Gold medal match 4065 plus here at Diamond amateur championship 2022. Denise and Roger on the near side and pepe and Shelley on the far side zero zero one this is a best of three match all day it's been one game to 15. pool play and then the first playoff game but this one goes to best of three for the gold medal.

Match one zero one Pepe had an opportunity for a big forehand finish there and all caught the edge or some kind of a Miss hit and went wide one zero two good drop from Pepe.

Two zero two nice return from Denise just barely landed in the defense from Denise putting that back over great hands great Point great job by Roger Denise on defense there and then Roger taking an opportunity for the Finish.

Zero two one and that just barely caught the back Edge Shelley and pepe I think both thought that was going long they didn't even try to go for it they're also staring into the sun so it's very difficult to grab that ball when it's high up in the air like that.

One two one okay great finish from Pepe good hands by Roger at one point there and getting the ball back over great shot one two two oh break point.

Good point good resets and drops from Roger and Denise getting up to the net all right a little miscommunication there on Roger and Denise's side I think Denise thought that when Roger took that overhead he was going to continue to the right side and switch.

And then she shuffled left 3-1-1 try five four one one nice drive by Pepe but Denise is there for the block good point.

Five one one five one more good soft shot by Denise taking all the power off the ball Pepe couldn't get to it five one two just wide on that return from Denise six one two a lot of spin on that ball Shelly couldn't quite get a paddle on it.

One six one nice drop from Denise just wide on that second drop one six two six two Roger double ticket double checking he was the correct server always a good idea good put away there from Pepe.

Six two one good shot from Pepe Roger almost got that back over timeout seven two one good finish 722.

And that's a fault on Pepe for serving all the scores being called you can serve uh if you've served before the score is called and it's a redo but if the score has if the ref has started calling the score and you serve it is a fault seven two two seven two.

The Try by Roger trying to grab that side out seven two one oh fantastic Hustle by Roger but couldn't get around it around the ball to keep that in eight two one good shot by Shelly and Pepe Roger taking the ball power off that.

Ball great shot good hands good point eight two two and the wind wind picked up right as that point started it's been pretty calm throughout the day but definitely a little bit of a breeze right now.

Two way one great shots by Pepe Roger had a nice drive on Pepe's banking inside he got over to it and then ultimately came with the point to it too good spot from Shelley putting it right at Denise's feed that's always a tough shot to grab.

Eight two one keep in mind this is game one games two eleven and the best of three and there's that lob again worked before so Shelley win for it that one did not land in though eight two two foreign.

nine two two coming out of the timeout a good spot from Pepe putting it just Out Of Reach of Roger so game point for Pepe and Shelley here in game one uh good attacks from Denise not a bad.

Idea but Shelley was just there to block good work by her 11-2 final score here in game one there's Shelley's lawn that worked in the previous game going forward again great grand by Roger Roger and Denise are a little more ready for it now and then he's waiting for the attack.

There got it up a little too high Pepe finished off and that gives them the first point one zero two yeah good point good point great shots by everybody there zero one one.

isn't that dribbler good good grab by Pepe Denise tried to roll that one over and didn't quite get enough roll on it zero one two one zero one.

Thank you nice shot by Denise pulling Pepe out on his backhand side but he was there for it that ball stays in great shot great job by Denise one zero two.

Great Hands by Shelly and pepe there putting the ball back over two zero two zero two one nice shot by Roger but great pickup from Shelley off her feet foreign tastic Hustle by Roger to get back to.

That lob really nice job that gives Roger and Denise their first point one two one right oh nice shot by Denise great angle just over the net and they tied it up two two one and the ref called the incorrect server.

Number there so it's two two one so they will re-serve now two two nice spot from Shelley two one two two thank you.

good idea by Pepe to come over and grab that but he just got it way too high and Roger put it in a good spot for the Finish two two one oh good pickup from Denise by Denise right off her feet nice reset.

Three two one three two two nice point two three one yeah Pepe and Shelly saying that Roger.

Touched it when he put his paddle out Roger and Denise saying it did not touch his panel two three two three two one good spot from Shelley on that overhead on Denise's banking inside.

Three two two three one foreign two two three two I believe nice shot from Denise good hands three two one Sydney's looking for a lob opportunity.

There didn't quite get it deep enough Pepe was able to get a good forehand on it three two two good spot from Shelley sign out once again two three one Pepe taking control there getting aggressive up the kitchen line.

Two three two back to Roger and Denise three two one three two two good block by Shelley oh nice resets by Denise wow fantastic Point really nice work by all really all four players there great resets great drops four two two.

That'll make it five two two timeout called by Shelly and pepe five two two them all looked like it landed out to me but it must have been in two five one.

Oh two five two nice drive from Shelley sinking over the net three five two Denise trying to send that out Shelley's right side nice angle and it doesn't make it over four five two.

nice spot from Pepe Roger was just half a step away from it and couldn't get his feet under him five five two good battle six five two confusion oh.

All right so 752 timeout called by Roger and Denise some confusion there over whether that ball was called in or out I think Roger and Denny's just we're kind of discussing it between themselves and generally the rule is there needs to be a pretty immediate call on what if the.

Ball is out so if it's not cold out then it's in foreign oh Shelly going for the backhand finish that gives the ball back to Roger and Denise five seven one good lob from Denise oh.

Bald just barely not making it over six seven one six seven two seven six one Brothers fantastic defense by Shelley on those on that overhead there great finish from Denise.

762. point just wide on that shot eight six two nine six two time out Roger and Denise nine six two I'm in nine six two nine six two Shelly and pepe two points away from gold medal.

Nice LOB ster confusion there on the other side one point away from the gold medal for Shelly and Pepe ten six two Roger and Denise need to stop them right here and there's the match great match two teams both.

Very fairly matched up which is always good to see in the gold medal silver goes to Roger and Denise and Shelly and pepe get gold congratulations