I hold in my hands the new groovin raw 13s carbon fiber paddle want to find out how it plays let's do it this is a 15.7 inch paddle with an 8.1 inch width and a 4.25 inch grip 7.7 ounces it's got a t 700 raw carbon fiber face it's got a wide body with a polypropylene honeycomb core and obviously it's 13 millimeter so let's.

Jump right in to what's unique about this paddle the 16 millimeter pedal a lot of women and people with smaller hands could not use the 16 millimeter paddle it feels blocky and this is a complaint across all 16 millimeter paddles so 13 millimeter paddles typically come a little bit hotter so this paddle is a little bit hotter than.

The 16 millimeter groove in just as much control just as much spin but it is pretty phenomenal paddle one thing i love about this pedal is they got a 5.3 inch handle so 5.3 inch handle gives you enough to be able to do the two-handed backhand and even with a shorter paddle this is great for those that like two-handed backhands the overall.

Impression i have on this is that i lost nothing i picked this paddle up played with it for the first time and actually hit some shots that were different and better than some of the other shots i've hit with other paddles and even my hands felt faster now this is only 7.7 ounces i typically play around 8.6 ounces so this is a little bit light for me but i.

Always like to play them stock so i can feel the way the manufacturer designed them and then i modify them to my game the only con for this is uh if you don't like this body shape and the shorter paddles you know i can see people not necessarily liking that but what i love is that even on the off center shots anything i hit around the edge here this.

Paddle while the feedback was a little bit more harsh the control didn't go away i didn't miss the shots it wasn't miss hits it was just a little bit less power but still went where i wanted it to go as far as plow through this paddle especially when it's weighted correctly but even as it is now.

It has got enough want something that has phenomenal control spin just great paddle all around to play with this is the paddle for you it's only 160 bucks but you can get a 10 discount by clicking the link down below here we'd love to see you play this paddle thank you for watching please click like please click subscribe we could not do.

This without you and as we always say have a good day
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Having trouble controlling Electrum Pro? GRUVN RAW-13S to the rescue! GRUVN RAW-13S paddle review by Keith Valentine!

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