So this is three Five Sixty plus gold medal match here at Nationals 2022. 2 a point there one zero two and this is a game to 15 there was a rain delay earlier so they're doing a game to 15 even though it's the gold medal match and you'll notice the gentleman here in.

The black shirt who is serving has a very good spin chainsaw sir so it hits the ground and it skids jumps heavy he has been scoring many many points on that all throughout the day 302.

But both of these teams are very very good we're getting to the gold medal match here at Nationals which is the toughest competition for pickleball in the country and to get to the gold medal match certainly very good very high very high level three five players probably not.

Really three five players probably more like 4-0 players at least to have gotten to this level all right zero three two good served good drop nice finishing shot three zero one.

Four zero one so it's one game to 15 but if the team in Black here on the near side wins that game it will go to a game to 11 because they are coming up out of the losers bracket so somebody earlier in the day beat them but if the team on the far side wins that game to 15.

Valley s uh a little conversation about whether that ball was in or out yeah that served kicked so much a lot of people just can't adjust to it.

and if you're wondering if that serve is legal it is for a very short time more in 2023 that is being banned six uh now seven zero two so yeah as I mentioned that served the uh the chainsaw Spencer whatever you want to call it is being banned in uh 2023 so you will.

No longer be allowed to impart any spin on the ball before you serve and so that type of crazy spin will no longer be allowed going into 2023 but in 2022 it remains legal and so he's taking advantage of it and it's completely legal as of right now and the opponents are certainly struggling significantly.

Especially the lady on the other side is I don't think she's even touched the ball or even come very close so far on those serves time out right now question about the score 702 . so the guy on the other side is able to.

Handle that spin serve a little better than the lady but uh so eight zero two and they will switch sides 502 and she goes able to grab that serve and that's side out so zero eight one and the other team called it out but I.

Think it was pretty clearly in in the ref uh ref overruled the nose in I think an honest mistake so that's the first point for the near team that was long or wide so uh uh 282.

Or one one eight one eight two twice and there's a 0.282 . check it out another point there three eight two yeah they're going on a run here on the near team 482.

Very nice drives from the guy in pink 582 timeout 582 all right so coming out of the timeout here and the near team is going on a big run they got the ball at zero eight five eight two foreign.

high five one here we go and nine five two if they can get the serve back they uh end up doing pretty well but that serve is Just Killer.

Five nine and you saw the near side team there stacking on defense which is fairly unusual they do that to put the man's forehand or any player's forehand when you have a stronger player to put more hand in the middle so the players line up so that the uh.

Clearly they went with the forehand in the middle is uh set up correctly great point there so 691 find one great serve six nine two slide out there 961.

So nine six one once again you see the near team stacking so the man will then shift left to put his to put his forehand in the middle oh and there's confusion so he was the incorrect receiver so it's now ten six one yes.

Ten six one and great coverage there on the back by the guy on the other side good shots but it's not quite enough so 10-6-2 across me to come oh and once again if they can just get this.

If they can get that serve back over they end up winning the point A lot of times six ten one foreign just short seven two two or uh Seven Ten Seven Ten two yeah.

Oh just barely missed again so ten seven one side out once again got him on the serve eleven seven one twelve seven one thirteen seven one thirteen seven one coming out of the timeout.

Once again another point there so we are fourteen seven one if the uh one more point from going to a game to 11 I believe team seven and I believe we will now go to a game to 11. yes so the team in Black was coming out of the losers bracket so they lost.

Earlier in the day so now it goes to a game to 11 because the near side team the team that was near side here at the end in the guy in the pink shirt and the lady in Black uh were undefeated so it's always double elimination so if you're undefeated going into the gold medal match then you need to be beaten twice so they lost that match or that game.

There to 15 and now in order for the team in Black to get gold do they need to win one more game all right here we go in the game to 11 to determine the winner so the winner of this gets gold and the loser gets silver she's able to get that served back oh.

Once again if they can if they can just get the serve back they win the point almost every time zero zero one zero zero two oh one zero two oh great LOB gray lob right over the.

Head of the other lady a very tough backhand grab for the guy two zero two that was out 302 now great serve on the back line oh wow fantastic shot oh yeah that stayed in great shots from the guy here in pink.

Timeout 402. 402 and another point there five zero two called that out six zero two and switching ends game to 11. 602 oh wow great hands oh wow great battle lady on the near side here at a.

Great defensive shots and then a great hands battle there no oh he missed it zero six two that is very very big that he missed that serve because almost all of their points come off of that serve his serve.

And now it's a side out again 6-0 601 701 points here what happened and that ball wanted to come over and just barely fell back so 702 okay.

Good point slide out zero seven one wow really misses twice in a row zero seven two oh great shot great Drive caught the man in pink there coming over to cover the middle and got him on his outside edge it's a.

Great shot when you get it in it's uh it's risky because you got a small margin of error there but you know when you can land it right down like that it's a great shot the fusion on the other side over positioning 172.

Great shot grab by the grab on that one shot by the backhand by the lady on the other side they ultimately lost the point two seven two uh middle Collision there mixed up on who was taking the middle ball side out seven two one I believe.

Eight two one guy in pink on the other side is very very good at overheads that ball is high I don't think I've seen him put one out or put one in the net eight two one nine two one this is just a game to 11 to determine the winner so.

the far team lost game one matter here if they're able to score two more points and finish off with there it is and once again got that ball just a little behind he was able to keep that in near side team is calling time out very.

Smart at this point uh ten to one I believe ten two one so this is for everything right here and there it is so they lost game number one to 15 but managed to win the game to 11 so far team farsight team there the pink and black shirts I have one gold.

And silver goes to the two on the near side three Five Sixty plus here at Nationals 2022.
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