Watch intense advanced level 4.5+ pickleball men’s double recreational game
Alejandro Gassan (white shirt, Onix Evoke Premier Pro) and Mark Napartovich (blue shirt, GRUVN RAW-16H) vs Joey Gmuer (black shirt, GRUVN RAW-16H) and BJ Beecher (white shirt, JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS).
Pickleball game at ClearOne Sports Centre – Orlando, Florida.

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This channel is intended for all gold-seeking pickleball players who play responsibly and avoid . All levels of people use the channel, but we focus on the professionals andlevels 4.0, 4.5, and up to 5.5.
I accidentally launched this channel while I was recording my games for film analysis and skill improvement. Since I lacked the time and funds to hire a professional pickleball coach, I began keeping track of all my mistakes. I was playing with several people when they started to ask if they could watch as well, and I said fine. That significantly aided each of us in developing our skills, tactics, and mental fortitude. New pickleball videos are now available.