There were no PPA MLP or app events this past weekend but still some pickable news to go over the biggest news that dropped this weekend was the announcing of an event with former tennis stars competing in a pickleball Event John Mcenroe Andre Agassi and erotic and Michael Chang all competing against each other the inaugural slam will feature.

Two legends singles matches pitting Roddick versus Chang followed by Mcenroe versus Agassi in the second match the final match of the date will be a doubles match with Mcenroe and Chang competing against Roddick and Agassi the final match will determine the split of the 1 million dollar prize purse the 2023 pickleball slam includes an amateur.

Challenge as well which will be played on Friday March 31st and Saturday April 1st it will include 96 doubles teams entering on a first come first in basis vying for a ten thousand dollar team prize and a chance to compete against two of the tennis turned pickleball Legends prior to the televised event on Sunday the entry fee is two thousand.

Dollars per team so quite I have the price for only a potential ten thousand dollar return and I think there are some interesting aspects to this event which is encouraging for growing the sport of pickleball obviously the huge names involved being one the event just last month with John Isner and Jack sock had incredible viewership on YouTube.

Reaching over 200 000 views on this video alone an event like this taking place on ESPN's main channel should draw a lot of interest from viewers I wanted to give a quick shout out to the sponsor of this video which is 11 pickleball you can use the discount code fifth at checkout for 10 off any of their apparel and even their Ryan Sherry shirt which.

Was recently released give them a follow on their Instagram and check out their website as well both blanks will be in the description down below so now back to the video the other interesting aspect to this event is past comments made from both Mcenroe and radical partially criticizing the sport Mcenroe in an interview shared his thoughts on.

The sport of pickleball I am not a convert to pickleball I think it sucks but you know I play with my friends it's a Level Playing Field they think they can beat me and I'm like look I still know something about you know angles and stuff you got to be careful I'm going to tell you right here be careful because you're way more susceptible to injury in.

That crappy pickleball game than you are in tennis you're sitting there you're just swinging you're not even turning your body or using your core or bending your knees absolutely pathetic but besides that it's a great sport taking over tennis courts on other courts if that's because you can put more people on it it would be a damn shame if a game.

Is beautiful as tennis which is the king of all Rocket Sports by far come on let's get our you know we got to get our act together here it made it CBS debut a week or so ago I know it's unbelievable you know that I'm sure the pickleball tour paid a lot to CBS to have it shown spike ball or uh cornhole is on ESPN does that mean we should turn to.

Cornhole too Pass Me By badminton racket while you're at it Roddick also made some slightly offhanded comments about the sport just a few months ago someone asked what is pickable and Roddick responded with it's like tennis with no learning curve movement spin or speed then Matt Manasseh responded come on Andy next time you're in La come to the.

Riv and we'll find out the learning curve LOL then Roddick responds with no Roddick had a completely different tone about seven years ago when he was first introduced to the sport this is uh time number one playing pickleball it's a bit of a learning curve but luckily uh everyone's nice enough to give me some time to adjust there at the beginning.

But it's been uh it's been a lot of fun and you know to play with some of the best players in the country your first time out it was a bit of a daunting task but I held my own a little bit you know it still still work to be done but I really enjoyed it so there seems to be some general hostility towards the sport from these players that are.

Participating in this event they aren't the only known tennis players who have shared their animosity towards pickleball Morty fish former American tennis player responded to a video of a pickleball rally on Twitter and said I fell asleep halfway through the dinking who won then Major League pickable owner and former women's number one tennis.

Player responded come on Marty it's so much fun Marty replies Kimmy you know I love you but it's boring and Loud other than that I love it kind of interesting to see Roddick and Mcenroe's open hostility towards the sport yet they are participating in an event that is essentially promoting the growth I guess the opportunity to win one million.

Dollars is a pretty big incentive to abandon the previously stated rhetoric some other news in the pickleball world we had an update on the previously agreed upon bet between bloggers at nml pickleball and Travis rettenmeier to add some context to the situation the nml blog wrote something that Travis rettenmeier perceived as critical of his.

Performance and missed out on some context Rhett Meyer posted this on the Instagram story offering them a hundred thousand dollars to play him two versus one nml took them up on that offer and negotiations on the finer terms ensued things like location date handling of money format Etc they had some issues on securing a venue for the event and later.

Came to realize that it's illegal to hold a private bet in the State of Florida so that complicated matters a bit more nml from their side reported that Travis has been recently talking to some venues but has had other things going on in his life he confirmed he will only do this if it is held publicly at an appropriate venue and this event.

It seemed to pique a lot of people's interests considering the prize money at stake here the format of a 2b1 also brings a unique aspect which depending on how good the nml guys are it might not be that easy for the probe retinmeyer to win the advantage for retinmeyer though is he has had a really successful tennis career and also is.

Arguably a top 20 singles pickleball player right now I like many others are hoping they can come to an agreement relatively soon about a date and location but I guess in the meantime we're just gonna have to wait in other news we didn't have any events from the main Pro tours but did have a pro event that took place in Boca Raton Florida.

Hunter Johnson Rob nunnery and Paris Todd were some notable players that had pretty successful weekends and the point of the weekend actually occurred against nunnery let's see if they can close out on second server Megan as you know the last point is the hardest one to get and there's the Ernie oh fairies.

That is outrageous that's insanely good for various right there Henry's partner Dow even congratulating his opponent after that an absolutely insane shot the PPA also made some updated announcements one of them being that the PPA tour will distribute 5.5 million dollars spread across the 25 calendar events there will also be six new events including.

Nashville Seattle and Boca Raton at least 60 players signed exclusively to the PPA tour which means they can't play in non-ppa events so this means no app no U.S open and no Nationals if the US Open and Nationals can't get the top pickable talent to come and play will they lose their Prestige it'll be interesting to see how all this plays.

Out the PPA tour also announced some of their broadcast Partners throughout the year which includes ABC CBS FOX ESPN tennis channel Amazon Prime and FanDuel TV and then the last bit of news is the upcoming Major League pickable event this coming weekend it's taking place in Mesa Arizona and is the first event of 2023. we now have the PBA players back.

From a year at Hiatus so it should be very entertaining one notable player not participating is Riley Newman who is currently in Australia so that's going to wrap up this week's video if you could hit the Subscribe button down below and tap the like button that would be much appreciated thank you for watching.

Former Tennis stars(Agassi, McEnroe, Roddick, Chang) agree to a Pickleball event with a 1 million dollar prize purse. NML/Rettenmaier still ironing out the details of their challenge. Updated PPA prize money, added events/locations, and major broadcast deals. MLP event this weekend in Mesa, Arizona.


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