Zero zero two we got 4019 plus mixed gold metal match and Nationals 2022. on the near side is Aaron and Julie and on the far side is Barra and Paul 102. return into the net 202 oh great backhand finish from borrow she.

Was sitting on that two-handed backhand just ready to smash it three zero two three zero two and this is best of three games to 11. oh another another return into the net from Paul I think both of these teams or at least one of them has had been sitting for quite a while uh prior to this match.

Good middle shot finish there from Aaron zero four one oh great great attack by Aaron seeing an opportunity there to roll that right into all in a really tough spot to block one for one good solid serve from Julie.

Oh wow crazy bounce off the net 241 oh fantastic shot by Aaron going for the uh placement overpower but also getting quite a lot of pace on it with a nice roll three four one.

good shots for Paul here 14. before two Aaron going for a drive down Paul's.

Backhand side but it doesn't quite make it over the net four three one Aaron noticed doing the oh nice nice backing and roll into Hall on an angle uh as I was mentioning Aaron looked like he.

Was doing the spin serve which is illegal going into starting in 2023 but it didn't look like his Spencer was jumping too much as far as I could tell I'll have to watch it a little more oh a lot of power from that shot from Paul going into Julie.

532 the jump on the spin service can vary quite a bit so sometimes it jumps quite a bit other times not so much oh good spots from good spots from Julie keeping Paul back and then putting it at his feet with him he's trying to take advantage and charge the net.

Three five one together three five two tomorrow with a flying backhand block on that drive and Aaron thinking he had an opportunity to a tank in the middle puts it in the net five through one.

A great drops from Paul Julie's also very good at keeping him back oh and then a nice nice Banking and finish Out Of Reach of Paul from Aaron good shots great point five through two five three two three five one.

Good shot by Julie setting Aaron up for a finishing shot backing inside of yeah I don't know if it was back inside but down down Bar's side short return oh Aaron came up to take advantage of that short return but the ball out.

Four five two spray Dinks great dink Exchange five five two and good eye from Paul letting that drive fly five one so.

Great shots from Julie she is really good at grabbing those drops and sending them back keeping the other the opponent back as far as possible good shots by Aaron five five one and this is game one of the best of three.

All right five two oh yeah gray grabs from Aaron setting himself up for a great shot right down the middle six five two three slide out five six one.

50 plus oh wow that shot hitting the top of the net and then just barely falling over I think Julie thought for just a split second she might be able to hit an ATP on it but by the time she got to it the ball bounce wasn't high enough and.

It was second bounce that block from Aaron Landing just out the back seven six one seven six one good shot for Paul taking advantage there on uh Julie getting the dink just a little bit high in the middle.

So eight six one I believe is the score timeout 861 coming out of the timeout wow fantastic shot from Aaron oh he had a fantastic shot pushing Paul back I think the ball hit the back line and then he went for a short volley just over the net and it didn't quite make it but that's the.

Right decision he would have had him if he could have gotten that over nine six one good job by Aaron taking advantage there setting that point up for himself 962. Julie trying to go down the backhand.

Side of Paul not a bad idea but she puts it long 962 or uh 1062. that serve and that's game one eleven six with Paul and Bara Winnie here we go with game two if Paul and Barra win this game they have won Gold and that ball lands out.

zero zero one good shot from Aaron nice placement zero zero two good shot from Paul and an awkward spot for Julie de block one zero two and that ball wide.

two zero two Julie calling that out zero two one and that ball is out one two one or uh zero two two sorry zero two two oh great Shuffle slide over by Aaron.

To take that shot he's very good at those he puts it right between Paul and Barra for the Finish foreign big overhead there from Aaron and it goes out the back three one one.

Good try by Paul to grab that backhand but he couldn't get it three one two gray dink there from Julie Poland Paul way out on his backhand side one three one I was looking to see if that spin served from Aaron jumps much I don't see much of a jump on it.

Everyone two three one trying to make something happen there on a very low ball and she puts it out three three one very close to that back line Paul and Barna thinking that it might have caught the line the referee backs up the rule.

That it or the uh the ruling that it was out 431 oh wow oh Julie calls that out as possible five three one I was surprised everyone missed the ATP.

He was pulled so far out great backhand finish from fall huge backhand attack five three two a great job by Aaron sliding in there he does that so well I would guess that he and Julia played together quite a lot because she is able.

To let him slide over and take that shot and doesn't get in his way timeout 732 timeout 732 coming out of the timeout and that drop is wide from Julie so three seven one.

So three seven two foreign there last shot was just Out Of Reach of Aaron four seven two all with that big Banking and finishing.

Shot we saw a couple of those earlier too he's very good at those five seven two five seven two one good battle at the net 672 foreign.

Julie putting that shot in an awkward spot for borrow to grab backhand and kind of at her feet real deep slide out 761. beforehand from Barra just barely catching the net eight six one great shots from Aaron taking control at.

The kitchen line 961. thank you great finishing shot from Aaron he kind of disguises where he's going to put that and he put it right down Paul's banking inside he's done that a few times 1061 game point for.

Aaron and Julie 1062. if you feel big backhand from Baron catches the top of the net lands in side out 6-10-1 62.

Okay great shot down the middle from Aaron 1061 game Point again for Aaron and Julie yep and there's that shot again he is so good it slides over grabs that rolls it.

Over right between them and they'll split this one one if Aaron and Julie were to win game three they would go to a game to 15 because Paul and Barra are undefeated and it's always double elimination but if Paul Amaro win this game three then it's uh everything's over and they will have won.

Gold we'll see what happens foreign switch sides switch ends at six oh there's that shot Paul tried one or Aaron tried one of those earlier and put it in the net but.

He got that one to work out great shot zero zero one and that return is long one zero one one zero one oh Paul ready with the backing defense there and lands that just in the back left corner.

Might have been off camera because I can't get the entire court in the view of the camera but very good shot wow very similar shot right there he loves those backhand grabs and he was ready for the drive zero one one.

Zero one two oh great Hustle by Paul fantastic oh wow great point uh confusion over the score the ref called The Ref called one one two.

and question over whether or whether Paul and Bara have scored a point or not and pulling bar are not saying anything okay so they are calling the.

Head ramp to determine what happened here and whether Paul and Bara have a point so we'll see what happens here okay so just a quick update here it's about at least 10 minutes later they're waiting on the head rep to show up to have a conversation about this I actually offered to the ref to take a.

Look at the video footage that I have which I actually haven't not quite yet looked at so I don't even know what the answer is because in order to look at the footage I've got to stop my video and then once I stop my video it's no longer one single file so I'm just uh pausing the recording and then recording more is the way that I record.

Here on my phone so I actually don't know what the answer is as of right now and I offered to the ref to stop the video and have him look at it and he said that it doesn't matter they cannot use video replay uh so whatever I have recorded doesn't make any difference because he has marked on his.

Scoresheet that both teams have one point so we will find out here in a few minutes what the determination is but uh based on what he said I can't imagine he would overturn that and since he has a point marked on his clipboard unless the other team were to admit that they don't have a point which.

I don't even know what the right answer is but if they were to say hey we don't have a point then I would assume he would go back to uh or he would go to 1-0 but as of right now the score is 1-1 because he has a mark on his board saying that the score should be 1-1 we'll see what happens okay so quick update here it's been.

Another at least 10 minutes head ref is finally here in the blue hat and they are discussing what's going on the opponents Paul and Bara came out and we're warming up for a few minutes but they stopped so I'm assuming what's going to happen here is the head ref is going to say.

That he has to back up the court ref because the only notes are that a point was scored on each side but we'll find out and the ref talk to Aaron and Julie for a minute and now he's talking to their opponents got shot so.

Situation okay the ref's saying it's one one two okay the rest saying you made a mistake there it's one one and telling Aaron and Julie that they lost a timeout and got a technical warning for since they lost their appeal to the Head ref.

112. very very deep on that serve unless we caught the back edge of the line two one two 4.1 8 Great Exchange there great battle fantastic Point by all four players Amara able to put that shot.

To Aaron's back in and he couldn't get over back to his side one two one two two one two two YouTube.

Aaron going for the attack down the middle sliding over to grab that one of his favorite shot which he normally does really well with putting that one in the net three two two foreign.

Two four one three four one three four one three four two all right let's go good drop from Julie 442 good overheads from Paul keeping it very deep.

Four four one Paul called that ball out it was very close back there from my vintage point I really couldn't tell 541 Nice Shot really nice shot from Julie on the backhand side of Paul catching him.

Hugging middle five four two four five one foreign that ball was a little high at Paul's forehand but I think it was so high that he couldn't use a caught a little off guard there.

Put it in the net and they are switching sides at six five one strawberry great shot from Aaron seven five one oh go baby the sun is causing some strange Shadows.

Especially for this the near side team here Paul and Bara they are looking into the sun and the ball is traveling in and out of the Shadows which makes it very difficult to track it's been it's been like the space going the whole the whole match but.

It seems to be a particular problem right now time out eight five one coming out of the timeout sticky and Bara lands that backhand right on the Inside Edge great shot.

Eight five two or in Aaron sort of lost control that's been served but was able to keep it in oh my God 531 581 it's good serve on the outside edge line but Julie grabbed it.

And that ball just barely dribbling over all right going for Aaron's backhand trying to grab him when he was middle good idea definitely definitely the right idea but she put it in the net 582. there's a repeat of the same thing that.

One she got over I think Aaron knew exactly where she was going with that ball as soon as she came up to hit it but he couldn't get back to his side 682. oh huge overhead into the net there good shot from Aaron pushing Barra way.

Back and she misses the drop eight seven one timeout 871 coming out of the timeout foreign going for Aaron's backhand side again.

But he was ready for that I was able to put it down the middle 971 great serve really great serve they just barely caught the outside edge line timeout 971.

10 7-1 and that was the last time out for either side and this is game point for oh game point for Aaron and Julie if they win this game it will go to a game to 15 because they.

Are coming out of the losers bracket somebody beat them earlier in the day but Julie or uh there it is right there so now it is a game to 15. okay maybe I was mistaken there I guess uh they were coming out of the Winter's bracket I apologize I thought that uh Bara and Paul were.

Coming out of the Winner's bracket so that's it um there is the gold and silver all right so congratulations to them and that's it for gold and silver
Juli Felton/Aaron Miller vs Bara Sebkova/Paul Johnson