Now we're out there playing get eaten up by Pace you know balls are coming peppered at you and you're not sure what to do in this video I'm going to show you two things that you need to add to your repertoire in order to deal with the bangers on the court that are just bringing heat so you can handle it better if you like this sort of content.

Where we help you deal with bangers lovers and everything else you're going to face out on the pickleball court make sure you subscribe to the channel you'll get more content just like this in this video I want to show you two techniques you can use to diffuse Pace what happens a lot of times out on the pickleball court is players will come hard right.

They'll come over here they're starting to come hard Boom Boom Boom coming hard right and if you don't know how to handle that pace it's going to be really difficult for you to for you to play because what will happen is if you don't handle the pace they're going to keep testing you right and if you fail the test they're going to keep coming at you.

I was reminded of the importance of this part of the game in a video recently put out by our friend Johnson Cole on his channel I'm going to link to it up here it's five things he wished he would have known sooner in his game it's a really good video has some really good tips in there number five has to do with the one we're dealing with here which is how to.

Deal with pace and understanding that if you can't deal with Pace it's going to be really hard to play Pickleball so I wanted to give you in this video two techniques that you can start using to gain control of the situation on the pickleball court and not get peppered with so many hard shots without fast passing the test you start passing the.

Test players will stop testing you and they keep testing you you're going to keep winning so let's jump into the two tips to help you diffuse the bangers and control pace the first technique you're going to learn to control pace is a block volley you want to be able to block the hard shots that are coming your way so when a.

Player is driving balls at you you're going to put your paddle out nice and calmly block that ball by blocking the ball you're absorbing the pace that your opponent is giving it putting into the ball you're then dictating the pace of the shot or the rally you're saying okay you want to go hard I'm not going to go hard I'm going to go soft because a lot.

Of times what happens when you're playing bangers is they want to go hard so if you if they go hard and you go hard and they go hard and you go hard a lot of times it doesn't work out well what you're better off doing in those situations is telling the the players hitting hard you know what I'm going to block your shot and then llama lets you.

Drive it again because the second technique is what I'm going to use then I moved over to this side of the court because I want to show you a really important part of the Court this area out here right so this is the out of bounds that's the outer bounds part of the court if you're playing someone who's banging balls at you and you're.

Not using that out of bounds part of the Court it is very difficult to win that game or to control that rally what you need to do and this is the second technique you need to apply when you're out there playing pickleball is you need to use the out of bounds by using the out of bounds what you're doing is you're telling the Banger it's a it's.

The quartz not that big I'm gonna let the ball go I'm going to learn discipline to let the ball go and use that out of bounds area of the Court if you're playing somebody who's bringing Pacer away what you want to do is you want to learn how to block their balls take the pace out of the game and use that out of bounds area to your.

Advantage if you can apply those two techniques on your plane you'll be able to control the pace out on the court and you'll be subjected to less attacks because players on the other side become frustrated they'll become upset if you will because you're letting their balls go and they'll either keep doing it in which case you'll win all the points or.

They'll stop doing it and start playing your game so next time you're playing give these two techniques a try control the pace of the game and you'll have more fun be well out there nice doc flexibility
Handle HARD Pickleball Shots with these 2 Key Tips

They are sometimes called bangers. No matter what you call them, if you face hard shots in your pickleball games and are not sure how to handle them, the tips in this video will 100% help you. Gain control and be a more confident pickleball player, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced pickleball player.

0:00 Introduction to Facing Bangers (Pickleball Hard Hitters)
1:26 The First Technique – Block Volley
2:10 The Second Technique – Use the entire Pickleball Court
2:45 What to do when facing hard hit pickleballs

Thank you Ivo for filming and Charlotte for starring in the video. No criticism of any player is ever intended in any video we make – the discussion is for educational purposes.

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