Okay guys second drill here um coach kyle here is going to be the teacher i would be the student um as a as a teacher your role is to be driving uh driving ground strokes both forehands and backhands and and and almost trying to put a bullet through the through the student here as a student my job is to maintain good ready.

Position punch through that volley and to aim past the the cone so we're going to say that transition zone is going to break that box in half okay so i would say um you know put put cones in the transition zone and obviously aim aim uh aim a little deeper here okay here's how the drill is gonna work go ahead.

All right sorry am i here we go there we go here we go my fault and notice how if tyson executes good depth on his ball notice how i'm either getting pushed back or i'm definitely held at bay.

Staying at the baseline so when we're up at the kitchen line we want to keep our opponents back and volume with good depth but still making sure it's level is the best way to do that remember i'm providing all the power as the driver all tyson needs to do is have a good contact point use my pace and then if.

His balls are landing a little too short just make sure he's pushing through that volley yeah there's and there's nothing wrong i mean if i if i find myself falling short and i'm getting and i'm and i'm trying to extend and i'm not able to get enough depth maybe i try that i try that same thing but i focus on timing maybe getting my.

Arm bent and moving through contact but sometimes just like the timing of the point of contact doesn't allow you to get the ball deep enough so focus on the timing focus on watching the ball all the way in seeing the ball nice and big looking at the holes looking at the seam but there's something to be said with just timing in general and hitting it.

Clean and getting uh you know effortless depth yeah yeah that perfect contact point for sure so a a more advanced version here would be volley deep volley deep once kyle sees that i volley short he can he can drive come in crash play it out okay it's kind of fun here so uh uh you.

Know this is a more um ex experience drill but if i volley short that gives my teacher license to drive or to drop and then play it out okay so it's kind of punishment for me for falling short okay deep uh-huh i'll take it side volley short oh sorry beautiful.

We're gonna play it out look at the wheels baby look at the wheels uh-huh somebody have a little fun ah very good again again again same thing here and go ah.

So my ball wasn't deep enough close it was close okay yeah yeah there we go same thing here i feed deep ah deep cut short he drops when i see any pop up.

Okay now we're gonna change
Keeping your opponents at the baseline in pickleball forces your opponent to hit difficult shots 😏 and gives you the advantage in the point! Use this drill from pro pickleball player Tyson McGuffin to practice keeping your opponents back so you can win more points!

Thanks for watching Handle The Drive And Keep Your Opponents BACK With This Pickleball Drill From Tyson McGuffin 📈

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