Some of the best tennis players in history were in South Florida this weekend as Andre agosi and Stephie graph won a million dollar by playing pickle ball and winning the title I would have never thought Andre Agy would have done that CBS News Miami is Harry Sigma has more from the festive weekend event the pickle ball craze continued in.

South Florida this weekend as the legends of tennis and Hall of Famers made their way to Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood for the second annual pickle ball slam it was just great to be out there I mean winning it was just topped it off but just being part of it was so much fun it it’s been uh you know a challenge to kind of get get it all.

Figured out to come from tennis and change over to pickle ball but uh it’s it’s been a blast Andre Agassi Stephie graph Maria Sharapova John macenroe the legends of tennis testing their skills in a new sport getting ready for this and then having the moment to come come out here and put everything to the test that we’ve been working on it was.

Blessed and the players gave back to the community on Saturday as well with a proam but with $1 million on the line in the main competition this was far from an exhibition strategy is not to miss that’s the first thing make you know make them earn it if we’re going to go down you got to go down fighting and I had an opportunity to get a few pointers.

From the Legends themselves pick up a paddle and go play it’s such an easy point of entry and you get better from the first 5 minutes you spend doing it he just gave me some advice he said just hit it none of this dtin stuff just hit it you know I’m not you know I like touch shots in tennis but I don’t like him as much in pickle so I’ve got to try.

I think we got to be aggressive so the legends of tennis making their presence felt on the pickle ball courts in Hollywood for CBS News Miami I’m Harry chma
Harry Cicma reports legends of tennis competed for a $1 million prize.