is the 3519 plus gold medal match here at Nationals 2022. we have Andy and Danny Lum on the near Court here serving and hitting the ball there on the return is Cameron and Alex right there in the blue who just hit that shot great shot.

Danny and Andy are undefeated on the entire day they are the winners bracket finalists and Alex and Cameron I'm not sure who beat them earlier in the day but someone beat them earlier than day and they came out of the losers bracket don't come back but it's always double.

Elimination so if Danny and Andy lose this match the first match which is uh best of three games to 11 then there will be a game to 15 to decide who wins gold and who wins silver because they have the opportunity to lose.

And twice everybody gets an opportunity to lose twice but if Alex and Cameron lose the best of three games to 11 then they have gotten silver because they already lost once earlier in the day and that ball was long side out and score remains 0-0 sorry for the background noise we are.

Right next to the pro Court where there are interviews and music and all kinds of stuff going on oh good shot from Danny keeping that overhead in but right on the edge zero zero two um and you might be looking at this and uh thinking that these guys look pretty good.

Nationals is the toughest pickleball competition in the world so these guys are very very high for three five players at any other tournament in the world they would certainly be 4-0 or 4-5 players all right well tomorrow three two zero two great blocks by Cameron great blocks.

By Cameron but getting that just a bit high and then Danny finishing it down the line very similar to what he did a moment ago zero two one Andy's serving he has a great serve I know because he actually these two guys actually both of these teams knocked me out of the tournament earlier today uh Danny and Andy knocked me out.

Of the me and my partner out of the winners bracket and then Alex and Cameron knocked us out of the losers bracket I can tell you that Andy's serve is very very good very hard but both of these teams are fantastic great blocks defense by Cameron.

Blew long great Point by everybody 322 Danny and handy have taken the lead very close on that back line but uh Alex and Cameron did not call it out four two two good shot by Danny.

Gray drops oh just short two four one oh Andy going for the attack and putting that out the back so three four one.

Alex and Cameron are stacking to put Alex's forehand in the middle and that'll tie it up four four one nice off-speed shot from Danny he didn't hit that that hard sometimes that can be actually a key to getting the point because your opponent.

Is expecting a much harder shot and then messes up the timing so smart shot from Danny it also allows for much more Precision when you're not putting all of your power into the shot four four one all tied up tumblers good attack gotta talk by Danny on Alex.

Couldn't get it over so five four one Danny and Alex are Danny and Andy are also stacking uh most likely due to Andy being uh Lefty so both forehands are in the middle for this for their team Dan Danny's drives very very good I experienced a number of those earlier today and uh did not usually end well for me he has a.

Lot of power on his drives just like his served I lost track of the score and the great drive but good block by Cameron oh wow great game from Danny with a lot of a lot of chop.

um Alex has fantastic angles when he hit it he's hitting those dinks or hitting the drops you can see he pulled Danny way out and Danny went for the lob to kind of try to compensate but.

Six four two now good shot by Cameron keeping Andy deep sorry 481 I believe is the score on it it's very difficult to hear it with the music and announcements going on right behind us at the pro Court nice thing from Danny right on the line.

Oh it was going for the little flick attack on Cameron five eight two gonna return by Andy Smith is the drop 851 Margaritaville foreign going for the attack but.

Lands long eight five two Cameron has a nice chop spin on his returns five eight one.

Oh great Point great point he's got an ATP in there ATP defense foreign wow great defense by Cameron wow those spot shots are coming right at his body really good at that nice defense by Cameron keeping that.

Point alive for them seven eight one good return good point eight seven one.

oh sorry so the 782 actually finishing shot for the camera Landing out the back so the side out now eight seven one 792.

100 . good shots there good point nine seven one right here two zero two nine seven two three oh great grab.

Oh oh God I just barely out the back there good point three zero two seven nine one and that blue long so 792. oh barely dribbling over the net nothing you can do about that nine seven one.

Alex sitting there with that backhand ready for that attack to come in so you can smash it good shot nine seven two four one four one okay.

Good dinks good point get ten seven two zero four two great serve really deep oh Danny for the Finish game point 10 I don't know slide out there Seven.

Ten one one four zero one great draw by Alex oh man a little surprise shot those not a lot of pace on them but they're just come at a very unexpected angle Seven Ten two good serve real deep got attacked by Danny.

Andy and Danny going for game point here in game one great drop and another game point 10-7-2 great Point side out again 7-10 Seven Ten two.

great defense by Cameron go to reset good angle really nice thinking oh great finish there but fantastic Dinks back and forth between Danny and Alex eight ten two go to return on the backhand side uh what happened.

Incorrect server Maybe must have been incorrect incorrect server apparently correct correct position but incorrect server I believe is what he said which is unusual but that is a fault of the incorrect oh.

Wow fantastic grab by Andy and another one two in a row Andy completely spinning 360 to get those shots oh but couldn't quite grab that one but really nice point there 1082 another game point finish from Alex to 810 one 75.

. oh great shot from Cameron going right down the middle nine ten one so Alex and Cameron making a run here holding Danny and Andy on 10. oh just wide on that dink from Cameron but.

Good Exchange nine ten two good reset oh fantastic reset from Alex there great touch it's a 1010 they have tied it up 10 10 2. wow Alex and Cameron Take the Lead 11 10-2.

And there it is wow so after holding the lungs on 10 points for quite a while Alex and Cameron win game one this is best of three though and then if Alex and Cameron win again they actually have another additional game to 15. so it's not a battle for them but they got game one thank you.

All right game two good finish Alex and Cameron strike first one zero two yeah for you sign out zero one one.

drive into the net from handy zero one two grab my camera in there nice ground by Danny that ball was coming right at his head which is a really tough shot to grab and he was able to get it.

Back over oh ball was up high and Andy just missed putting that back over here eight six two.

That went long great Hands by everybody Cameron and Alex coming out on top two zero one oh good spot Danny 202. Cameron getting that block a little high and Andy taking advantage for finishing shot.

Zero two one Andy frustrated with himself putting those drives into the net as I mentioned earlier his drives are very very good very powerful he's missing a few there and getting frustrated with himself and that ball just barely not making it.

Over two zero one good returns oh not much you can do there two zero two three six one good eye from Alex and Cameron letting that one fly long three zero two.

Two side out zero three one four zero three two okay.

Look at the moment wow fantastic raps and Cameron oh and then he misses the uh relatively easy draw but he had fantastic defensive shots prior to that let's go again nice shot from Cameron putting that ball.

In the middle causing confusion Andy and Danny have both Four Hands In The Middle infusion with a shot like that where they're both going for it and that ball flew along three one one and he's flying along again so 4-1-1 four one one.

Nice finishing shot from Andy four one two a great exchange there at the net five one two oh eight ball heading off into the crowd one five one.

Great serve but Alex handled it no problem and then that drive out the back Landing just long so yeah wow two five two now side out five two one eleven eight.

One six two one timeout called by Andy and Dan 61. 1 now.

great drop there Andy on that one backhand great drop great point 261 good attack from Danny.

McDonald great hands on Alex there right hand scrapping that metal shot from Alex 461. great return from Cameron and he just misses the drop four six two eleven eight two.

not much you can do about that great job 562. 651 482 good point six uh.

X52 . attention players oh great drop on the first one and then the second one was just short five six ones.

Andy's Thrive bouncing off the top of the net timeout Cameron and Alex back up to the timeout right backhand drop Mandy a football called on camera.

great backhand drop from Andy in the football cold on Cameron and I lost track of the scores I cannot hear the ref erence yeah I cannot hear the ref at all with that music in the background so I'm not.

Sure what the score is here oh great hands great defense oh Andy thought Danny was grabbing that ball and then by the time he saw it was coming to him he couldn't get his body in position to hit it so six seven one should serve real deep drive from Alex down the backhand side.

Of Danny 771 thank you yeah great Point Cameron is great with those defensive shots he seems to actually do uh better under pressure than when he has.

Time to think about it eight seven one I believe is the score good shot from Andy ladies and gentlemen big impact on the sport of pickleball the Hall of Fame was established in 2017 and has enshrined 24 members today wow great pickup on that dink by India a.

Couple shots ago whole new distinguished members oh great Point all right so that was ten eight sorry about that I have very difficult to hear the score with the announcements going on the pro card behind us so now they have uh split the match so far with one game each and it will go to a game three and then if Cameron and Alex win.

That it'll go to another game an additional game to 15. and here we go it's game three our first on the board in game three great drive from Andy I think those are the drives he's used to hitting he was frustrated in the previous game because.

He was missing a lot of those oh wow great return from Cameron I thought that was going long but it stayed in and there's another point for Andy and Danny zero two great serve oh and that ball dribble uh actually it.

Stayed on this side of that and I thought I thought I dribbled over and went on the camera and Alex's side but nope I think it stayed on this side so that's side out Larry has been a dominant player oh miss sir good little shot from Alex.

Don't need to hit those with a tremendous amount of power it's all about placement one three two years dribbling off the net oh let's not shot out though 3-1-1.

tough backhand shot for Danny 312 additionally good hands by Alex coming out on top there one three one champions League US Open championship.

Association all four of these players with consistently very deep great serves sorry their issue with the phone 3-1-1.

Great drop Alex just sitting on that backing and waiting for those attacks he's really good at that recognizing that an attack is coming in ready to hit it it's uh not taking it by surprise great hands ladies and gentlemen one more time.

foreign Cameron way out to the edge coming up next right here one four one next up that falls wide 142.

Andy with another one of his uh signature 360 drops there I think he gets uh the flashiest player on the court award great return by Andy oh wow good good job by Cameron coming up to get that coming up to get that drop.

Three four two foreign just short on that drop four three one good point there I think there's some uh juniors starting over there on the court next door some little guys.

Glory Point grade two and a backhand finishing shot there from Andy yeah good hands battle David.

Lost in Texas got the first block but the second one it went wide here the score over the sound of the music sure what the score is at the moment side out five four one.

timeout great grabs by Andy there to keep that point alive then overhead out the back give them the point crowd loving it time out Okay so.

I think this wrapped incorrectly called the score and then they restarted the point I think it's seven three one fantastic return by Cameron by the way Alex or Andy was was able to get to it back there but he had an amazing return on the back line I believe the score is 731 I could be.

Wrong great point that sounded like he said 731 again oh big overhead internet activities.

Good attack from Danny Alex backing up to try to try to block that but couldn't get a good shot on it good crowd watching this match timeout all right 931 is the score sorry again about the Vision on that I just cannot hear the ref with the uh Pro chord in the.

Background Alex got that dink just a little bit High got attacked by Danny that's Cameron ten three one this is match point for the gold for Andy and Danny.

Oh there it is ten three two Match Point again oh just short of the net so 310 uh this is actually.

Very similar to what happened in game one when Alex and Cameron came from way behind and held Andy and Danny on 10 points and then Danny certainly hoping that does not happen again here and that's a.

Seriously okay so question over all right did the ball hit the bar and a question conversation over whether it was a uh if the ball hits the bar at the bottom of the net it's a redo which I believe it did.

But it was after the bounce so they're having a conversation with the ramp about exactly what the rule is there so he's saying that if it hits the bar at the bottom before the balance then it's redo but if it bounces and then hits the bar it is not a redo.

Appeared to be what was being explained there wait I guess the idea is that the ball at that point would be hitting the ground uh I guess I'm not exactly sure it does seem like it would make sense for it to be a redo because the bar is in your way it's impossible to hit the.

Ball I am not a ref foreign great point there andy with uh overhead out the back and confirming uh Cameron and Alex called it out and it was out and then uh Andy and Danny just confirmed me with the ref that it was.

Indeed out and three ten one and that was well long on the serve three ten two three two one.

Great Point here oh fantastic point that's a point for uh Alex and Cameron it's a four ten one four ten two sorry four ten two confirming they were on the correct side in server 410 2. great drop at Andy's feet.

And he just barely missed putting that over five ten two oh just a drop there ten five one so once again Andy and Danny with the match point I think we have one point here it's gold for them.

Ten five two and there it is all right gold four Andy and Danny congratulations to them and silver to Alex and Cameron great job by them all day as well
Cameron Gilliam & Alex Tran vs Andy & Danny Lum