What's up guys today I'm gonna do something a little bit different and try a first impressions video of the new gearbox gbx paddle these days there are so many paddles coming out and it's really hard to keep up but I want to make sure I can give you guys content on some of the latest paddles so if you like this format and find it helpful let.

Me know in a comment and I'll try to do this when new pedals launch to get you early information and then in-depth review later anyways here are the specs of the gbx it's a 16 millimeter polymer core and a Torre t700 carbon fiber surface with an edge guard so no this is not using gearbox's famous SST core in their CX line it's an elongated shape.

Weighs 8.5 ounces has a handle length of 5.5 inches and a grip circumference of 4 inches and finally we have the price which is a hundred and ninety nine dollars and that's the biggest shocker of this paddle to me previously gearbox has been known for being fairly again against polymer they have a few polymer paddles but they sell them for much.

Cheaper to show the market that other companies are putting insane markups on their paddles when I first heard about this paddle I thought it would cost roughly 100 to 150 so to see that they went for 199 which competes with their CX line I'm honestly a bit shocked because now the paddle will be judged much more harshly by everyone with a.

Higher price tag especially when new companies have come out at much more affordable prices with insanely competitive paddles many of you will think that gearbox is moving away from their SST core in favor of polymer with this paddle and I don't believe that's their intention at all they've always had a polymer paddle with an edge guard.

I think they just want to capture market share with the type of paddle that they know the market has been obsessed with perhaps it's just a way to get people into the gearbox line of paddles and then eventually try their SST core before we dive into how it plays I wanted to discuss some of the marketing material I received about this paddle.

The first thing is what gearbox is calling R3 technology the marketing material States R3 technology is a gearbox engineered layout from the head to the handle of the paddle R3 reinforces and strengthens the paddle structure this layup design avoids injecting or adding unnecessary perimeter weight to maintain the.

Paddle's maneuverability ease to rotate and giving the gbx remarkable durability when compared to other honeycomb paddles in its class when I first read this I thought it meant that the paddle was using the new thermo-forming technology since the response was vague I asked gearbox about this and the response I got back from Raphael was the thermal.

Forming method is not a superior build for honeycomb paddles in fact I believe it to be a negative when making paddles the amount of carbon fiber used to wrap the edge is minimal that structurally it does not really make sense the carbon fiber is used to hold the expanding foam in in place and serves little purpose the only benefit I can see is adding.

Perimeter weight we increase the weight by adding more Plies and increasing faw density of the carbon fiber Plies our reinforcement is done by having additional Plies on the face of the paddle adding reinforcement Plies near the throat only and adding reinforcement materials at the throat and forming the handle with a structural pu foam mold at.

The handle for strength lastly I believe but cannot confirm the thermal method was really created to help provide a better bond between the edge guard and honeycomb structure without it the bond if not careful is only at the inner edge of the plastic Edge guard I found this to be an incredibly fascinating statement by Raphael because we've seen.

Four companies introduce thermal forming into their paddles and all of them have performed noticeably better than previous generation honeycomb paddles both in durability and performance Raphael is a brilliant engineer he's probably one of the smartest paddle engineers in all of pickleball but I'm shocked he would say that thermal.

Forming provides minimal benefit when all these new paddles perform amazing and have shown to be significantly more durable than non-thermal formed paddles I'm surprised that they're against the foam as well because so far any paddle that has the foam performs noticeably different and in most people's experience better one final marketing.

Material I want to read is the power one technology it says the power one technology consists of a gearbox engineered layup to the throat area of the paddle This layup allows the throat to flex for power and optimal stiffness this technology also increases swing speed amplifying its power performance this leads me to my first talking point.

Power I had a two hour play session with the new gbx and I found it lacking when it came to power it isn't the softest raw carbon fiber paddle on the market but after playing with the Legacy pro vatic pro and new carbons the gbx felt very hard to generate power with my serves weren't nearly as deep and I had to swing noticeably harder to get the.

Same depth I also find the claim in the marketing material about increasing swing speed to be a bit ridiculous I measured the swing weight to be 122 and the paddle weighs 8.5 ounces after playing with the paddle I personally felt that it was harder to maneuver than a Hyperion I was late on drives and hand battles consistently of course the.

Numbers don't lie the swing weight static Weight and Balance points of this paddle were all lower than a high period So in theory it shouldn't be harder to maneuver but I was struggling with it pretty badly my two other testers didn't mention feeling they were late on shots just that it felt it was heavier and had a higher swing weight the best way I can.

Describe the gbx is that it felt clumsy while I was swinging it which isn't something I frequently say about paddles in this swing weight range I would describe the feel of this paddle as as soft plush and dense when you hit the ball it feels like it's trying to sink into thick material the ball didn't come off the face very fast which resulted in.

Me using a larger swing than normal the combination of materials Weight and Balance have given this paddle a perplexing feel that I'm not particularly fond of having a paddle be this heavy and lack this much power isn't very appealing to me however one of my testers who used it for two games didn't feel it lacked power as much as I.

Did so perhaps I'm too used to the Legacy Pro right now which hits harder than just about anything on the market I also tried it for a singles game and after about seven points I put the paddle down I'm using the Legacy Pro for singles and my serves and returns were much shorter on the gbx my timing on swings was off and I just didn't have.

The power to pass people as I do with the Legacy for singles my initial impression was that it's not an amazing paddle for doubles I could see a number of people like liking how it feels but for the price of 199 it has incredibly stiff competition you have vatic Pro and Legacy in the 140 to 150 dollar range and then you're also against paddles.

Like the carbon 1X and to me all of those paddles are better in performance than the gbx I also tested the RPMs and they came in at 1524 RPM that does put it in the high tier for spin but companies are very quickly passing the 1600 and 1700 RPM range so 1500 is starting to lag behind by today's standards of course 1500 we still get.

Plenty of spin but paddles in the 1800 plus range feel noticeably better for shaping the ball in my experience I found it interesting that the results were fairly low because under the microscope the weaving seems to be leaning towards what Legacy and 6-0 are doing with their new tighter pattern it seems to be about twice as tight as the.

Traditional patterns we see and half as tight as Legacy and 6-0 I also thought it would have been better when it came to the Sweet Spot on the court I consistently looked at the paddle after a shot and wondered why it felt so bad when I hit it I don't think the sweet spot is necessarily bad I just think the new thermo-formed paddles I have tested.

Have such good sweet spots that even when you hit it poorly the ball still has a lot of energy to go back over on the gbx it felt like it lost energy very quickly when you hit near the edges I really think gearbox should reconsider their view on edge foam and thermoforming this new gbx feels a bit different than what exists right now but.

It's not better than vatic Pro or Legacy which have both set the new standard for Quality performance at a lower price I feel like gearbox should have stuck with a lower price to prove that many of the companies on the market are charging too much for what they're selling but instead it seems like they kind of just joined everyone else it's an interesting.

Decision vision and I'm curious to see how it plays out so my initial impressions are that it is a heavy slightly clunkier feeling raw carbon fiber paddle with no standout features compared to the wave of new thermoformed paddles it seems that gearbox has implemented different strategies to increase the durability as thermofarming.

Does but the paddle doesn't perform nearly as well in my opinion and it costs more now just remember these are only my initial impressions in one short play session more extended time with the paddle may result in a completely different opinion part of me wonders if maybe this paddle is just over engineered as archaic and maybe not.

Impressive as thermal forming and Edge foam seem to be to gearbox those are performing really well and it seems like whatever they're doing in this new paddle isn't performing that well if you guys do buy one of these paddles please let me know in a comment what you think about it I'd love to hear your thoughts.

And see if you agree or disagree with what I had to say but for now thanks for watching and I'll catch you guys in the next video
The GBX will be released soon.


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