Hello this is Bud and welcome to another edition of go pickleball in this Edition Vicki will be returning with her husband Ken as they provide a group of intermediate players from Pelican Athletic Club or pack instruction and some basic drilling exercises these players soaked up a lot of information and all said it was well.

Worth their time I think we can all agree that Vicky and Ken make a great teaching Duo if you are local to Saint Tammany Parish area and would like to have Vicki and Ken provide you with some great learning experience contact us at gopickleball gmail.com in the second segment I wanted to take a few moments to share with you the.

Revised Graphics I have developed for the player analytics video service offered by go pickleball please like And subscribe to our Channel here's Vicky and Ken so I'm Vicki Wynn and this is my husband Ken Nguyen and we are certified pickleball coaches we're certified through PPR which is the division the.

Training Division of USA pickleball and um we're happy to have you here this morning we know we're going to do a focus on drills as a drills work they absolutely work when you are dedicated to them you're regular with them there's so many benefits that you get out of them um we're gonna do try to run through as.

Many of the drills as we can we're gonna have a little bit of a strong focus on the kitchen area today um and the biggest reason for that is because pickleball is not one from the Baseline pickleball is one when you are here at the kitchen line so uh just to talk a little bit about what drills can do for you is that drills we hear a lot.

About muscle memory right everybody oh but it's muscle memory it's muscle memory it's muscle man it truly is muscle memory the more that you do an action the better and the more comfortable you're going to get to it um I'll never forget the day I remember it almost like you know to the day to the moment whatever else that I got into.

A dink battle in a match and it was the first time I was relaxed doing it I was like this is like Landmark because most of the time you've got yourself nervous you get worked up uh you're not relaxed and so therefore you're not hitting you're not doing the things that you should be doing to stay in that dink battle.

Um so muscle memory is huge um the other thing that you're going to develop is consistency which is an accuracy you're going to be able to put the ball where you want it to go you're going to be able to do it regularly and those are the things that are going to help elevate your game to the next level um you wouldn't be here this morning if.

That wasn't the goal right so we all want to get there but biggest thing that you're going to get out of this is learning how to focus and learning how to train our brains right because there's so much that we do that's instinctual um a lot of us come from tennis and there's some things that we just do.

Instinctually but may not be the better shot may not be the better stroke we may truly need to use that pendulum swing um rather than a big old strobe learning where to use your bigger Strokes where not to use your biggest strips is a lot of things it's a lot of information to absorb and we're going to do the best to share as much as we can with you this.

Morning I know Ken's got some things he wants to add to that the biggest thing I think for us is we played for almost a year and you know we got into these matches with the better players and realized we couldn't stay with them and figured out what do we need to do because in a match you may hit a certain stroke just a.

Couple of times um and that's when we teamed up with a couple of other people started with just four of us and two years ago I started regular drills and that way you can actually start to focus on the shots and know how to hit the shots know how it feels and and consistently hit hit whatever shot you're working on and.

Drills could be from anything from dinking transition Baseline you can do it all so um and that's that's really helped take our game up really up to the next level when you're going to play take that first 15 minutes just to just to go through a series of drill we do that before we play we've got a series of.

Drills that we do before we get into that first game drills work when you do them regularly so this is where you guys you know get together dust even if it's four of you come out to the park you can drill with two you can drill with two there's no reason not to there's no reason not to so it just depends on what you want to.

Work on and each drill session can be something different that you're focused on and then when you start to play games you can tell yourself I'm focused on that today that way it doesn't become overwhelming to the brain that I'm trying to think okay well let me remember this let me remember that I mean there's so many things to remember.

That it can bog you down in your game you're getting so like caught up in what you're supposed to be doing we want you to do the drills enough that that becomes instinctual not the old habits but the new habits become instinctual so that's what we're going to drive for so one of the big things that I want to talk about too and and you're going to.

See markers on the court you're going to see these targets you might see some other kind of Target sometimes I use straight lines to shorten the cord uh hula hoops work great I brought out the hula hoops just to show you they're a dollar 25 you can put those on the court run out with them put them on the court one of the things that targets do for.

You is slow the brain down make you focus on where you want that ball to go right so there's two things one of them is is that my paddle wherever the face is going and wherever I'm putting that ball that's where it's going right if my paddle's facing this way where is it going going this way I'm facing this way it's going this way so consistently.

Putting the paddle right into uh the area where you want it to go and you start to focus on that Target I promise you you're going to start meeting that Target over and over again the other thing that there's a lot of talk about and I'm watching a lot of Pros even do it too they talk a lot about it in their videos and that's counting there's just.

Something about counting that slows the brain down helps you focus and it keeps all the other distractions out of the picture right so we're gonna work on dinks today okay so what we're gonna do is do four and four we're gonna start working at that no volley line like I talked about we're gonna do simple dinks we're gonna start out just.

A couple minutes going Target to Target and then the next thing we do is take it one notch up and we're gonna count and go for the Target okay so all we want you to do is focus on the paddle face right and that pendulum swing has everybody heard of the pendulum swing inside well inside here let's pretend this is a circle and we're trying to.

Meet inside the circle right there okay you are tart trying to Target the inside of that diamond or the circle okay not only practice the the pendulum swing and always in front if we have to for some reason take a backhand date we've practicing it right so we've practiced if we've got to come this way we practice if we've got to come this way.

When you get in those dink battles you'll feel that much more comfortable we absolutely love doing this and we love seeing everybody learn and grow with doing the drills the biggest thing like we said at the beginning of the session is drills work when you do them and you do them regularly so I just heard a pro tell a Kobe Bryant story and.

I'm gonna share it with you because it's perfect for drill sessions this reporter went in to go watch Kobe Bryant practice one day and he had high expectations of what he was going to see and Kobe Bryant stood in the same place and did the same shot for two hours and the reporters trying to figure out.

Like how do I write on this like what am I going to put that they stood there for this and they could sense his frustration that he was talking out loud why what is he doing what is he doing and he finally just said you know I don't understand this I don't get it he is the greatest player in the world the number one player in the world why did.

He stand in one place and do the same shot for two hours and Kobe Bryant overheard him and turned around and he said that's why I'm the number one player in the world so it's true that when you do something over and over it's skill right it's learning a skill perfecting a skill and none of us can just walk out on the court and perfect.

The skill when we haven't practiced it a lot you know we saw good movement you guys you guys are moving well the couple of times that we might have hit a bad shot is that we weren't in position so stay in a ready position athletic position stay balanced and keep your paddle in the ready position especially when you're up at the novali Zone the.

Game is played right here so we're not taking our full swing so we're ready for that second shot that's coming back to us so guys we appreciate y'all being out today and um like we said just let us know when you're ready for more and nice to meet you guys go pickleball video Services offers two player analytic graphic options.

First is the basic player analytic graphic let's take a few moments to explain the graphic that will be displayed during the game it looks complicated but it's really simple and easy to read once you get used to it each player's initials will appear in the AAA bbcc or DD boxes players in the AAA and BB box are on one team and.

Players of the CC and DD box are on the other team these four green boxes across this row will display accumulated winning shots by each player the green boxes in this row will display points scored by winners for each team the four red boxes in this row will display accumulated unforced Errors By.

Each player the two red boxes in this row will display points lost by unforced errors for each team our next graphic is the expanded player analytic that provides the same data as the basic graphic but adds the total accumulated touches by each player both Graphics will keep a running score of.

The game now let's take a look at each graphic in action this is the standard graphic this is the expanded graph and at the end of each video you will find pie charts that further Define the data accumulated during the game if you are local to the North Shore area.

We can come to you and video your games or you can provide us with the raw digital video we will edit out non-play footage and insert either the basic or expanded player analytic graphics well that's it for this episode thanks for watching and see you all the next time.

In this episode of Geaux Pickleball Vicki and Ken Winn return to Pelican Park to provide instruction to a group of intermediate players on the importance of drilling. Bud will also introduce a new and expanded graphic offered in the Player Analytic Videos.