Well it's been a fantastic week in Mason Ohio just outside Cincinnati Ohio gorgeous City gorgeous Skyline you saw there the and you still see there the Bengals stadium tomorrow Bengals will host the Pittsburgh Steelers to begin their NFL season but fans right now in Cincinnati not worried about football they're worried about.

Pickleball and they're wondering who is going to move on to Championship Sunday in the women's doubles will it be the team of Anna Lee Waters and her mother Lee Waters or will it be Anna bright and Jesse Urban Catherine parento and Leia chance Center already guaranteed a spot and Championship.

Sunday tomorrow this one's gonna be an awesome match and a bright Jesse Irvine first of all two of the most powerful players on the women's side so it's gonna be fast pace here with the waters and the Steelers are going to win by the way tomorrow so you kind of LED with that and I'll finish with the statement.

Uh if I I'm fine with I have no dog in that fight whatsoever so I'm fine with the Steelers winning I just want the score to be like 56-53 because I may have Joe burrow in my fantasy league Big Time Joe Burrows the man wish he was on the Steelers but yeah Steelers do kind of need a quarterback I.

Don't know if the Steelers are putting up 56 tomorrow anyway Dave Vance logging for the night Matt not to be confused with Mike Manasseh and we are underway in this women's semi-final Anna Lee and Lee Waters in the matching outfits on the left side of your screen.

Jesse Irvin and Anna bright on the right side of your screen and have played college tennis for the University of California foreign here by bright and Irvin one zero one Jesse a very good tennis player in her own right he's got a shoulder injury.

That hampered her pro career pickleball court she has one of the most powerful backhands you could see that lead tape on the bottom end of that paddle it's got a lot of weight to go through that ball and it went through it on that one and.

We mentioned it earlier all the atps she had yesterday and mixed doubles and he just kind of watch her when she's up on that kitchen line she goes hunting for atps most players it's kind of you kind of find an ATP she's she's out looking for it 37 already a three nothing lead.

I don't get a reaction out of the crowd quick four nothing start s do with that yeah that ball was just left way too high By the Waters five nothing not the way I think anybody really expected this one to start bear in mind Anna Lee Waters has not lost a game in Cincinnati and either singles or doubles play yet.

But right now the waters are choppy and they need to take a timeout six nothing bright and urban in game one so the timeout taken very early here by Lee Waters and Anna Lee Waters a six nothing spurt to start this match for Anna bright and Jesse Irvin and we'll see whether or not the waters could steady the ship here after.

Using that time out yeah I mean the good news for the waters is they haven't been close to their best level here we came out a little flat so hopefully that timeout changes things a little bit we're all there for Anna Lee and Anna bright really couldn't do anything with it zero six one so can the waters get on the scoreboard.

Here now second serve if you're bright and Irvin you just got to keep the pedal to the middle here yeah those third shots from Lee just sitting High zero six two not allowing the waters to get forward at all and the surf's gonna go right back over.

To Anna and Jesse six zero one second third that goes to the second serve here Jesse handcuffs Lee and it's seven nothing yeah that's what bright does there with.

A great third shot drop it's forcing Lee to have to hit up through that ball and opens up court for Jesse to come through the middle and really pounce on that next ball wow wow nothing did not see this coming eight zero two if there's ever a time to try that it's.

At eight zero no question sure so all right sign up side out gets it back to the waters zero eight zero eight one so finally the waters get a point I was going to ask you before have the waters ever lost a game 11-0 and now we don't even need to answer that and I was actually thinking my mind has Anna Lee.

And in any format ever lost to game 11-0 I was gonna wait till it got to about nine or ten before I brought that up and now they've got consecutive points coming back and winning this game is is certainly not out of the question for this very talented mother-daughter tandem yeah boy and they've now reeled off.

Three in a row can be done I've seen a lot of Nine Zero 10-0 leads come back and win three one it's pickleball game of momentum and a break just puts that away great angle there yeah the Wiffle ball loses so much Pace that it's tough to.

Really hit a winner through the court come on angles sometimes are the only way great stuff there from Anna bright that's wide so four straight points now by team Waters yeah and you get to the point when you know you've got that big lead and then the other team starts rolling and you know it's they they close the gap down.

To three two and then all of a sudden that lead maybe becomes a little bit of a weight on your shoulder because you feel like why haven't I closed this out yet you have to realize that that lead probably shouldn't have been right that's how you have to flip the the mindset eight zero it's probably too.

Good to be true and now it's five eight foreign By the Waters but then Anna Lee finally hits it long eight five one shot drop huh what interesting parents shot there.

By Lee nine five one second third move to nine five two big point right here I don't want to give the ball back to the waters give them a chance okay let it go and it's up to 10. game point.

She's good she's good ten five one and the unforced air by Lee Waters will and what was not the finest moment for team Waters a dominant performance in game one by bright nerve and game two coming up well work to do for the mother-daughter tandem of Lee Waters and Anna Lee Waters.

And you and I were just talking during the break you know Lee Waters do you heard Tyson McGuffin in his interview after the last match apologized to Lee for withdrawing yesterday you wonder what impact that has because it's only the second match that Lee has played this week in Cincinnati the other one coming earlier today and you know.

Everybody else is it has their has their pickleball legs under them she's still trying to find him yeah she hasn't had a lot of matches I mean I think the good thing is hopefully what they talked about is look Lee Lee basically gave that game away that was all that happened just get back lengthen points here find those pickleball legs and.

And don't fall behind eight nothing early maybe that as well that loss by the way in game one as we mentioned was the first game Anna Lee has lost this week in Cincinnati and down one nothing here in game two Anna Lee with the winner there to get to serve yeah one one.

Foreign see the reaction out of Jesse Irvin yeah so there annalize trying to take up the whole Court Stuck in the Middle Jesse waits for that ball a little bit to leak to the side finally to make a move and that line is open and then Jesse the backhand to get the serve back.

Okay Waters one zero one she's got the two-handed backhand the one-handed backhand that time just leaves it short one zero two thank you nice placement there by Anna Lee Working.

The Angles Big Time reaching into the kitchen getting that paddle face through the ball putting a little bit of extra spin on it and that thing is dying on its way down moving off the court that back hand though will go wide so the water's still looking for their.

First point here in game two yeah Jesse Hancock's Lee that was an unbelievable Jesse on that pack hand roll dink uh Hannah Lee that thing was going off the court in a hurry I don't know how Jesse got behind that ball that just let's go to the middle there amazing Geck.

That'll make you two nothing bright and Irvin have been in control from the get-go foreign God I keep putting the pressure on her make her come up with something to not let the team of waters get comfortable here at all.

I feel like they've studied the ship a little bit here but it hasn't shown up on the scoreboard yet and finally I mean boy the scoreboard does have a point one two one the LOB ster wow great action two-handed style out of Annalee.

That was sick crowd loving it and then that return hit long so for the first time in this match there's a lead for team Waters three two one let's take note on that point for the Turning Point and now they've got a little bit of momentum.

Four straight points from Brighton Irvin I'm taking a timeout right here oh four two one they're gonna play on and always starting to flex her muscle five two one five two still on the first serve water is unable to get off the Baseline so move to five two two.

And able to catch up to it off the net and then not much Lee could do there liked how Anna gave herself space there backed off the kitchen line had time to take a swing get that ball down wow Anna Lee doing a nice job keeping this point alive a couple of times foreign.

how tight you're holding that grip will you keep an Anna back on that Baseline and then they go to the Finesse to win The Exchange yeah so when a lot of a lot.

Of players that I work with at home they're always holding the paddle so tight these players do a great job of guests sometimes holding it tight and they're going big and soften that that grip uh hold to the three out of ten when you're going soft it really makes a huge difference oh I took a lot of players just.

Naturally tense up you gotta fight that tendency foreign able to get a side out without giving up any more points they break that serve so move to the second serve I touted Jesse's atps yesterday we haven't seen a single one yet.

Water's a little too smart for that keeping a lot of dinks through the middle not going to give that angle up for Jesse to do her thing too much time for Lee to think about what she wanted to do there is tough there because you're trying to get the ball deep but you know there's.

No space your opponent's coming forward just have to concede go for the dink there Anna Lee we'll get the serp back at 5'3 all right how about the ground she covered there six three one second smart decision by Irving and.

Bright to let that one go so six three two three two back to the Finesse okay nice defensive LOB wow this point has had everything wow including the beauty down the middle that was sick.

Unbelievable movement there after that it's going to be a timeout taken by bright and urban step aside as well 7-3 here in game two well it was all bright and urban in game one it jumped out to an eight nothing lead wrote that to the 11-5 win but team waters on the strength of Anna Lee.

Waters has exerted its will here in game two with this 7-3 lead annalize has taken over that's pure and simple what's happened which is all over the court you're good her mom emotionally here in a major way point and that's long so that's going to make it 8-3 I mean it's almost like I don't want to say two one one two on one.

And a half three it's kind of felt like at times in this match but the the one and a half has the number one women's player in the world on its side and Anna Lee has just done everything to try and pick up her mom and Lee does look like she has settled in a little bit after that difficult game one she has and I think it's.

Important to note the positioning of both teams uh Brighton Irvin probably about a foot and a half three feet off that kitchen line consistently and that's starting to show a lot of stuff easily for the waters now they're able to impose go offensive first Annalee dispenses of that one and that.

Moves us to a game point here you can really see the positioning with the net cam Waters really hugging that kitchen line bright and early too backing off game point number one there will not be a game point number two but there will be a game three.

Go in three and Cincy we'll have it for you after this quick timeout well here we go third and final game in this women's semi with a birth on Center Court Championship Sunday on the line and the waters will start off with the serve at zero zero two to start game three quickly aside out.

one see bright Norman can bounce back they were so in control having won game one 11-5 and started game two off two nothing second serve now we'll go to the second serve yeah pulling the trigger a little too early there.

Foreign a lot of patience right now Lee tries to speed it up against it great point there from both teams I'd like to see Anna bright try to speed some things up on that backhand side a little too predictable right now ervin's the only one that's trying to.

Create offense she needs to add something especially off that two-hander which is her strength second third move to serve number two Waters fail to capitalize on an opportunity down to one thank you second sir neither side exactly.

Starting this third game off the way they would like a little nerves game three to get to the final and now the waters again will have a chance to take the early lead zero zero one second third that serve was long well Lee is gonna look back at this.

Match win or lose and it doesn't realize she's got to tweak some things that might need to get a little more grit on that paddle missing a lot of forehand rolls in the net right expressing her frustration as well too.

And finally we have a point in game three one zero two come on boy make a two-nothing as Irvin and right clearly trying to keep Anna Lee out of two things as much as they can.

Fine great call there banana bright yeah and he truly trying to really push that dink cross went for a little too much gonna cut off the angle to get out of the air really good spot to trick Annalee okay and out of bright hits it long.

So the waters will get it back at zero three zero three one they're able to get up to the kitchen but another shot into the net zero three two he takes out a little bit of her.

Frustration right there feed in between these points now get yourself going I need a rental a new paddle she'll be good to go that one was just set up beautifully for Jesse and she takes advantage.

Three one one though so we'll move to three one two three one two does just catch the line I mean they barely caught the line but it did hopefully that can give them some.

Momentum really great touch there one for mom is something that's not been used that much in pickleball but it's coming really coming on strong in the last couple months people are so used to the tank really leaning over that kitchen line especially out of the air you can get people really leaning get them off.

Balance one three two Callum Dawson does a great job of that as well of course Matt Wright can live with the best of them as well first chapter of his gamesmanship book lobbing all right Waters get it back within one here two three two three two.

Sign up caught the net and sailed out three two one so three two unless that one go to move it to the second serve they will switch sides when one of these two teams gets to six don't know that that's really gonna impact things there's not much wind to speak of and a lot of cloud cover so really no.

Sun to be concerned about thank you start up so the side out gets it back to the waters who no team seems to be really getting their strength of all the momentum we're looking for that one emotional point thank you.

Second third the net has been the bane of Lee Waters existence in this match someone should check its height might be a little high Jesse Irvin hits it right into Lee three two one foreign communication there between Anna and.

Jesse come on no I did not see it so they called it out and didn't think it was out but went for the quick come on hoping to influence the call we've all done that that one also goes along so the surf back over to the waters.

Who have not LED in this pivotal third game this decisive third game it's anally hitting it into the net two three two if the water is to survive and advance to the final I think they're both going to be happy that that final is tomorrow.

And not later today because they're clearly they're clearly not at the level that we know they're capable of playing at 100 percent they need a good meal it's Tyson look up and said maybe an Italian food get some rest I have a job to do here first Jesse Irvin not making it any easier on.

Them no sir really good misdirect and that first ball from Jesse making Lee get off balance reaction out of annelink see if that can spark something for T Waters the glance of Ben John's getting with Hannah John's getting ready for his semi-final all smiles there.

We'll have that one coming up for you at the conclusion of this match that one stayed in oh I think that's an example of that communication they overcame it but then it really set him behind and now they got to use the timeout 5-2 in the third well the numbers on the left side of your screen tell the story of what's.

Happening they right side of your screen tells you about what's going to happen Ben and Kellen Johns will take on the cousin tandem coming up after this one but still work to be done here in game three of this women's semi out of the timeout okay players right and Irving get another point and that's.

Going to take us to the side switch at six two yeah the waters just look a little flat right now can't seem to get anything going I'm not sure they know what their tactic should be um not working together as a team at the moment.

Really just unusual to see this remaining balls ending up in the dead I've never seen it um you know maybe half in the game Max but to have it really bleed into the better part of this entire match uh it's very very interesting so we'll have to see how they come out of this timeout and.

You and I after after game two in which the waters won 11-3 during the break between games we both kind of felt like all right the water should figure it out game three is it might might be pretty decisive the other way for sure for sure we both thought they had all the momentum we thought the cobwebs were off Lee looked ready to go but that that.

Break between the second and third actually hurt them and didn't help them and uh we'll see well let's see I mean we we said that there's really not much to the side switch but this side of the Court they're on now was the side of the Court they were on in game two.

Phew kept those balls in front I tell all my my students be like a short stop out there when the ball's coming at your feet keep that paddle out in front open face open the fourth shots coming that hard too tough oh third shot unable to get it over the net so we moved to 262.

Foreign thank you oh andalee clicks the wrist and paints the corner great ball that I I like that point better from Lee too simple cross-court ding not trying to do too much.

Let Anna Lee come in there and finish it off so back to a point five six come on they do break the serve though and now the side out gets bright nerving a chance to try and add a little bit of a cushion foreign.

Not much Anna could do she tried to get out of the way yeah good off speed talked earlier it's not just about Pace it's about height control as well really good height there just an awkward ball foreign ly bounce off the net for the waters.

Lee seems to figure it out she maybe does like that side of the Court better because since the side switch the waters have found their footing five six one Boca Raton area code here we go hahaha second third such a good Cross Court.

Dink too from Annelise so much on it and I couldn't even really get her feet set he's got to make that ball foreign Jesse just flicks it away six five one serve back over to Bright and urban boy.

Back into the net and back in a two-point hole seven five one so confirm after netting out we wanted that one back yeah no doubt you don't see Jesse Irvin missed that one too often that can square battle face let's go nice kit by Annalee.

Brighton Urban just continue to take it to Lee Waters foreign and now they're three points away from Championship Sunday nice defense there by Lee standing her ground and now the side out.

Back to the waters so if you look at this point Jesse just watching about four or five feet behind that kitchen line that made all the difference there if she was up that ball is an easy overhead it does land in so back to a two-point game until a lot of my students when.

You're did you say one the one playing the ball make sure you're not a spectator keep your feet moving cover the angle you're supposed to cover ball will come to you boy Lee lets it Go and it's a good decision again a one point game seven eight second third we're up to the second.

Serve at 782. 782 Waters had a couple of cracks at tie in the game instead it's brighter now three points away foreign two points away she has had all all sorts of trouble.

With that forehanding today that's gonna bring us to match point five miles the waters will take a timeout Match Point number one in Cincinnati out of the timeout ten seven one the waters are gonna have to break surf.

Twice if they're gonna get a chance at extending this one that's just nerves right there not being in a position before to close out the waters see if they can do it on chance number two Annalee Seven Ten one pump up her mom.

Seven Ten make it 8 10. out hey can one that firefight is won by Brighton Urban side's a little bit tight here as you can see not really taking fullness swings so on a tent two.

He goes up to get it great reaction off the net but it better finish by Adam bright foreign number three and the answer is no oh right and Irvin they drank the waters in Cincinnati.

Eleven five three eleven eleven eight and they're moving on to Championship Sunday it was not pretty but mentally they were the stronger team they stuck with it did what was necessary awesome awesome results from Brighton Irvin well deserved spot on Sunday for them.

And Lee Waters knows there are much better days still ahead for her but disappointing finish note out as Anna Lee loses a match for the first time in this tournament so there's what's coming up for you on Championship Sunday Jansen and parento against bright and Irving the three and four seeds will meet and we will hear from Bright and.

Urban Hannah Johns is going to speak with the victors after this time out well welcome back another look at that last moment after an astonishing Victory from Jesse Irvin and Anna bright guys you brought all the Firepower out there and the crowd is just loving the upset that we just witnessed guys you lost.

Game two you'd won game one you were moving into that game three it felt like everybody was getting tentative towards the end what did you need to say to yourself to finally finish it off uh you know we got up 10-7 and we had two chances and I got I got really nervous then they're serving I missed a dink and I was like oh my God and I told Jesse I.

Was like I got this I went back I was like lock in and level up you're built for this and we got it done so just had to I don't know we just locked it in thanks to Jesse she got me through that well guys you're both known for your super tough uh game faces out there but you're actually awesome people off the court as well how tough is it to switch.

That competitive switch off and on um honestly I've always kind of been that way my my dad raised me that way you know things that happened off the court stay off the court things that happen on the court or on the court you know you compartmentalize and you know you come out here and you just try your hardest and then you have a good time.

And then once you're off the court completely different it's over so you know um so I've kind of been raised that way uh you know I'm just here to have a good time have fun play some good pickleball and uh yeah put on a show for you guys because it's a lot of fun well we've seen a few upsets this week.

Some new faces in the final which is awesome guys how does it feel to be in the final of a grand slam no less I'm pretty stoked didn't have the best day yesterday and you know shout out to the waters they're such an amazing team um but we came in fired up and wanting wanting to make this is my first championship Sunday on the PPA tour so.

Super excited super excited to be here with Jesse and just to come out and commit tomorrow congratulations ladies can't wait to watch that final tomorrow with that we have one last match to bring you the last men's semi-finals coming up next all right
Watch as Jessie Irvine and Anna Bright take on Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters to see who advances to championship Sunday at the 2022 PPA Vegas Championships