Okay this is the final match for tim and jenny it is for gold and silver one of these teams will go away with gold one will go away with silver three games best of three to eleven you win by two okay the score is zero zero two.

Okay tim and jenny beat this couple earlier they work their way back up through losers bracket to face tim and jenny again they're a good couple and they are actually very good friends of ginny and her husband they play together all the time and the woman is jimmy's women's partner so it's kind of a close race here.

There's chuck mecklen he's waving in the background there he's watching it with noah great shot tim the score is three zero two okay side out the score will be zero three one oh.

There's a long shot so it's one three one good shot tim one three two all right side out tim's serving three one one.

Beautiful shot by jenny that was very good four one one didn't quite make it over jenny's sir 4-1-2 oh that was out side out score is one four one okay that one is out so it's one for two.

Nice tim side out jenny's serving four one oh nice shot tim five one one nice return by the opponent five one two nice jenny six one two oh good point good coverage tim.

Seven one two nice shot jenny eight one two side out one eight one two eight one nice shots tim.

okay slide out eight two one eight two two nice shot nine two two okay we just finished a timeout.

Nice good shots jenny scores 10-2-2 this game goes to 11. oh that was out oh he took a chance okay so side out two ten one.

Three ten one coming in with the hard shots nice nice shots just had several people go through so i kind of lost track of things ten four one that one looked in.

That was the point so first game they won 11-4 good job timothy and jenny okay beginning game two of best of three tim and jenny won the first one okay side out so jenny will now have the serve and the score is zero zero one oh.

Okay tim sir zero zero two zero zero one point score is one zero one two zero one oh that was out so it's three zero one jenny just called a timeout okay four zero one.

was out four zero two that was out zero four one.

okay good job one four one nice shot tim two four one hit the shot and it hit jenny two four two.

Nice nice three four two nice shot by the opponent scores four three one that was out five three one.

Five three one whoa six three one seven three one nice time nice shots everyone good point.

score is four seven one five seven one five seven two oh nice lob jenny the shorter lady couldn't get it six seven two oh that was a nice return from the opponent.

Said seven six one seven six two nice tim nice wide spot open there side out jenny's serving six seven one oh.

Wonderful seven seven one okay great eight seven one.

Oh jenny called that in oh seven eight one oh that was out eight eight one that's out so opponents are serving second sir eight eight two.

nice shots jenny eight eight two all right point nine eight two nine eight two we just came off a timeout all right.

Ten eight two one more point is all they need for gold metal that's it that's it they got the game and now the match they are gold medal winners tim and jenny good job
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