All right sorry something that's come on Jesus that thing is sick oh my God Jesus I'm gonna put this game up where I spin service band it'll be a two minute.

Video that's good it'll be a two minute video this could be the most viral clip ever it's unhinnable this is unhittable this thing clip pickleball even agrees he's not a grand uh that goes the viral clip baby that's good let's win this.

Is that okay God mode baby there's always a god mode god mode Unleashed baby one night so he's a god mode I have like five minutes one night oh I need ah god mode yeah baby come on that's a fall.

I'm sure what are you hurting our feelings bear her in mine what eight I got it huh it's really god mode baby I got three more minutes left to God MO a.

Okay good try it's good try John you sir yeah you can get a nice one jumping for me let's go come on Jonathan like I thought the skill was supposed BJ's playing pro Jesus.

Sir let me go a couple weeks foreign service so see I look for that game up and just put all the stairs you can find it Jesus like it's not it's like unfair
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Here at All In Pickleball we have fun, improve, do not take ourselves to seriously, and learn from Pickleball Pros.

Send your 1080 or above amateur game links (YT or FB) to on FB messenge to Joey Gmuer and I will pull, make custom thumbnail, and get on Site within 24 Hours.

From there we can breakdown your matches, improve your technique along with positioning.

Mike Forester Pro Pickleball Player will be going around Rec Play courts and challenging players giving strategy before, during, and after games.

Much more to come as the fun is just getting started.