Hi there pickleball players I'm introducing a new pickleball paddle with a company named v makers they are offering a very nice pickleball package of a quality carrying case which has four great paddles six balls and some accessories for all under a hundred dollars the paddles are very attractive.

They have a Honeycomb Core with a graphite carbon face the paddles have an attractive design with nice colors with two paddles being royal blue and two paddles being a golden Orange the face of the paddles have a very slight texture which helps you in adding control to your shots.

The paddles come with a very nice feeling ribbed grip I think you're going to find this to be a great deal for those that are being introduced to pickleball and want to get an affordable package when sampling the paddles in some controlled settings I found them to be able to serve well it returns well.

Dink and also hit volleys the paddles have great control they also have nice power and I just don't think you can find a better quality paddle in this price range if you're looking to start off with this new sport for you being pick of all the fastest growing sport in the United.

States highly recommend v makers for your first choice of paddles foreign this is a quality paddle it's got a honeycomb Center and it's got a carbon overlay on the front of Power Plus touch and feel it's a good.

Quality looks good so for a family of four just learning how to play this is a great deal a great deal eighty nine dollars for four paddles
Pickleball for everyone