We’re going to check out some German pickle ball today let’s get into it so we’re going to be continuing with our video series where I analyze video submissions from you guys my viewers and subscribers uh I got a bunch of video submissions which is awesome and I’m hoping to eventually get to as many of those as I can but for this round one.

Really stood out and that is a group of guys that sent me some of their gameplay footage from Germany so they said pickle balls kind of picking up Steve over in Germany but they don’t have a lot of coaching right now so me being able to look at their video and give some advice would hopefully go a long way to kind of grow in the game over there first on the.

Far side in the blue shirt we have carsten Far Side orange shirt we have Miguel on the near side with a black hat and black shirt is Fabio and then near side black Yola shirt is Steph on so I would say after watching the video these guys are probably in the 40 to 45 range Stefan in the black Yola.

Shirt appears to probably be maybe the strongest in the group and I would guess he’s maybe around of four five let’s get into some points and see what these guys are doing well and see where they could use a little work so we’re going to start by Rolling this first point in real speed and I want you to kind of take note of partner positioning and see.

If you can find any mistakes there now let’s take a slow-mo look and see if we can break down some things that are going on we’ve got Stefan in the near side in the Yola shirt serving so sends the serve over all looks good up to this point we have the other side coming into the kitchen.

Line um looks like Stefan’s trying a drop and that’s a pretty good one you can see he realizes it’s good and pretty quick to get into the kitchen line behind that which I like maybe a little bit late on the split step here so you could see uh over in the dark blue um carsten hit the ball here and then Stefan’s still two steps.

After that typically we want to split right when the ball is hit so he’d be wanting to stop here to get a little more balance and control he continues on does a nice job of kind of settling and saving it even though he was maybe a tad out of control but anyway we’re all up with the kitchen line doing some dinking.

Now nice little redirect he’s got uh he’s got Carson on the move over there okay so now he hits a good shot he sees Carston’s um pulled wide and I love this read he’s he’s going to go for an Ernie now here’s where I see a big mistake you can see his partner Fabio over here in the black.

With a black hat uh it’s just kind of watching the action so he’s seeing that his partner’s earning so I would I would want to see him kind of moved over and helping to cover some of that space I think this was a good read on the Ernie so let’s see what happens looks like he just kind of slightly mistimed it might have been.

There um but again I think if his partner had come over he probably could have could have S helped helped out a little bit and got this ball and they’re still in this point try to keep connected with your partner a little bit better if your partner slides if they Ernie if they ATP stay with them move with them and keep.

That space between you a little tighter then you won’t have situations like this okay so let’s go ahead and check out our second Point here see what we got okay so let’s break that down and see what we got going on we got a serve from Fabio Carson.

Returns again these guys are all all pretty good at you know some of the basics getting to the line quickly um so look like we went for a drop there a little bit High nice job here you can see Stefan in the Yola shirt um recognizes the ball was a little high and see he was starting to the kitchen line and then he.

Recognized it was attackable and he stopped and took a quick step back that’s a really nice like intelligent play where he was seeing that they were in trouble and rather than just full rush in he stops gets in that midcourt where he can play a little bit of a defense and that’s exactly where they’re.

At now so now they’re just midcourt transition once they can get a ball to bounce then they’re going to look to move forward just kind of exactly what happens they get that ball to bounce now they’re chipping away trying to get some space and move forward so that was a nice job there you know they were in a little trouble not.

The best best third in the world but they they played a couple shots from that transition area didn’t press and ended up getting up there so now we’re in the dink rally and again what I really like is uh Stefan in the black Yola shirt is seems to do a nice job of using pressure dinks so you can see every dink is is.

Low rolling there’s a lot of purpose to it you can tell he’s really trying to set up his point he’s not just placing the ball back in the kitchen again but he’s trying to make something happen in this dink rally one thing I would note is I don’t know that he needs this big of a back swing to do that I think he could be a.

Little more compact with a back swing and still accomplish the same task with maybe a little higher level of consistency so he’s he’s doing a nice job he’s moving the ball around okay so there’s an opportunity they were able to get that get that ball.

There um kind of behind Miguel so this should be a situation where they’re thinking offense they’re looking to reach in and attack L goes up good overhead and there we go they got the point so I think that was an example of the the team and the black being a little more purposeful with their.

Dinking it seemed like uh it seemed like carsten and Miguel were just kind of getting the ball back one more time getting the ball back in the kitchen and kind of surviving where uh Fabio and Stefan were were trying to dictate that dink rally a little bit more.

All right so let’s take a look let’s break it down here we’ve got Fabio serving here on the near side ball comes back you can tell clearly based on this back swing which is pretty far back um he’s going to drive the ball I do think in general watching these videos that these guys were maybe driving a tad too much from.

You know this this kind of transition area you can see how much space he has uh over in front of um Miguel so I think a drop in this situation would have been pretty easy he could have dropped it over in front of Miguel in the orange shirt and they’re to the line easily he chooses to drive um but you can see the big thing is is just how big that back.

Swing is I don’t think we need that that much swing to get power so uh yeah so let’s continue on see that drive ends up popping up a little bit they’re able to attack down and point over okay so right into the next one we’re going to take a look at some similar Concepts.

Here nice choice with the drop a good drop there again now if I pause it here you can see kind of how far that paddle is um behind stuff in here my general thing is I like to try to keep the paddle as much in front of my chest as possible once it kind of gets off to my side or behind me we.

Really lose feel for it we lose control it’s harder to gauge how hard you’re going to hit the ball um so for my liking this is a little too far back again same thing we got another forehand kind of same position here the other thing too is you can be a little more active with your footwork so if he’ take.

A big step back here he could kind of get behind the ball a little bit more which would allow him to keep his paddle in front of his body more so sometimes footwork can even help you with your uh paddle position and looks like he got kind of a bad bounce.

There so Fabio serves we got the return this is a great shot right here this kind of rolling drop now here’s the one I don’t love he’s moving in this would be a simple drop and get to the kitchen line you know this shallow and moving in like this instead he chooses to drive which is a dangerous play you know I think that Miguel over.

In the orange maybe wasn’t quite ready wasn’t quite on it but you know this is a ball right here that you would think he’s going to take it drive that backhand B down at their feet and it’s going to be over he doesn’t quite hit it clean so they’re kind of still alive um and they end up winning the point but you know if.

This were me I would kind of think uh I got away with that one I I did something I probably shouldn’t have and I kind of got away with it anyway um so you know don’t always think that just because you want it you you choosing all the right shots so let’s do it again let’s take a look at uh this very next Point here similar Concept Drive right off the.

Bat again I think this could have been a drop from inside the base line like this again we got another high volley um Miguel it doesn’t quite punish it enough you know quite honestly like I think he could have been a little firmer down with that volley and made them pay a little bit.

More so they’re kind of off the hook again another high ball and he kind of rolls Valley along I think that was the right shot just missed a little long so that’s kind of backto back point where I think Fabo in the backwards hat maybe chose uh you know not the wisest shot from the transition area and and got away with it.

Both times so sometimes you just got to kind of be honest with yourself and and ask you know whether I whether or not I won or lost the point was that really the right shot these guys over in Germany are doing some great things really love the way they’re playing uh so hopefully they can keep growing the game over there be pioneers of the.

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