Lou here with pickle ball Pursuit and today we’ll be taking a look at what I believe is the most interesting release of 2024 stay tuned to the end of this video to find out how you can enter for a chance to win this battle introducing the 100% Kevlar sword and shield j2k from Honolulu pickleball company this sword and shield j2k is nothing short of.

Spectacular it’s excellent blend of power pop control and spin complemented by one of the biggest sweet spots of any paddle on the market market and its Ultra stable feel makes this one of the best if not the best paddle on the market now no performance category of this paddle is going to blow you away or be something that we’ve never seen on.

The market the combination of all attributes of this paddle is what makes it so unique this j2k comes in at a massive 7.10 in twist weight which makes it super stable and Ultra forgiving for its hybrid shape now the direct comparison and paddle would be the 6 Ruby featuring a Twist weight of 6.8 which really is.

Nowhere near as stable as this j2k I will be doing a dedicated comparison but know that the power pop and control of both of these paddles are quite similar now my model is a pre-production model which features a different grit texture compared to the production models that will be sent to All purchasers after March 25th this new grit texture will.

Have a massive increase in spin according to the owners what separates this paddle from the rest of the pack is just how stable and forgiving this paddle really is it is definitely a paddle that you could play just at its stock weight with no modifications of lead tape or weighting I can’t stress enough just how easy this paddle is to.

Play with its combination of excellent control great power and super stable feel makes it such an easy paddle to play with the j2k will come in red and blue Kevlar facing and will perform exactly the same in all aspects the j2k pro which is the Black Version will feature a unique Kevlar weave that is more dense and tighter than any other.

Kevlar we’ve seen on the market this will result in a massive increase in power as well as Pop on to the ratings for this paddle in terms of power I would give this paddle a 4.5 out of five it really does feature a tremendous amount of power for just how soft plush and controllable this paddle feels and in terms of control I would give this.

Padle a 4.7 out of five this 100% Kevlar face provides a soft and plush feel which provides some of the best control seen on any hybrid shaped paddle on the market for spin I would give this paddle a 4.6 out of 5 although my j2k was the pre-production model with the less gritty grit texture and doesn’t have as much spin potential as the production.

Models it still produced well over 1,00 RPMs in the spin test for Pop I would give this paddle a 4.1 out of five although this paddle is a very soft and plush feel it almost feels as though the paddle tightens up in those short punch fys and hands battles and provides enough pop to help you win hands battles at the kitchen line for sweet spot this.

Paddle receives the highest rating of any hybrid shape paddle a 4.8 out of five with its huge twist weight of 7.1 an improved hybrid shape that does not taper from top to bottom like seen on the 60 it has a Ultra forgiving and massive sweet spot for Value I’d give this pedal a 4.8 out of five the blend of power control forgiveness and its.

Massive sweet spot is what makes this paddle a tremendous value because it’s really unique to any hybrid shaped paddle that we’ve seen on the market I will definitely be doing a comparison of the j2k as well as the six Ruby and I will also be doing a review of the j2k pro in in the future if you’d like to purchase this paddle you can utilize my.

Promo code listed at the bottom of the screen that’ll bring the paddle down to $135 which is by far the cheapest 100% Kevlar hybrid shape paddle on the market if you’d like to enter for a chance to win this paddle all that you have to do is like and comment on this video subscribe to pickle ball Pursuit and fill out the Google form listed in the.

Description below the winner will be announced 4 weeks after this video has been posted I hope you enjoyed this video If you did don’t forget to leave a like And subscribe to stay tuned for future reviews until the next one I’m Lewis with pickle ball Pursuit and I’ll see you.

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I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed playing with this paddle and how highly I recommend it! I immediately felt comfortable with the amount of power and pop this paddle produced and it became effortless to play with. Finding a paddle that allows you to just play your game without having to think about the performance of the paddle is an absolute game changer. I highly recommend checking out this Sword and Shield J2K. I genuinely believe this is the most forgiving and stable paddle you can buy that is not a standard shaped paddle. Honolulu Pickleball Company knocked it out the park with this one!

Stay tuned for a comparison of this Sword and Shield J2K and the 6.0 Ruby. Expect that to happen by the middle of March!