Day one and then zero zero two this is mixed age 70 plus here the U.S open championships in Naples Florida one zero two.

Zero two slide out zero two one zero two one point one two one trying to shoot through the fence here so limited camera angles.

Call the ball replay the point one two two out point call this out two two inside out side out this is best of three gold medal match.

70 plus scores two two one three two one now three two two three slide out two three one.

Two three second serve two three two years slide out there oh.

Ball sailed long four two one four two one five two one so again this is 70 plus broken up by.

Age not by scale best of three gold medal match five two two three foreign.

15 seconds four six two all right game three time in zero two.

Years football left point hey going back to him six four one nope sir went deep so it's six four two four two zero one one.

Slide out it's four six one four six one all right here we go me great poach there getting aggressive five six one keeping the game close five six two now six six two that last Point uh lost because.

The lady hit the ball out of the air before it bounced 662. ball on the court about a pickleball tournament without a few uh balls coming on from other courts a requests for a hydration break here it is very hot you got some direct sun no clouds.

Uh it's about 80 degrees out here so these players weren't late in the afternoon now that these players have been playing all day six six two three great point there 762.

get together side out six seven one it's an excellent long example there 672.

Oh went out the back 772 tried to overrule the calm but the ref backed up the player on the far side 772. 00 that ball was out the back slide out seven seven one.

Second server 772 872 this is uh game the 11 best of three games to 11. you now apologies for the poor camera angle trying to work through a little hole in.

The fence here not good from timeout nine seven two three time in 972.

Slide out 791 thank you a wind gusts that picked up there slight breeze here is it eight nine one Side Up 971 now sorry.

point is ten seven one all right one minute all right assistant server 1072.

Franklin the official bag and also Sketchers Footwear of the US Open game one goes to the near side team here and it's the best of three YouTube channel for the gold medal 70 plus age bracket it's not broken up by scale it's just by age mix play so stick around we'll have game two coming up here.

one zero two now and we are back for game two of this gold medal match best of three lob lands in right now two zero two that's three zero two now Far Side team taking an early lead.

White four zero two we've got a timeout from the receivers slow down the momentum of the far team taking an early 4-0 lead here five zero two with that serve.

miscommunication on the far side makes its side out zero five one now um all right ball went out two five one now.

Ball also went out the backs it's three five one all right one Andrew ball lands out four five two so very evenly matched teams here.

and now the receivers call it timeout all right five two five five two foreign great effort there.

All right terrible what happened six five two one 's just out.

Again hang in there seven five two five seven one five seven one second server five seven two oh great gets there and your team had some amazing shots.

the official people goes out eight six one this is a.

Game day 11. if the far team wins they will have won this match and gotten gold second server 862. oh went out the back nine six two one.

Ten six two so this is game and match point here and the near side team hangs on a little bit longer side out one six ten one second server 6102.

. side out ten six one can they hold up there you have it folks point game match Far Side team wins the gold medal match in two games.

This is for 70 plus 70 plus age mixed play so not broken up by skill but by age some very impressive play out here some pretty evenly matched teams thanks so much for watching everyone