This is men's 50 plus gold metal match about to start here at the diamond amateur Championship 2022 at pigtona in Daytona Beach so here's game one this is the best of three games to 11. Marcus and Brian on the near side and Tom and Lance on the far side.

foreign thank you great point one zero two nice attack by Marcus setting up.

Brian for the Finish two zero two three zero two oh and that ball just barely not making it over four zero two.

Oh fantastic little deceptive shot there from Marcus great shot 502 . 2 zero five ones side out all right oh good attack there.

It's a little opportunity to take that forehand shot zero five two oh good Hustle by Lance but Marcus put it in a good spot finish the point five zero one five zero two.

Very close on that serve they called it wine and Tom is switching panels for the second time so zero five one zero five two good morning nice backhand drive from Lance.

The block from Marcus goes wide and that'll give Tom and Lance the first point one five two two five two good point I think there was an ATP there that was a little hard to tell why that ball went over the net or went around the post I think it went around.

The post three five two okay and five three one side out go go no no nice grab by Tom on that net dribbler but couldn't keep it low enough.

Uh Tom and Lance a little confusion over the correct sides and this switching 631 foreign just long on that attack 632 right idea though it's wide open now God and Marcus getting that ball up.

Just a little bit too high and he knew it he was ready for the attack couldn't get a solid block on it and Tom is switching paddles once again he has a whole array of paddles set out on the stage back there 461 stop.

And that one just long again very similar to that previous shot that was also long but five six one sorry four six two I was looking at the scoreboard back there and I think they put put it to four a bit early so now it's four six two.

Now five six two six six two nice serve inside out ball uh looked like it was coming over kind of sat on the top for just a half second and then fell back on the side of.

Tom and Lance that'll give Brian and Marcus 761 762 so I don't six seven one thank you six seven two.

Nice finish from Marcus good roll that'll give him side out seven six one foreign got that a bit too high right to Tom's forehand 762. oh great drop.

Eight six two foreign good return from Lance pushes Marcus back and he just misses that drop 691 drive from Tom was very high but I think the ball was probably staying in.

692. great shot help nine six one uh sorry seven nine two I believe just wide on that dink nine seven one good drop and that just dies on the paddle of Tom this in the sweet spot so.

Ten seven one and this is game point for Marcus and Brian in game one oh Ryan thought he had an opportunity there to finish it off.

Some power 1072. 7 ten one Seven Ten two and once again game point here for Marcus and Brian ten seven one.

Thank you oh great shots so that's game one to Marcus and Brian here we go with game two sorry sometimes I zoom in to try to catch the action and then if the action uh happens outside of where I zoom in so point there for.

Marcus and Brian one zero two just wide out zero one one foreign good point there Sean from shopping Brian lands well out tied up one one.

Sorry one zero one now one zero two nope I was right so the uh the ref called the incorrect store so it is one one two one one two foreign.

pretty much sign out one three one three two nice attack from Marcus and the block.

From Lance goes wine two three two three two one foreign four two one foreign.

deceptive shots and Lance got his paddle on it and then uh Brian couldn't quite get that over for the finishing shot good point great shot again for Marcus foreign three five one.

three five two great shots great hustle everybody Marcus was a little steam ahead there at the beginning going for the Bernie four five two five four one.

Thank you six four one hello three point by everybody there law of Landing she was long.

Time out oh that ball just barely falling back on this side 742. foreign good job by Lance just barely getting out of the way of that and it falls long.

Four seven two nice shot by Lance to finish that point off got it in a really awkward spot for Marcus 741.

742 big drive and that it's Marcus in the chest eight four two I believe and that's gonna switch ends no sorry this is I'm used to a game to 15 so this is a game to 11 so they will not switch ends this tournament Diamond amateur.

Championship had a unique format and then it was cool play so round robin and it was games to 15 in the pool play and it only turns into best of three in the metal matches 842 . Lance and Tom calling that out it looked.

Good to me Marcus and Brian double checked with the ref and I I'm assuming the ref said she couldn't see it but I didn't hear exactly what she said the guy from Tom letting that bounce ten four two so game point for Tom and.

Lance and eleven four on that score so we'll go to game three yeah here we go with game three and on this one they will switch ends at six.

Zero zero one that return caught the top of the net and then Brian's shot just fall in one zero zero one zero zero two foreign.

Hoping it would fall along I think by the time he saw the balls coming his way he couldn't get his battle up there so his last ditch effort was the duck but it stayed in great shot okay good point one zero one.

Wide on the return two zero one oh called for a certain footfalls I believe he's an unusual Colony you don't see cold very often by the refs I could be wrong but I think that's what it was when you serve and uh make contact with the ball and both of your feet have to.

Be the side of the Court they can't be on the line 302. foreign 502.

Oh great finishing shot some Brian and there's the end switch Brian and Marcus up 6-0 602 zero six one oh Marcus uh jump in the kitchen there just.

To make sure he doesn't touch after the point was over zero six two six zero one thank you good battle there six zero two nice good attack from Brian setting himself up for the finishing shot.

Seven zero two sign out zero seven one Tom switching panels in between points he's got a stack of about seven panels oh nice little off speed shot right down the middle and that gives Tom and Lance their first point one seven one.

Two seven one two seven two very nice good point seven two one oh nice shot by Marcus grabbing Tom as he gets back on the court eight to one.

Eight two two nine two two and Marcus and Brian two points away from gold thank you good dinks there I thought at one point that Brian was going to go for the ATP Lance over on the right side I think.

Thought it as well but put it back over across ten two two and long on that shot should be side out two ten one and I don't give a point to Tom and Lance Tom using a spin serve there which is about to be illegal in a few more.

Weeks that's the first time Manny's doing it again right here believe that's the first time he's done that this match 310-1 3 10 2. 2023 the imparting spin on the ball with your hands like that is illegal.

it's all good now but he didn't seem to be uh getting Marcus or Brian on 10-3-1 game point Marcus and Brian gray resets by Brian and there's the gold for Marcus and Bryant silver to Tom and Lance great.