Welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here at the PPA championships Guaranteed Rate is our title sponsor we want to thank them and all of our sponsors got to thank all the referees who are out here making sure that each match is officiated and run well and thank you to all the volunteers that make all of these events happen as we.

Have for all the quarterfinals and the two semifinals we will play ceremonial first point and we really appreciate the partnership with the American Breast Cancer Foundation www.abcf.org see if Ben John's wearing a pink hat today pink shorts uh just a cause that has.

Affected so many so it's uh wonderful that we can give a little attention in Riley Newman again going for a flashy exhibition swinging a Miss tweener and he's going to make them expend some energy as Ben Johns he'll get to that left-handed Riley Newman is off the court and Lindsey Newman is playing some.

Singles oh oh and Riley was going to send a young Leo Chen onto the court and look at Ben Johnson 50th row there so great job bye yeah our players in again tell your story go to that website and if you can help out every donation appreciate it all right we're playing for real now let's play Pickleball.

So Anna Lee Waters and Ben John's the top seed were pushed to the Limit by Kohler and Smith that'll sail deep so when John's making his presence known early in this one two zero two yeah look at this court coverage by Ben Johns and then it is Riley Newman that finishes that's what a semi-final.

Supposed to look like right there what a point zero two one a little indecision there and that ends up costing him I think Anna Lee Waters is ready to absolutely tattoo that with a backhand one two one I'm gonna pick up by Riley.

Thank you back side of the paddle is going to stay in and then good night do you want to watch just absolute Crush Bill there it is one two two nice finish by Anna Lee Waters there so uh 2-1 to start.

Foreign just deep on the return from Lindsey Newman again unwinding the stack and getting to the position that you want sometimes creates errors second serve three one two.

And just Ben John's dictating everywhere Alex that's a big Ernie Drew Riley Newman well off the court earlier in the point four one two Lindsey Newman was in dangerous territory it's one of the risks with pancaking like that on the on the hard drive so you can pop it up back to your opponent.

Foreign Johns would be hitting it to Ryan Riley or Lindsey Newman they'd be resetting if you came to the wrong place but they just keep making you hit shots Alex as Lindsay said in any of you her only goal in this match is to not miss a ball.

Foreign and it was Riley Newman who was the apple of Ben John's eye during that point really good defense but just not enough for the Ben John's power that's not gonna work and that is a great finish folks when you are playing and you have somebody pop it up go to that left.

Go to that left foot they're expecting you to go back down the middle a lot of winners that way look at where she's playing hello she hasn't moved yet she's straddling she's back in the court and Riley misses wide yeah you don't see too many players hit more than one Ernie in a row from the.

Right side but she trusts rally to take the whole court and has no interest in moving nope foreign great job to get a ball that would have gotten them to the kitchen just missed that one that's the classic missing the easy one always hurts second third little paddle Clank there.

And pushes it wide six two two Michael kunkas is our referee appreciate all his hard work Annalee Waters was on it but not when it clipped the tape yeah just too good from Riley Newman there his length allows him to take the middle and not worry about being passed in the corner so he can.

Stand big and tall there and take a lot of those balls all right Ben yelled out but Anna Lee Waters had a ball absolutely in her Strike Zone she said now I'm gonna just tattoo this one just caught the edge side out one thing that both the Newmans are.

Known for is willing their balls to go over the net with body language you saw Lindsay try to force that one over with her shoulders I have special willpower Alex that one must be on empty right now they'll recharge six two important the wrath of John's again.

Oh dear wow the brothers and sisters step all over each other but not in the kitchen and survive it that was impressive I don't think I've ever seen someone step on their partner but not fall into the kitchen like that foreign big swing by Lindsey Newman but she's.

Well back from the kitchen so that's not going to cause a whole lot of problem for John's in the middle reset take an inch reset take an inch and get a mistake that is the game plan that's the classic Newman point there you see Lindsay stepping back to give Riley room to attack if he wants to step in and sometimes he'll just get an error.

Foreign if it's up it's gonna just put Riley in a rough spot and Ben John's finishes cross court on that one point eight three one hanging out on the side again and backside is hard to keep it in but they're able to do it there Alex that.

Time she caught Riley just leaning a little far to the middle and was able to get him outstretched on the right that's a beautiful ball by Lindsey Newman finally gets the fist pump that she's known for yeah great whole she kept your paddle angled cross Courts at the very last second and then whipped it out down the.

Line I mean those rolls are just sick yeah no one else in the game can hit that forehand opposite side across court and pull your opponent off like like Ben Johns can and then sends it back the other way with a backhand and finishes so quickly to a game number one point right here.

Foreign the top seed Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns cruising to game number one can they keep it in cruise control or will the Newman's push back we'll find out right after this all right welcome back everybody top seeds Alex they look like the top seed.

So we'll see if the new ones have a pushback here yeah very quick first game we'll see if John's and Waters keep the tempo what a cat foreign this is pickleball what a point by all four players and it is Ben Johnson.

Finishes down the line and that's just the first rally and nothing that's the scoreboard from that you could see that in the sports center top 10 tonight dude I sort of broke the ice that pickleball can go there yep number five last night at his ATP we appreciate that coverage.

Zero zero one foreign is trying to find that Ben John's backhand with some Pace but he's all over it yeah too good he doesn't actually move his feet too much over so he's able to stay in position and be ready for either side that ball comes to zero zero two.

Great drop by Lindsey Newman there one zero two Point okay a couple errors from Ben Johnson they got a couple to start with here you don't see that very often Dave now so it's uh gladly accepted by the Newman brother sister combo side out both hands in the air there from Lindsay.

But the ball is still not going over she went for full potion there and it didn't get it foreign that's tremendous by Ryan Newman really great movement you saw him slide over to be ready for that ball from Anna Lee and just blocked it right back low at Ben Johnson's feet.

Second serve if it doesn't bounce you are just under so much pressure oh my God another unexpected another rare air and that was a bunny yeah that was the easiest one I've seen three zero two foreign meter is definitely empty because we're.

Doing like put your hands up I'm not gonna sing anymore but uh Lindsey Newman's doing everything she can and wouldn't go over foreign oh my God and now we're calling again and after all that it Clips off the tape.

And goes wide but the level of this second game awesome unbelievable Dave I've seen two of the best mixed doubles points I've ever seen just in this game right here one three one wow foreign so the net very unkind to Riley Newman two points in a row yeah unlucky when.

The net gives the ball right to Ben John's overhead two three one no one has a louder yelling of out than these two both of them each other they'll yell at the ball they'll push the ball with their hands yeah it's uh full theatrics here in a city known for theatrics so why not.

Have it 24 7 City Las Vegas exactly let's go three three two and the paddle plank is a big problem for the Newman's there and suddenly that 3-0 three Ben John's heirs has now all been erased around 4-3 foreign s got away with something there and again the paddle is on the ground Riley.

Norman frustrated Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns feeling good they would love to punch their ticket to Sunday we'll see if they can do it after this all right welcome back Dave Fleming with Alex Newman and it is the top seed Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns looking very good here they've come storming back in game two they've forced the Newmans to.

Call time out and if Waters and John's Advance guess what we have all four of the singles finalists in The mixed doubles final I wonder if that's ever happened before Dave we'll have to get our stats truck to take a look at that but quite a quite a day being set up but a lot of work to do.

These Newman's will not go quietly but if the ball keeps coming off the net look out annihilation yeah but that's just unkind to the Newman's right now back to back neck cords right to the Ben John's forehand I mean and it's not one of those where your paddle gets a little bit it's just sitting floating and he's just.

Clobbering Inside Out Just steep on the Surfs and this is go time for the Newmans big Point here three six one wow foreign and an awkward swing there for Mandalay Waters yeah a bit Lucky from Riley there.

He sped up right high at the analy forehand but looks like it was so surprising that it caught her off guard full finish hard to just beat Riley clean yeah like you said Dave any ball that doesn't bounce allows Ben to get that topspin roll it's really tough to bring it back in the court.

Four six two okay the scream of no from Lindsay Newman right there I think some of those vocal cords pushed the ball an extra few inches out five six two foreign Newman getting Johnson Waters to have to play defense haven't seen a lot of that.

But guess what we're tied here we go foreign Waters got a chest Out Of Reach six six one oh just trickles over second serve ah brother and sisterly love on the out call there saw Lindsey Newman get that paddle headed behind her back.

I serve from Ben John's here so still tied at six one so an uncharacteristic string of Errors from Johnson Waters this game let's see if the Newmans can take advantage of it and force a game three yeah that's part of the formula I mean you heard and you mentioned Lindsey Newman's just make.

Balls foreign there's no rule that says you have to hit a window I mean if you don't miss the ball you win every single match so strategy works fine and look at this suddenly it is Waters and John's forced to call a timeout to stop this so the Guaranteed Rate PPA championships.

Are brought to you by of course Guaranteed Rate DraftKings foreign Chase Hyundai so we're back on the court you see no.

Conversation happening here Alex whatsoever between Emily Waters and Ben Johnson like just let's settle this down come back see if we can come back eight six one the Newman's three points from forcing a game three eight six two foreign she sped it up about 50 I think it threw.

Lindsay off guard and forced to air yeah because she had to add just a little Pace to get it back instead of taking the pace great Point Alex Anna Lee Waters able to redirect that looked easy that's not an easy ball not at all and here you go seven eight they're keeping the tempo up trying to take advantage of their momentum.

When this in two easy games oh and it's Anthony Waters hunting for something yeah I don't mind that they made some areas but you'll see they're an experienced team they're not faced by sticking to the game plan moving quickly they've been here before and like knifing.

Backhand thanks sets up uh floater and we're all about two snowmen on the board here in the desert foreign somehow is still able to split these two there she is wow that is a defense to offensive clinic right there and they're within two of Championship.

Sunday oh my and they were in absolute Peril and then got right back into it because of the foot speed of Annalee Waters I've seen every shot in the books here in mixed doubles Dave I love it as good as everything else Ben Johns did in that point to be able to get out of.

The way of that that was not an easy move eight nine two stop oh my wow Ben Johns goes for the slow roller and gets a pop-up and then smashes it into the net and we are tied at nine.

Nine two I think that's the third overhead he's missed this game Dave and as well as a few serves foreign oh my goodness wow another incredible Point here look at the get that Hannah Lee Waters had to make in the middle of that just a highlight reel tonight.

This third game has been epic all right our second game excuse me nine nine foreign tremendous coverage there but we are at a match point and that has not been kind to the Newman's another net court at nine nine and that's coming from Alex Newman so.

Newman's all around are questioning how this net could be so unfair to the Newman so all right here's the deal 10-9 if Ben Johns and Emily Waters win this point we'll look this up Alex but perhaps for the first time four players will have a chance to qualify for a Triple Crown because we have J.W Johnson.

And Catherine parento waiting for the winner of this obviously Emily Waters and Ben Johnson are also already there now the Newman's kids easily come back and win this let's not get ahead of ourselves but what a fight here the quality of play of this second game yes there's been errors but the points where there weren't errors have been nuts yeah.

I mean the fact we've seen so many highlight points just speak to the talent on both sides these players are gonna hit drops offense dinks for days atps they really have it all in the back servers one time out so the Newman's call timeout here we go match point 1092. no wow Ben Johnson to high third digs.

Himself out of that and then misses the forehand SWAT in the middle yeah he's smiling he knows he had that one on his paddle I just barely Miss hit it great Ernie finish from Ben John's right there so I can try to tie it at 10. 9 10 2. Newman not quite able to get there so.

Here we go Match Point number two ten nine one foreign there Alex yeah I heard a scream from Lindsay wasn't sure if she was saying out or just begging for it to be out but thank you thank you combination out it was third chance.

Foreign unbelievable on Match Point he's there oh and the a EP is just wide after any John's and Anna Lee Waters who will move on to play in the final one of the most entertaining individual games of mixed doubles you would ever want to see what a battle by the Newmans but it is Waters.

And John's moving on well happy to bring you back to Center Court one last time I've got Ben Johns Anna Lee Waters here with me guys they played you really tight in game two how did you finally finish that one out well I think Ben's been carrying me all day honestly so when we got into that second.

Game you know I was just really trying to focus on what we did the first game but a couple loose points here and there but in the end I think we finished out strong and I'm excited for Sunday well speaking of Sunday you both will play two finals on Sunday as will JW and Catherine how much longer are we going to see these players playing in multiple.

Finals or will the divisions eventually start separating and we're going to see different players and all uh you know that's a good question um I'd say just because of the quantity coming in of new good players I think we're going to see a lot more depth and we're going to see a lot more variety of finals uh in the future so um I think.

We're gonna see less and less of this but I'm grateful that we can both play and multiple finals this Sunday it is the golden age for both of you right now as you've been able to come into a lot of Finals over the course of your years playing I want to talk about the sport how much it has grown over the even the last year what are some of the coolest.

Things the biggest things that have happened in pickleball over the course of this year that have been particularly cool for you yeah well Sports definitely grown I've been playing professionals since 2019 and just the places we're getting to go and the networks were getting to be on like tennis channel are really amazing and I think the.

Opportunity to be on National networks is one thing that's really grown and I'm super excited because I grew up watching these networks and now I'm playing on them all right we're going to get to see you on tennis channel on Sunday guys congratulations that wraps us up here on Center Court I'm going to send it over today for one final word.

Watch as Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters Take on Riley and Lindsey Newman to decide who goes to Championships Sunday at the 2022 PPA Vegas Championships