This is the 3019 Plus singles gold medal match we are at Nationals 2022. we got Nathan on the near Court he is coming out of the losers bracket and Leo is undefeated on the entire day coming out of the winners bracket on the far side Leo is only 10 years old.

But a fantastic player oh Nathan looking like he's got some pain there from that a thing for a while well from that point zero one and Nathan not looking good took a couple one or two steps to try to.

Grab that ball and did not get to it 1-0 both of these guys have been playing for a number of hours vegan they're making their way through the bracket 2-0 Leo just hitting those lines perfect.

Shots and if you're looking at this and thinking this looks like way better than 3-0 level Play You Are probably right and Nationals the competition level is just incredibly High people playing as low as they possibly can for their uh that they're rating allows.

Both of these players great Inside Out finish there overhead from Leo both of these players fantastic and certainly well above the 3-0 level at any other tournament in the in the world but at Nationals this is the gold medal match.

Nathan is a college tennis player and Leo is 10 years old thank you not in college as far as I know great return good point one four this is a best out of three games to 11. oh wow and that landed in great control that looked for sure like.

It was sailing four one yes this is best out of three games to 11. if Nathan were to beat Leo in the best of three there would be an additional game to 15 because it's always double elimination so Leo is currently undefeated coming out of the winners bracket so he gets a chance to lose twice.

In order to uh end up with silver so Nathan certainly has an uphill battle especially with how Leo is playing so far great finish there really easy to put those shots in the net or out the back but great finished their perfect shot from Leo timeout from Nathan.

Six one perfect and a fault called there on Leo he did not hear the score be calm uh do not hear the score call the score was called uh I think there's a lot of noise around here with the champion Pro Championship Court.

Right behind us and Leo did not hear the score called and you only have 10 seconds to serve following the score being called and so he got called for a fault there like that he is rolling on here 7-1 just Out Of Reach of Leo great shots by Nathan foreign.

Nathan doesn't seem to be slowing down due to the what appear to be potential injury earlier so that's good playing great oh wow fantastic shot from Leo deep in the court but still able to put some power on that pass it right by Nathan.

seven two seven one oh missed that overhead and then almost caught it on the bounce and got it back.

Over uh rare for Leo to miss that type of an overhead he had some fantastic ones earlier and there's no sun out so that that is not the blame like there was about an hour ago three seven.

Good shot from Nathan four seven oh I think Nathan was uh frustrated with himself that he put it to Leo's forehand that serve hitting the top of the net and not making it over seven four oh right on the line.

Singles it's so important to hit those high risk shots like that and if you can just paint the lines it's very very difficult to defend those shots great shot there from Leo and that was long more excuse me great return from Nathan yeah really nice slice return.

To sight out there 4-9 Nathan serving oh man that ball wanted to go over fell just short nine four and as I mentioned before this is a best out of three time out Nathan okay it's confusion here over uh whether Nathan all the timeout.

Uh the ref thought heard timeout and so they took a timeout just now Nathan didn't actually leave the court and seemed confused and thought Leo had taken the time out um so I guess they're just moving forward with uh Nathan not having used his timeout and four.

I did not actually hear Nathan call a timeout but for some reason the ref did so 410. last chance here for Nathan two catch up in game one and there's a point Leo misjudging the bounce of the ball 5 10.

As long 10-5 one minute that's long five ten five ten great drop Nathan calling that out.

6 10. great shot from Nathan right past the forehand 7 10. we miss served there from Nathan just to the left of the center line so 10-7. and that went long so end of game one 11-7 and then we went to game two.

And here we go in game two uh Nathan stretching his right ankle in between games there definitely still sore from what happened in the uh first one or two points but he's been able to bounce back really well zero great shot.

Fantastic shot from Leo he barely got to the ball but was able to put a lot of power on and just great spot 1-0 3-0 great shot right on the outside edge.

Caught the inside Inside Edge Of The Line 4-0 very close on that Baseline but Leo didn't pull it out doing everything he can to grab that ball.

S sign up one four three nine great shot two four Nathan calling out upsetted himself in the middle of that for popping it up the Leo's forehand.

four two shot from Nathan but a good grab from Leo fantastic drive by Nathan just over the net but Leo was able to grab it get it back over and then Nathan went for a little too much on the next shot put it out wide five two.

Great shot on the forehand side singles a lot of times you're leaning to that backhand side just because you're uh the back end is generally weaker so you're favoring that side a little bit and it leaves a little more of a gap on the forehand side to for those passing shots that are just Out Of Reach so if you can hit that gap on the.

Forehand side of somebody leaning lean a backhand then it's uh it's a it's a point a lot of the time but obviously that's a risky shot but Leo's doing it very well right now and Nathan has certainly been doing it throughout the day very well also six.

Foreign good finish three six good shot good shot right on the line just like you got to do four six ladies and gentlemen what is this great game number one here in our bronze metal.

Match Nathan calling that out Leo confirmed me with the ref it looked very very close who has a giveaway five six oh wow great shot from Leo Nathan got to it paddle but uh put it just wide sorry for the background noise here we're right.

Next to the pro core as I mentioned and they're very loud 6 '4 I couldn't hear what the ref said but good shot again Leo going on that forehand side I believe is the score yeah seven five oh good shot from Nathan.

Congratulations sign out five seven Leo calling that out Nathan confirmed me with the ref uh verifying if it was Alan the ref said and he did not see enough to overturn the call could not quite tell but uh Colby remain is out seven five that was well long 8-5 so.

Leo here ahead in game two and a win right here will give him gold and Nathan silver great serve stays very low over the net good uh good chomp from Nathan on that Leo thought he could cross it but a lot of spin on the ball five eight.

wow great shots both of these players just fantastic with the drives that was well in here well in but uh Leo calling it out uh sometimes in singles it's just hard you're in them you're trying to get a good shot on the ball and you're also.

Trying to look and see if it was in or out so you assume that uh the players are making those calls honestly as they see them five eight one zero right out that was long A5.

Lobster oh and right in the middle of that Lobster a ball from the court next door rolled on so they're going to redo the point be interesting to see if he does a lobster again or if he goes for a different type of serve and he's not going to be lob again 8-5 Leo is two points away from a gold medal.

Oh point on the net dribbler or a side down on the net dribbler five nine Nathan needs to make a move catch up right here for a chance to uh take back game two that's not gonna help him serve into the net so it goes back to Leo 9-5.

And Leo's one point away from that gold 10-5 and there it is congratulations to Leo with gold and Nathan silver and then bronze goes to Noah Hanlon so really really nice playing both these players are absolutely fantastic certainly well above the 3-0 level at any other.

Tournament but they both did great here