The brain in the back excuse me that is Lindsey Newman they warm up with their own partners we are all learning together Jesse Urban on the back left of your screen it's another difference in pickleball.

Jam like you get to warm up with your own partner yeah very much like uh world team tennis that's how we did it in world team tennis here your team your teammates don't dare hit a ball against oh she just hit her in the face oh that'll wake you up quick what the heck.

Wake up those hands that's the most important thing quickly you want to have working for you those feet in those hands oh nice sportsmanship there before this one starts we'll see how it gets to in the middle of the game too foreign we'll see who surfs first.

I only get that one serve to start and then it goes two two two two they're on out kind of like a tie break in tennis game number one time in zero zero two and that's why you want those hands warmed up immediately those little pink shots those drops right in front of their opponents.

Big part of doubles it's also some good Firepower from the waters as well it's not all about keeping the ball in this kitchen this non-volley Zone filled with lava but it's very much about keeping the ball low trying to have your opponents hit the ball up so you can take control.

Of the point maybe sneak one by them zero zero two nobody able to score yet nice pressure from receivers so far zero zero one Jesse Irvin returning right there won the women's doubles last year with a different partner however and Lindsey Newman's brother Riley.

Was able to win the or get to the mixed doubles final last year foreign foreign takes a lot of patience willingness to.

Get low with those legs to be able to stay in those little dink rallies I may recognize Jesse Irvin from some of our One Minute Clinics here on Tennis Channel it's also done court report in the past as well former WTA pro tennis player.

He's done some coaching originally from Cary North Carolina where they just are actually holding the uh Collegiate all-americans for the women's right now in the ncaa's semi-finals today finals tomorrow biggest events used to be held at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific.

Palisades Los Angeles over there in Cary North Carolina they have a great facility and that's where Jesse grew up obviously starting with a big tennis background and now here in pickleball Kylie Collins from LSU taking on Fiona Crawley from North Carolina All-American women's.

Tennis Collegiate final tomorrow oh there it goes right to the feet from Jesse Irvin a timeout Jan Mike slow things down a bit yeah it's good play dominating bear Irvin's pickleball career began back in 2018 started playing professionally the start of 2019.

Just three years later here she is you can really get to the top of the sport quickly and as we've seen it's the fastest growing sport in the world or in America right now Jan Mike we've got LeBron James investing in a team we've got celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio playing Larry David into it Drew Brees.

Future Hall of Fame quarterback from the New Orleans Saints Super into the pickleball right now yeah I think it just shows exactly what what happened for me growing up as all my friends were athletes a lot of them athletes at least anybody could pick up a racket and play no matter what sport you came from they need a little hand-eye coordination and.

You can play it's very much of fun sport to play with friends thank you a lot easier to pick up games are a lot quicker of course that little body language actually helped that ball go over the net there see what it worked.

Gotta pick that up five one two all right five one two so Newman now serving foreign getting that body down be able to get.

Over there play those kinds of points side out down 6-1 now for Elise Jones and Megan Shee and Diesel too good there for Elise Jones six two six one all right foreign.

We've been seeing so many dink rallies so far maybe a little offense from Dizon and Jones could be the key oh it's big from Newman three six two side out not return good enough there I'm gonna get some good depth on those.

Returns can be a huge Factor get planted at the net a little bit quicker than your opponents she and d-zone played college tennis at BYU I took a pickleball one year later it was ranked top 30 in both mixed doubles and women's doubles now what does that tell you.

well I'll tell you playing playing some Rocket Sports is going to easily help you be able to control the ball out here in pickleball but you still have to figure it out and see how that ball is going to work on your Racket and the paddle I should say much different.

A lot harder in this sport to hit topspin than other spring racket Sports of course again is a paddle so figuring out how to hit that spin and when to hit it is one of the tricks right four off the ball right into the body and pickleball especially as the opponent's so close to the net is a good.

Play ER foreign all the adjustment steps that these players are taking this is a lot of hard work I tried to dink him to sleep and tell you what that's one of the first ones that she's on Dizon and Jones has.

Has come up with on those little dink exchanges five six two stay active we're seeing a lot more of those dink exchanges in this doubles match up than our previous one six five one and look at the setup there on the return I don't see that in tennis very often do.

You Jones outside to cover the court from over there she was set up for the Ernie straight from the jump get that MSD set up outside as well all the different strategies and people are just coming up with new stuff all the time this sport dates back to.

1965 Bainbridge Island Washington have you made the pilgrimage back to Bainbridge I've been to Bainbridge many times there's tournaments over that way growing up so I don't know if I was in the exact space that I should have been for the pilgrimage you got to go back to where it all started foreign.

Or 12 years old maybe even 10 when we put our pack Court in our backyard it was the summer of 1965. Joel oh wait this is a true story it's a true story not a tall tale well I want to hear it Joel Pritchard Bill Bell and Barney McCallum.

And Bainbridge Island Washington Joel and his wife Joanne lived in Seattle spent their summer on the island and their kids wanted something fun to do made up games foreign bill took their backyard badminton court.

Which was the same size as a pickleball court thank you basically grab the Wiffle ball this this point may be going on forever I could have told the whole story and they got a pair of table tennis panels is what it started with basically a wiffle ball.

And we're gonna finish the story on the other side nine five I'd like to thank our sponsor Liberty Mutual they customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need contestants ready go Liberty.

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Back in Vegas second women's doubles quarterfinal Lee Waters Anna Lee Waters already into the final four play that today as well setting up Championship Sunday Steve Washington Jan Michael gamble with you here on Tennis Channel we've got the guaranteed great PPA championships It's a grand slam event.

I've already had some major drama in our first quarterfinal so far everybody copacetic here in the second but back Jan Mike to the story of the origins of pickleball summer of 1965 in the Pritchards and they had their their friends the bells they came over and then and they made.

This game for their kids to play and so that they could play with their kids and Joanne Joel's wife was decided to name it pickleball and she said it was because it was in reference to the leftover rowers who would race for fun in local pickle boat crew races now there was some controversy because.

At some point they changed the story and said that it was after their dog which was named pickles right but if you do some digging pickles wasn't around in 1965. and you did the digging of course you did Steve well so he told a journalist well you know this will be a better.

Story than these pickle Boat Boat Races right but Joanne wants credit here for how it all came together game point now for Irvin and Newman huge overhead by the way two thank you oh that return strap worked there.

Trying to wrap my head around why that is is is exactly the strategy they employ so often five ten one I see it being that effective yet but obviously looking to grab a forehand there from both of them oh nice put away there got left a little too high had you ever heard of pickle boat races.

I've never heard of a pickleball boat race no okay I did think when I first started playing got a little issue here with our feet when I first started playing Steve I thought well pickleball is a weird name but I just thought of you know catchy cucumbers with a bunch of Dill right right yeah and it has nothing to do with.

The vegetables apparently it's it's crew crew races that's pretty cool we can hear as you can if you're in a community here we go back back to the action apparently like many college sports the non-starters would compete in a separate competition from you know the best players on the varsity teams and the.

Leftover spares would compete in just for fun pickle boat races through the leftover non-starter oarsmen into these particular pickle boats so now we've got pickleball with some leftover tennis players some of them some of them growing up uh playing just this sport I think a lot more players will be doing exactly that.

As this sport continues to gain notoriety and becomes more and more competitive a lot of interest and it's the fastest growing sport of course as you you've mentioned already Steve in the United States support that everybody can play and we've got to come back here told jet.

There's these strings of of points this is sort of how it goes it's a simple view but I'm just sticking with the side out okay that's right fair enough I'm Gonna Get You Out in the court very soon I think tomorrow we'll see and I'll be only making a change of momentum when I'm serving.

That's not what I meant to 11 win by two so tenal oh you have to like the initiative of the poach she wanted the ball foreign Newman Jesse to serve that's good depth on that swing volley see the res return there.

From Newman didn't have enough on it how about that trickles over the net and it's a side out for MSD and Jones oh that's dirty they put the hand up it's a good sportsmanship there sorry not sorry all right second serve.

Need this one here goodbye no that ball 11 10 game point eleven ten two she and he's on the surf right back to Irvin and Newman right on the racket there tough Miss foreign.

Drive shot there those little dink rallies ten eleven two drives and Dinks it's like a good song right it's got different from parts to it I don't know how good that song would be could be the Rhythm changes very quickly it's often that first drive off of these.

Little changes surprise your opponent hit him maybe right into their body foreign off the court a little too much nice positivity between both teams partnership wise going for the Deep serve there.

Right down the middle you asked if that would work there it did excellent shot let's put the difference a little harder to do in pickleball than it is in tennis got a game point oh how about that I think that hit Urban and that is the first game to The Underdogs she.

Zone and Jones take the first game 13-11 read my eyes they tell my story and the story of voluminous original America's number one mascara creamy formula for five times the volume voluminous original mascara by L'Oreal my eyes are saying you're worth it our new Evie rental Fleet is the absolute goat nice speaking of goats is.

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This channel Steve Weissman Jan Michael Gamble and here are your women's doubles rankings right now in the PPA tour Jesse Irvin number one in all the land Callie Smith Lucy kovalova Catherine parento who's in the singles final tomorrow still in the doubles as well and Anna Lee Waters into the semifinals here we just saw her.

Win with her mom Lee Waters one team into the semis and the winner of this match looking to get there as well first game going to Megan she and D Zone and Elise Jones are on the right side of your screen looking to pull off the upset Jesse Urban won last year at this event in women's doubles.

Foreign with your feet inside those rectangles right by the net they call it the kitchen the no volley zone now if the ball bounces you're allowed to step in and hit it precisely and after you serve there needs to be two shots of Bounce before you hit a.

Volley one on the return and one after that well left for Jesse Irvin seen a lot of the reasons why she is number one in the world she's got some good power very good with those little dink rallies that we've been seeing good feel on those Dinks.

It's a good range as well under reach also some good defense nothing you can do about that thank you finish from she and his own side out zero two one yeah foreign.

And then just missed the smash she wanted it too bad there set up the point nicely I'm hoping for a trainer at a Newman Newman known for the good defense she can play foreign that's your favorite play right so far listen you know I've coached a little.

Bit and in doubles through the middle solves the riddle yeah I mean you can pull up pull it off certainly especially if you have a team that uh doesn't have the best chemistry you take it I take it no one takes it well we're seeing a lot of those middle shots are being set up by these little plays here all these little dink rallies.

Then all of a sudden that middle ball does become available but you have to work for it see how hard these players are working for exactly that or maybe a chance to side out pop a little bit more Pace on it now once we start getting statistics I wanna know the dink unforced errors.

That's a stat that I I think should stand out I thought you're taking stats of this entire match of course yeah I would love to see that as well there's a lot of stats it'd be pretty interesting sport advances I'm sure that will be a part of our broadcast.

Not a lot of dink winners but there are dink unforced errors and then you know kind of like volleyball you get your kills again there from Jesse Irving she really put some Pace on those Follies yeah kills winners because here ouch if you concentrated tomorrow starting to we're playing tomorrow right.

Tomorrow playing all right so tomorrow you like you're all in on pickleball how long would it take for you to be number one in the world I don't know about number in the world but I definitely could compete with anybody out there it would be fun to try I've certainly got the legs longevity I've played a lot longer than anybody.

Else in one year you're taking up Ben Johns I don't know I wouldn't go so far as to say that my knees could even handle a year of pickleball there's a lot of hard work actually getting down low and trying to play this sport I'm I'm setting it up right now for you so I'm giving you 365 days from tomorrow.

And you're gonna win one of these Grand Slams pressure's on then huh yeah Ben Johns if you're listening watch out Sam Michael gamble is coming for you I remember last year when Ben came here to the tennis channel Studios and a bunch of big wigs all the folks behind the PPA nice finish they're doing that well.

And Ken Solomon our boss told us this is the Roger Federer pickleball I got to give my four three more years to even come close to thinking about that oh how about that dropper Roger Federer wasn't Roger Federer before it took quite a few years of amazing tennis but he he's the goat.

Though he's the greatest of all time in pickleball oh and pickleball yeah for now until next year when you take off for now a lot of play to be played there is indeed all right 4-2 we've got a quick Timeout on the court in Vegas back after this.

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Your wallet foreign championships quarterfinal action on the women's side in doubles Megan she and d-zone Elise Jones up a game down 4-2 here in the second game Jesse Irvin they're gonna make a comeback with.

Lindsey Newman Urban serving okay thank you I mean that's been huge all match long she and his own is crushing the smashes yeah you wouldn't think that lob to be such an important factor especially in doubles pickleball you think you better put the ball away as it's pretty high.

Over the net there but it's more difficult than you think with the good defense we see from all the players in the PPA have that ability to put the ball back over the net time and time again it's the willingness to stay and get in these little exchanges that's the thing that for me Steve is the hardest part of.

The level of the current level of Pro pickleball and doubles at least obviously you wouldn't see this as much as singles ooh nice little lob well disguised shout out to our good friend Andy Roddick who is tuned in right now he has a lot of confidence in you Jen.

Mike two four two I think I might have played more pickleball in my life than tennis is that right that's pressure maybe on me growing up it would be a couple hours of tennis and hit the gym a bit and then go play Pickleball for six to eight hours tell Dad or tell me to get off eight hours of pickleball we would play a lot.

No it was it was you know I'm exaggerating with all of it I only played half an hour tennis I think I got good just kidding no just it was it was a fun little release of energy and I had enough energy to do it when I was younger that is you're still young boy a couple hours I'd be happy without my knees dink unforced errors Chan Mike.

I'm keeping track of that stat now do we have well it hasn't been that many as many dinks as they've hit gotta be safe and pretty impressive and exacting on those shots let's go along you know these players do make it look pretty easy on the TV as they really drive through those volleys it isn't as.

Easy as that to keep those volleys in the court see that last one drifting over the Baseline that's gonna happen a lot if you catch the ball a little bit late which is the idea in those faster exchanges try to make your opponent just catch it ever so slightly late how willing she is to get down low on the ground.

It was like a Kim klysters type of move right there became Kim klysters she likes she likes pickleball quite a bit plays quite a bit and she'd be pretty good I I would like to have her as a mixed doubles partner let's get it let's get the gamble clysters yeah I think that Kim would be.

Up for it okay make the goal Guaranteed Rate championships next year foreign 's like what what's that guy gonna do over there in the sidelines he's standing you're not even in the chair he's gonna overrule that.

He is apparently from standing there I have the same kind of reaction that lady doing off the court can't we get her in a better maybe spot to see I guess not wow I'm out caught more controversy more drama keep it right here as Irvin and Newman looking to take this.

To a third game and that's what we needed we need electronic mind calling in these matches that is the next that is a part of the evolution you don't even have that in all the tennis tournaments yet let's get pickleball a little bit of time to set all of that up it's not an easy thing but here's the deal when you're making your own calls.

Yeah well you know you're right you're gonna have a little bit of uh it's like college controversy the calls aren't as bad as college tennis has gone too let's hope that doesn't happen it's been pretty fair there's been a couple of questionable calls you may wonder why they have to leave their.

Rackets out of the court in these in these timeouts is to make sure that no tricky funny business goes on with the players put some sticky on the racket help them put a little more spin on the ball they forgot the score oh that's what you got the referee for yeah time in.

Why does he want to climb up in that chair I think that might help him see better nice hands again Steve's favorite play right there right up the middle you have two two eight one foreign.

still not enough what a point I'm just when you think it's over it just goes back to a dank rally and then it gets heated again the redrop.

Four eight one again Still Not much bothers these players clearly that lady the loudspeaker right in the middle if you can imagine that happening during a tennis tournament another smash but she and the Zone.

Tallest player on the court she is able to take advantage of that now they are back within three points gonna finish this in straight games today women with nighttime urinary incontinence don't have to wake up wet introducing the pure Wick system an Innovative breakthrough system for managing female urinary incontinence at.

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back in Las Vegas plenty to do in Sin City but one of the best things this weekend check out some pickleball the PPA tour has made its way to town quarterfinal action women's doubles we've got you covered tomorrow as well Championship Sunday we've got singles for the men and the women we've got the.

Mixed doubles that final's already set we've got doubles on the men's and women's side five different gold medal matches this ball on the sideline no call pretty fair right there from Newman little exchanges are really the setting the tone for this doubles match so much more than the previous quarterfinal that.

We watched seven eight one Dizon and Jones have made a nice little comeback in this second game I remember they were down eight two that was out Too Cute on that dink Crazy Eights now just three points away.

From taking this Jesse Irvin says not not so fast I know Steve that you don't believe that these runs happen in this game but I tell you they do so when it does start to happen you feel your opponent's really kind of creeping back on you it's it's this weird kind of pressure you got to figure.

Out a way out of it getting that one point can help so much to kind of get the reset that might have been exactly but Irving and Newman needed I do believe you you believe me but you you sort of uh don't really believe it it's not true say that I'm team Gamble.

Point well I'm gonna make you tomorrow gonna be team Wiseman out in the court Court's not far from where we work here all right we gotta get Kim out there too Kim and Andy I don't think class of 2017 International Tennis Hall of Fame hey if they're in town it'd be fun Andy's never in town right.

that's painful yeah can't have the dink unforced air 982 I'm trying to play that closer and closer to the net of course cut at your opponent's feet gotta keep it close to that so Paul can't come fast over the net.

That's what they're looking for everything to set up Megan for those big smashes under spin on the side spin on that last one Grand family the Courtney the grand Dan C a thank you.

And that falls in she's sorry she says she's sorry but she's not sorry I'm mad I know ridiculously long Exchange two in a row in fact that's all four players are so close to the net and the doubles you get a lot of lets I like that little clever play we've been getting a little bit lower and able.

To hit that ball harder almost as an overhead there than that sort of volley that's a big point right here oh Jones the kept coming forward not to be denied I was just thinking in the back of my head there are a lot of tennis players could learn from all the good forward from Jones with how hard.

She worked to win that point fired up oh hold it out and Sandy zone is not happy about that one thank you.

Not nine ten one they said they made him they made it missed a call a little bit earlier but it's sort of a new point now see ya Jones trying to be the best player in the court right now doing a lot of hard work she has been last little bit.

they can stop him here it'll be big two chances now match match points Jones played volleyball Utah Valley University said a bunch of defensive Records Was A libero now she's playing offense in pickleball stealing the ball in the middle.

Another chance here close it out so hard to continue to be patient those little dink exchanges Steve you just kind of want especially I could speak for myself I would want to hit the ball as hard as I could instead of thinking it that's it she had these ones did pair right pay for that.

Couple of Errors both match points gone at all remember you played 11 win by two but this is gonna be another extended game keep an eye on the cross here Miss Jones and she and D Zone switch right after the return.

Go not that time changing it up how they fooled you can fool their opponents they did good changing the strats up ten ten one watch it and they found the spot tricky little.

Shot there from Newman looked like she's gonna hit sort of a dink type of shot shoved it deep Sidewinder slide out for urban and Newman Staying Alive trying to force a third game in this quarterfinal.

Out there but it felt good for them to get to 10 a piece already idea here is at least to put one on the board try to get a little bit of pressure score line wise jumping I'll set that up perfectly and Jones.

Can't believe she missed it see Newman there for a lot of that rally she's known for her defensive ability just happy to take a sort of a mid-court position there and block the ball back did a lot of good there finally went on some more offense There She is again sort of mid-court kind of a weird place to be but it.

Worked out well second game goes to Urban and Newman they saved multiple match points and we are headed to a deciding game three in Vegas don't go anywhere welcome everyone and let's find our fit feeling that fit yet must be the pants what can I say I'm in love you're in.

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that's what we've come to see foreign PBA championships live on Tennis Channel Jan Michael gamble Steve Weissman with you.

Into a deciding third game to determine who moves on to the semi-finals women's doubles Jesse Irvin and Lindsey Newman near Court Elise Jones Megan she and d-zone far Court they had multiple match points to close this out in the second game couldn't get it done.

You see her move around the court there Newman that Ernie she's able to move into the sort of they call that the kitchen I like to imagine that it's filled with hot lava she avoided it nicely you can get close to the net as close as you want in fact if you can get outside.

Of the lines there's the play right at her Lindsey Newman former Collegiate tennis player Seattle University why why she was officiating women's college basketball when she decided to start playing pickleball now that is a story that I want to hear.

More about yeah that's a bit of it one one two side step there isn't it that's a left turn yeah it's different good move yeah so that's a great player Irving quite an elegant remover some nice feel on the little pickup stair.

pretty good amount of spin it is not easy with those paddles to put a huge amount of topspin on the ball why is that there's no strings they'll felt on the ball to grab a hold up with the strings whoa these jumps going tumbling you Jeffrey there's a some of the strings some of.

The paddles are a little bit gritty have a little bit not that much that's the effort I want to see that is how you die great backup she's got that Bianca and rescue hair tie on the uh the arm on the arm.

Maybe playing in San Diego next week big event that event looks fantastic looking forward to calling 16 of the top 20 players in the world San Diego open she was training at UCLA all last week thank you going straight for Newman tennis players watching probably looking if you're just.

Tuning in why aren't they crossed stepping when you can't step into that that zone up there we've said it a few times and step at all so just kind of hang out right on that line that's something you have to get used to certainly and tennis player we're going to want to.

Step over that come forward try to close off the net you can't do that that ball left a little too high paid for it a close match three all now third game another difference between tennis and pickleball they're not sets they're games that's two out of three games play to 11.

Win by two some of these games gone about as long as a set of tennis cans a quick set at least three three two that was a perfect lob Jones fired up again he's making some things happen four three two.

foreign Andy Murray as well right exactly over the past couple of matches the lob has been an aggressive offensive move here yeah you're not throwing up the lob as much for desperation trying to get back into a rally of course.

You know not as much Court to work with the lob is very much a transitioning type of a shot surprise your opponent with it how close you have to be to the net here to play these little dink rallies so opportunities are there if you can disguise it well enough which is the toughest shot to hit in.

Pickleball well that one we witnessed right there I think that the little dink trying to find a little angle with sort of mostly under spin or sort of a flat type of a shot thank you at least in doubles and singles it's pretty difficult to drive a pass by someone.

I also see a lot of players try to pull they'll over hit the overhead so it comes off the racket a little bit differently than a tennis overhead so you think you can just get up there turn and snap it away it doesn't exactly work like that house Point timeout 10 chance.

All right we change ends after a team gets to six in the final set and it's Irvin and Newman that are right now leading by two United Healthcare access to Quality Healthcare may be closer than you think you'll find coverage solutions for virtually any budget no matter where life takes you with.

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Road this is the planning effect from fidelity the bright lights of Las Vegas it is the guaranteed raid PPA championships a grand slam event quarterfinals women's doubles game three the decider just gonna make it to the final four Jesse Irvin serving far Court.

Foreign and Jones that side out seem to be taking a lot of the balls the way of Newman early at that point than switching it to Irving.

Woman's arm bothering her a little bit I'm sure her opponents know that watches good idea on the law but didn't connect not able to pick up any points on serve there right back to Jesse Irvin that was a quick side out that's the feel good side out if you're ahead in the scoreline.

Maybe put a little more distance four two seven four 742 . Jim Mike there they did the cross again in football you'd call it a stunt right you get the two defensive linemen that.

Start in one position and then crisscross their way to the quarterback and that that's been a winning play for Jones and she is his own it has been it's it's a tough one to I think communicate but got it figured out you really have to work these plays a lot with my brother Tori very very.

High level Pickwell player himself I do do a lot of communication it can't be overly aggressive at the same time we're seeing a lot of these exchanges one of the teammates is willing to play a little more defense.

of course if they can be offensive be so but you have to be looking to cover those lobs we've seen some very good lobs throughout these games the things of course both players are gonna be willing to do that 7-2 last chance to pick up some points.

On this serve D Jones goes wide so it's back to Irvin and Newman just four points away booking their spot in the semi-finals seven five two got a hold of that one Newman did.

Steve one thing we're not seeing it at all so far I don't know if I've seen a single fault on the serve the entire day he serves pretty much a point starter new rules forcing them to sort of hit Top Spin on it Paul's gotta but up over the net so you can't really slice it get it down on it create extra spin.

Sometimes you're just hitting too much spin on the ball so they change the rules what are your thoughts would you rather have the serve be more important idea of these Drive serves I I don't think there should be like crazy ping pong spin on the ball so I kind of like the change.

I wonder if you see obviously faulting in the doubles is really going to cost you so you have to put those those serves in there in the service boxes I wonder if the singles will see a few more faults thank you it's so important to try at least at least the way that I played pickleball.

Try to get forward to the net so on the serve that means get the ball deep in the service box try to keep your opponent back and not allow them to approach doubles it doesn't mean quite as much just excellent reflexes for both teams well these games going pretty long it's.

Getting to be a little bit of a mental battle as well foreign all of a sudden Steve at the end of this match we're seeing both teams going a little bit more offensive haven't we a few more unforced errors they're not doing his Adventure quite as much.

So look at even the positioning is different they're trying to finish the points off as soon as I say that we're going to do a dink rally but that is not a deep rally the third seeds.

And Jones could not hit the ball any harder than that physically not possible two points away and now match point for Irvin and Newman we've got time out from CND Zone and Jones they got to turn this thing around right now it is match point for Irvin and.

Newman Jesse Irvin defending Champions and number one women's doubles player in the world been able to turn this thing around they say multiple match points in that second game Jam Mike and here they are looking to close it out they certainly did stay tough mentally stayed tough with their feet change the strategies up a little bit Newman has.

Been so impressive with her defense dude I was told coming into this one yeah what were you told that she's an excellent excellent with her with her defense watch for those skills who told you that Steve Taylor our on-site expert Steve tell there's a lot a lot of insight these players what to look for and I have been so impressed with.

Newman's ability to just stay sort of tough in the rallies it's given Irving its ability to go more offensive and it's forced some unforced errors really what we've seen a lot of that from Jones has been overly aggressive in this match point.

Well the aggression works there now match point on Newman sir a great communication there between she and the zone and Jones they get the side out they stay alive okay what a point sky hook from Jesse Irvin that wasn't.

Enough finally Drive volley got it done I mean if you had just turned on your TV side watched just that point I think she might immediately I'm a fan of this sport what an exchange such great reflexes and here they go again another chance to finish can't tell you how irritating it is.

Steven maybe you can tell me tomorrow when we play some pickleball to have that overhead come back and hit it as hard as you can it just comes right back at your face that's no fun is that concerned all right one more here foreign.

and Lindsey Newman taking it 11-7 in the third game they're on to the semifinals what a comeback effort that was.

Took a few opportunities in order to finish but the three seeds are moving on and our semi-finals are set kovalova and Smith the top seeds are in the top half and how about Anna bright Paris Todd the five seems upsetting the four seeds there they will be on the top half of.

The draw and then Anna Lee and Lee Waters taking on Irvin and Newman on the bottom half both those matches being played today and of course Championship Sunday we've got you covered tomorrow yeah I'm looking forward to that bottom and semifinal right there the water's already showing some feisty energy in her previous match so how will.

This one how will she be the next one we will find out Jan Mike we will find out and we will get some men's doubles next so I am told Newman right taking on Barr and Johnson beautiful day in Las Vegas Nevada Jesse Irvin defending Champion Staying Alive.

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Now 800-680-0704 again that's 800-680-0704 back in Vegas Guaranteed Rate PPA championships men's and women's doubles quarterfinals and semifinals today the ladies already have the semi-finals set and the men are trying to get there we will have you covered on Sunday for the gold medal.

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Without the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again.

Back at the darling Tennis Center in Las Vegas Nevada where they have created three centralized pickleball courts Big Time Tennis Center vendors food trucks on court shows giveaways and a DJ Chan Michael Campbell it's a big party here in Vegas absolutely a nice day to play the pickleball pretty important as I've.

Played tennis there where you could barely play tennis it can be very windy here at this facility obviously the wind is going to affect the pickleball even more they're in the far right and Deco bar in the orange and then on the other side Matt Wright and Riley Newman.

And we've got I believe a pink pickleball that is coming out a uh one point in support of breast cancer awareness October Breast Cancer Awareness Month supported the American Breast Cancer Foundation so before this match begins one quick point with the pink pickleball.

Oh I have to do a little bit better than that maybe that was it yeah that was a quick Point indeed and now on to the start of this match decal Barr JW Johnson starting on surf.

Oops right up the body we missed it one zero two already some quick action side out for Wright Newman Matt Wright in the white hat Riley Newman in the black on the right side of your screen foreign.

Johnson pretty casual with those little blocks that he's hitting back over the net seen him put some pretty good spin on it too kind of out of nowhere it's nice to disguise be looking for that two one one foreign.

Still unsure why the court umpire decides to not sit in the chair which seems to me Steve would give a little better view but there's a reason the chair is there correct I I think it looks like it's just there for looks there is our first Ernie Johnson quickly around the court there.

Outside of the lines team amazingly growing up as many Antics as we pulled on the pickleball court no one ever did that well I don't think it was around I don't think that that was uh it's named after a man Ernie yeah Ernie made it up otherwise yeah that's true that is actually a good point so he could have happened we.

Didn't think to do that no one did that wait a lot of people would have maybe gotten murdered growing up if that was the case a lot of my football playing friends hit the ball pretty hard all right let's finish from JW Johnson you see Johnson really creates a lot of speed.

With very little swing I mean he's 19 years old already one of the best players in the world yeah it's a nice move that Ball's not coming back there's point just into the body there of right couldn't handle it.

five two two Deca bar grew up in Israel and voted to the sport of tennis since he was nine years old pro at 18. during his time playing tennis he met Colin Johns the brother of Ben Johns and that's how he got into pickleball they would travel and play tennis.

Together wow Ben was like hey Colin hey decal why don't you try this Sport with me is that how it worked that's what the bio says yeah pretty Direct it's been five now a lot of players going to the two-handed.

Back and pickleball it's made a nice little comeback for me growing up Steve I was perfect for playing the way that I played tennis no two-handed Strokes in pickleball really my dad did not want it to ruin my tennis I'm glad that he made me not play.

That way so you switched two hands on both sides in tennis tennis two on both sides and pickleball one hand on both sides yeah quite like my backhand better than my forehand in fact my one-handed backhand for whatever reason it works well and pickleball couldn't hit it for the life of me and Tennis one-handed.

Whoa tickle bars big guy he's able to just really put a lot on there look at that long arm of the law there let's get a little flick of the wrist there from Johnson that sort of lower ball he's able to put a little bit of spin on it and to get some speed on it.

So that's that's the tricky thing can you do that from below that net tape there it's not easy six five two left feet a little easier to go Lefty in this game what was your preferred paddle well it wasn't a lot of options growing.

Up that's nothing like what we have here at the sport with these Dillard paddles the wooden paddles you used to play with her couldn't get a lot of feel with those the fiberglass paddle started coming out and now the technology has just gotten a lot more impressive lightweight able to hit the ball hard.

Pick a paddle based on how hard you want to hit the ball or can hit the ball a little more spin some have a little bit of a rough finish create a little bit more topspin easier pretty impressive technology how quickly it's come spending paddles too better pick when you like.

Or whoever pays you the most to use it there you go too A lot of people have their own paddles or have helped develop a paddle the top pickleball players yeah that's good Pace coming forward using that body weight a little extra Pace in that volley.

Off the hand seven five seven one they're not convinced that he's gonna go in the court catches your opponent though matter foreign.

That ball would go straight into the net as a volley that little flick of the wrist putting a little extra spin on it with these kind of Swing drives on the volleys it's not something you'd see ever where really on a tennis court most of the stories I read about pickleball they describe it as a.

Combination of table tennis and badminton would you agree with that assessment yeah I think I think that that's a fair assessment I mean there's there is some tennis in this it's just that the traditional sort of the way that you hit the ball especially the pro level it won't work out here much like this necessarily wouldn't work.

The tennis court some little flicks would just send the ball straight in the net or straight long but the way to develop a slice driving through the ball there's there's there's some similarities to to tennis and and pickleball do you see some ping pong those little quick exchanges it's pretty.

Interesting of course badminton table tennis both Olympic sports that's something that uh the folks in the pickleball world would love to see this sport get into the Olympics may not be until 2032 Paris and La seem to have their Sports.

Already pretty much sized up yeah you feel like it has a good shot I think these little quick exchanges the fast reflexes that's where the similarities with badminton certainly worked there that's one of the fastest sports You'll Play right on the line not right that ain't wrong.

All right now those lines are available if you can hit them but the spot is not very wide I think it's tough to hit a passing shot at the line in tennis well guess what it's even tougher here at least some doubles points going pretty quickly.

And a quick timeout eight seven right Newman in the first game men's doubles quarterfinal from Vegas read my eyes they tell my story and the story of voluminous original America's number one mascara creamy formula for five times the volume voluminous original mascara by L'Oreal my eyes are saying you're worth it brunch is on.

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Your wallet yeah full day of pickleball for you in Las Vegas Nevada Guaranteed Rate PPA championships it is a grand slam event and today it's men's and women's doubles Steve Weissman Jen Michael gamble with you on tennis.

Channel Matt Wright serving near Court 8-7 against JW Johnson and dackle Barr Riley Newman the brother of who we just saw Lindsey Newman going to get to know a lot of families Johnsons the Newmans the waters the Johns I mean take a look at some of the.

Articles that have been coming out Washington Post pickleball is exploding and it's getting messy Time Magazine LeBron James could take pickleball yes pickleball to the next level yeah he certainly could bring a lot of notoriety I'd like to be brought out there on the.

Court be fun to watch him right ten seven one all right game point s first game goes to right and Newman see if we get a cut back from the seventh seeds after this hey check this out.

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And other serious health conditions call Camp Lejeune victims to discuss your case now 800-842-1559 time for the start of game two isn't that right Riley Newman looking to make the semi-finals here in Vegas Guaranteed Rate PPA championships right serving to start the second game John's in a bar got ahead pretty quickly.

In that first game sort of faltered a bit too many unforced errors right and even just being solid that's a nice approach shot slice these little dink rallies have favored right in Newman so far no that was nice where the ball is going out but didn't matter swacked it away anyway.

Riley Newman born and raised in Washington Whidbey Island where is that from you pretty far but with the Island close closer to where the sport was birthed Bridge closer to Seattle good friend of mine played Juniors with was from that area Spokane is a good four hours from there.

Apparently played basketball D1 College foreign backhand two-handed volley shot get that double hander again it didn't get out of the way of the ball though it was right at him yeah that's right there Johnson again a.

Little too casual at the net for my taste in some of these exchanges I think he could be moving a little more he's got the good hands of course see a lot of the pickleball athletes you're just using their hands a lot more than a tennis player would can be creative pretty creative and swing a lot more at the ball because of.

Course it's lighter using a paddle but at times you see some errors simply because fundamentals aren't there reflex yeah zero four one matches that we've covered so far so it can't happen it can happen well it.

Happens a lot when we play We Go pretty big on the surge it's always been kind of Go Big try to get a few free points hit an ace here or there it's kind of fun to Ace your opponents which is hard to do in a pickleball a lot of these are just point starters is it possible in doubles to hit next yeah I'll acute tomorrow okay well who.

Else is playing with us we're gonna find some people pick up pickleball not hard I think it might be harder to find a court than it is to find player people that want to talk about these days they're taking over here tennis tournament in Orange County Universal tennis event in the summer and.

They turn half of the whole Park in the pickleball well held on that tricky little shot you know the pickleball Court's getting a lot of use bringing a lot of people to those facilities are they running away with this seven.

Sierra thank you I figure it'd be a good time for a timeout Johnson and Barr now this is the pickleball of us growing up 7-0 would be a skunk game would be over done that's how we did it same as uh ping pong yeah skunk yeah.

But if if they lose 11-0 it's not a bagel you got pickled I think I like that better than the bag I never liked the bagel well you understand why though I get it yeah I get yeah round shape that whole thing this would be of course uh two crew boats side by side.

well the pickle is still a possibility oh yeah you're right Newman here foreign just showing off see to me with that sort of whole wave holds that you couldn't tell what he was gonna do with that strange rip works out for him and we do.

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More at welcome back Matt Wright and Riley Newman in control up a game and 8-0 in the second we're gonna make the semi-finals here in Vegas in come back from JW Johnson who's trying to go for the Triple Crown he's already in the final.

Of the mixed doubles and the singles make the funnel in doubles it's going to take a heck of a comeback 9-0 nine zero one go second sir thank you all right then we're just so focused the beginning of this one got down early but.

Figured out a way foreign so far see these little these little dink exchanges are a little bit different than we were seeing in the women's doubles at least the last one a lot of these dinks are right at that line that non-volley zone line it's sort of at the.

Feet of their opponent are you trying to get them to try to take it in the air is what it looks like cough that ball up for an easy put away at least the ability to put a little more Pace on it trying to prevent yourself from Big pickled and he does 9-1 they're on the board.

Gently 192. pickle off the table 911 foreign and now we've got ourselves match point from Riley Newman 11 7 11-1 right and Newman into the semi-finals.

But it's tough to see where Newman's gonna take that backhand with the strange grip you can't tell what Faith's doing bracken's gonna hit the ball with foreign s are set in men's doubles the John span and Colin taking on the four seeds which includes Tyson McGuffin.

I hope to see him heard a lot about him Jay davilier teaming up with McGuffin here and then Newman and Wright moving on to face collar and Wilson on the bottom half we've got some great semi-finals women's double semi-finals is coming up next here on Tennis Channel kovalev and Smith the top seeds taking on bright and.

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Whoa some are of intensity others Joy all are of Listerine feel the woe foreign oh gosh oh my goodness that's a tricky question why the sport is called pickleball I've heard a couple different rumors it resembles the pickle boats the.

Pickle boat is the last boat to come in and pickleball sort of the leftover sport of all the others and so the sport as like Ping Pong badminton tennis all kind of mashed together I I heard bad rumors so I won't go with that one I think that's the urban legend one the sports called pickleball because it was named the people that started it their.

Dog's name was pickles so the players when the ball would go off the court they'd yell for pickles to go get the ball and so it became pickleball I do think though that the dog one is accurate because I have someone who has a picture of the dog so they made says pickles underneath it so and there's actually a huge at.

Nationals there's a huge statue of the dog so I'm kind of believing in this story that is my understanding and how the sport got his name the dog is always kind of a funnier name so we'll just stick to that I like the story I'm going with it that's not the case it's the pickle boats but we can all talk about pickles.

The dog who was born three years after pickleball started it could have a Duo well right exactly right Dr urban legend he is we've got semi-final action from Las Vegas when we come back.

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Miss four more star-studded events in the race to qualify for the year-end finals on tennis channels Chase for the Championships finals coverage live tonight at 3 30 a.m presented by Expedia welcome back more doubles action coming your way next we've got Lucy kovalev and Kelly Smith taking on Paris Todd and Hannah Wright the warm-ups are underway.

I love how quickly they go from match to match Jen Mike yeah not wasting any time it's good for us we can cover more action right in front of us there native of Slovakia behind her is Anna bright.

I'm Harris Todd Far Side we're in the same outfit as Santa bright and Cali Smith who we saw top five doubles player in the world right in front of us two of the better teams that we will see Steve Wiseman Jen Michael gamble with you we have already gotten the crew three matches today the semi-finals are.

Set men's and women's doubles they go quickly best two out of three games to 11 win by two both teams putting up a nice unified front matching perfectly as you can see the teammates warming up together the semifinals Jim Mike you are allowed to request a video challenge now you can.

Only do that if you have a timeout remaining so kind of like football right so you throw the red flag out and if you're incorrect you lose a timeout all right that's awesome yeah a nice ability and how would how would the technology be used as there is an actual technology that sees the lines or the.

Video challenges simply those videos over there go to the screen go to the monitor they have a nice little team over there it looks like I would I would argue like make it for yo I don't know every round yo it's unclear why you wouldn't use that in the quarterfinals if it's done on a timeout.

Which you can already take might as well just use it you can make the sport better go ahead and and if you have it yeah right now that we've doubled the amount of umpires on court still zero in the chair absolutely.

Nobody wants to sit in that chair there I'd rather stand the entire time I guess it maybe is a a shrug to shrug off the tennis in the chair the chair is kind of like the kitchen it's lava it is you cannot it's exactly no part of that stay out of the chicken.

The kitchen and the chairs can't be a bad thing right aggressive back and forth foreign they're almost they're almost showing off here on both teams just like we saw in the last match will play one point before they go underway.

For the American Breast Cancer Foundation with the pink pickleball it's a quick warm-up just a couple minutes before these matches well dudes quick volleys like that at the net will get you warm in a hurry or you're gonna get hit by the ball obviously both teams doing double duty today playing the quarterfinals and the.

Semi-finals in the same day it's a good view right there of the pickleball in her hand see it's a little bit more heavy duty Wiffle ball than you might see taking batting practice type of ball that you might think they would play with well these are a lot more heavy duty to go a lot faster than the air.

much different ball you can feel it on those paddles a lot easier and these are these are true teams right here they are coordinated to a T ons in commemoration of October being Breast.

Cancer Awareness Month make sure to swing by the ABC F10 America Breast Cancer Foundation and learn how you can get involved filming at mentioned earlier that LeBron James just bought a pickleball team James Blake and owner of a pickleball team Doug Ellen the creator of Entourage huge.

Pickleball player and fan he's got his own cord of his house a lot of Courts popping up in Hermosa Beach you walk the Strand there's literally a court by one of the homes so I mean that's Prime real estate and instead of extending their house they have a pickleball made of pickleball yeah you don't you don't need.

Of course as much space to put one in here's the ceremonial rally breast cancer breast cancer awareness and the fan will get that pink pickleball yeah that was the whole process uh Steve for us growing up we.

Had the space for the pickleball court not enough space for a tennis court frankly I'm so glad that we put one of these in instead let's do thank you zero zero one.

come on one zero one Lucy copilova teaches both pickleball and tennis Country Club in Wichita Kansas second serve that ball left a little too high paid for it one zero two quick overhead.

Foreign I haven't seen much of that foreign Smith with the Finish there and Smith it very much looks like just seeing her.

Play her her fundamentals and skills look a little bit more like she's was first tennis and has adapted them to pickleball you would be correct played tennis at the University of Utah yeah nice clean looking Strokes you see the way she eval is is a little bit more.

Like a tennis player keep that racket head up you see a lot of pickleball players sort of drop the racket heads hit these kind of Swing balls to this sport specifically so it's pretty quick to pick a player out where they started what makes the fun of it is is adapting that ability.

Excellent fundamentals and seeing from Smith she gets nice and low on the volleys for starting position is a very good one her center of gravity very low three zero one yeah that's just excellent stuff see all that momentum coming forward nothing can go wrong with.

That shot first zero start four zero one second serve good reflexes right there that little Bank finally returning the favor with the swing volley.

At what point these teams very different strategy being employed here in this match really going hard with the quick volleys two hardly as many ding plays from Paris Todd looking to get on the board down 5-0 here in the first game of the semifinals winner on.

To the gold medal match tomorrow okay zero five one point and there they go getting on the board Paris Todd started playing pickleball September or October of last year first pro tournament was January of this year.

I'm sorry playing tennis Newport Beach California already won one of the big tournaments there's Paris will go from starting to a champion in less than a year then I think Andy Roddick is right about you gently I think I put my mind to it I definitely compete with anybody out there that is.

No question it's it's winning be willing to being these little dink exchanges I think that singles is think I might do better at that quicker but the doubles would come along this is really one of the first little dink rallies that we've had so far in this in this matchup both teams going pretty offensive when.

They ever they have an opportunity to do so yeah I like it too when they go to the side angle it gives you a view of three five two how little of the Court they have to work with five zero to five three still kovalova.

Smith back with the side out five three one see that hair braid on Cali Smith it's her signature braid has earned her the nickname of Rapunzel one of the best exchanges we've seen so far Rapunzel with the puddle.

These players are getting to the line but not stepping on it that would be considered a fault it's really what the Umpire out there is sort of looking for I think its exchanges is more more stepping on the line or inside that all right quick Timeout on the court 7-3 kovalova Smith.

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Call 800-770-1834 or go to purewic to see how you can save up to ten percent so call 800-770-1834 or go to we are back in Las Vegas semi-finals of women's doubles top seats in control right now Lucy.

Kovalova Cali Smith 7-3 lead over Anne of right Paris Todd seven three one called out second sir that call Will Stand seven three two somebody calling for the Fireball from.

The stand if I don't know what that means exactly I'm here for it if somebody can do it oh so close had to stay out of the kitchen couldn't fish that's all she wanted yeah let's see that ball dress dropped a.

Little too low for her there nice there right gets the side out let's go three eight one second serve not let Court 382 he's there from Paris Todd when she was just 14 years old she's got to play World team tennis for the Orange County.

Breakers there's an alternate 482 really caught it late foreign Smith have just been a little bit more offensive so far in this matchup of course it's just the first game eight four two.

Foreign getting closer here 10 Mike 9-4 two points away from taking this first game good depth in the serve foreign maybe confuses the opponents a little bit look at that I think they're listening I think so too.

so we've got a paddle on that one all right little Shadows creeping across the court there I wonder if that's gonna cause some problems yes at the net there could be tricky to judge it.

All bounced was able to step inside the kitchen is that considered best point of the day then absolutely look at that Callie Smith going around the post timeout called but yes that was the point of the day so far from Vegas.

Waiting for one of those I have it too doesn't come along that often opportunity with so many great angles that we see from these players that's a little lower Court's smaller so see these more often in pickleball than you would in tennis I mean she wanted.

The smash was able to step into that one with it bouncing and when it goes wide Cali Smith is running a little flick of the wrist that's a lot of hard work with three overheads Around the Net post you should finally finish it off great reaction uh-oh no more timeouts and that means no.

Challenges for them as well warned we haven't seen one of the challenges yet really eager to see how that will work out it goes long head hunting there a little bit hit Rapunzel's braid you can they can't you can't jump they can't challenge they don't have a time no they can't we knew it and he didn't.

Point players telling the ref the rules and uh did somebody just say nice try out there for that nice try let's take another look let's see if that's a hair I don't know too tough to tell that's the Flack of saguso to hit the hair French Open second serve.

Ten five chance to close it out foreign they feel like maybe they've been wronged there on that hair passing shot let's see if that gives them any energy here Focus they need it.

What do you think Steve is that personal there that that overhead a little bit no no it's right at her smart play yeah I mean it's a smart play regardless but sometimes it can get a little personal thank you too much brings up six ten two.

I'm sure to work hard to get around to that paddle six and two take the stunt there foreign side of the Court where it seems Smith likes that back inside the past see why she's got an excellent slice.

Fundamentals over there really clean oh yeah Paris Todd will want that back control the point once again game point for kovaleva and Smith it's a weird little off-pace ball that we saw from Koval over there worked out.

Second serve ten seven two one Exchange bright you know what Steve I'm impressed with the fact that we've only seen one fault.

Of serve today the whole entire day yeah and I've also been impressed with how well all the players have returned served very very little misses on return of service Dan Mike these are the best of us I understand that this is the PPA true with that being said though it's very easy and you'll learn it's very easy to miss.

Some returns the served had to go for a little bit too much on the Baseline too much depth whatever you might be going for so it's been impressive so far with just nothing being missed nothing given easily 10. creeping back in this eight ten two.

Cotter point right into the body it's a place you need to go if you can nine ten two foreign Smith another game point two chances at it entertaining first game here women's double semi-finals thank you.

Second serve D back on Cali Smith's racket pretend not ten nine two excuse me and that flies long the top seeds able to escape with the first game 11-9 back to Vegas after this foreign ergize and elevate your game at Tennis.

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You have those budget markups thank you welcome back to Vegas the Guaranteed Rate PPA championships coming up next men's double semi-final action Ben Johns and Colin Johns the top seeds taking on to villier and McGuffin I've been told by our producer Panda that's going to be the best of the day.

Yeah we're gonna hold him to it too get him out in the pickleball courts seeing Panda let's see what you got I mean we had the point of the day so far in this match we did and that first game was electric without the question that was very close very high level I thought very offensive pickleball right now.

Both teams really had that mindset we'll see that changes up a little bit in the second game we figure Todd bright had a nice little comeback though got down here in that first game but found a way back into it and it wasn't necessarily by dinking so I don't think they'll change the straddle that much.

Zero zero two I think it was top right making a few too many unforced errors earlier that cost them that early lead but it was just a battle from then on CE from Paris 2-0 consider that an excellent return from kovalova almost caught just caught the Baseline just in front of it you.

Can't hit that ball much better than that no no still came up short oh yes you're right two zero two umpire again being told what's what that second time maybe if he was in the chair it'd be a different story.

Maybe he hasn't earned that maybe these Empires are still in training for the chair I just can't understand why the chair is on the court I understand that it's a tennis court so just take it off there though could do a block team Titus does a block he'll stand up on a platform.

I've been told that yesterday one of the umpires was sitting in the chair so it is not made of lava second sir really so if somebody was in the chair but that seems unusual they were testing the chair out this week so we're learning as we go right so.

Apparently there's a better vantage point when you're just standing there yeah I think I think one two two our earlier point is what he's looking for really is that non-volley zone the kitchen where you just can't step on the line there or in front of it the ball's in the air I think that's really what he's.

Looking for out there and I think the player is calling Their Own Line Steve as we've seen throughout the day so far so far it's been pretty fair two one at the semifinals and and through this event rest of this event there could be replays if you have a timeout to give I can buy that.

Each event's a little different you could of course swap that guy to the other side of the court and still put somebody in the chair then you'd have somebody covering the line somebody on on the The non-volley Zone the kitchen as well so that may be the next adaptation maybe that is what should happen if I was.

Running the tournament that's what I'd do that no Talent through that shadow now that Shadow's becoming an issue we'll come back here from Paris Todd Nana bright trying to force a third game you can see them paint some nice momentum at the end of the first they.

Had that going in to the second game here much less much like in tennis we want to play as some of your best tennis even if you're getting beat in that first set try to turn it up second serve four one two.

Player gets to serve for each side out all right out now kovalev and smithra we see the players a couple times probably if you're just tuning in a pickleball asking if they're in the right side of the Court it doesn't really matter necessarily what your score is you're always going to start in.

That right side as you see here they just have the one point so your tennis mine's probably saying I should be in the ad Court survey that's not how it works it doubles foreign the box two four two on the other side.

Oh my God I want to finish from Cali Smith foreign I really felt like in that first game much of that first game Alex Smith was the best player on the court certainly the most offensive.

Todd and bright have done a good job of really taking a lot of the offense on on their paddle allowing her to dominate as much in this second game boy thank you five three one.

that was an excellent backhand to set up that forehand volume in the middle of the Court kept that nice and low good drive timeout called by kovalova and Smith up a game put down 6-3 in the second with United Healthcare access to Quality.

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After a quick timeout back on the court Lucy kovalova Kelly Smith up a game looking to come back here in the second game Paris Todd Nana bright found a bit of a roll here Harris Todd serving let's see closing spots are aloe last month said she's excited that her dream partnership has become a reality aloe.

Yoga official apparel sponsor they make some good stuff I've got their uh their joggers I've heard that yeah yeah I'm not an official you know ambassador of any sort but Paris Todd all in pretty cool seven three one she's hooked up and a bright with some gear as well yeah it looks like it.

Was flying a little bit too late stretching their lead here in the second game three points away from forcing a third yeah nice initiative here from Todd bright got ahead early maintained their lead second turn.

Eight three two foreign still right through the middle Paris Todd that's one of our better rallies of the day all four players really played a part in this incredible exchange finally it took a lot of work for the.

Middle to be open quick timeout will stay with you 9-3 here in the second game getting some support that last Point had to be 75 plus shots this happened so quickly all the little shots close to the neck and all four players sort of in the middle part of.

The Court Ticket big cuts at those Swing volleys Swing drives whatever you want to call them finally being infected there in the middle put the ball away in the end it was a pretty simple shock just went right through the middle you don't see that.

Never you do in Vegas my friend getting all the stuff for social media parasite up to 12.3 000 on Instagram followers the Umpire crew back out on court not sure what they're up to.

Receivers have no timeouts in this game servers still have two times right just 15 seconds left 9-3 here still with two timeouts that could help them on a call foreign just be willing to stay in these kinds of rallies throughout a match like this.

Numerous times a lot of metal fortitude absolutely I can't angle Kelly Smith working that well Smith able to go back on offense a couple times in the last few points let's see if that gives them confidence.

A little run going here foreign second serve five nine just gotta stop the run after it starts to happen is can cause some errors.

Please please tough to see what's going on there all right side out for Todd and bright two points away from forcing the third game and a break to serve was open Smith taking it I might challenge that I hope she does I say the challenge.

Works did challenge we've got game point yeah not worth the challenge but ten five one just for your your own sake of watching it for us yeah and that's the game so we are headed to a deciding third game here in this women's double semifinal Todd and bright making the comeback.

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Wow you can hustle when you need to get a new iPhone 14 pro on us and get it with one unlimited for iPhone only on the network America relies on Verizon it's always a beautiful day in Vegas the sun is out for the darling Tennis Center which has been turned into a pickleball Kingdom this week and this weekend PBA tour three times Sin City zero zero two.

And we are headed to a decisive third game here in the semifinals winner on to tomorrow's gold medal match playing pickleball my whole life is uh if the sport would have these wonderful stadiums being built all over the place.

Fastest growing sport in the United States zero zero two foreign early in the third game is Todd bright the grab the momentum kind of at the end of the game one and had it throughout the second.

Finished right let me get the side out every time I think oh that was a good approach way to get in no other team takes it doesn't seem to be as much of an advantage as you might think you pull the switch that'll sting a little bit one zero two.

One I'm sorry I'm gonna recall the score zero one two point all even one one two one one two she kept coming kovalova side out ones one two one hand.

S half overhead half volley thank you oh it's too good no need to apologize for that just perfect right back at him second sir that chord favors Paris talk that's fair yes two one two just a little bit of luck on.

Their side of course we take the ball that close to the net it's bound to happen see she lost that ball right the shadow there coming across the court been an issue today the sun causing some troubles one two one.

Which team do you favor right now things are starting to grab a hold of a little bit of this a few more points offensively again as they did in the first game too old I feel like it's up to kovalova out here in this exchange between another three players are playing Pretty Pretty evenly.

Kovaleva could be a little bit more offensively a little bit more offensive early in his third game and that might actually be the key for the number one seeds three two two thank you what point extending the lead for two sort of back it away a little too far.

For that reflex to work four two two point hey man receivers five two two they need this time out down five two third game top seeds on the brink it's the subway series menu 12 irresistible Subs the most epic sandwich roster ever created.

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And now points away upsetting top seeds here in Vegas Steve Weissman Jen Michael gamble with you on Tennis Channel we will be with you tomorrow as well Championship Sunday which of these two will be battling for the title have one cat you have one time I left servers have two timeouts.

I got finished to this women's double semi-final Paris taunt to serve five two two much needed two five one point come on Callie.

Three five one foreign all the way across the court over on that side of the court it's definitely helpful 352 for Todd and bright not to have to deal with that yeah it goes long so side out once again they will switch sides at six first team that.

Gets to six here in the third game so the kovalova and Smith will get a shot on that other side of the Court five three one just reaching ever so slightly there so is that a ball you should let bounce and then go back into the dink Rally or maybe just not be so quite quite so.

Offensive without Molly still could have dinked it foreign to want to take those balls coming through it's easy to just put a paddle on it accidentally if it's going long Angel switch sides.

6-3 for Paris Todd and Anna bright trying to reach championships Sunday tomorrow and the gold medal match players that have been bringing a higher level of talent into the sport of pickleball.

a little bit of advice there I like her intensity good atmosphere so far here in Vegas in six three two it's so tough to drop that ball from the.

Baseline it's easy to miss that short three six one that's where it can pay off when it gets a little bit tight in these games you put those returns deep in your face fist pump right there for a little extra beat as well she's looking to do.

Two quick points for kovalova Smith you wonder if that side of the Court really is a help that Sunday comes right through let's go a nice exchange it's one other thing we haven't seen yet today Jan Mike is a drop winner.

No drop volley winners you're right looking Steve it's I don't think it's they're so quick coming forward it's difficult to play one off court so much smaller as well as much ground to make up in singles we will see some drop volley winners.

Six five one pickleball court 20 feet by 44 feet level ready for that with the big forehand tennis scored only seven feet wider a whole bunch 34 feet longer Todd bright we're looking for.

Right back to kovalova Smith five six one again just a little bit short on that delivery foreign defensive mode there for the number one seeds throwing up the lodge looking for the error got it and our receivers four six six right take a time out of their own six all final game back after.

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Semi-final let's get any tighter than this Harris Todd and Anna bright here but the top seats Lucy kovalova Cali Smith made their way back they are serving his control right now thank you there's your favorite shot.

See why they try so hard to buy for their places in court there Clovis a couple of us got a fantastic forehand seven six one who does a lot of her good work with that where Smith backhand side it's just as good as her forehand not better just as soon as they are four hits her best shot Steve she comes up with that.

Nice reflect like each player has dominated a separate portion of this match and right now it's Lucy kovalova's time I mentioned she needed to step it up in the third game here and she has done exactly that three straight two away.

Batman receivers another time out that's right smart time for it I feel like to break up that Rhythm a little bit momentum and Smith two-time outs per game they're just one minute long the water a little strategy talk and most of all like you said I mean these these turns and ships momentum.

Come very quickly they do and they kind of pile up sort of how pickleball works even though you think the side outs would would sort of just place it make it a little more not until your opponent's coming along start to make some unforced errors as well because of that pressure.

if that timeout helps your Shavers are out of timeouts servers have one timeout left is still serving 961. second serve nine six two all right that time out they won the next two points get the side out.

Six nine one yeah such a flat delivery six nine two point Smith left that ball a little bit too high paid for it there Todd bright able to put one more on the.

Board seven nine two foreign foreign nine seven two yeah it just goes way too high.

Foreign it's harder to come by down the stretch right in this thing eight nine first serve eight nine one one more time.

Shot from Smith right at the feet testing that out as much as possible one I know they went right into the strength of total event she coughed up an error there on that forehand side her best shot run out receivers 992. Steve I feel like that's a good time for a timeout try to.

Stop the Rhythm a little he'd like to do it before match point right yeah well getting close what's the strategy here for Todd bright they're on second serve but they still have control but a nice deep serve in there and can control the rally.

See if it somehow can get an unforced air that would feel really good incredible hold the match point the couple of it has stepped it up but I feel like Smith has filming the more dominant player coming up next big time men's double.

Semi-final the top seeds Ben and Colin Johns Jay devilier and Tyson out of timeouts you are good all right no more stops in play time's in Ali Smith stepping up I really felt like they were gonna try.

To attack kovaleva instead of said Smithy about it paddle in the ball thank you second serve nine nine two yes out of Cali Smith sight out for Todd and bright thank you.

Unanswered feeling pretty good here for Todd and bright thank you sir nine nine two foreign.

Cali Smith coming up clutch nine ten one ten apiece I wonder if that was that overhead is just slightly misjudged because of that sun coming through the court there it's easy to lose that ball couple of sun beams there that's a good.

Shadow one second serve D ten ten two wow on bright at a match point last time they were serving ten ten one and now they've got another one.

point they didn't like the call it was close but no timeouts no challenge foreign pull off the upset they're on to the.

Gold medal match tomorrow what a comeback after that first game really turned it on Todd bright kept that high level throughout the rest of the match Big Time come back the five seeds and they are headed to Championship Sunday who will they meet will they meet and.

Anna Lee and Lee Waters the mom daughter duo or Jesse Irvin who won last year and Lindsey Newman that's the one I'm looking forward to that semifinal is going to be a fun matchup water's pretty feisty a little bit earlier their quarterfinal match all right one finalist is set meantime.

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I'm Shelby Rogers and that's my back check Michael gamble Steve Watchman back with you on Tennis Channel the guaranteed right PPA championships Grand Slam event from Las Vegas Nevada man we've got men's doubles action coming up semi-finals.

You can already look at Tyson McGuffin right there Far Side on the right all the ink on the near side we got the goat of pickleball Ben John's black shirt his brother Colin on the right hand side looking forward to this semi-final haven't gotten to see Ben Johns yet a.

Lot of talk about all of his skills and of course don't want to forget about Jay davilier as well first time today I see Tyson out there as well knowing his name in pickleball for quite some time I've done a lot of hard work to make the sport as popular as it is.

Our stool Sports says he is the most electrifying man in sports not just pickleball Sports Tyson McGuffin here's the draw we saw Newman and Wright earlier today got that win over J.W Johnson and deckle Barr they still have their semi-final to be played later today we've also got one more women's double semi-final to play.

Today but the first seed the second seed the fourth seed and the sixth seed are into the Final Four this matchup is going to be a fun one big names and this sport mismatch Ben Johnson of course was on the cover of tennis magazine a couple months ago.

Here's Tyson McGuffin got the mustache got the mullet got the tats got the trucker hat I mean what more can you want oh it's working for him when you come to a pickleball event these are the guys you're looking to see Tyson McGuffin Ben Johns been ruling the sport.

McGuffin to serve first as they do the ceremonial pink pickleball one point for the American Breast Cancer Foundation has October we got our first tweener Jen Mike I like that connected on it nicely Around the Net post now this is how you.

Do a ceremonial right that's the best one I've seen so far well done and somebody's getting themselves a souvenir the Johns the top seeds Colin former pro tennis player Ben's always been into the pickleball one zero zero two upside down.

Zero zero one second sorry I just worked on a score bug there thank you now we got it points right into the body there of McGuffin nice from flexes John's and John's you played some.

Doubles with uh your brother Tori right yes what's that Dynamic like what good vibe we always have a lot of fun doing it hadn't really thought about playing tournaments until recently the tournaments didn't really exist.

Of course when we was playing a lot of our pickleball growing up I was playing mostly obviously tennis tournaments not a lot of time for anything else there were some tournaments in Washington state but nothing like this he played some tennis doubles together as well we did also play tennis doubles yes.

It's fine a lot of fun yeah the court gets some great players even played one against the Woodies oh yeah when they were number one in the world didn't do half bad in that match a little too close to that there one two one.

Second served like that big wind-up from McGuffin on the serve one two two different Point too old and that's just what you're hoping for as the opponent in those balls those.

Little dink shots just low enough cause an error from your opponent a little too flat it's easy to catch that tape foreign a little long two one foreign looking for that you see him keeping that paddle right out in front of him.

It's easy and easy for him to control those little big shots in these exchanges let's see because of that good fundamentals is he keeps that right out in front of him able to really flick that ball extra Pace on that Higher One just what they were looking for.

Any chance right to the central business district four quickly couple points been serving second with his brother interesting to see in these doubles.

Matches which player tends to cross over and take a few more of the opportunities yeah I really like you you need to be offensive and you see these these four all playing quite offensive it seems from dinks as well but somebody needs to be a little bit more in command of those routes sort of looking to just lead slightly more.

It doesn't always go the way you want it to but that's mindset somebody has to also def defend a little bit better sort of be looking for maybe those lobs or shots you need to track down a little bit dominate The Middle who's that gonna be.

Foreign around great lob from Colin the Finish from Ben over the horse the whole day has been see how hard it is for these players to put an overhead away sometimes it takes several in a row such great defense what went around the post.

screw you start out Ben Johns was asked in that tennis magazine article cover story what is it about the game that interests him he's a pickleball is an unsolved sport everybody is adding new shots and strategies all the time meaning that.

Nobody really knows the correct things to do everyone's still learning adapting to other players nice Ernie quick up to that ball yeah I think that's a really good point too Steve you know the dinking wasn't something that we did Growing Up but I've been playing the sports a lot.

Longer than pretty much anybody involved we just didn't do that didn't really come to our thought process it was it was hit the ball hard and lower the net try to get an error now it's a lot of this we're also seeing the power coming back doubles was sort of all that for a little while a lot of dinking pretty.

Much dominated the sport now the power game making a return so I think we're just going to see a blend of it going forward teams kind of picking their favorite way to get through opponents I want the same thing we're seeing tons of is that amazing reflexes that all the players possess.

Those fast hands an integral component two early going for the Johns first game semi-final two out of three games games to 11 win by two that was in.

Come on that was a tweener that we had missed of the side camera angle but sometimes you miss shots like that it's really an incredible overhead from the Baseline as well it's just all around one of my favorite points of the day.

the villier and McGuffin fired up a couple points that falls in Julia fantastic communication there with his partner McGuffin there for it five six one foreign.

John's had an answer that's what's easy to have happen there Steve has missed that ball along we go too offensive thank you I like that excellent footwork.

Right around that ball from a tennis forehand there the Top Spin finish the bone serve also with the bouncing of the ball don't see a lot of players do that sorry now close Ball but it looked like.

It looked like it missed five seven one a lot of energy on that McGuffin devillier side cavilia with some very nice plays at the net that's swatted away fast perfect positioning there from John's.

Six seven two in a row start out timeout server 761 and the John's taking the timeout here in the first game and we will take one with them 7-6 foreign to severe Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in.

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Something Miller Lite has more taste than only one more calorie than Michelob Ultra back in Vegas men's double semi-final matchup between top seeded Johns Brothers Ben and Colin against Jay devilier the flying Frenchman and Tyson.

McGuffin most electrifying fan in sports Steve Weissman Jen Michael gamble with you here on Tennis Channel 761 foreign I can't believe that McGuffin would try and take that title from you Steve I thought it was you I'll share it with him that's fair oh again a nice place.

At the net it seems to be his strongest suit there so he can get in position you're doing a lot of good with those volleys a little early gotten able to get an extra extra pop on that swing there's momentum coming forward.

Foreign go outside the lines there seven eight two the first missed returns we saw on defense the entire point that John's come up with it there's a weird bounce there you wonder if there was a crack in the ball.

I guess it seems like it must be the ball cracking the ball is usually why a ball bat would bounce like that changing the ball out I heard that different sound they hit those things no surprise not taking any Pace off of this foreign.

By the way 986. fine nine and seven nine seven one um he'll take that one you figure that's.

The ball that McGuffin wanted there just ever so slightly Reaching Forward it looked maybe a little too tasty on game point taking a time out hoping to collect their thoughts McGuffin and devilier Jada villier tennis player growing up like many of the folks here PPA actually left France to train in.

Barcelona Spain 2009 to 2012. severe injury if they could be able to compete at the pro level so accepted a scholarship to Wichita State and say college tennis there and then was introduced to pickleball just 2019 and like many of the folks it really grew during the coven pandemic folks.

Playing pickleball picking up the sport during covet great great sport to play alongside tennis of course distanced game point the timeout might have helped a little bit foreign certainly knows when to take those.

Timeouts missed return and the first game goes to the top seeds Ben and Colin Johns one game away from Championship Sundays do you want hearing aids from a brand you can trust that aren't too expensive then charge up your hearing with the MD hearing Vault the vault is a doctor.

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Call 800-803-3244 again that's 800-803-3244 pickleball action semi-finals and men's doubles top seats Ben Colin Johns taking the first game 11-7 over Tyson McGuffin and Jada villier yeah game two.

Amazing porn it's not some great place for delay and McGuffin in that first game but John's and John just over the course of it a little more solid definitely very much shot makers but also made more unforced errors and errors in general of course.

Two zero two get a lot done by just being solid on everything that's what we've seen from Johnson John's oh right in the eye Colin not pleased oh no it looks like it hit him right in the nose his brother kind of laughing It Off as long as it didn't get him in the eye.

Which is unlikely I'm here let's might have got him the eye I hope we got that eyelid closed another pickleball I've been hit by a hundred times probably at least stings more than it lasts never feels good is that the TNT where they're in the face.

Take a little time there looks like it did get his eye a little bit it's coming quickly how many miles an hour God I guess I get 40 50 miles an hour it's pretty fast and that's from a close close range really close range I mean it's still gonna hurt it's a heavy duty.

With a ball it's not a type of ball you grew up with playing hitting baseballs with or you know it's it does Sting it leaves a lasting mark you know it would be a fun game to try to hit our our friends mostly we were playing with leave a mark on their skin somewhere but you try to stay away from the head that was a No-No by the way.

That went off to the net yeah that wasn't that wasn't nothing nothing intentional whatsoever there's no animosity between these four is a real thing to deal with it is clipping that area you can call a medical timeout for up to 15 minutes.

See if he has to do that it doesn't look like that'll be necessary already looking like he's feeling a little bit better when his brother was laughing at him up there what's taking you so long that can make you a little timid at the net though and see how it affects the play Jones and.

John's looking so solid so far zero two one no I went for the Ernie one two one two one 's back away there see if that did actually cause him to be.

A little bit timid yeah nice little run here in the four seats three two one I'll send a nice shot from Ben Johns open just able to put a little bit of topspin of course okay about as much as you can hit.