Yeah we got this hey thanks for coming out guys hey thanks for having us yeah it's a real pleasure hey no cheating now oh no you ready yeah should be a really good day today we've got a couple of guys coming over uh they hit me up uh you know we got jordan and taylor they call him whit we don't know these guys we hope they're.

Fun we hope they've got like a positive energy a good vibe nice i mean that's what's most important in this is having a good time and what's inside your heart zero zero two full what uh your toe was on the line.

You saw it from over there yeah it's pretty clear i'll redo it that's cool i'll redo it no that'll just be our point just give it to him it's fine it's fine all right your ball your honest ball yeah my biggest pet peeve in the game is the people that hook you on calls.

They're you know it's like playing dodgeball with someone you have to hit him twice to get him out fool me once shame on you fool me twice strike out oh isn't that how it goes well i wasn't going to say that well let's go hey we're off to a good start let's go come on.

Okay here we go zero zero one kitchen clear your toe was on the line uh there i looked down and i was clear well you did this it was clearly here i was not in the kitchen when you made contact dude maybe if you didn't stare at the kitchen line you'd see the.

Ball were you watching the ball or the kitchen line well i'm looking at both i see both no seriously how can you watch the ball and see my feet at the same time we saw it i was not my i was not in the kitchen yeah at the end of the day it's our call yeah whatever you guys want but here's the deal you guys have a nice day.

Please leave my house they're being serious it was nice having you guys they were just completely heartless and emotionally i got upset visually you could see that they were heartless individuals dude what just happened we just got.

Kicked off a pickleball court at zero zero
Two guest pickleball players keep calling foot fault in a friendly pickleball match in this hilarious comedy skit. Enjoy!

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