There's probably not a time that you step on the courts when you haven't heard someone say forehand takes the middle but is that always the right strategy no absolutely not and today we're going to talk about the times that the forehand shouldn't take the middle if we haven't yet met my name is CJ Johnson.

And along with my partner Tony Roy we specialize in helping players over 50 live their best lives on and off the pickleball courts there are very few absolutes in pickleball and a week or two ago I asked all of you what was the worst advice you've gotten on the pickleball court something that you found out was not true later and without.

A doubt forehand in the middle rang true for many of you and that's because as I said there really aren't many absolutes now one is when you're on the return side and again keyword being return side you want to run to the non-volley zone no matter what that's an absolute and pickleball but forehand takes the middle that's not an absolute and today I want.

To explore some strategies when it isn't in absolute for your team the first question you should be asking is what's the best shot for my team because not everyone has as good a forehand as they do a backhand chances are you have one ground stroke that's better than the other very few people are equal on both sides so when.

I'm looking at what's the best shot for my team if I'm playing with someone and my backhand is better than my partner's forehand then I should take that shut now conversely if my partner's forehand is infinitely better than my backhand as a team I would rather give that shot to my.

Partner so in some ways I understand where the logic behind this comes from again most people have a weaker backhand than they do a forehand so it's logical but the way you see it played out on the courts causes a lot of problems for teams so let me show you three problems that it causes and a little different way to think about it I'm going to.

Introduce you to a concept called respect the X here we've overlaid the court with an X think of that X connecting the players on each end of the X this connects the player on each end of the green line and then the players on each end of the blue line of the X in large part this ax pertains to all.

Areas of the Court including the nvz when breaking the X there is specifically three problems that tend to occur so let's take a look at this clip the first problem that it causes is when I reach across the center line to take the forehand from the middle of the Court it puts me in an awkward position it pulls.

My arm away from my body that makes it harder to make the stroke and it makes it much easier to make what we call a mechanical error for the stroke number two it also creates a strategic error here you're going to notice that it opens up the court to the left side I've moved towards the center to take that ball and now both of us are on one side.

Of the court and the left side of this court happens to be open number three since we are both on the same side of the Court it makes it more difficult for my partner Dane to move I've got him pinned behind the shot so now you've seen four instances when the forehand shouldn't take the middle when it's not the best shot for your team when you're.

Crossing over you're pulling your arm away from your body you're leaving a portion of the court open and you're pinning your partner behind the line along with you potentially causing another positional disadvantage so should the forehand take the middle sometimes but it's not an absolute now if you'd like to learn more about the.

Respect the acts and other times when the forehand should take the middle click on this link right over here because together we can train smart Live Bold and age well
You hear a lot of advice on the pickleball courts, but not all of it is good. What about forehand in the middle? Is it good pickleball advice or something to be avoided? The answer, like most things in pickleball is it depends. Here are some examples of when it does not work.

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0:33 Worst Pickleball advice you’ve been given
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1:18 What’s the best shot for your team?
2:38 Respect the X
3:13 Arm extended away from the body
3:36 Leaves half the court open
3:54 Traps your partner behind you

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