Point-by-point players analysis andsummarized at the end of the video underway here on Championship Court hands battle to start yeah not a lot of dinksright there I mean I think there was one and then the trigger was pulled early and I think we'regoing to see quite a bit of that in this match DJ young with the backhand Drive something he'sstarting to do a little bit more uh we didn't used to see that much from him off his backhandside he's starting to try it out a little bit more navrata looking for theErnie which is way too high point you see the famous pancake block there fromNewman has never to went to that right shoulder oh DJ young yeah he was all over it .

That's what you call scouting the oppositionoh I missed yeah you missed it wide it was just off sign outcoming their way this time still the way he timed that one up yep sir I have a feeling this is going to be firefightCentral oh yeah 100 and and Riley Newman is one of the most difficult players to attack and speedup on because of the way that he holds his paddle and we see an example there from navratilas well you know most players try to attack that right shoulder right hip but becauseof the way that Riley Newman holds this paddle he's able to defend it they callthat the kind of pancake block because of the way that he holds it and he's able tojust punch that ball down whenever that ball.

Comes at his right shoulder right 45 yearsold still playing at the top of his game yeah Matt Wright of course one of the one of thefew examples of top players who aren't full-time in pickleball meaning they have a a job he's alawyer but still an incredible pickleball player a little extra word there for DJ yeah there was a little bit of a stare downthere from Riley I think a DJ Riley Newman likes to set the tone early oh yeah not a ball that uh young is going tomiss very often but he does that time 4-2 .

Side out coming back to navratil and young playingagainst a guy like Riley it's so important to you keep your head you keep your composure yeah youknow that pretty much almost every ball is going to come back so you have to be ready to not justattack once but be ready for the counter and then being able to have a one two three punch I meanrarely with these players that you're gonna get away with one speed up it's the ball's oftengoing to be coming back and you got to be ready there it is a great example of that that is one of the reasons for the viewerswatching this whether you're a Rec player tournament player that is why it's soimportant when you're speeding up the ball to make your swing very compact becauseyou have to be ready for that ball to come back.

Great Exchange there between young and Newman yeah you saw young there in the replay oh that's the exact same ball thathe missed earlier same spot you saw him crouching down trying to defendthat right shoulder area on the replay 6-3 edge here to Newman and right the numbertwo seed have to be considered the favorites with Ben and Colin Johns eliminated earlier today oh that right so good defensively yeah especially on the battery thatwe get the Hat Shake right there again until never till don't gothere comes that backhand.

Oh calling the action here coveragebrought to you by Tennis Channel not how you come out of a timeout ifyou're never tilling Young yeah just uh bad Miss they're from young again we'vetalked about it before in the previous match the key is going to be can young stayengaged mentally emotionally you know being down so much right now needs tokeep his composure and keep his confidence oh just just pretty shot there from Newman he hideshis shots so well disguises him again because of the awkward wave that he holds the paddleit's very hard to read where he's going to go weiner.

Just wide if you win the point too likethey did right there you'll win over this crowd here in Southern California get somemoves and Oz which DJ young certainly loves followed up with a monster forehand drive rightthere great drive as as Riley Newman was pinching the middle young recognized that it went up thesideline again two drives in a row spot and a little bit of a roll there so the youngster DJ youngfeeling it now at the moment 7-9 change formation from Wright and Newman again anytime you lose a few points in arow sometimes you just want to give them a different look especially if they'relooking for some pattern that is working.

They're right back at their preferred formationnow with Riley Newman on the left side oh winner by never too great read is thatball we talked about this in their previous match he's so good at going for thatErnie but he kind of does it with that inverted forehand that allows him to createa great angle going back across the court yeah that's not going to work on Newman especiallycoming diagonal from Young just he's way too fast Matt right very easily puts it away withthe overhead yeah great setup from Newman going at navratil kind of a one-two punchleading on the third ball just an easy pop-up for right to put away went for it little wide yeah again you can'tit's really tough when you're attacking.

Diagonal not only attacking diagonal but heactually went right hip which that ball is just going to sail wide you got to gomiddle or inside hip on your opponent yeah I think they Clash paddles there and I think one paddle push the otherand made that ball go wide ATP is there wow you know coming out of that timeoutDJ young missed that return but then since that point they've really gone on a roll oh this certainly surprising young able tocatch Matt right there on the hands and we are locked at nine yeah I was justgonna say I'm surprised they haven't.

Switched and they're about to switchnow back to their original formation I would guess they're gonna stay with thatyep Riley's gonna move back to the left side try to dictate the point a little bit more that's too high too highthey're from navratil y another emphatic yell yeah from the attorney byday pickleball player on the weekends Matt right game point lets it go it is out and now the colorful Matt Wright to serve 10-9-2.

Air thereby never till Matt and Riley werethe aggressors of this game they had double the number of winners and a bit more errors thanZayn and DJ and this was the determining factor for the first game if this video is helpful toyou a subscribe would mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we are building an audience bycreating helpful content this whole Tennessee played growing up an all-around athlete and heis become a true Superstar here in pickleball he's had you musical Partners this year RileyNewman especially in mixed doubles it has been an adventure hasn't it yeah of course he playedyou know so long with his sister Lindsay second serve and now her with having a family ofcourse that she's not as available and so he's just had to try out playing withdifferent partners but of course.

Riley one of the best doubles players in theworld and has been for the last few years yeah I think Riley needed to go right shoulderthere instead of left hip as youngest expecting that ball great job defending byYoung this hit there from navratil mentioned the partners mixedpartners of Riley Newman started out the year with Anna bright hadElise Jones yesterday made some progress there normal partner intact here in men's that right inverted forehand again fromnavratil loves to use that shot good hands from Newman but just too muchfrom navratil putting that ball away easily.

Say Never till another fan favorite just gotthat electric personality everybody loves but he gravitates to it pretty good hands as well EJ young holding it up foreign I think it did I think itgot the net then the paddle yep one zero two second serve now too much on that one yeahbig swing there from Young again probably better goingmiddle or right at Newman instead of inside out but he missed it.

Oh almost got that one back but DJ young ready for the Newman speedup that time at his right shoulder perfectly placed from that rightyeah kind of a rare shake and bake from Newman and Wright especially coming off the Newman Drive in the right crashing in that's notsomething you see that often from the two of them amazing hands some tremendous athleticism out on the courtright now and it's never too with the final say yeah great get there from navratilis as Wrightwas trying to push that ball up the sideline but never still able to reach over thistwo-handed backhand put it in the middle.

Oh again Newman went back in onyoung again and young was ready young doing a good job of Defending I thinkRiley Newman is trying different spots as he attacks young that ball stays in flying throughthe air is rightly Newman yeah I'm not sure why young charged the net I mean that ball was gonnasit up anyway you're gonna see here that Ball's bouncing so high and yet young charges in thathe should have stayed back as navrata was and trying to defend from there but certainly youngis not shy of looking for the highlight reel 3-1-2 that ball hit long are officials forthis match Michael Kooks is the lead official onisha Smith second in commandDon paben trafinia Moore also on the crew oh Zane took a few swats at that almost likea flight yeah had a couple chances at it.

Knocked down a fly that timeyeah a little flyswatter yes right now second served two three two side down good shot by Young opening up the courtgoing behind Newman leading to the next pop-up two-point lead here for navigation in game number two four two one yeah they're pulling Riley wide to his back end that's out a little run here they're walking alittle faster you can see their body language getting a little bit of momentum certainlybeen a weekend of surprises thus far.

Till and young trying to provide uswith another one here in this match for it all you don't like that huh I Idon't because I feel like he's going for like you know like he's trying to make astatement instead of just defending the shot and certainly there's a lot of there's alot of ego on the court and so there's uh the element of I don't want to get beatby you and I'm going to show you and so there's you know that comes into play quitea bit for some players more than for others to the net how important inthis game is time and place yeah I mean it it's it's just three five oneyou're trying to find Opportunities you know these players are not going to make that manymistakes and so when you when you get a ball.

That you feel like you have an opportunity yougot to pull the trigger but be ready because some of the fastest hands some of the fastesthands on tour are on the court right now if I met right there and trying to tiethe match right here Matt Wright serving what a shot by Riley Newman yeah greatjob coming over and taking that forehand navato anticipating a ball tohis backhand side goes behind him yeah good good defense therefrom navratil attacking right back at right right was a littlefurther back from that kitchen line yeah just bad footwork there from Young as he's over stretched to tryto hit that two-handed backhand.

So the lead to Newman and right here 6'5 there it is there's that right shoulder shot from Newman right at Young oh rare Miss from Newman perfectly set up MattRyan with a good drive there's the shake and bake that we talked about they're both chargingnot a ball that Newman's Gonna Miss very often definitely went for the kill speed up from right knew that navratul was alittle off balance yeah and that ball just hung a little bit uh there was that long Exchange inthe dinks and that dink I think they were maybe.

Paddles were clashing but that ball just satup way too much for Wright able to attack it ground here not gonna do it there Newman doing a great job of kind ofstraddling that Center Line and protecting right side until he was able to get there till on the short end of that quick firefight yeah just like that it's 8-5 yeah right so good at that protectingthat left hip with that backhand you can just sense this team feelingit Newman and right blazing away yeah they're on a roll here uh younghad been doing a really good job defending the speed UPS from Newman buthe's gotten caught the last two times.

Lefty volley from Newman and you're right I mean they're just there's a lefty with the littlestare down to go with it match point and is there some fight left to nevertelling young we're gonna find out right here shot it just wide yeah there wasn't muchthere I don't know where where Matt thought he was going to go without him that's whyhe was obviously frustrated probably feeling like he should have gotten body insteadof trying to beat him up the sideline oh open court Matt's got to get on his horse how about this court coverage gotta love the effort not successful but theveteran can still move yeah great defense there.

From Matt Wright I don't know what Young wasdoing with that forehand but he was fortunate that Newman did everyone didn't readher writing just hit it way too long we'll serve here second serve now coming up from DJyoung yeah maybe that was the final chance here yeah that was what he wastrying to do earlier when he tried to go behind young this time muchmore accurate with that attack another one right down the boulevard Matt Wrightwith that little strut back to the service line yeah just a nice little flick with his backhandnot a lot of pace but just caught them off guard.

DJ young giving himsomething to remember and that's gonna do it Matt and Riley hadalmost doubled the number of winners and fewer errors than Zayn and DJ and this wasthe determining factor for the second game if this video is helpful to youa subscribe would mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we are buildingan audience by creating helpful content
Pickleball Men’s Doubles Highlights with Matt Wright / Riley Newman VS Zane Navratil / DJ Young at OGIO Newport Doubles Shootout at The Tennis and Pickleball Club at Newport Beach on 4/22/2023

In-Depth Analysis of the Match – Metric being analyze for each player for every point including winners, forced errors, and unforced errors ratios for Stats Analysis. A forced error is consider when the players normally would make that shot but because of the pressure of the opponent’s shot forced them to make an uncharacteristic error. Unforced errors is consider when the player had no pressure from opponent and just over hit it either into the net or out. The player analytics is summarized at the end of each game in a pie chart graphics.

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