thank you hi guys I'm Tyra here with USA pickleball and I'm here with Eva and will correspondents with Good Morning America under the Brooklyn Bridge pickleball courts it's a beautiful day outside so guys we had an amazing segment going on here how was it how did.

Everything go well I mean I got a pickle about National Park it was like the you know what they say like as soon as the cameras start rolling you don't perform as well when the cameras were not rolling we crushed it and then as soon as we were live it was slightly camera shy problem is trying to talk and pickleball at the.

Same time is a little bit more difficult than it looks yes however I will say this is one of the more fun things I've ever had to do at work what a great morning and you know I think the sense of community will have in this particular sport that it sort of lends itself to people of all ages and it doesn't take a whole lot to play it is.

Really pretty cool how cool is it that so many people from different age groups can be involved in a sport together I mean that's the amazing thing one of the pros we were just talking to is 51 and looks like he's 31. so I mean if that's the pickleball or if it's something else I don't know but yeah it's it's a very like accessible sport I don't play.

Sports and I felt comfortable being here I'm here with Eric from Queens who is a pickleball player so Eric tell us about your pickleball Journey so far yeah sure so I started pandemic like so many people August 2020 myself my wife and my sister will start playing on a tennis court in Queens that was abandoned and we just started picking it up we played.

In Asheville Memphis all over the place my mom started playing so she introduced it to us and I've been addicted ever since how has it been you know getting so many different groups of people all together playing a sport that everyone's so passion it about yeah I mean especially being in New York City it's like so diverse we live in Queens but we.

Play in Manhattan Brooklyn you know I we've connected with people in Staten Island I'm going to Long Island tonight to play so it's just amazing play with all different people different ages different styles it's a lot of fun today we had a good morning America segment and it was an amazing time we had so many different players come from all.

Over New York so Paul tell us about your experience today oh it was fun I don't want to say it too loud but even like it yeah you got pickled yeah well they got three points on us let's put it that way and then that's when the tape cut but after the table went cut we actually did better wow yep even even really kicked it up so I'm proud of him so she has her.

USA pickle bowl paddle we traded paddles she has one she has another paddle but another company and they're gonna be practicing so I guarantee next time Eva comes here she is going to wipe this place foreign
On Wednesday, June 29, 2022 Good Morning America’s Eva Pilgrim and Will Ganss hit the pickleball courts with USA Pickleball ambassadors, Paul Curiale and Amote Sias to learn how to play America’s fastest growing sport! New York City’s Tara Bernstein, USA Pickleball’s social media correspondent, onsite during the live filming to get Eva and Will’s reaction to learning how to play pickleball for the first time. To watch the full GMA segment, visit Video by Tara Bernstein and Antonio Cinquemani.