They had five titles together last season Dylan and JW the most consistent men’s doubles teams in hitting the podium and here we go first serve Upon Us Matt Wright to Dylan Frasier punishable offense JW Johnson CL the popup chance from that right yeah I expect a patient match there is some heavy-handed countering from all four.

Players if you pull a bad Trigger or an ill-advised offensive speed up you will pay the price in this matchup Matt Wright in the all black is known for his chirpy nature loves to get activated vocally on both sides oh that’s two dinks now for JW Johnson.

Catching the net and just a little yep from fed and Matt right letting JW know that they like those airs I mean from the right side of the Court pinching the center line that right we saw it in the semi-final matchup against the Johns finding many offensive opportunities with the forehand and the backhand from that.

position and really all players very familiar JW Johnson and Dylan Fraser good friends and they do a lot of practicing with fetty fast hands they like to call him feder Rico sta rude they gave us that little tidbit last night and credit to JW Johnson and Dylan Frasier they were here until 900 p.m.

Competing in the semifinal against Tyson McGuffin and dear they played indoors due to the Rain conditions still as steady as ever and actually Michelle very early in his career Dylan Frasier living in Missouri would drive over to witch Kansas and practice with Matt Wright so uh there’s a lot of story lines and and.

Little tidbits between these competitors 0 two two I really like this partnership coming together oh absolutely they’re playing great they have that just early energy that almost all Partnerships do and they’re complimenting each other.

well that’s a great speed up from Matt Wright and I promise you Michelle I will be saying fetty fast hands a couple different times during this match it’s a fun nickname third 32 up that’s a tough ball to hit with Pace.

From feder Rico Stacks rout a few feet off the kitchen line with the hand speed of his opponents need to go soft most of the time in that position M right kind of waving his hand knowing that was an ambitious offensive attack we see a team record for Dylan.

Frasier and JW Johnson not too shabby great shot from Dylan Frasier one of the best on the right yeah he loves that spot at the right hip of his right hander right-handed counterparts right in front of him out of the air or off the bounce we saw it last night in the semifinals I do think that feder Rico sta rout protects the right side of his.

Body better than most with the forehand so we’ll have to monitor that game within the game nice work from Matt wri and feder Rico Stacks through just getting one extra ball back after the offensive barrage from JW for.

got to watch that fade away lob Michelle really want to be established at the kitchen line when you go with the offensive lob can’t blame that too much he had great success with that shot last night nice rip from feder Rico on the forehand side with the cookie off the net look at that undefeated team record.

For Matt and federo only 4 and0 but undefeated is undefeated Michelle batting a thousand way back and there’s the chirpy that’s out you’ll hear quite a bit from Matt Wright they also beat Hunter Johnson and Thomas Wilson in The Quarters before they arrived to the semis against Colin Johns and Ben Johns.

By the way such an impressive V victory for them how about that athletic Ernie from federo stack R skip jump and a hop yeah avoiding a kitchen violation fancy footwork from the Argentine up and that’s a got to be.

Tough mentally for feder Rico staer to drop his gold medal match against Ben John’s in two games and men’s singles to regroup come back and men’s doubles fetty fast hands there he is fetty fast hands there he is after a great body up speed up from Matt Wright fed did have a bit of a buffer with a couple matches to get his mind right.

Before this match but it’s a good point by you Michelle yeah it was pretty clear during the match how bad fed wanted to beat Ben John’s in the single so you got to just have a shift in your thought process and get back to business and men’s doubles second he did miss that lob long but I.

Like this second law much better than the first more under control more balanced from Matt Wright on that last attempt and exactly what I was talking about about feder Rico stack shud being very good at protecting the right side of his body in witchar Kansas while staying at top the ranks in men’s doubles in Pro pickle.

ball lead improves to 82 another quality Counterattack on the forehand side from fed see if Dylan Fraser can possibly mix up his attack spots and Federico staer credit to him as they go 92 did not take any breaks the month of April was a grueling schedule for these Pros four tournaments.

In a row four weekends in different parts of the US okay oh he was falling in even before he hit that shot you cannot go in the kitchen that is a rule in pickle ball if you take the ball out of the air you cannot.

Step on that right line just behind the Hima text yeah even Fed was laughing about that previous point and then 10 seconds later he gets tagged with the ball right in the midsection so not the best couple points for.

Fed second serve Matt R so good at getting on top of his backhand count cers 392 putting the ball down at the feet of Dylan Frasier here a little clip of what Matt right said the Cardinal S of pickle ball.

Changing your mind he was looking for offense went soft and missed it badly what a get from Frasier F sh defends his line perfectly Burns Frasier on the speed up chance I mean that is too good Dylan did exactly what I was hoping that he would and changed to spot to go line and feder Rico stack.

Up to the task nice spot from JW finding Federico a couple feet off the kitchen line was the difference oh well defended by Matt R scream straight ahead on J W Johnson yeah a little Purpose with that bark from Matt R who often sits heavy.

Countering on the backhand side but this time initially ready on the forehand game point for R in sta oh wow oh no way was that a B for Matt right on his way through welcome to the Pickler where everything’s better everything’s better at Pickler everything’s better at the Pickler he made a championship Court.

This is best three out of five in our grand slam showing Zan Frasier with the first serve in game two an extend Ed dink rally W by the two seeds JW Johnson and Dylan Frasier their default when things get tough is to go.

Softer that’s a quality fill of the middle for JW Johnson go softer hit quality counterattacks that is the recipe that has allowed them to have that two next to their name fire fight JW Johnson strikes it home three nothing yeah and that’s uh.

What something I had in my notes my pre-match notes is the biggest game within the game is the heads up battle between Matt Wright and JW Johnson I don’t even care who starts the speed up first but who wins that matchup heads up has a huge advantage in this match what a start for Dylan Frasier and JW Johnson some of those speed ups that.

Were working for Matt Wright and feder Rico Stacks RW throughout game one have not worked to start game two searching for the game ball it’s 40 lead they want that ball they don’t want a new one Fraser still a part-time student at the University of.

Missouri complete his business degree incredible kid incredible athlete 041 agreed right and stack r on the board for one t are cheering for a grand slam bronze medal match on grand stand across the way.

Oh my tweener defense from stat doesn’t matter Dylan Frasier buried it have another look at that one oh unreal and always hate it when my partner hit such an incredible highlight shot and then I just flub like the shot too later is Matt right with the questionable.

Lob prompt response from stat cuts the lead in half yeah and a a yeah yeah yeah yeah right over to Dylan Frasier and JW Johnson bounce it bounce it and offense from stacker in a more gentler out call by Matt right it was that that one was very reasonable oh just out guys just.

Out he’s got a different a few different layers to him does Matt right do and actually I I mean even though they’re tier ages JW Johnson and Dylan Frasier I think that they’re pretty much labeled as veterans in the sport of pro pickle ball now so I don’t think think any of these Antics are going to get to them.

wow no question about that L feathery touch to follow it by fense Stacks rout such a smart play yeah always risky uh to go with the drop volley after the lob cuz you have a chance to bring your opponents back to the kitchen line but that one was struck so well it didn’t.

Matter 4 3 2 what hands from Frasier to keep them in the points yes it was and just to kind of finish my thought from earlier I think a year 18 months ago that Dylan and JW might have been susceptible to mental Warfare and uh as I mentioned I I don’t think that’s the case anymore.

Wow oh oh it hit his body doesn’t count my goodness yeah lot of middle dinks going here four grown men just bunting dinks to the middle of the Court It’s Kind of a Funny pattern but a lot of respect for the speed UPS of these four players full speed on display with that view great work from our crew gain two in this best three of five championship.

Match here from the vizy Atlanta open presented by acrtic oh Matt Right cleaning up what he instigated with the lob for the hold yeah last two lobs from Matt RI have been much better reaching into the kitchen and if they happen to land uh much deeper in the court on the side of.

JW and Dylan another La no chance on that one Dylan Frasier read it all the way through two now got to be careful on those frequencies he start going to the lob too much and give an athletic player like Dylan Fraser a head start he’s going to make you pay and Matt Wright.

Not known for going for his serve but looked like he was trying for the Ignat Ace right there beautiful counter from Dylan Frasier Cross Court speed up not going to happen against Frasier yeah similar patterns as game one just so much cleaner on the counter attacks from JW and Dylan.

JW Johnson cleaning up down the middle yeah able to contact that initial ball out of the air hasn’t had a lot of good looks to attack out of the air good that he found that one wow what a dink from Dylan Frasier.

Crosscourt knifes it through for a game point game point have another look that right trying to pull a replay of what ended game one not going to happen JW Johnson from the world’s most iconic tennis Arenas to the glint of an Olympic gold medal a new court beckons A new.

Challenge arises Jack sck is conquered tennis now pickle balls next Mastery Precision passion that’s what Champions are made of and when it comes to pickle ball there’s only one company they turn to Jack Stock’s Legacy continues with the number one brand in pickle ball cirk sport we are pickle.

Ball the Young Bucks on the far in made a great adjustment and shut it down in game two little high but got away with it Matt Wright will take the first point of game three yeah JW Johnson maybe second guessing whether that ball was going to stay in or not either way it’s a nice.

Offensive pull from Matt Wright oh take a let cord right back says JW Johnson yeah Crazy Hand speed from both JW and Matt Wright he went to the well two points later after catching J W up the line not this time wow very poor dink off of a tough.

Bounce from Matt Wright but his hand speed dug him out of out of trouble1 two yeah big play for stack rud and wght yeah it was I love that return from Matt Wright un unwinding the stack floating the ball up giving himself more time to get to.

His position yeah Matt right ramping up the decb in between points early in game three after a lopsided game two that is hiso 31 thir nice forehand pull off the bounds from.

JW lot of people including myself would like to see him go to that shot more often follows it up unfortunately with a tough return Miss 42 wow Jaye Johnson and his ability to flick that at the last second off his wrist powers Second To None yeah he no back swing or and no follow through just.

Such a short stroke interesting choice to Lo it let cord but usually you just default to a soft shot when you’re out of rhythm Matt decides to go with very difficult.

Touch l St was all over the speed up attempt through the middle yes he was what 4 two just that slight initial inclination of JW to shift over to the forehand side.

Matt Wright put the ball nicely to his backand and JW just late getting there oh my what a battle I mean just wild hand speed I mean I I don’t understand how some of these balls are coming back initial counter from J you and look at what a.

Shot from net cam and Dylan Frasier the hair goes flying up that is Slippery from the middle of the court from Matt Wright it’s not an easy person or easy spot to attack but he’s gotten away with it multiple times nice work from JW on the two shot combination I think it’s pretty clear.

That three of the four players default to soft consistent dinks and Matt Wright is definitely the player whose default is to be aggressive and pull the trigger not that he can’t dink or isn’t consistent with his dinks just a kind of a mindset thing 21 just deep for J.

Johnson good look at the two shot combination and you know some of that has to do with uh as my point previously is age and athleticism a little easier to bend and have the footwork to grind out long consistent points Dylan Frasier willing his way into the match at the two-point game a.

Great cover in the Middle with the backand for Matt rght on the initial speed up but Dylan Frasier ready okay so that yell was for a purpose and a Matt white Matt right finger wag excuse me and we uh heard in an interview last.

Night uh Leia Jansen getting pretty audible with Andrea Coupe and she says don’t give her anything don’t react and I think that that is where JW and Dylan are uh when there’s some chirping in between points and I like that decision yeah you’re absolutely right they won’t give you much right in stord and you know who.

Feeds off of energy on his side with his partner a staer so think that’s part of the Synergy of what’s working fed says he loves playing with energetic players there there yeah don’t don’t hate the idea feder Rico has not tried that at all.

Matt Wright multiple times going to the lob so uh to try to work that in there no problem with me just got to execute nice chance for Stater off the tape JW Johnson says thank you very much yeah I would have really liked to see what would have happened had it not clipped the tape as that has been a very.

Frequent pattern as the Dylan Frasier speed up to the right side of feder Rico’s body and I think overall that matchup has gone in the favor of fed JW Johnson waited for that chance blows up mat Right Down the Line pulls within one yeah nice patient point from all four.

Players J up you’re waiting for the right time as you said Michelle and and pretty pretty similar patterns throughout this match both teams getting to the kitchen at a very high clip quite a few middle dinks maybe slightly from JW Johnson and Dylan Frasier pushing a few more balls Matt Wright’s.

way 651 big play for tillan Frasier no room for right stack to build here so good with that back hand right right at his body Dylan Frasier well done and right to the right hip of fed stack R could catch it there and a quick.

Side out for Frasier and Johnson 5 Frasier is so quick to unwinding the stack to an underrated point yeah to touch on your point Michelle yes Dylan Frasier a phenomenal mover actually beat feder Rico sta rout at the.

Masters At the beginning of the year in singles without a tennis background I Can’t Describe to you how impressive that is wow two soft errs from JW and Dylan after getting a quick side out Matt Wright and Federico Stax R match them to get the ball back.

your the hand speed so solid uh I think the play is even gotten slower and slower just so much fear from these players to speed up the wrong ball.

B pushed off left foot come on onepoint lead now for federo STA and Matt wri beckoning on the crowd and we apologize for the technical difficulties experienced moment ago Michelle mcmah Adam Stone here in the booth with you game three this best.

Three out of five series was played that might deep play into the net no they didn’t say anything played the ball and no out call was made well there’s a look at Don Stanley our second referee for this one Alan Roman the lead.

Referee think they had a point there for oh Dylan Fraser read La Matt right was prepared and then JW Johnson cleans up yeah moments ago JW Johnson called for a push off out of the kitchen really nice.

Footwork from his partner uh to not do the same I don’t think Dylan Dylan has no argument here unfortunately even though it clearly took a bad bounce I saw that earlier in the then John’s fed stack through match fed found the only dead.

Spot that he could Jay Johnson takes the lead by one such hand speed and even as I talked to about Matt Wright’s default is going to more aggressive play and speed UPS he’s even kind of been shut down here lately really dinking a lot and sure he’s a.

Consistent dinker but that is not necessarily what I would consider his game yeah right on Q he finds a place to be offensive catching JW Johnson a couple feet off the kitchen line frustration from Federico stack through looking for a slippery Inside Out.

Backhand speed up sits up nicely for Dylan to finish though Little Grunt in a groan from thatt right not not thrilled with that soft this sounded like a 46y old man grunt no go Zone on.

JW they’re a brick wall nothing gets through these two D Fraser and JW Johnson a hard team to strategize against what a play by Dylan Frasier reset on the backhand hammered it on the forehand and a game point for the two seing time out will be called by the lawyer Matt Wright uh just hard to hard to out dink them hard to hit through.

Them uh just a very difficult matchup point game Miss bll by fed ja for Frasier and Johnson take the third they’re one game away from a grand slam title and quality hands from JW and some real pep in his step to start game four.

J Johnson starts out game four in a hurry yeah really nice stuff to spread Matt Wright out wide and then he’s more susceptible and vulnerable to the speed up it’s really good stuff from Dylan and JW there’s kind of the the high and hard at the body and Matt right right in feder Rico’s ear saying I like that a.

Lot more please yes quick counter from fedo stuit yeah quality combo initial initial Counterattack from JW not that bad but feder Rico just waiting for it that right so good with the.

Combinations even when that initial forehand speed up is a little dicey he’s just waiting there with the backand on the next ball my goodness that was a rocket from Dylan Frasier Matt Wright had his paddle in the exact perfect position yeah hit it.

Right to the paddle and those crosscourt speed ups with hand speed like this need to be few and far between guys wow just so much pace so much hand speed woo two two I mean I can say I don’t have that one after every single point when these guys are playing 2 3.

1 oh got him where it hurts yeah I think that was a little bit to the hip flexor side if that was right in the middle that’s big trouble for f STX beautiful counter touch from Dillan Fraser and Pace significantly ramped up to start game four from both teams haven’t had uh even one super extended dink.

Rally oh man just a time out we very brief sorry out a grindy game four against Matt Wright and sta through Dylan Frasier serving on a one on their side first server clean winner for fed down the middle not the place to go for Dylan Frasier on that play yeah definitely.

Favoring fed Stacks road on the speed UPS from Dylan Frasier nice Rico catching the body again high and hard with the speed up at Dylan actually usually the young guys pretty agile and able to get out of the way of the ball when it’s going out but the heavy hands of JW and Dylan Frasier.

Usually hold their spot more often than most nice word JW catching Matt off the kitchen line hands are so much less effective when you’re a couple feet back that’s unfortunate as that ball clearly going to drop in until it kisses the tape and goes wide.

531 Matt right smacking his paddle knowing that or I believe that he had JW in a tough spot if he’s able to come up with that inside out forand speed up he couldn’t though and we are getting to crunch time for Matt Wright and feder Rico.

Oh oh just missed it Matt Wright livid with himself not able to put the first ball away and then pushing that ball wide what scrambled defense hands from Dylan Frasier yours third nice job of Matt right getting skinny turning sideways letting that.

Ball go out 732 long for Freer yeah back to back back out balls one from JW and now Dylan Frasier got to tighten it up in this big moment don’t give any momentum to Matt and fed JW Johnson with a.

Put away he will not he will not get called for pushing off of the kenchin again great footwork from JW world class challenge JW Johnson the night twice from JW Johnson for the sign out yeah so important to have the middle overhead in Your Arsenal as players will often break for the.

To defend a whole lot and for what reasons uh the points the opponents uh just just so many reasons why I mean everyone knows this is a slam you said it at the top of the broadcast one of four on the year and it it means more to these competitors no question so good from that right and I will say.

This I wasn’t able to do it too often in my career but Matt Wright is on that list of opponents that is very fun to beat so patient Point all right that’s ball back over and a point on the board Michelle same followup question for you I’d love.

To know why it is that Matt Wright is one of the most fun players to beat well I think it’s some of the Antics and some of the mental Warfare you know I I said a previous day of the tournament that you don’t love them so much across the net but you like them on your team and I’m going to stick with that but it’s it’s a clearcut change in.

Strategy for Federico and Matt they are they are speeding it up not sloppy with it in game four but they’re not going to have those 50 ball dink rallies with this particular team the run will end there sign out for Frasier and Johnson 751 that right had to put his whole back into that overhead finish let’s go one.

More one more come on 752 you JW Johnson was absolutely clutch in the.

Hands battle Yeah just flipped that last one and got enough of the ball to put it down at Matt Wright’s feet nice fire fight from the fellas and then comes up with that play not once but twice JW Johnson rising to the occasion 952 Championship point for Frasier and.

Johnson 10 52 no wow no caution there from Matt right on the trigger pull nice job of Federico stacker kind of tucking his elbow into his rib cage to be able to contact that ball from an awkward paddle position.

yes why was the call yeah definitely W good look from Federico though he had a sliver of court to work with Dylan Frasier not locked and loaded to handle that particular speed up fortunate for him it was wide crucial hold for Frasier and.

Johnson in a championship Point number two for the youngsters JW Johnson closes it out and the Grand Slam title is there is JW Johnson and Dylan Frasier and a grand slam title secured Dylan this one was a grind against Matt Wright and federo Stax how were you all able to pull away and secure the title oh man yeah it was a.

Really tough match uh fed and Matt played us really tough they came out strong they came out grind and fight for every single point there were no easy points they made really few unfor stairs and so it’s just coming down to execution winning some hands battles and that’s what we were.

Able to do and JW your eighth title together with Dylan Frasier I know you guys are so close off the court as well but where does a grand slam title rank in all the trophies You’ secured you’re uh yeah I mean it’s um super awesome uh I’m just super glad that we we get to play we get to play together at all the PPA tournaments so super fun and uh just.

Love competing JW I know your mom’s always proudly supporting you on the sideline and Dyan your mom’s not here Cindy but she’s watching and she have launched your pro pickleball career what do you think Cindy’s saying back home for you guys here today yeah I know she’s super excited for us I know she was watching she watches all my matches.

Uh played my first couple professional tournaments with my mom so we definitely have a history playing pickleball together my dad too um such a fun thing to be able to do with the family it keeps us closer together gives us something to do together to stay active and healthy so really grateful for pickle ball really grateful for my mom.

And dad they’re you know great supporters of me amazing well let’s welcome in our title sponsor of the event from buzy hard Seltzer Bill ail is here to deliver some much deserved hardware for these guys JW and Dylan congratulations on an amazing run through the brackets and on behalf of vizy hard seler the official hard seler.

Of the PPA awesome job winning men’s championship on CH court and a huge shout out to the fans who this has made it Atlanta the biggest event on the PPA tour in terms of fan support thank you so much thanks you guys for an amazing tournament
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Watch the Men’s Doubles Championship match: (3) Matt Wright/Federico Staksrud vs (2) Dylan Frazier/James Johnson at the Atlanta Open Presented by Acrytech

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