I'm good this is the gold medal match for 4 oh 19 plus mixed at the diamond amateur Championship 2022 at picktona in Daytona Beach we got Abby and Josh on the near side versus Nicole and also Josh on the far side I will call Josh squibbey which is what he goes by just.

To differentiate between the two Joshua's great point right there to start it off from Indiana Josh and Abby are from the Fort Wayne area and Nicole and squibby are from the South Bend area come all the way to Florida the diamond.

Amateur championship and you face two teams from generally the same area and the refs are discussing something over there zero zero one good dinks there one zero one and this is a best of three games to 11.

The format all day up until this point has been one game to 15. this pool play with a playoff so there were one game to 15 in the pool play but now with the gold medal match they switch to best of three game to 11 which is the more standard format.

Kill yourself two zero two and we're playing at the Championship Court the brand new Center Court here at pictona just finished for this tournament in the last uh weeks or maybe the last couple months or so.

Seating for 1200 people in here it's uh not quite full right now for the 4-0 gold medal match but the idea is that this will be home to Pro tournaments in the future very nice facility great shot from Josh to finish that off one two one.

ball uh possibly I believe hitting Abby in the face one two two great defense from Nicole blocking those drives from Josh they were good drives good defense though.

Two on one three one one Josh off or a squibbey on the other side off balance when you hit that drive kind of leaning backwards sort of falling backwards ball into the net three one two.

Oh little middle miscommunication there it was just a touch on Abby's side and so Josh saw that and thought she might take it and then she was looking for him to grab it with the uh forehand sign uh I'm not sure what that conversation was.

About and there are two refs over there I think maybe one of them is possibly in training pause for a second here I think the one rep is it possibly in training and made an incorrect note about something and so it took a while to fix that.

412 there now slide out 141. a huge finish there from squibbey on an overhead what would you say one four two.

Good point there 4r11 nice return to squibbies backing inside he's gonna get the drop over 4-1-2 and similar shot there but on the forehand side.

And that'll be slide out 141. inside out there from Nicole but Josh was not fooled by it got the ball back over good answer by Josh 241. Josh trying to attack that ball.

Not making it over the net 242. tough spot for Nicole she was off balance grabbing that on the trying to grab that on the backhand side three four two good attack there on squibby.

442 tied up now gives Josh and Abby the lead five four two oh nice shot from Josh keeping that ball in on the drive on squibbies banking inside and they'll take a timeout here it's a quick look at the uh.

Championship Court here at victona and they got their names up on the board over there which is pretty cool hard to see it with the sun behind it but scoreboard with their names there and maybe see it over here and we'll come back after the timeout foreign.

Josh putting on squibbie's backhand side he was struggling to grab that nice shot seven four two I think is the score eight four two foreign.

point there great battle and that'll be signed out four eight one nice return from Abby and Nicole couldn't get the drop over good speed up from Josh and then.

Squibbey was there for it just missed getting that ball back over 841 thank you just one nine four one good eye from Nicole in that sale it.

Looked very close from this vantage point but I'm quite far away from the back Baseline so maybe it was more out than it looked but good eye 942 491 .

591 . great Point here oh great grab oh wow great point right there nice Shots by everybody involved fantastic defense from Nicole and squibbie on the.

Other side great little drop tap shot by Josh to end it smart shot great point 592 foreign hey another great Point great back and forth.

Six nine two I believe is a score now foreign that was wide from Abby so timeout eight nine two nice pick up by squibbie on that one.

Shot but couldn't keep the ball down good finish by Josh 981 . a little miscommunication there from looked like Nicole and squibbon who's going to take that ball and squibbett.

Was just a half a second late to it 1081 so this is game one of the best of three so Josh and Abby this is game point for them and that dink just wide from scribby so that's game one goes to Josh and Abby another look at the scoreboard over there.

Go fight again there's another look at pictona I think there are about 45 total courts something like that here with the addition of quite a good number of them and the championship Court happening in just the last two or three months I believe we're wrapping up on that.

So here we go with game two so they switched ends for game two and then if it goes to a game three if Nicole and Scooby get the win here and it goes to game three they will switch ends at uh when the first team reaches six points just uh keep it fair on which end you're playing.

With uh which end you're playing from enjoy one zero one zero one nice shots from Nicole 102. good inside outs from Nicole where she looks like she's taking it hitting that left and the ball goes right Josh.

Was ready on the other side but he got the second one up just a little too high when you hit an inside out like that it also adds a lot of Spin To The Ball unusual spin that you're not used to so even if you're ready for the ball coming in that direction the spin can quite easily uh fool you excuse me.

Two zero two oh wow fantastic ground by Nicole to even get that ball back over with smart shot from Josh just tap it over Nicole and squibbey were both uh full steam in Reverse so smart shot to not try to put any power on that 302.

031 one Oh Nicole tried to reach down the backhand side sorry I think it was just.

Out of view of the camera it's and couldn't quite get it but good angle zero three two great shots from Nicole taking control there good job by squibbey staying out of the way with uh squibbey being a lefty.

They've got both forehands in the middle so shots like that can cause some confusion normally with two right-handed players you've only got one forehand in the middle like you see with uh Josh and Abby on the other side his forehand is in the middle generally mixed it's the man's forehand in the middle.

Stacking over there to keep his forehand in the middle three one one but when you're playing with the Lefty it just presents a little bit of a different Dynamic now right now there actually is no 4am in the middle for Nicole and squibby so they sometimes switch on points.

Sometimes don't so that depending on whether they want both forehands in the middle or Four Hands on the outside so you see them right there switching to put both Four Hands in the middle now one three one.

Oh great shot from sweby sorry I missed it as I was zooming in there but just when I zoom in to try to get a closer look at the action there's a ball that takes somebody way out so squibbie grabbed that dink that was pulling him super wide and then he sent a crazy wide angle ball back to Abby and she couldn't grab it.

Two three one oh big overhead from Josh in the net three three one foreign defense from Nicole and squibbey after that Nicole got that ball a little high.

And there they go Come Away with the point great defense from those Nicole and squibbie Nicole and squeby take the lead for the first time in game two four three one Nicole going for the angle on that dink just wide four three two.

Infusion over uh the ball being called out I think everybody agreed it was out so ref just making sure his notes are correct four three two foreign as well the ref said he did it's never a bad idea to check.

When the balls are close three four one the refs are primarily oh great Point great point I started to say there the rest are primarily watching for kitchen faults that's their number one job in addition to obviously calling the score keeping track of the scoring servers but during the point they're primarily watching for.

Kitchen faults but you can always appeal to them and say Hey did you see that ball wasn't in fact in or out and they will a lot of times say they didn't see it because they were watching the kitchen but if they saw it they'll make the appropriate call can't hurt a Feeling.

Very close on that ball four three one good point there Oh Nicole trying to catch Josh as he was switching sides and if the ball made it over would have been a difficult grab for Josh it wasn't a bad idea from Nicole but just missing putting that in the net four three two.

Foreign good grab from Abby off off the net there but I couldn't keep the ball down 632 so Nicole and squibby extending their lead and the ref called incorrect server.

Which would be a fault but I don't think that's correct so Conversation Over who the starting server was Nicole and squibbie may have switched who Nicole and squeby switch starting servers in game two I'm not sure if that's what the confusion is over.

I'll come back in just a minute once I figure it out foreign okay so I'm still not exactly sure where the problem was uh but the fault call stood has incorrect server so it's side out good dink battle there by all four.

Players uh Josh and Abby having a little conversation there 362. sign out 631 squidby going for the big poach and not a bad idea but couldn't keep it out of the net.

632 oh good defense by squibby getting that ball back over three six one there's that middle Collision having two forehands in the middle sometimes causes here but a better two forehands going forth.

Than zero three six two nice return from Nicole nice and deep going for the attack oh good angled angled shot from squibby and Abby thought she had an opportunity for an ATP there was an opportunity there but she put it just long.

Six three one six three one once again oh wow fantastic defense by Abby and Josh putting those balls back over squibbey was hitting ahead as hard as he can those balls usually do not come back when uh squibbie gets a real solid.

Overhead on so great job by Abby and Josh on defense 632 . good drop from Nicole three six one the ball kind of died on squibbie's panel there so that's a point for Josh.

And Abby 4-6-1 nice shot from Nicole pushing Abby back but she was ready for it good eye from Josh letting that one go from squibbing five six one nice return from squibbi banking inside five six two.

Five six feet oh man that ball went half over and then came back and that'll tie it up six six two a win from uh Josh and Abby here in game two gives them the goal Nicole and square with the silver I went for Nicole and squibby sends this.

To game three oh nice shots good rolls there from Nicole putting as much power on that as possible keeping control and side out 661. wow fantastic defense from Josh wow great hands.

great job putting that ball back over 662. oh great spot from Nicole that's a great spot right between them Abby was covering her line and Josh thought it was coming across really nice spot go down the middle.

762. oh a little off balance there look at the ball maybe got a little behind her she was just stretching a little bit more than she needed to 671 foreign on the court.

So they will Reserve x71 . nice drop from Josh oh nice drop from Josh but Nicole had a good shot to Abby put at her feet six seven two a great time together oh good ground from Square be putting that.

Right at the chest right in the middle of Josh's chest which is a really tough shot to block upper chest 761 nice defense from Nicole a great point eight six one.

oh good attack from Nicole very similar to what we saw a moment ago when she put that ball between them putting that in an unusual spot it also helps with the the tape the white part of the net actually blocks her opponents from seeing exactly where she's putting that.

Until sometimes too late so when you're putting that bowl in an unusual spot sometimes that nettake when you're really close to the net there can actually help you a bit 962. oh you got exactly what it was looking.

For great defense by Abby for sending those balls back over squibbie was pounding her with drives a good job getting the ball back over and 691 confusion from uh Josh and Abby over what side was the correct side they were.

Supposed to be on so you seem to have figured it out just wide on that shot from Abby good attack for Nicole 692. oh it's a big overhead with the inside out.

There and a little too much inside out ball Falls wide 792 Nicole loves those Inside Out shots sometimes it's a little difficult to control them great grab by Josh Squibb you thought he would catch him off guard going down the his outside edge and Josh was there for.

It 892 oh awkward shot for Nicole and Nicole and it's gonna be calling time out here game is tied up in 992. John uh squibbian Nicole need a win right here to get back in the match and take it to game three 992 a timeout.

I think Nicole thought her return was going out and then there was a bit of Hope just for a moment and it didn't eventually fall out 1092 so Abby and Josh this is match point for the gold for them fantastic defense from Josh oh good one for Nicole and.

A little bit of a conversation there on whether the ball was in fact out I think it was out but uh Abby's partner Josh was uh not entirely sure so they're going with the alcohol and that is for the match so gold goes to Abby and Josh and silver to Nicole and squibbey great match.