You can hear it from the parking lot emanating from a chula vista park on a warm thursday evening is the sound of hundreds of plastic pickle balls slamming into hard asphalt men and women young and old gathered to play the trendy sport that has exploded in popularity in recent years if you look at my.

Contact list on my cell phone i probably have 400 people i've met playing pickleball one of them is 71 year old mark breezeboy who switched to pickleball from tennis 10 years ago and never looked back but these picklers have a well pickle i'm appalled at the fact.

That san diego does not jump on the bandwagon and get into the pickleball swing local picklers are led by stephen boyland one of the founders of pickleball sd in pickleball there are dinkers who make soft shots and bangers who drive the ball hard to overpower their opponents in his dealings with the city.

Boyland is definitely a banger we've gotten a lot of lip service but we haven't gotten a lot of action we still have zero dedicated public pickleball courts in the city of san diego that's right zero you heard me right we're about five years behind every other city boyland clearly has a mission.

To bring pickleball to the masses but like many before him who have attempted to get the city of san diego to do anything in a timely fashion boyland is stymied to build new courts he needs meetings plans approvals permits and construction pickleball he says cannot wait so boylan rose up staging what amounted.

To an occupy tennis protest or maybe a piccolin you have to sign in and take a fee and it's for tennis only last week he and other picklers stormed the courts at rob field in ocean beach set up their own pickleball net and started to play.

A tennis player called the police and the dispute erupted over whether they had an active permit get off this court get out of here no charges were filed the city wants both of the sports to thrive but not without hindering one over the other tim graham is a spokesman for the parks department and says the city has.

No plans to change the tennis courts at rob field to pickleball the city is trying to find ways to provide as many pickleball courts as possible without displacing other organizations or to try and find them to put them together as quickly as possible without.

Building an entirely new facility options include taking over unused shuffleboard courts apparently there's no shuffleboard lobby in the city to protest plus striping new pickleball courts on basketball or other hard surfaces and the city has brought in a national expert to interview both sides and come.

Up with a pickleball tennis peace treaty i understand um that once people got into this sport it's pretty addictive and people seem to really really love it i've never played it so i don't know but you know what what the city is doing it's best to provide these services as quickly as we can.

At noon on a recent friday only a few courts at rob field were being used by tennis players while outsiders might wonder why they can't share tennis courts with pickleball that just won't work says todd sprigg if you play pickleball it has a very different sound okay and and so those sports are not.

Necessarily compatible next to each other plus the lines on the court are different the nets are different and players would want the courts at the same time sprague says he agrees there is a need for more pickleball facilities in san diego but cannibalizing tennis facilities when.

Tennis is growing and has grown doesn't make any sense at all so the city is left working on a compromise that doesn't involve cannibalism claire trageser kpbs news
The city has just one pickleball-only public court. It’s in the recently-opened Fairbrook Park in Scripps Ranch.