For this Don Morgan the lead ref Marissa Dave Peralta is the secondary ref Sandy Cloutier is the tracking ref and Angela Lumen is our replay official let's sign out to get it started 0-0 an interesting Sherry chose not to come in after the return but waited for the next ball to come in so we'll see what he chooses to do throughout the match.

That may have been due to the depth of the surf and there's that 200 backhand roll that just misses he hit a backhand a two-handed backhand and he's smashing as Tyson McGuffin from the Baseline on Thursday night that was just filthy that is going to be wide so they trade.

Side outs yeah the rare Baseline rally in men's singles pickleball you see that a lot in the women's game we'll see that in our next match Ben does get up to the kitchen and Ryan puts it into the net zero zero Ryan making Ben run all over it works the angle.

beautiful overhead you know he'll have the rowdies on his side so the longer this is close and game one is huge and obviously zero zero perfect start for him now see if he can get the first point of the game foreign he cannot so serve back over to Ben.

Just a reminder this is two out of three not three out of five both singles matches will be two out of three point and Ben finally cracks through on the scoreboard yeah there's that pressure you've got to hit a great return or you get behind but can't miss it so you got to leave some margin.

Ryan throwing everything he can he banned but Ben had an answer for all of that defense yeah just in control of the kitchen line that lateral movement so important Point make it three straight for John's yeah the share bear as he likes to be called goes for the drop volley there but uh.

Not enough on it 3-0 turn is wide so Ben now getting some breathing room here the fans trying to urge you on obviously here you don't have a partner so anything that can gain energy for you you will take it in singles right here time out receiver 5-0.

Ryan Sherry has seen any Ryan Sherry uses the timeout can he get a side out here Ben just continues the onslaught yeah and after that time out I just want to clarify something that happened earlier in the day Dave we both had what we thought were two timeouts already used in a Timeout was called.

They were not able to call a challenge there so uh we were right with that earlier if they're gone they're gone there was a mishandle of that at the time but uh we're moving on now and using time out so I appreciate the update uh on that from well they got it right they wanted to get the call right and they did yep.

So paying into the net so finally that will end a run of seven straight points and Ryan gets the serve back this is his fifth service opportunity of this match oh how about that it just kind of yeah Works its way back in look at the shape on this Tui right here that ball looks wide right there and sneaks in there.

Beautiful you got to do that with your left hand on the paddle there that's what a two-handed backhand can do if I can get him going here any misfires yeah such an emotional player when it's going it can go really quick really well by the way we talked in that time out about you know there might be times.

Where you would feel like hey Ben playing in his third match of the day is in a little bit of a disadvantage is there so let there but neither of us feel that way in this one we feel like Ben haven't been out there twice already and won he's exerted some energy no doubt but I don't think that he's anywhere near worn out the meantime Ryan.

Has not had the the advantage of being out here today on Center Court no I think Ben brings the advantage here you know the the men's match was a grind and he hits a lot of balls but this guy's an unbelievable shape foreign just not sharp yep you want to get beat.

Eight one foreign so there's the dropper he missed the backhand drop shot earlier but this is such an effective shot in singles especially if you got somebody deep in the corner that's some smart pickleball from Ryan cherry.

That one eight sure he's got to put something together here that's not going to help yeah and that that first ball on the pass is just too high and Ben is so smart like this ball right here a lot of people will try to hit a winner on he just puts it in the corner because he knows he's going to get a winner on the next one.

Point construction is so important here don't try and do too much with the first one set yourself up for the next ball Ben tried to go into the corner and misfires yeah you can see he did not commit to that he left the paddle face open and Drug it through instead of hitting through that.

Therefore it went wide oh that was just sneaky and nasty out of Ben Johns yeah look at this he's got options to go back cross-court but he just Waits and just hits a like a little racquetball type shot there just a couple inches above the ground that's the best ATP keep it low and Ryan Sherry is in trouble.

Foreign extender but let's give Mr Sherry his one point Ben gets it to a game point penis knitted point on 10 of his last 14 serves foreign that one however will be a side out yeah that's one of his really special.

Shots here usually the two-handers are pulling it and beating people on the left side of their body and that's the second time he's been able to ride that down the line really well done that one Mrs wide so those are the shots he was making time and again against mcguffins number two we'll do it Ben Johnson takes well for.

Ryan Sherry's sake you hope the side change maybe mixes something up Ben John's though starts game two with the serve and Ben is going to start game two much the way he finished game one yeah that's a great first point from Ryan Sherry and then it's the next ball after this that he pops up one zero.

Foreign yeah and Ryan calls a very fair line so uh clearly Audi just was late to get there to the call Ryan able to get a point okay I mean some of these returns have been short and Sherry just hasn't been making the balls he made I mean Travis.

Rettenmeier is a great player that he beat on his march here but he's got to catch that heater that he talked about when he couldn't miss against McGuffin and he's kind of strength something together he's got to get a serve for you a service opportunity where he gets two three points not just one here and then.

A couple of empty opportunities than another one point and that's long so Ben's gonna go back in front here 2-1 this is the fourth of five matches coming your way two Carolina Championship Sunday Annalee Waters and Salome DaVita will finish it off with the women's singles title match coming.

Up after this one and Ben has been going to the two-hander more to give him a chance to have a weapon to pass with and that's a another thing all these guys are going to have to deal with here as we roll into 23. a recall the let will be a research three one then able to catch up to that.

Tried to pull off a tweener to keep it alive that's an 11-1-3-1 shot if I've ever seen it here because he's hearing plenty of time to hit a normal Ball but why hit a normal ball when you can go tween or winner potentially doesn't make it all right yeah tells you that Ben feels like uh he's pretty comfortable with.

Getting gold here three one Ryan Sherry has had 12 serves in this match and he's got two points there's a nice point from Sherry and the key is when he has gotten to the net and it hasn't been a lot to make a good first volley so he can stay ahead in the rally he did so very well there.

Side out it's gonna stay at 3-1 yeah the forehand pass there way too high gave Ben all sorts of options again Ben's so smart he's just gonna hit it cleanly in the in the corner and make you run oh let's play shot there by Ryan Sherry that'll get a little Roar out of the.

Crowd this is what we saw against McGuffin where he's on the Run hitting passing shots down the line and cross court and dipping so short and shallow there that Ben was actually in decent position but that ball is just too good just got to be able to make a couple of those in a row however yeah he's got to.

Do it when he's has has served it he's got four straight serves now without a point Ben's got three straight without a point three one yeah and that can happen in singles it's tough to score sometimes if your opponent hits a great return get to score to 4-1.

Yeah Sherry unsure whether he should come in or not on that and then it's just in all sorts of trouble from that point on foreign for a second but that's one of those times when both the player and the crowd magic juggling act there.

And not able to track that one down nice angle played by Ryan yeah I'm surprised Ben didn't go for the ATP there because he was so wide that uh looked like he might have had a chance maybe couldn't get the paddle the pronation of the wrist you need to slap that into the Open Court good volley though by Sherry nonetheless.

And as you said just Kenny Kenny do something on serve go bigger on the serve try and get a shorter return making Ryan run a lot and finally able to force the side out yeah so you saw Sherry try something different which is drop the ball instead.

Of trying pass Ben like a ball like that right there the problem with that and I understand why he chose to try and do that is Ben is the best in the business in that cat and mouse game in singles where you're staring your opponent down at 5-1 kitchen line foreign beautifully played there by Sherry.

So he's played some really nice points receiving here you go with the shorter return with a big angle that opens up the court for yourself takes the drive out of the choice for your opponent because it's so close to the net so that's a smart strategy and he's able to get Ben to hit it wide two five.

Out Sherry hits that long I can't he cannot afford those kind of errors yeah you know you gotta go for it singles a little more in the budget but not in his current position and Ben getting all over the place taking advantage of that 16-year age difference a little bit as well.

Yeah Share Bear covers the court impressively but uh he's just getting pulled all over by Geppetto John's there six two that's going to be wide so Ben opens it up to a 7-2 lead he's four points away from taking gold yeah I mean Sherry's trying everything strategically stayed back there tried to.

Counter punch some people like a Target coming at them so they can really look at a place on the court to try and hit a winner boy timeout receiver Ryan's going to use his final timeout as Ben gets it to 8-2 three points away focused after that he's in complete Command here he's rolled off three straight points.

Oh I want to play I'm not sure that one that Ryan hit who might that might have gone out of bounds he hit it anyway and Finn comes up with an answer and now he's two away yeah and that's uh a good volley by Ryan but uh a better reply into the Open Court you a lot by Ben and then Ryan pork in the.

Angle very nice finish with the gator you know you talked about the Gronkowski and Ryan being a part of that he's doing so much great work for former NFL players that have been injured helping them get on with their life and get money that is owed to them from the challenges they've had so uh he's very tied into.

The athletic community and he's tied into a beautiful forehand there and that was well played too because he Ben thought he was going to put it back towards the center and he goes right back to that same exact spot yeah I mean if you get a short return in singles you must punish somebody if they choose to come forward.

Ben says okay I'll just take the serve back now thank you very much you're welcome two points away here for Ben Johns in his fifth Triple Crown of the season and that'll take us to Championship point ten three.

And that's gonna be long so Ryan's still alive Ryan when it went past him was still walking towards the net to paddle tapping like oh good long three I get more pickleball yeah love to see him put a little run together such a great player a little over match today.

Yeah Ben has other ideas yeah I think Penny said you know what I've been on this quarter enough today let's uh let's clear the court for Al yeah and Salome Championship Point number two Triple Crown Point number two ten three and he's done it again five Triple Crowns for Ben Johns on this.

PPA tour season
This is the hertz national championship in Orlando FL.