep which is.

Something I'm working on a lot right now is getting better at returns yeah and so if you're trying it short you just it's teed up for them and then especially in like if you're playing your partner's getting crushed right so if you hit a short return they're going to rip it at your partner they're going to rip it at you coming in it's more difficult but.

Let's say I hit a good return or we had a good return well they're still they're getting to the kitchen every time yeah because they're really good in transition but then when you get to Transit when you get to the kitchen now it's like it's like that's game one do you get to the kitchen so they get to the kitchen phase one phase one then.

Phase two would be like okay now what happens at the kitchen and what happened in that match and it's happened in a bunch of pro matches where I've played against Riley a few times now I'll talk about that but if they have any type of dead Dink and a dead dink is a ball that sits a little bit right it sits a little high or it's.

Soft and not a lot of spin I spent enough time and they have a space to make a decision that ball is being sped up at you right because and here's why number one because that's that's what they're going to do a lot of times against any newer Pro or anybody they don't they don't think belongs because they don't want to be playing some long.

45 minute match in round one they want to just get off the court rest their legs because they're playing you know like Riley and Jesse they're gonna be playing Italy in bang later right so let's get this over with and they're saying I have better hands than you that's like their mindset right so that happened with Jesse and Kyle and then I.

Played you know Riley and Matt and it's still it's still a challenge for me right now um you know in the Masters uh this is a few weekends ago or last weekend but depending on when you listen to this where uh we when me and Jennifer we played again we got to do qualifiers we won three matches tough matches like we.

Won our third qualifier match in in three games like 12 10 against like moo I don't know if you guys know moo and um Jenna clatt and like they're great players it was a tough match so we had to get there at seven this is like this new format PPA has where you gotta if you're entering Pro and you're not a PPA player or like somebody that kind of.

Gets into the main draw you show up at 7am I'm not sure if this is how it will be all year but it is right now show up at 7am you play two or three qualifier matches depending on you have to win them all so me and Jennifer played three matches I think there was like 2017 I think two got out okay so we got out of the qualifiers that was an.

Accomplishment and then you get rewarded by either playing Ben and Annalee or Riley and Jesse or whoever writes playing with and um so we got to play them and it was similar like we had trouble getting to the kitchen here's the other thing here's why it's so hard to get to the kitchen one if you hit a high third it's obvious.

They're just like pounding it at you right but let's say you hit a pretty good third that your third shot drop is a little like high but it bounces well Riley is one of the best at at applying pressure on his fourth shots so he hits a serve I hit my um or excuse me I have sorry I hit my serve he hits a return now I drop it now.

His fourth shot is he's trying to check it out of the air if he can but if he can't he's gonna he's gonna keep you back as long so he's gonna make you hit a difficult Fifth and that's a much different thing than 5-0 on his fourth what is is it is it the placement of it is it the speed of it is it both you nailed it.

But it is it's like and it's but Riley's so good I mean he's like arguably the best player in the world him and Ben probably are so he's picking a great spot um and if you're off balance you're done because you're either hitting in the net out or it's are you popping up um and and it's not always power like.

Pickleball is so much about placement you know and me and Craig were talking about it I got a chance to play um wreck with Anna Lee a few days ago she's uh she was in town for the major league pickleball and we played I mean she smokes the ball and so you think of her as like someone just smokes it but there's a lot of times where she doesn't.

Smoke it like a speed up she just hits it in a great spot right and then she smokes the next ball yeah and so that's one of the things that I'm I'm learning is so many things to learn how do you apply pressure on your fourth but also then in transition and so if I could encapsulate all this and the same thing happened the next day when I played this.

Guy named Michael Lloyd unbelievable player I'm playing tournaments together um and we played we made it through qualifiers then we played Matt and Riley and like speed up every ball um you know it's hard to get to the kitchen I wasn't dropping very well and also you're just nervous you're playing like one of the best teams in the world.

It's your drops are going to be a little bit so there's there's a component of that so what am I learning well I'm learning one I'm really working on return turning the ball better and number two I'm I'm always working on transition right and then because if you can't even get the transition you're you could be Braxton dinks all day whatever.

You didn't you didn't get to hear that yeah right you could be practicing like the Yates speed up all day whatever yeah you could be practicing your speed ups and your hand speed all day whatever right because you're never going to get there of course it might work some on the return because you're already at the kitchen but I'm working on those things.

And then the other thing is just like belief um I'll tell you one more story I was playing it at Newport with uh Jen Tavernier again and this was last year and we who do we play in the first round um in the first round we played gosh I can't who did we freaking play we.

Lost our first round against play Thomas and Leia in a second oh okay we played Colin and Sierra Colin Johnson Sierra getting leech two good players right and I went down like one six we ended up losing like oh like eight and eight and nine um and then they uh that was a good like a good loss we're like oh we played them.

Pretty well those are two good players right so I got a little confidence but in before that match I woke up that morning and I was just like FM everybody I'm just like FM I'm just like screw it because I how are we ever gonna beat anybody if you don't believe you're gonna beat him and I think to get to the highest level you still got to start to.

Believe that and I'm trying to work on my belief right now because my behaviors I believe are pretty right my behaviors are I'm gonna wake up I'm gonna train I'm gonna try to keep my body right I'm gonna watch a lot of films I love the game just I just love studying it um but my belief has to be better and that's what I'm trying to like work on.

That belief the next match we played Thomas uh Wilson and Leia Jansen and again I'm like I'm friends with Thomas he's like one of the great guys in pickleball and we get on the court and I didn't really talk to him much I said what's up to him and then I didn't talk because I'm like I'm friends with them on this content guy people like oh.

What's up right but most people don&#