all right welcome back everybody Dave Fleming with Dave Weinbach we are live on Center Court and we've got a tremendous match about to get underway here we'll set the scene on the far side in white from Utah it's Cali Smith volling there's a good look at Cali Smith right there uh you want to talk.

About Fitness and power Dave Cali Smith's got all of that and more she sure does and not just the physical skills Dave Fleming I've always been so impressed with the mental toughness of Cali Smith you know she's such a fighter and a battler never ever gives up on a ball very similar to her Utah friend Elise Jones who they get to play a lot.

Together uh in Rec play back home and you know we talk a lot about Cali and her filthy two-handed backhand and her her forehand drive but it's her mental game that is to me a real Difference Maker with Cali Smith yes she will fight to the end on the other side Paris Todd Paris Todd as we mentioned just signed with Selkirk using a new SLK paddle she.

Has a tremendous singles resume her Devil's game rapidly improving you want to see somebody stripe a clean two-handed backhand you have come to the right place the two-handed backhands you see from these two ladies will definitely looks like some of the two-handed vacuums you see on the Tennis Channel.

With the fuzzy yellow ball yes and Paris coming off sometime off here this year in pickleball so I think went through a little injury and has recovered from that and worked very hard to get back here on the professional tour and we know what a single specialist that she has been in fact I'll never forget the match that she played in San Clemente.

Against Anna Lee Waters I think you were there and that's one of the most impressive singles matches I've ever seen men's women's you name it and she is fully capable Dave Fleming of winning this pickleball tournament oh she's she's highly skilled you're going to see Precision Pace power and eight other words that start with P.

She is ready to go and the P that is ready to serve is Paris so let's play Pickleball start for Paris Todd as she Paints the literal corner of the court right on cue as you had talked about her two-handed backhand being such a weapon the other thing with Paris that's so impressive her movement is so efficient it doesn't.

Look like she's working that hard because she's such an efficient movement she just Glides very focused this is a woman that is a very young teenager was an extremely high level tennis player now has found the ball and boy has she ever found it point and Calla Smith is going to the AJ cool.

Kohler School of uh staring through a hole through that paddle after a missed return so a couple missed returns from Cali she'll get that cleaned up but uh Paris will definitely take any and all freebies yeah Cali coming in as the third seed in this bracket uh Paris coming in as the sixth seed and.

They're on the bottom on the top half of this bracket of course we have Anna Lee Waters as the strong number one seed and of course the off and dangerous Catherine parento as the number two no doubt so we talked about Paris signing with cell Kirk she's using that new SLK it's a carbon spin paddle I'm out receiver 4-0 selkirk's looking at all.

Sorts of ways to bring technology to the court they've done it there with an affordable technology-based paddle and Paris Todd is using it well to start game number one welcome back Paris Todd using a brand new paddle in sometimes we see you know it takes people a little while to settle in and of course fires up a long time Onyx yes professional.

Pickleballer loves her Onyx premiere paddle she has told me she just absolutely loves the combination power and feel and that return sells just deep so three freebies so far and onisha Smith is overruling the call on the return there so uh perched up in the in the seat had a good look at it.

You see her just in the right corner of your screen Selena Lopez is also calling it so will that overturn Inspire Kelly to run off some points that'll be one point now you got to throw that away because sometimes something like that can yeah we've seen it many times.

That's just a beautifully struck forehand winner down the line from Todd on a deep I mean very limited space to run that up the line and she painted it Smith was really enjoying and relishing her approaches to that corner I quickly turned into a horror film inside out not quite able to get down and on top of.

That one there so Todd pushes it deep all right so small at one four here in game one foreign 's dangerous go down the line and then it was too late that is a gorgeous ball from Cali Smith on the Run.

Todd covering down the line not a lot of space Cross Court but Cali Smith found it and that's what it takes to win at this level Dave what a pass Dave I mean there was not a lot of room there and Paris Todd covers that one for net as good as any women's singles professional player decided to stay back here.

Point just deep with the two-hander there as well so Todd gets the first four Smith comes back with the Knicks too foreign getting that ball to bite just sailing a little bit off the off the Top Spin so after three points in a row Smith.

Serving her at three four three four this point another one there's a freebie so we are all tied up here in game one four four that's just a great Handle by Todd of a beautiful Drop by Cali Smith terrific pressure there by Todd keeping those balls deep in the court and really giving Smith no opportunity.

To get on the offensive in that point so Cali Smith as we expected dug in pushed it to four piece there you can see her Talent off here we talked about in the opening day of how mentally tough she is she got down 0-4 just steep on that backhand.

See Paris Todd before every Point gets back and gets focused turns her back to her opponent five four I think she did back in her tennis days and you know we're all very habitual creatures Dave whatever makes you play your best nasty two-handed backhand down the line.

She's been bringing them across court now down the line if you leave it short and you have that array of weapons now you're gonna guess and that's a bad place to be for Cali Smith there again Todd has definitely got her routine six four just another Wicked two-hander for Todd.

And if Callie Smith chooses to stay back her balls are gonna have to get deeper she will be on the defensive the whole day yeah and singles seven you have to be the the dictator of the point and that forehand really gets away from Smith so there's another point so for Todd four zero four four eight four you.

Don't have to win by force but that's all we've had so far foreign and Smith goes for a little too much on the backhand Cross Court there and Callie Smith will take a timeout so Paris Todd jumped up early was tied and now has won Five Points in a row.

This is the PPA tour welcome back everybody thrilled you're with us some high-level women's singles going on here and it is Paris Todd who you see there in brown looking fantastic so far up 9-4 foreign just a gorgeous dipping two-handed backhand that is a beautiful thing to.

Watch and that is coming on the heels of smoking two of those down the line clean so that variety of locales for her passing shots is a scary proposition for the entire women's field to be dealing with six in a row and a game point on the paddle.

Of Paris Todd foreign but big Utah Mountain decline Smith doing a great job of really working that point and waiting for the right opportunity to attack to the tournament desk please.

Point correctly called wide by Kelly Smith so that's going to be a point for Smith just wide so even though the point finished as if it was tots it was wide before that so 5 10. 5 10. be able to get on top of that two-hander so game point number two coming up for Paris Todd.

Ten point come on 35. and a short return is punished by Paris Todd and a come on and that is as we thought was possible as clean and as good a ball striking as you will see on a pickleball court so Paris Todd looking great we'll see if she can keep it rolling in game number two.

welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here with Dave Weinbach thrilled you are here gorgeous day in Las Vegas Nevada and there's a look at Cali Smith who's game two gotta find another gear here she played pretty well in Paris Todd was just all about it and getting a freebie to start.

Will certainly help Cali's cause so uh Paris Todd maintained that level and what can Cali Smith do to force her to not be so comfortable see if she's got it in her foreign down the line on the run here watch this.

Very little room and she Paints in the future yeah from Kelly Smith knowing what a key point this is in this match she must take this game too Dave to force a deciding game three tournament and that's what Kelly Smith is going to have to do if she's gonna win this match Dave Paris Todd's level is not going to.

Go down Cali Smith is going to have to make plays like what you saw on those last two points previous to this one right here yeah even like the last Point she played there just got beat by a terrific shot it looks like she's trying to stay away from the backhand a little bit test that forehand foreign.

Because that's what happens when you go to the backhand I think if this is more of a battle on the baselines I give a slight Edge to Paris let's see if Callie tries to do a little bit more of the ham and egg thing at the kitchen line I think that's something to look for in this game and as this match progresses yeah it'll be.

Interesting to see if Cali can find a way to get that type of Point started yes Paris is hitting ropes Okay so we've seen certainly Cali and Lucy a lot in doubles get that motion and momentum when you're playing single she's got to find it within herself obviously capable.

Of doing that and that's when you know okay she is in tune with what she needs to do here great volley there by Cali great deeper approach set that up so Cali Smith up 3-1 to start here game two much better start than the 04 deficit you had to try and dig out of in game number one.

So you can tell she's looking to really attack the Paris Todd forehand and make Todd beat her from the forehand side not like what we saw in game one where Paris was just firing lightning bolts off that two-handed backhand yeah the skies are blue and there's lightning everywhere thank you tremendous gut but that just prolongs.

The agony for Cali Smith as Todd is just does a nice job sliding those feet don't cross them over just easy Beautiful Finish when the opponent is off the court don't do too much just make the shot one four foreign so a nice fight from Cali Smith to stay.

On that point so something I'm going to look for here as this match progresses Dave it is to see if Smith can try to engage Paris in a little bit more of that cat and mouse game I give Cali the advantage there because Kelly is a better dinker I would say at this point in her career than Paris is I give her a slight Edge if she can try to get the.

Point in that style like what we saw in the previous match with AJ and yes yeah this this has been ladies ripping lasers so far and that's where Paris has an advantage so Cali off to a good start has found more depth in her shots and has put more pressure on and played the forehand a little more.

That is a tremendous Ball by Cali Smith there and the tide is turning time out receiver and it is now Paris Todd having to call timeouts what a great four-hand pass you know she caught Paris leaning a little bit left and really burned her on that Cross Court forehand winner she sure did so Callie.

Smith on the roll we'll be right back welcome back everybody and the tide has turned Cali Smith looking very good here in game two up six to one the winner of this match will play another great match going on in a outside Court Catherine parento the two seed is playing Anna bright so that is a barn Burger I'm sure as well and.

Let's see if the timeout can get Paris Todd back into the flow she had in the first thank you foreign you can see this is one of those that just goes over and there's no angle or anything Cali Smith can do there so the timeout gets the ball back for Paris.

Todd and gets a little love off the net again I like the change that Cali Smith has done force a bunch of forehands and then then open that court on the backhand foreign great get by Callie Smith but again Todd in perfect position and you can see some of the ladies like.

To play really really fast Callie Smith taking her time getting back to position of course Paris going through her normal routine Point that's really well constructed point there by Paris Todd really keeping the pressure on Cali never went for any really crazy shot just kept the pressure on and.

Forced an error yeah and left some nice margins there too didn't try and hit it on the line when you're ahead don't let your opponent off the hook ASAP okay thank you oh my God fight of Cali Smith pays off there but.

She was behind that entire point so that point construction if I'm Paris thought I'm like okay I missed a bunny and Tom got the ball that she wanted for sure just didn't finish it so gotta wipe that away you know one of the longest Baseline rallies there and again Cali Smith playing very slow on Nisha Smith the.

Referee granting her that six three and that is the danger of testing that 200 back in I mean that landed directly on the line really doing a nice job getting that left hand on top of it those of us that love to hit 200 backhands the left hand.

Is the magic for the roll and yeah that's what generates that crazy Angus but she got so much Thompson on that but when that ball went by Smith I think really counted I thought it was going to be that way that can dive down and stay in and it stayed right on the line oh what a return but the quality of the get by Todd was.

Terrific there off a great return and then it was Cali who was guessing and the lead is but two now yeah Smith committing going to her right very early there and Parish just waited and waited waited held that ball and easily read that pass that's just a gorgeous backhand drop.

Volley by Cali Smith okay a little slow roll of the ball over in the corner at the pace Cali's been playing I don't think she'll mind that at all what impressive hands though by Callie Smith to not only get that angle but to take the pace off the ball so the ball came in if her grip pressure would have been a little bit tighter that ball.

Would have flown off that paddle and gone wide because for too much left hand there and pulls it wide so again a lot of people think okay I see uh pickleball court mini tennis well the dimensions kind of look like it but the width versus the height of the net very different versus tennis.

So we got a time out here on the court Cali Smith is up three so Dave if you're in the corner Callie Smith right now is actually talking to Kyle her husband who is her coach right there good look at that what do you think he's telling her I think he's telling her to really keep the pressure on Paris stay as controller of.

The point dictate be the person that is controlling the point keep the depth on those balls keep Paris back and keep getting her the uh this momentum that she has come out strong here in game two yeah and you can see draining that bottle obviously hydration starts days before you get to a tournament like this because this is day.

One of three and they hope four in the other corner you see Paris Todd has the advantage of being on the Shady end of the court right now certainly Cali could walk down there if she wanted I think Paris has to get back to her being the dictator the other thing I I think he's reiterating to uh Cali is to really pressure the forehand of Paris Todd she.

Seems to make a little more errors on her forehand side and is a little less dangerous than that background so let's keep an eye on that as well so we go coming out of the timeout Cali Smith serving up three into their back so she'll be able to see that and then again patiently waits for Cali to declare and hits it into the.

Open Court smart smart choice by Paris Todd there so the timeout works yeah the Smith lob wasn't a horrible idea because she was in such a defensive position but she just didn't get the depth on the lob they loved that to be within a foot of the Baseline yeah the key on those lobs I say is the back third is fine we don't need to get greedy doesn't have to be.

Within a foot or six inches but if you get it in that back third of the Court it makes your opponent's shot so much more difficult oh my God oh and a big Roar from Cali Smith there got a little love off the tape and then fired a winner and fired some enthusiasm.

Directed directly at Paris Todd well Smith knows what a really key point we are here in this match getting that ball back now and trying to take control of game two and force uh deciding game three here and if that does happen the players will switch sides at six points in that game three.

So there's no Advantage disadvantage on the side that's a great value by Paris Todd right there because Smith thought maybe I might be back in this I got a good look at this one and then too good from Paris Paris says Nope she's really tough to pass Dave as we said in the opening she's such an.

Efficient mover laterally at the kitchen line return just sails a bit deep again the pace of play here very slow compared to some players who like to race to the line when things are going their way well it's also 90 degrees with a real feel of about 102 on the court right now.

No doubt playing a role in that until we went to the backhand there and that return and that surprised me honestly I thought she would try to pressure more on that forehand side Paris just too strong with that two-handed backhand and as we've seen so many times today Dave can go any Direction with it yeah especially if.

It's short if it's short you're just asking for trouble foreign that's just a gorgeous Point by Cali Smith playing that forehand side making her when you you talked about it Dave before we started this match probing okay that two in a backhand is lethal let's get beat with her second best shot.

Thank you tape says no boy what a gorgeous approach that they're by Todd with that two-ended Cross Court back and getting that deep in the corner it puts so much stress and pressure on on Smith even if that would have come over she was way out of position for paris's forehand volley.

Started out 6-1 Cali Smith we are now at just six seven foreign agreeing with the amount of deep it was with onisha Smith a couple inches deep Cali Smith trying to stretch out this lead she's had the lead the whole time but it is but one right now.

Oh I thought you'd go around the post there it was there we're right on that line and that ball got wide enough that Paris could have gone around but I really don't think it even entered her train of thought today it didn't look like it because with the ATP or around the post which is completely legal in in our game and we love those uh uh unique.

Shots you have to be patient and let that ball just travel and she had all she was there and plenty of time to get that eight six kind of able to get that eight point floats that deep so Todd's got the ball back 6-8 going through the routine just off camera here.

She comes and again leaving that ball short to the backhand set off a series of unfortunate events for Cali there slowly going to the tower slowly going to the ball slowly going to everywhere just really everyone trying to find their best for a huge Point like this one yeah.

Players trying to take a few extra seconds Dave and get to the towel get some hydration going as I said earlier the refill real feel on the court is over 100 degrees right now point and again it is back to looking like game one where it was Paris Todd dictating play much of it dictated by the two-handed backhand some good.

Forehands in there to help finish yeah if I was coaching Kelly Smith right now I would advise her to try to get a little bit more that cat Mouse going uh that kind of game against Paris Todd Harris doesn't like to play that style she wants to grip and rip both on the forehand side and the backhand side rest Cali Smith.

Has a really good skill set at the kitchen line both with power shots and punch volleys but also with cross court and down the line dinking so looking for anything or you can hit it off the tape and let it dribble over those are real effective so eight eight gets a missed return so and there's another unforced error on the forehand.

Side of Paris Todd so let's keep watching to see if Kelly Smith really targets the right side of the Paris Todd body so she tested the backhand and that time it hit with great force but hit the tape stays on Paris Todd's side so it was 6-1 and it is now a game point for Cali Smith at.

10 8. foreign you love it when you guess right because you're like ah good good job me and then she didn't make the volley to go with it on game point so will that great read but not executed finish be a major factor well she get the ball.

Back so Todd would love to run off a couple here and get the 10 a piece at least oh and that caught long point just Steve she was there but she didn't get on top of the punch volley so she appeals to ref Anisha and Anisha agrees yeah right on top of that.

Nice right in front of us I looked a bit deep as well so 9 10. and that sails deep as well so we are indeed tied at 10 it's going to take more than 11 to win game number two again gotta win by two no matter what the number is thank you 10 10.

Oh and Todd goes for a big roll that catches the tape so she does get the two I mentioned but no more than that so 10 a piece game two love it 10 10. it's gonna say our way out so a missed opportunity there for Smith and this is going to give the ball back to Paris Todd she's two points.

Away from capturing this very important match here on Pro singles day okay oh and this time the roll it's the exact shot she missed last time that one she in essence missed too but the net said now I'm going to give you a little more so it is Callie Smith calling timeout so.

Here's the deal Callie Smith had a game point wasn't able to capitalize Smith is now staring down a match Point again I put you in her Corner what are you telling her I think she's got to go deep forehand on this return of serve I don't.

Think she should go backhand I would either go brand or right into the Paris Todd body to not elicit any angles on the passing shot yeah and the body or middle is often good because especially two-handed backhand people like the ball out away from their body step into that and rip it you got to bring the hands in that can be more difficult we do have a.

Result on the outside Catherine parento does beat Anna bright 11-4 in the third so Catherine parenta will play the winner of this one right here terrific match that must have been we were talking about that off the air yes it's a great matchup Anna bright a rising future superstar in my opinion in this sport tremendous.

Player so here's Paris Todd match on her paddle oh goes with a slice serve first time the whole match with that so just a little change in the serve gets Cali Smith off to court to start and it is Paris Todd who rallies back down 6-1 in game number two saves a game point and wins it so she'll play.

Parento in the next round we'll be right back
Watch as Parris Todd takes on Callie Smith at the 2022 PPA Vegas Championships