The blues Billikens and tigers are off today nothing really going on but High School Hoops we'll show you that at six o'clock but a day like this allows us to tell you about amazing people in sports and this woman is just that her name is Terry Clements with the help of photographer Tom stasiak we give you the story.

Zeros he is one of a kind go go let's put it this way Sherry Clements is the only one playing pickleball at the Missouri pickleball Club who has seven national championships on her resume oh yeah I probably am the most competitive female in St Louis argumentatively no argument the Parkway West grad became.

The first female to receive an athletic scholarship at Northeast Missouri State but it was that 14-year run as the Washington University volleyball coach with the seven titles and ten final fours which sets her apart Clemens had to retire because her health failed her an infection from her.

Childhood took away sports and almost her life I got meningitis I got 24 blood clots I had nine stents put in I just was so weak I couldn't walk for a year I was in a wheelchair the weakness would overcome me and then I would get another illness and another illness miraculously Clemens got her health back.

And celebrated by running a full marathon it's like an old quote wouldn't it be wonderful if you lost everything you had today and got it all back tomorrow all right let's go what she has now is an incredible arsenal of pickleball shots she teaches go go she plays and she wins.

She's Gotta Never Say Die attitude and she's extremely Fierce I think she's probably one of the top players in the nation for her age group yes the sport seems tailor-made for Terry just the right dose of athleticism competitiveness and Analysis good setup no doubt all coaches look at strategies and look at placement and look at the.

Demeanor of the game the Dynamics of how the ball is moving more than the average player and so I'm always studying the game Terry Clements if you see her on the pickleball court you may want to walk the other way all day every day she is 65 and just crazy athletic in fact I asked my wife the lovely Monique.

If I could beat her and she simply said no way and what a rebound and just to use her health in such amazing ways she's something else Frank thank you
The sport seems tailor-made for Teri Clemens. Just the right dose of athleticism, competitiveness and analysis.