Ends Pro singles and quickly Ben John's showing a volley just to the middle of the Court Zero's here did you say something about a drop holiday I did I appreciate the young man doing that right out the gate here but uh you know you have to have the quickness to know that you're going to.

Get into a cat and a mouse game if you bring them forward like that and he has that two-handed roll that was beautiful right there to get him off to a good start outstretched and out of bounds we will play singles two out of three doubles competitions will be played three out of five games to 11.

And this is where the aggressiveness shows in Colin schick's game he's not scared to come in and take some of those balls just off the top of his shoelace no he's doing it all day against Dylan Frazier the one thing he didn't do and you saw it there which would really make him even more effective is go after his serve he was just laying it in which.

Makes that next ball more difficult and again look at this drop volley that's wild it's absolutely different the players aren't used to do that nobody's doing that it's all about keeping them at the Baseline yeah.

No way calling again sliding in through the kitchen I mean he displayed that ridiculous athleticism on Thursday and it is right there again today Cameron side out then keeping that return back to the middle I mean just seeing that 30 on the.

Scoreboard is just jarring underneath the one with the seed that's a good point a little inside out for Ben Johns first point now on the board you mentioned tough serves well Ben John's known to have one of the toughest tons of depth.

Oh he had a perfect setup so 2-2 Ben Johns is going to be forced to come to the net and really work on his wheels getting up there good thing he's in Daytona a lot of engines around here long yeah it is Bike Week here in Daytona Beach the engines have been roaring for.

The past four straight days wow one step and then the forehand again yeah and the ability to be able to have that lateral quickness Cameron is unique and he comes so far over the top on that topspin you make your opponent pop up the next one wow what a dance battle Men's Pro singles you gotta be kidding me are.

There two ghosts playing doubles because we don't ever see that in singles two three that is just Electric in terms of movement oh a little deception here he misses yeah but nonetheless some trickery yeah that's what you can do with that.

Two-hander hold it there until the last second he tried to pull the left hand through and caught the net he's everywhere yeah and that's the pressure now you're gonna have to hit multiple quality passing shots because he has the length and the reach to get to everything and you see bands returning everything.

To the forehand side because the backhand was on display Thursday that's all he's seen as far as history from the young man so he's keeping him away from that backhand oh thank John that's just dirty yeah you saw Schick looked at that took a step to the right and went uh oh that's gone to the left here that's that band backhand.

That he can hold so well but the pace of this is unbelievable competition like this again from three feet behind the kitchen line thank you my fault no I couldn't tell what the bends I didn't know if he gave him the.

Flat hand or called it wide it was just wide oh my God so five three four Ben Johns yeah it's just such a unique thing to be thinking I gotta go forward on my next ball yeah Ben just moving his right shoulder out of the way that Ball's long instead I'm wearing all blue so he's got.

The the tar heel blue on today for uh Mr Schick to look at point Ben John's just 23 years of age six foot seven siding in Austin Texas originally out of Maryland yeah fortunate for Mr Schick there and it's ironic that Ben is playing against a Colin too let's just put that.

Out there I was just waiting for me to say Colin Johnson oh he slipped oh he slipped what a bummer that was an insane get on the backhand side here's a look at it what a bummer because he would have been there then John's keeps going to that backhand.

Side that's his bread and butter especially in the game of singles he loves to go inside out and then rip inside in up the line as well yeah and if it doesn't bounce he's gonna have to eat that little drop volley cut that is the specialty of too much he goes straight out of look at this.

Wreath and the ability to get the next ball down and away is really hard on the move I mean what he's doing on the move is ridiculous make it 5-6 gets one to go and John's in a different position right now facing off but against an opponent he has never seen before.

and a missed return knocked things up at six see how hard he's heading to work already Ben's trying to stay away from that backhand on the return but he's still finding it on the opposing shot.

Yeah if he doesn't do enough with that then he is giving that backhand and so many options and Schick has come all the way back chick showing that he's got a forehand too cross-core winner 8-6 and Ben Johns calls a timeout what a start for the youngster so Colin Schick showing his chops on.

Both the backhand and the forehand side he's got Frank Anthony Davis right now with a notepad in hand giving him the scouting report a five point run for Colin Schick he now has a two-point advantage over Ben John Men's Pro singles here on the carvana PPA tour the red clay hot sauce Florida open first match on Championship Sunday.

What's crazy is almost now you believe that anything's possible with Colin Schick on that backhand side just flinging those balls 100 and you saw that Ben did change and return to the backhand there so we'll see if that continues Sports another side out even that is.

Such nice composure Cameron because a lot of times people panic when it goes off the tape he hits a great ball there doesn't overhit it foreign seriously again off the net forehand and he just lets the paddle do the work for him that's three inches Out Of Reach for Ben.

Johns nine six Four Hands Up the line ten six seven in a row and has a game point at time working in the favor Ben Johns goes back to the forehand side the question is now where does he shade to Colin Schick showing he can go.

Cross-court as well as down the line Ben John's with some work to do oh Ernie from calling shake so he drops it brings him forward sees the paddle position of Ben the only place that can go is up the line from there and he's athletic enough to cut it off.

Call him chick with game one oh just a routine eight points in a row on Championship Sunday against the best player in the world what are you doing on Sunday everybody at home I am in complete oh this is my first shot to actually see him in full match play Colin Schick has come to play on Sunday.

an eight point run for Colin Schick he is working with that guy right there Frank Anthony Davis in his box but I can't believe what we just saw cameroner went alongside Dave Fleming game two about to get underway so call in Schick if you're just joining us he came in to this tournament as the.

31 seed in the qualifier he played Seven matches to get to this Championship Sunday final versus Ben Johns right now he is a game up on the number one seed Ben Johns the king of adjustments it's going to be interesting to see what he may do differently here in game two yeah he's gonna want to try and come forward with that first step because he's been.

Pushed that way and he's been having to Lunge and barely get there and then he's been on the defensive oh my outstretched calling Schick with an angle he's only capable of that went a millimeter over the net at the most severe angle Cameron come on we're gonna just stop being surprised.

I don't know if that's possible Dave one two and usually you don't get just the crowd just revved like crazy in singles because you don't have the crazy wild shots they are so into this it is awesome one two foreign.

Off the toe and into the did he hit the net oh into the net no the ball went off Ben's foot though so that's Colin's Point yes yes hard to tell from that angle yeah now that overhead went off the left foot of Ben John's there so uh 2-2 does that work in your old sport cam volleyball.

No I mean this is electric so aside out for Ben Johns 2-2 a beautiful shot from Ben Johns he hasn't been able to work to that inside in as Colin Schick has been returning just enough middle and protecting the inside out yeah he's done a great job of.

Both the location and the depth of the return so far and that's kept Ben from dictating the points and a second exact same Ben John's curling that back to the line yeah just a little too shallow in the court on these returns and with that cut if it sits up like that it gives Ben a real good looking ripping it past young.

Mr Schick tough serve with Ben Johns 5-2 Ben John starting to hit his spots right now 6-2 yeah it might be time for a timeout for Colin Schick and you are right on cue Dave Fleming time out by Colin Schick also important to remember game number one Colin Schick was trailing three to six and then went.

On an eight point run right now he's down 2-6 got Colin John in the Box for Ben Colin Schick Trails two to six to Ben Johns the number one player in the world Ben with a shot at a Triple Crown today on this carvana Championship Sunday pin Johns is all over it but a little too all over it out of bounds yeah and.

Again these just severe angles from from Schick if he gets a backhand volley he is going there so Ben will know it but just getting there is impossible I don't know if Ben Johnson has ever seen this many angles in singles before calling Schick backhand up the line hooks it I mean that's why he wasn't returning there before because of the Wizardry of.

The backhand that's a remarkable pass from that deep in the court on Cross Court Ben tripped him up there 9 contact from Ben Johns and sometimes you're too quick in singles and I've never been too quick unfortunately Dave sixth grade.

And it lands shut up and Ben isn't used to a new player being willing to do this cat and mouse he's attacked him he's gone right at his body he don't care looks like he's out there running suicides right now running some wind Sprints is calling Schick Ben Johnson's making him work.

We're right back at that same spot 6-3 with Ben Johns in the lead mirroring game one contact gone awry for Colin chick now before Point margin seven three a tough serve from Ben Johns kept calling Schick at the Baseline yeah there's the value and the that is a big.

Difference in this match the quality and the pace and depth of the serve I mean a player that fast couldn't even get to the kitchen line because of how good the Ben John serve was towards the net that thing never even made it to the kitchen line that is not easy to do with a pickleball paddle and.

A pickleball look at this thing check up chopping wood over there out of bounds again Ben Johns needs this game too after dropping game number one singles competitions being played two out of three foreign little angles Mr Schick it's my turn.

And another time out here from Schick and look at the crowd in the background everyone's hands are together because they're hoping we're gonna see a game three they want more Ben Johns versus Colin chick Ben Jones has stepped up his game here in num game number two serve velocity and depth has definitely increased as well as some of his passing.

Shots he's up 9-3 just out of bounds says Ben Johns and again bence firing right at chick and his hands are good enough to handle it but quickly a game point here Cameron oh oh that is just Wicked Ben John's curling that ball just inside the court we're going to three enough highlights for the Mets dude and I want.

Some of my own sets Ben and I wanted a third game the crowd wanted the third game let's have a third game Cameron this will be the 20th game played on the weekend for Colin Schick he now faces one more first Ben Johnson the next step forward will it be Colin.

Schick or Ben Johns one game left to be played in this Pro singles championship match chick just missing the third camera nerwin alongside Dave Fleming as we get game three started here for the red clay hot sauce Florida Open men's singles championship game zero zero.

Zero he wasn't missing those early on that's a good sign for Ben Johns really is and the disparity in the pace depth and velocity on the serve is palpable here you can see it watch Ben go after this where Colin schick's just laying it in foreign.

it was even though it was a little shallow it was low enough got a little kiss off the tape too which kept it down so let's see if he goes after this more because he's just making it harder on himself on these thirds when he has so much variety said John's doing a really nice job on.

His serve as well as his own return ball within the last foot of the Court 1-0 so what we talk about depth of return but if you're new to pickleball why does that make the third so much more difficult well a couple things number one it gives you the time to get to the net and secondly the angles are just.

Much different from that far away you have no real shot to be able to get it past them when you're that far back if you can step into the court you have so many more choices well that's another great example right there depth of return creating issues 1-0 1-0 still.

Call in chick really likes to flip this ball from the backhand all the way across Court Ben Johns has a good read on it now yeah so that's the the read is the magic word you just said there Cameron now he's on it and you can see split step ready to explode over there and if that isn't on the ground chick is in trouble.

It hurts to drop volley again just enough taking off it's just so fun to see a new way to play singles with him and the players playing him later in the day can thank Mr because this is taking a toll on Ben John Ben John's ready to serve sitting at the Baseline now foreign.

Close to his body yeah and there you see again the serve so good that can't even get to the kitchen and take it that Advantage as the receiver so uh really smart adjustments from Ben Johnson here's game play came up a little bit and he's been in command as you can see from the scoreboard Colin sick the drop volley should be.

Named after him at this point we've got an army we're gonna just have a check now but that all was set up by the return just within the last six inches of the Court for confidence he just needs to get used to get on the board here it's been missing some of his passing.

Shots out the back but not by a significant margin yeah the question is always can you sustain that high level of play at that amazing eight point run in game one hasn't been able to match that again since foreign.

But trying to lob that Loop it over Ben John's head yeah he tried to trick that with just I'm gonna swing heavy but slow with the pace because he's gonna brush the back side of the ball but uh slit it too wide oh yeah that got too much of a bounce Ben John Cross Court yeah the chick almost gave up in the middle of that his.

Facial expressions like oh I didn't get that one where I wanted oh darn Ben John's now on a mission so fast couldn't quite find the contact he was looking for but Ben John's right now he's feeling a lot better saying get in there you've got to get up to the net talking to his brother.

Colin John sitting in his box Colin chick is trailing by six starting to find a new style of men's Pro singles and singles in general in the game of pickleball Colin Schick creating some different strategy right now he's got to find some strategy of his own trailing by six in game three it's really been kind of challenging the.

Forward and backward movement of Ben Johns versus just the lateral motion yeah and you saw Ben Johns urging himself on the side switch here to get yourself going forward tight over there tight tight call ing calling that ball in yep been a bit of the doubt here 6-0 ball was good nice shot from Ben Johns.

And this is the other thing that Collins not getting and he will I'm sure learn and add to this when you go after your serve you put pressure on the quality of that return as we've talked about and you get freebies he's got no freebies because he's just been laying in the serve I believe he had two in game one.

In which he won here's a look he goes up the line this time he has been flipping that ball across court so another good adjustment he's got to do some work he had an eight-point run in game number one and just a little frustration creeping in there played so loose and so well in game one.

wow Ben johns with a wild wild Point Colin Schick you just have to go hats off for the gutsiness of some of those contacts I mean what he's getting to and he's keeping them relatively safe most of the time Cameron these aren't just lobs he's throwing up that are getting clobbered.

Wow right now Ben Johns is one step closer to a pickle here in game three you know and that's the experience he was able to withstand an incredible game one and now he has won 20 of the last 23 points oh trying to get there.

fans Still Loving the effort they're seeing on court even at 10-0 match point and Championship point for Ben Johns dead call-in chick angle until the end.

Seeing the remarkable from him before zero ten I like that's Ben John's playing that ball you don't know you go stay focused on the ball it's a good play from Ben love that sentence there cam if you don't know you go second Championship point and zero.

Ben John victorious in Florida hate to see it end with a Miss like that but I mean look at how much the crowd loved this young man's effort ball and chick may have not won the championship but he has definitely won some pickleball fans he drops game number two and game number.

Three Ben Johns though he's number one for a reason made massive adjustments and increased his level of play in game two in game three look at that 11-3 11-0 the man with unrelenting welcome back I'm Cameron Blackboard here with the winner Ben Johns Ben what a match out there today Colin Schick probably the tournament of his life thus.

Far coming in from the qualifiers but how do you prepare for someone you've never played or even ever seen on tour before this weekend uh yeah first off I'd just like to say uh congrats to Colin and it was an incredible run from the qualifiers to the finals that's amazing uh and I was I just love to see uh you know.

New people of the final and obviously he's got a you know a ton of skill an incredible athlete so really looking forward to see him more uh as far as preparation I had to go and watch video of his play yesterday because I think this is his first term and ever so the only footage I got was was from his Thursday single so I had to study that.

And develop a strategy and a lot of Drop shots early on starting to get a lot of momentum took that game one game one what adjustments did you make there before heading into game two that carried on to winning this match yeah he was uh he was really carving his volleys dropping a lot short um really taking it off the court so I.

Had to be more kind of a forward approach you know coming in behind the ball even if I didn't feel comfortable doing it because he was leaving some short but yeah a ton of really tough volleys and definitely had to make an adjustment there all right well you have a long day ahead of you looking to Triple Crown today we're going to get.

Jeff from Red's Red Hots clay sorry let's play Hot Sauce my apologies our title sponsored today to present the trophy thanks Cameron Ben on behalf of red clay hot sauce and the PPA tour congrats on another trophy congratulations Ben 28 years old.

Quick first volley for Lacey schneeman yeah she had a great winner in the first volley of the first rally in the semis too so again first touch winner welcome to Sunday Lacey they look like they've played together before more than just one day before as well one two one.

Overhead for Lacey schneeman and a second point on the board we will play doubles competitions three out of five you're on Championship Sunday second sir really unlucky there for schneem and that was a great move on the poach and she had that ball down just caught the.

Tape and that let ferento and Waters back in the rally what's going on with these first timers on Sunday just covering out smoking demon played Club Tennis at the University of Southern California and Catherine parento takes a good shot.

Yeah I went to the outside hip and just couldn't quite get the paddle up and in front of her but uh great start for schneeman and kawamoto Annalee water is recognizing the short return and unwinding the stack and that's the danger and they'll do it all day because of the Lefty righty you gotta have a few different scouting.

Reports against animal Waters and Catherine prento as they do play a little bit more straight up you'll see Anna Lee both on the right and the left one three two unafraid right now Lacey schneeman taking shots up the line yeah dumpy speeding that up down the middle that's.

My note goes on says Lacey that's impressive great read on that and you know sometimes you see it and you don't finish it she's doing it every time second Saturday some help from Nanette for Anna Lee Waters but it's got to be tough too she's got a lefty in front of.

Her some different locations for her own speed Ups three one two on the left side foreign the ball back one three one some great placement from schneeman she worked that point yeah just doing a great job patrolling the court as a lefty on that's.

Side with her partner just really well done by schneeman and it's the outsides where you want to go against this team they keep putting the ball in the middle and scheming is shutting it down okay what a play from Anna Lee Waters great recognition.

Yeah we've seen a lot of lobbying in the women's game from an offensive standpoint Cameron that got the name and kalamoto Squad off the net there and then great job to finish that off so another side out we've been going back and forth here in game number one the women's doubles championship match.

Good cover for Catherine parento and now they're finding the backhand side of Schemin and I think the target's changed that is the target second serve of course Major League pickup will be back right on these courts and shiman was the last Lady picked in the premiere she.

Deserving of perhaps an even higher pick in the future without a doubt playing alongside to the rest of the New York Hustlers schneeman had some Big Time games for three and one back in Mesa the first event second event we'll be right back here in just two weeks time and this is the part we referred to it.

Like kawamoto and schneem had seemed to know how to set each other up and they've never practiced Komodo also a twin to Jackie surely tuning in one of her biggest fans it's a lot of love on social for her no doubt again finding that backhand cut two four one.

Second serve yeah and it's interesting how you have to adjust strategy Waters in Parental won by funneling the ball in the middle of the court against right and Design This is the exact opposite where you need to go to the outsides they haven't done it consistently enough and that's why.

They're down on the scoreboard second serve you can see a little bit of that unique forehand from Lacey schneeman she kind of keeps her elbow bent a little bit more keeping that paddle head down lower she does it on her serve as well you'll see it here through her motion calamoto taking a shot and a good.

Counter though from Catherine parento yeah Catherine's been doing it all week the counters the defense that's why she has a chance for a Triple Crown today actually beating Annalee Waters their own partner to be able to make it to the finals Catherine also winning the last.

Women's singles title and Minnesota little flick here from schneemann yeah really good as you mentioned not the tallest lady but long and really uses that reach well to hit down on that backhand volley yeah what's kind of wild is actually as you look through the heights of these.

Four annelie Waters is the tallest at five six four four two Catherine parento just five foot five Point Jade five foot three and Lacey schneeman five four surprise there's not more lobs out there yeah now you see the getting the ball to the outside is where it is working getting some mistakes on that side as.

Well oh I like that from Annalee waters different slide there on her backhand side and she liked it too that was a new shot for her very proud of that one Emily Waters and Catherine parento so far up to the task as they are now at a timeout look at that shot Emily Waters creating from the left.

Listen to that Cameron and there's incentive so subscribe you'll never miss the action and then you can win prizes from all of our great sponsors so get in there get involved folks trying to speed up off the balance of chapter and parento if you're just joining us welcome to the red clay hot.

Sauce Florida open on the carvana PPA tour just a second championship match here on Sunday Ben John's picking up the men's singles title Waters and Catherine parento looking for another four six two seven another side out.

For Parental and Waters six four one point it's called diving to the left foot of Lacey schneeman you can see how much the target has shifted Dave yes and the score has shifted with the target.

So ball goes outside if Jade wants to speed that up Catherine's just sitting there if it's coming across court it's going to be absolutely hammered the forehands in the middle cause a lot of problems so they're just not putting the ball there anymore and again finding some success going up against Jade and then all of a sudden.

Cross Court oh yeah and this is this is why this team is so effective you saw the defense you saw the counters and then they can create their own offense well and they were pinpoint s too that ball just long one.

Well defended by Jade cow Moto on the lob they've tried to go over her head a few times yeah it's tricker to go over a lefty down the middle because that's her paddle side she want to get that closer to the sideline second serve trying to force Lacey to take that ball.

Out of the air a well-played point from Lacey schneeman much better movement across the kitchen line and two great targeted speed UPS yeah really nice she went after the two-hander just to make sure they knew that was there some real knifey cross-court dinks in there as.

Well Cameron let a recall let's serve six not two make it 7-9 seven and two this time it's Jade reaching in receiving team eight to nine schneeman and calamoto back out of the timeout and with several.

Points to their name Jade looking to cover middle really well done there and again they're more dangerous in the middle they got pushed wide we saw schneeman stand up to that pressure though with some really nice Cross Court dinks and then sped it up down the line and after a little bit of a shaky middle.

Part of that uh game number one they looked very comfortable out here and and it's eight nine so eight to nine now it was a four point run for schneemann and cowaboto and you can see what's coming up next as Austin is just around the corner next weekend we head to the great state of Texas March 16th through the 19th then we'll.

Be right back here in Daytona Beach for MLP the second stop in that series March 23rd through the 26th minutes off to Utah for the Red Rock open April 4th through the 8th and then my my home Newport Beach California I mean come on now that's a beautiful place beautiful doubles only so the double shootout out out there thanks to vizzy and hey that.

QR code scan it you'll get the whole year if you live near there come play where the pros play so uh it's great to go we're going Coast to Coast the Atlantic's right over here you are you're a Left Coast girl so uh Gotta Give equal time to both oceans here come on.

and a football violation from lazy schniemann and uh so some interesting stuff that Don Stanley's doing we'll talk about it after the first game that's just a brilliant point from Lacey schneeman with that backhand she's able to go down and then she's getting that.

Forehand and is not missing the chance to finish off these rallies and that's one I want Jade to let go across Court to Lacey because she's engaged and has that angle coming to her she has more options target has changed they're now going at Jade Cowell Moto and it's interesting we.

Talked about it in a commercial break but they had been finding some success on the backhand side of Lacey schneeman however she's got a little bit more aggressive with her own footwork working inside out and finding some offense backhand of Annalee Waters that thing should be trademarked.

Vicious look at that swing ball out of bounds I believe that's the right call Point okay let's see they do have a timeout so they could challenge it okay and they earned the ball back but schneeman and kalamoto are shifting some.

Of their dinking one to one player one to the other right now it's a game point for annaly Waters and Catherine frenzo point games which is he's trying to find the Scorpion but unable to so game number one to the number one seed Catherine parento and Anna Lee Waters with the first yeah well played on both sides I really.

Like the adjustments we saw from both teams sort of working it out as they go and Waters and parento sneak out they only gave up 13 points the whole tournament they gave up nine right there welcome back everybody and uh quite a moment going on you see Don Stanley working the electronic scoring it's getting us.

Ready to add so much so many features we're doing it all electronically and we're gonna have that to set up gaming gambling not too far down the road you don't see clipboards and Don Stanley's hands here let's go pickleball coming to a new frontier I think Waters and Catherine brento picked up game number one here at the.

Red play Hot Sauce Florida open your women's doubles championship match they were pushed though nine total points on the opposing side for kalamoto and schneeman shut up so quick side out for Parental and Waters we saw some in-game adjustments.

For both teams wow moving the ball around every inch of the Court the lob and then up the line yeah I love the footwork on both sides here and you see they're gonna stick with Catherine on the left side here just so good I mean you want to know why she's playing for a Triple Crown the.

Whole package right there from parento Catherine parento has been playing some really good pickleballs here in 2023 boy three zero one real good start for the top seeds you can see how good their movement is at one point they were lined up in an eye formation and able to work that out while the point is in progress.

That's great communication and I think that ball is maybe yeah right on that's right on the line yeah you can tell from Catherine's expression yeah the the nodding of the head I think was like yeah I'm begrudgingly gonna say that did catch the second serve now again it was a.

Little bit of a run I got schneeman and kalamoto back into game number one yeah and that's the pattern you would expect to see in in this particular match up the just vicious two-handed rolled dinks from Annalee Waters really trying to break down the schniemann backhand looks like right now though Annalee.

Waters is finding some success except for that last ball against Jade kawamoto that line the line battle I will say though Jade and Jackie even though she's not on the court they're really good at starting to pick up reads making those in-game adjustments for where those freedoms are coming yeah so that's what makes them so good.

Defensively as well yeah you talk about great defensive players but becomes before the ball ever gets near you because you can read the expectation you have on what you're seeing from the paddle and just Tendencies from a player second serve and when they look back at this match.

And watch it back the third percentage it hasn't been good enough for schneeman and kalamoto you got to hit a high percentage and then a Miss serve so that's a tough side to not even get to the kitchen line at all against a team that's coming at you like the top seed second serve.

Second serve now still a four point advantage see and there's the adjustment again nice job by Jade a little bit more preparation yep Sorrento is sitting backhand followed up by a backhand and got tagged in the paddle side shoulder Catherine parento oh excuse me Italy Waters.

I was just so tripped up by the plate yes Catherine parento had the best view in the house of this ridiculous two-handed backhand my goodness Annalee Waters that's what you call a setup no doubt it's an apple and hockey just inside out just what an assist perfect playback parental and then not too much just hit.

It in the open court from Anna Lee Waters out of bounds Catherine parento and Annalee Waters do have a title together that was it back at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge open that ball came back quick a little flinger that's when the paddle.

Catches the ball and then slides all the way down the paddle so you get that slingshot effect and no way to catch up to that one for parento wow chasing some of these dinks are schmiemann and kawamoto but they still come away with the rally I mean schmiemann's way off the court and is able to cut it as shallow as you'd ever.

Want that's a beautiful ball by Lacy Anna Lee Waters pushed wide looks for the middle but she's got a lefty in front of her typically that's a hard shot to have to cover if you're righty on the right side way over there but uh Jay it's like I got you I got you foreign two four two.

Catherine parento working her feet finding the forehand as well yeah that's a tough ball to redirect kawamoto very good at that skill when the balls are up a little bit but down at your feet just really tough to get the ball to travel that far another Lobster from Annalee what.

About two one second serve let's fall right at the feet of Anna Lee if you're gonna make a move right now schneeman and kalamoto this would be the time dropped game one 9-11 they need to find one additional side out and then some points.

Just deep 251 . Captain brento's the one that gets it done I thought Emily Waters had another opportunity in the middle of that rally though yeah it just didn't have her uh feed set for the little juicy one that came from.

Schneeman but uh Catherine gets the last reply foreign Baseline defense from Anna Lee and Catherine however it's the overhead from calamoto I did not I mean if you came to be entertained you are getting your money's worth today but the singles earlier from the gentleman and then.

These ladies are grinding out great points so tough you feel like you've got your paddle maybe in at least going the right direction netcord pops it up an extra inch or two looked like Steven was all over it there but uh hands battles it's so tough after each.

Consecutive contact for Lacey schnee gotta get back up yeah water's getting the ball down now 7-3 parento in water City team seven three one Seaman and kalamoto trailing by four here in game number two as well as having dropped the first Catherine parento and Annalee waters are one step.

Closer looking to close on championship match Catherine parento as well as Leia Jansen they're going to be facing off against one another some foreshadowing we have to find some of their own shake and bake in that women's singles which will close out our day here for the red clay hot sauce.

Florida open the fifth stop on the carvana PPA tour 25 total stops in totality this year not to mention several MLPs tossed into the mix six of those I believe to this point so that's actually next on the Slate after Austin right back here back here wow yeah wow is correct Catherine.

Parento sliding that ball through the line and all schneeman could do is just give her the thumbs up back that's just a terrific ball from parento Catherine again with a great save and then Anna Lee with the winner there's that shot you wanted her to trade Marco in case the U.S patent and trademark office wasn't paying attention they.

Should be by now that's just gorgeous pickleball that's saved from Catherine wow and this is what this team can do it's just you just you just feel the snowball just coming at you they might go time out again here now they're going to hang in there with it 10-3-1 Championship point for Parental.

And Waters and excuse me game two is we're playing three out of five so they pick up the second kalamoto and schneeman have another shot to get back into this championship match as they Trail games to Two Eleven nine eleven three here's the red play Hot Sauce Florida.

Open Anna Lee Waters and Catherine ferento up two games to zero over Lacey schneeman and Jade kawamoto it's definitely time to find some Mojo if you're cow Moto I couldn't resist I'm sorry Dave and I loved it keep it up every broadcaster's allowed one bad pun.

On the day right for sure I think you get one one every other matches over over under today cam come on out of bounds so is there an opportunity for an adjustment from schneeman as well as cow Moto to get themselves back into this yeah I think you go back to what they want to do get up to the kitchen.

Line and then find the minute they have a chance to go with that middle ball right there so that's what Lacy just got to be you know even if it's a little below the net anything they get in the middle just go for it you have nothing to lose you're down two games best of five that's what got you close in game number one.

Don't be afraid to pull the trigger in the middle but you have to have the discipline on the balls on the outside to wait till you get that chance so that's a tough combination looking like they're going for it right now though some Uber aggressive steps in.

The middle of that one one foreign that can roll two one one uh second third Catherine you didn't watch your top Court video that was the perfect chicken bake setup two one two point.

Dropping again trying to force Lacey to take that ball out of the air three one two it's interesting each one of those lobs that you've seen over the top of Jade kalamoto she has hit back into the middle of the Court every single one and right now Annalee Waters even though they didn't win this rally look at where.

Her Court positioning is she knows where that Ball's going I love it so she's trying to win that on the next ball a lot of the players try to win with the lob itself I like the one hand backhand from Lacey schneeman yeah so if you are going to hit an offensive lap don't retreat yourself stay up there and be ready for.

A less Pace on that overhead if you hit a good one and take advantage but again schneeman and kawamoto there we go yeah and instead and still back she says oh I'm speeding this thing up and you know that's what I talked about like maybe they'll go for the you know you said it's bike week let's let's.

Let's slam that throttle down and go here so far it's working here in game number three four three one so you saw a uh parent I said let's switch and Annalee called it off so in the change the lob this time it's schneeman.

Ball out of bounds yeah that's a tough because you're you're giving away your lobbing when you're pushed backwards and then leaning back because you have to get the paddle swing that's a great ball from Anna Lee Waters there ouch yeah but Lacey schneeman definitely looking to be more offensive on that.

Backhand side using the outstretched arm three four one second sir well Catherine made a good move but just finds the top of the net three four two Catherine nearly in a full split I've seen her do it before if I did it we'd be calling 9-1-1 right now out there Cameron.

But Shaman has ramped up the attack as has kawamoto if they can keep it going they got to make the fundamentals though make all the thirds and then go foreign even off the bounce here with the two Hand yeah and that just can't deter it just keep going you're gonna have some misses.

When you play that way and you can see schneeman trying to speed up and follow it in but Annalee Waters backhand again finding the feet yeah big smile from uh both of those parties I mean that was a good Crack by schneeman but into that no-go zone of the two-handed backhand for Anna Lee Anna Lee Waters from the Baseline to the.

Kitchen line that's just pretty pretty pickleball and such great touch I mean that lob landed on the Baseline Cameron come on Steven's just taking shots left and right right now.

5-4 though for Parental and Waters oh change the lock location but the tweener from Lacey schneemann off the love you gotta be kidding me Adder to the highlight reel five four two Lacy tucking the elbow in and putting the ball away.

Love the way she's playing here and a little show time to add to it here Cameron let's go foreign oh she caught the first one here that was just an incredible get in the first right Catherine parento has some wild speed UPS.

More fun great control yeah because that Ball's gonna be in full swing cut and chop across it inside out I think they had the look they were wanting for sure that's the one Lacey just needs to keep refining if she's gonna go two-handed we've seen her put the one hand down when it's been up but.

The swinging two-handed backhand hasn't been as precise oh she had her in trouble tries to flick this right back at Annalee Waters and that's the smart shot you know you have a player retreating to get out of the kitchen give them the ball back there's no chance they're going to be set.

Second serve dropping that left foot back trying to find the speed up 6-4-2 and the one hand slide lazy schmiemann that's why we love the women's doubles right there Cameron what a great rally all four ladies engaged and then look at that Phil four six one.

Many women have a one-hand backhand quite like that ah this time she gets it down but again look at the location of this ball she got a better hop on that anticipation five six one distincts from Lacey schneeman and then hooking that ball Catherine parento.

Five six two the slide from Jade kawamoto but this time it's actually to the interior yes I'll eat Anna Lee was sliding in a different direction and Catherine tries to speed this up in the middle so good at redirecting the ball when it's up in the air just a great talent for Jade.

A couple balls just off the net cord falling each Direction so aside out now it's 6-6 61 whoa some really offensive dinks from Catherine and Anna Lee but ultimately again covering the middle like we saw in game number one lazy shiman's forehead slight Fade To the Left to set that.

Forehand up then a good leave there so okay ladies six a piece Catherine seven six one second serve but that's the one you really want to.

Have they've been feeling good you got a tag on your opponent the point before a little trick shot here from Catherine parento really able to manipulate that ball from her wrist yeah you're looking for more Pace expected because your ball's up because the return was short so you had to kind of pop it up and then she does.

That to you and shouldn't even give him the thumbs up again there Catherine waited for the right time she also got the little poke yeah and again it's tough when you have the Lefty and the righty because you want to stick your paddle in there I think schneeman's gonna be in a better position to handle.

This it's still a great ball from parento oh I'm not sure what was the most impressive part of that rally and the Lee Waters with the ATP defense before it even hit the ground I don't even know if that was going to be in we'll never.

Know but uh it made for more excitement so I'm all for it now for the number one seed in a Timeout immediately called on the opposing side yeah if you're going to change and you leave your return short it's one thing if you leave it down the line but if you do that cross-court you're just.

Asking for trouble so quick timeout and just two points for a title are those two ladies right there getting coached up we'll be right back just two points Anna Lee Waters and Catherine Pro Rental from picking up yet another women's doubles title they have won in 2023.

Together looking for a second as a Duo closing them and Lacey schneeman again just slightly out of position our Catherine and Natalie in that point that's the first law to have actually been sent out of bounds yeah Catherine's first attempt analy has.

Been on one Perfection on her lobs today and just right into the body of schneeman great way to keep somebody honest on that left side that has just been so aggressive in the middle of the Court just go inside out to their outside hip and let them run into the ball catching the top of the net here that.

Ball sent wide of the court so schneeman and kalmoto add one to their total that's those fundamentals you gotta have on the comeback Trail there so uh see if they can get it back whoa Annalee Waters John just dropped she can't even believe she made that shot she wants to get that added to her game and if she's got that added to the.

Arsenal look out everybody this is ridiculous look now at Championship point for Parental and Waters ten and two Crossing patterns and your victors for the Florida open Anna Lee Waters and Catherine parento really impressive couple of days for.

These two and I I thought schneeman and kawamoto really played well that really pushed them made them hit their best up including passing each other in the night there so they're gonna hug now but guess what Cameron they're going to be on the other side of the net against each other just coming up next in the mix so uh.

What a great great tournament for those two really impressive victors big congratulations to the number one seed Waters and parento 11 9 11 3 11 8. also have to give a big congratulations to Jade kalamoto and Lacey schneeman in their Sunday debut and also taking home the silver come back I am Cameron Blackboard here with our women doubles.

Winners Anna Lee what an incredible win for you guys a little slow start but you guys were getting the rhythm going you said earlier this weekend with the new Partnerships you'd like to attack the middle Ball but there was two four hands in the middle what adjustments did you have to make yeah we couldn't attack the middle ball quite as much as we were.

Yesterday but we still tried to you know hit that middle ball then open up the court to go behind them to their backhands but they played amazing they played really well they had some great wins to get here so congratulations to you guys and I enjoyed playing with Catherine today hi Catherine you and Annalee played.

Straight up most of the weekend almost every single point but today you really picked your moments when you wanted to switch stay or stack what was the decision going on there yeah I mean it just depended you know if we were stuck on I believe we were stuck on four two for a while in the second game and it just we couldn't get a point so we're.

Like okay let's try something else and we just kept going you know back and forth and see what was working best at that moment but congrats to them they played amazing and we hope to see them in another finals that'll be awesome and uh annaly just the Beast next to me I love playing with her so yeah it was a great great weekend for us well just.

Like Ben Johnson Catherine you have a chance to Triple Crown today so we'll get you up Court Jeff we're going to bring you on here to present the trophy from red clay hot sauce thanks Cameron uh great playing ladies it was a joy to watch and on behalf of red clay hot sauce and the PPA tour here's your championship trophy.

congratulations ladies you guys do not want to go anywhere we'll be right back and there's the beating of the mines between Ben Johns and Colin Johns the brother Duo that is so tough to beat okay one time three titles in 2023 looking for a fourth now.

Drive from Colin Johns gets us started you actually had a little conversation with Colin after his brother's singles championship match because uh Batman has a little black book it's digital of all the scouting reports needed yeah good hands there yeah that's they're talented they're in sync and they do more work off the court from.

Watching video and knowing Tendencies of players than anybody and Colin had to hurry up and get a Colin Schick handbook put together quickly for that first singles match we had today Paul smiles from Thomas Wilson and Julian Arnold even though they lost the rally there to Collegiate tennis products Thomas Wilson.

Purdue as well as UT Julian Arnold out of UCLA oh that's just wide shut up I was gonna say pretty and I think Julian Arnold thinks that ball's in challenge I believe we're going to see our first video challenge Colin John's calling that ball out of bounds there's a look.

At it referee so the first video challenge we have had on this Championship Sunday we will now proceed with video review looking at it from the side there I'd like to see that uh original behind the court view as well if you're.

Not looking just straight up the line it's hard to see them as well again as a reminder the call on court was out of bounds felt pretty confident this ball was inbound and I had a good look at it here's a look.

if they've been challenges and up from that angle it looks like it's catching catching the line we'll see if this gets overturned this is our officials sort through.

One versus seven here for the men's doubles championship match and you talked about we're going to Austin Cameron these boys are just going home all four of them excited to play on their home soil Julian Arnold the most recent.

To hit the Austin soil alongside Lord strapman they made the move Tennessee as the call is overturn ball in bounds so a good video challenge for Julian.

Arnold and Thomas Wilson never seen a video challenge celebrated quite like that especially on the second point of the match like you know at nine all in the fifth okay that's too fun score is 1-1 oh and okay Collins already uh pointing at the.

Other side we're a little a little spicy to start with here one two one one one one remains one one how do you leave this ball and both of them left it they just were like oh all cash you know that was going to be out of bounds I thought this one.

Was going to be good correct trying to get the score right here I believe it's two one one here two one one and a shot straight at Colin John's just at the left tip so second serve score is 2-1.

All right Thomas Wilton with a lot of work up at the kitchen line the speed up he's about a foot off a nice ball yeah caught band just a little late not expecting that ball to come straight ahead right down that t ie just too much Pace from Ben Johns.

Yeah it'll be interesting to see how Arnold and Wilson deal with this they're going to play straight up meaning when they're on the odd it'll be Thomas Wilson on the left see if they feel one or the other is a better choice Wilson gets up to the net from the drive drop combination but the backhand flick too far.

Off Julian Arnold's paddle two one one ball is good counter from Colin Johns great job moving the paddle from the backhand positioning to the forehand really good read because you can see his first move was backhand then he got the forehand there that's impressive from CJ Julian Arnold with the right paddle.

Position so he knew if he went straight ahead it's likely to come back to the backhand and really nice job being ready right now they're looking for the heads-up battle between Thomas Wilson and Colin Johns yeah Colin is doing a great job of.

Countering foreign moving that ball around really impressive you know you see that and there's a lot of spin on those tanks and to keep that ball down and not attackable and then move Ben Johns out of that middle that's a great job by.

Thomas Wilson There Colin John's looking for the speed up to Julian Arnold who found himself on the other side of the net or at the other side of the court and found himself in the middle of his own finger wax so okay peace so casual the resets from Colin Johns.

Until the last oh and there's there's chatter I would hope there's chatter oh there's chatter give us a show boys foreign straight up on the side of Julian Arnold and Thomas Wilson so you'll see each one play both the right and the left.

And you will not see that ever on the white uh clad John side of the Court so earning two back side out for Johns and John's here tried it earlier had some success but it was more out of the Court position of him actually being towards that Center Line versus the sideline yeah and Colin.

Had his paddle ready for a scorpion here but it didn't go to him Julian Arnold again a little bigger gun there someone tossed out a clay pigeon Teamwork Makes the Dream Work right here foreign and he's gonna hold that pose and a.

Salute to go with it I'm not gonna lie it is fun to say it's interesting too on that last rally they had Stacks so they are liking Julian Arnold just a little bit more on the left side I'm curious to know when they're choosing to do that.

Five four one and that's just a absolute no-fly zone there up high on the Thomas Wilson forehand I mean just absolutely clobbers that one boys Miss Sting from Julian Arnold on the backhand side and Venom will happily stay in that.

Exchange if that's where the yeah for 109 contacts oh yesterday my goodness that pickleball guy got a lot of him and Craig Johnson was the guy on the other side in that cross-court dink rally that went 109 shots and a second misting for Julian you have all the fire and the brimstone you gotta make the dinks though to get.

You there foreign nice adjustment there in the hands battle yeah I don't think that skimmed off the tape the last one either just misfire from Ben four seven one five seven.

yeah rare freebie from Colin five seven one all attack mode for Arnold and Wilson a good read from Julian Arnold off his partner's paddle six seven one now Thomas Wilson uh getting involved in the chorus such a good fade from Colin Johns there.

That is a good attack from Arnold down by one now Arnold and Wilson I mean just so good on the counters did it all day yesterday against Frazier and J.W Johnson as well spots wisely against Colin Jones lets the ball bounce and finger high.

Ball out of bounds eight six one oh I love that finding some space after two great dinks on opposing sides one to Ben one to Colin that's just out in Arnold and you earned that by the ball before it so that's a really good combination.

Speaking of combinations Ben johns with his own yeah and if Julian cuts that backhand Dink and it's up in the air that's where problems start then John's again the roll on the backhand side ten six two no timeouts here.

Just a bit too high on the drop so aside out now for Arnold and Wilson second third Julian Arnold ended up on one knee yes just to pop out of the way 7 10 with the missed return two I'm Gonna Keep Thomas Wilson on the left here.

And Julian Arnold looks pretty dangerous off the bounce on the forehand side he's got about three of those winners now yeah got a little uh fortunate that Ben's reply came off the tape there but still and you know they've been very comfortable they're just switching odds Thomas is on the other side even Julian stacked a handful of times maybe.

Two or three I'm not receiving thank you timeout called here at Ben and Colin get the ball back the number one C just one point away from game number one the red clay hot sauce Florida open the fifth stop on the carvana PPA tour we're in the midst of our third championship.

Match we've already seen Ben Johns pick up one title on the day and not to mention Catherine parento and Anna Lee Waters picking up the women's doubles title Thomas Wilson with a pretty aggressive shot right there if that lands that would have definitely ended up on the highlights for Thomas Wilson but.

Nonetheless Ben Johns and Colin John's pick up game at number one we're playing best of five they are two games away Cameron Irwin alongside Dave Fleming to walk you through the carvana championship Sunday Julian Arnold and Thomas Wilson currently challenging Ben and Colin Johns in the men's final game two Starts Now.

And same thing so tough to go at Colin John's I mean he understands the geometry of the game so well too he's like the only place that ball can be in is on the left side of my body so I'll leave the paddle there lose boy.

Ball just on the kitchen line for Thomas Wilson a little frustrated with the Miss dink there one zero one then and Colin more than willing to sit in a dink rally all day long that bad luck there for Thomas Wilson had a ball he thought he could break.

Through the middle of the Court caught the tape and then it's room service for Ben Colin good John just too good yeah he you you feel like well certainly I can get this guy on this one and the fact that he's ready for the second one is what's really impressive about this.

Paddle up the whole time 3-0 now for the number one seed s they just keep trying no I'm gonna get the cheese out of the Trap I swear even located that one Higher on him just out of it now Thomas is over there and Julian nice little roll out of the air.

We talked about the last time these two teams met will not forget that Court out on the grandstand in Mesa Arizona that one finished with what we call some spiciness a little sh call from Colin Johns yeah he waved Julian home yeah plenty of.

Trash talking that one right now he's letting this paddle do all the talking Julian Arnold Fleet of foot yeah beautiful Fade to favor the backhand here so he sees that he's in a little bit of trouble from the ball off of his partner's paddle so he sets up his backhand that's a great ball.

From Arnold what Colin Johns hits his atps with actual less Pace than most of the other Pros but I feel like it's on purpose because they expect it so hard driven and It ultimately ends up being a tougher ball to have to get back on the defense yeah it really keeps it low as well which.

Makes it even harder because you're not getting pace and it's not coming up so you have to give up correct so even if his ATP isn't the winner the next ball is and that's the pattern that works so well for them they've executed it once before in game number one finding the edges of the court and then through the.

Middle yeah that Inside Out Tank from Thomas Wilson is so heavy that it pushes you well off the court and boy they're staring at the return there so they're asking if they can challenge their own call here so they're saying so what's happening is you've already played the ball into the net and missed.

Had they caught that ball they could challenge it but because they've already played the next shot so that's the discussion going on right now so here we go correction 502 six it's not the score either five five two is our score some extra sauce on that one Julie's.

Looking at his partner going you good bro yeah like and sometimes when you have that little little discussion we'll call it with the referee you can have a rough point so it's nice for Arnold and Wilson to get a sitter wow wow Ben John showing just how well he.

Could locate that role on the backhand side two different spots hit yeah Arnold made an unbelievable recovery on a ball down the line and balls behind him and he got it back and forth and it's funny just this past week they shared a video of Colin John's telling the story of Ben johns's backhand role.

On the tennis sucks podcast and it was hilarious it involves a ping pong table and a bookcase and that's how that backhand role of Ben Johns came to be I definitely suggest checking it out timeout receivers eight two two so it 8-2 a timeout called with Thomas Wilson and Julian Arnold down by six.

Need to sort through a few things to face off against this number one seed in game two action Julian Arnold playing with the Volare in his hand a creation of his own making yes has a stake in the fine company nice Thomas Wilson a little scorpion yeah if the ball's down get your paddle up I mean it's unbelievable how we.

Didn't say that one time 16 months ago and now everyone has figured out that that's the way you protect your body this game just continues to develop in ways that we can't even imagine even just in the men's singles is a great example of someone using a drop volley substantially more than in the past foreign.

Licked a flick but Ben John ever the ready and you think he's sitting there on the backhand so you're going to get that paddle side but just too far outside if he would have jammed him a little better that would have worked from Thomas Wilson yeah that's that's.

The phenomenal athlete that he is coming to light there you just that's the place where you think the ball can go for safety but not if you cut it off first then John's with the perfect drive and close and held the finish for good measure foreign.

fans are liking that yeah I mean take one shot out of that arsenal of theirs it's a great job by Thomas Wilson and just popped up Julian Arnold had his paddle just behind his right foot that's that one right there just a problem with a shake and bake here.

nine two one Thomas Wilson outstretched on the backhand side still able to pull that back to the line saw that same shot from his partner earlier in this game changing Tempo from Colin Johns.

Little Fade Away trigger pull there surprised everybody what no no different location for Thomas Wilson smart ball let's show them one side and then flick it the other side the next time caught uh Ben Johns off guard.

Foreign very impressed again Julian Arnold out of the middle that forehand off the bounce locating that well keeping it low to the net Ben John's into the net got away with one ear four ten one.

Second turn four ten two um Julian on the backhand side that man is not scared to speed up off the bounce he is not and uh he is caught Ben three times now in the past five or.

Six rallies that's a big plate right there for the seven seeds they are looking to call in John's left foot a lot more right now neutralizing them they're not finding any offense in that position very smart it's tedious but you have to have the discipline Penn and Colin earned the ball back 10-6.

Trying to go one for one with Ben Johns goes long though so game number two to Ben and Colin the fellas and wipes are one game away now to game three we go playing three out of five Ben Johns and Colin John's the number one seed here at the red clay hot sauce Florida open have the first two games in hand Thomas Wilson and Julian.

Arnold reside on the opposing side of the net time for them to find something special yeah they start to find a little bit they were exploiting that left foot of Colin Johns that inside out forehand of Thomas Wilson opens up the court we've seen some really nice speed UPS from Julian.

Arnold we just need to see more of them and more consistently that's a good start for Thomas Wilson a back foot of Julian Arnold out of bounds and this is you know you can't worry about winning three games when you need to just get the first one here but the fundamentals.

Again just make those thirds give yourself more opportunities oh now Colin still snags it I don't even know how that's possible he he just covered his eyes look blind swinging at the air and came up with one wow Julian Arnold looking for the flip.

And again you see Colin like if you want to learn something from the way he does it he's ready it's like a third baseman being ready he's expecting the ball every time even when he doesn't get it throw report one zero two yeah there's third from Ben John's here.

Zero one on one working looking at his Perseus paddle got that thing all sorts of weighted on the edges yep and look at that location just wild one thing to get that ball up the line but also down in that downward trajectory at the right hip of Thomas Wilson beautiful speed up from Colin Johns.

There that goes across the body and surprises Julian Arnold in front of him and then Ben Johnson just waiting it kind of works with that rock step from left to right and then finishing back through the ball trying to get Colin pushed out wide and fine the middle two zero one.

And John's again lightning fast hand and the challenge when you're swinging the two-handed backhand is you have to bring the paddle up from your shoulder and back again and Ben's just in front and you're going to lose that most of the time unless your pace is outrageous Thomas Wilson the Ernie and body bag.

Yeah that's a really nice read again by him of where is Colin's paddle here he's sees and you got to wait till the head goes down to jump too or else Colin will see it and push it into the middle of the Court smart read by Thomas there finding the open space Thomas Wilson.

Just a tremendous finals pickleball rally right there Colin John's frustrated he went for the Ernie and that caught the tape and just so much great athleticism on one point and that's the beauty the Giants just keep everything even Keel like yep we lost one we would have liked to have.

They don't care another good Shuffle step from Thomas Wilson as the forehand comes flying yeah the footwork's the key there you're exactly right you have to be able to literally do that AJ Kohler crab walk yeah we're at the beach here come on no.

Point they're really starting to get on call and John's just enough right here in game number three and just a little more Pace there from uh Thomas Wilson you see how quiet Colin is on those but sign up that would have been fun if he made it three two one.

This is Thomas Wilson's playing more in the green I love that I don't even know what we call that the Crouching Tiger yes where is that dragon come on there he is it's amazing and again same thing the ATP from Colin John's popped up and it's not the next.

Ball but it's one just after that yeah but you get the full Retreat out of it Colin John's trying to take over the middle as that Ball's out of bounds yeah missed the easiest shot of the of the three ball combo there all over that one two four one again Thomas Wilson getting really.

Aggressive on that corner yeah and when there's Pace on it he has to react to that so then his feet are moving too much and there's just no way to contain that and the momentum of the ball yeah yeah they're putting all the pressure on.

Colin Johns right now and just forcing the ding can tell they can find the speed up yeah so Julian is speeding that up cross court and you saw that while on it Colin's paddles behind him so that is not going to be an aggressive counter whereas when he's straight up he's been countering down.

Now Julian gets one mark it up on the scoreboard Julian Arnold in the hands battle when you start to see that rock step from Colin Johns you better get ready yeah and he keeps the paddle in the same position so you're you're thinking it's coming but you're not sure and just great accuracy on the fire there.

Yourself second serve hands on hips for calling Johns I kind of kept Ben a little bit quieter here at game three he hasn't seen as many opportunities maybe in a hands battle or two but here he gets a good look and that.

Two-minute backhand that Julian Arnold had a shot at they were ahead it just couldn't quite get it down and Ben gives a souvenir to the crowd here hey here's a cracked ball congratulations never heard someone be so excited for a broken piece of equipment five four is your score Ben and Colin up two games to zero you're in game three.

And if you wonder why Thomas Wilson jumped out of the court and back in he was worried that he would have his momentum going to the kitchen and that would be a fault so that's why you saw that extra pogo stick there out of him I was wondering if Ben was going to start to take four of those just off the.

Left foot of Colin Johns and Colin wishes he hadn't because he ended up wearing this one and that's why they're able to work so much around the corner for Thomas Wilson you have to be weary of the Julian Arnold for him for this exact reason yeah much much better patterns here but again they've been able to get that.

One or two and then have a that's a forehand that these guys actually end up winning points off of and they spray it deep foreign picked up on the mics another great job and fancy footwork.

There from Thomas Wilson and again night night ball says Julian Arnold time out Savers eight five two at eight to five I'm sorry that was hilarious I like the little reaction there from Julian Arnold so a three-point Advantage for the number seven seed here at game number.

Three look for Ben and Colin to make some adjustments three points is the advantage for Thomas Wilson and Julian Arnold they're up eight to five here at the red clay hot sauce Florida open on the carvana PPA tour game three of your men's doubles championship match.

And three out of five ball is good yeah Thomas Wilson stared it down and then just like yep flat hand means in pretty good shot coming out of a timeout right there just watch how much Court Ben Johns can cover yeah and the first ball that they put.

Back to Ben's backhand's got to get on the ground or then you are inviting a problem into your house boy not enough on that from Julian Arnold we've seen so many of those things try and go to the left foot of Colin Johns here in game number three he cares to see if Ben John starts to take an extra.

Half step doesn't need to even take another half step if the ball's in the air that's nope vintage Ben John's there again it's that ball right there it's got to get down well if it were truly vintage you might see actually the left-handed forehand from Ben John just.

Saying here as they earned two backs so a timeout I believe is being called excuse me by Arnold and Wilson yeah the the rare timeout sighting by the Johns Brothers there get the ball right back and now it's eight a piece so we're we're tied Arnold and Wilson you love it if you call timeout make a little run and then.

Make the team that was just up call timeout like that's Nirvana from a strategic perspective and you know when this has been working for Arnold and Wilson is ball on the ground wide and then just funnel it to the Colin John's left foot Inside Out get Ben out of there and then fire away especially across Court.

Got to get back to that and gotta get back to it right now can't have any breakdowns at the kitchen line here Colin John's moving his feet awfully quickly these four athletes ready to go back out on the court in game three yes one of these athletes has one more match to play as well three of them do not.

That one hurts you got Ben Johns back to the Baseline got them just out of position the lob from Wilson was perfection the staggered stands from Ben and Colin after the second log we've seen well executed by Thomas Wilson yeah has he ever ramped up here at crunch time this is fantastic pickleball took that ball.

Away from his partner and again just demolishing that overhead he's got one of the liveliest arms on tour and that is spanked and spanked with angle nine nine and then an absolute game it's a four-point run for Ben and Colin Thomas might have taken just an extra.

Step there unbalanced thinking maybe it was gonna go just over the corner okay Thomas Wilson wants that back look where it bounced oh so many opportunities on that but he wasn't in position and John's boys are smiling they got away with something there I just don't think he expected Colin to pop that one up as.

Much as he did Colin johns with the third shot Drive 10-9-1 Championship point and right at Thomas Wilson Ben and Colin find their fourth on the carvana PPA tour undefeated in 2023 that's why there's a one next to their name on the draw and not only are they so well oiled as a.

Tandem they keep adding little things to their game and they really got pushed there in game number three but when it comes to crunch time they're just better than everybody else right now and that's why they keep winning so big congrats to the number one seed Ben Johns and Colin Johns in three straight games taking home the.

Championship here at the red clay hot sauce Florida open coming up after the break the third member of our crew will be having a nice conversation with our winners Cameron Blackwood is standing Courtside we'll be back with more from Holly Hill welcome back I'm Cameron Blackwood here with our winners Colin and Ben Johns.

Colin it is crucial to keep momentum in a game like this especially with the fiery Julian Arnold on the other side how are you able to neutralize him in this match uh yeah they're going to bring a lot of energy no matter what no matter what the score line is even when we were up big they were still screaming over there trying to bring the energy.

Trying to get back in the match switching sides um so definitely have to be aware of that and stick to the game plan and Ben we talked earlier this weekend about how Panic is never a good thing you and Colin very calm and controlled out there it looked like that off speed about 50 60 speed up was working for you.

Guys why uh yeah I think the uh the overall thing is definitely you know counter well against those guys but also you can't play Passive you gotta you gotta keep the pressure on you got to pull the trigger because that keeps them actually less aggressive so your best defense a good offense as well uh and it just happened that that kind of speed up.

Was uh was working the best so that's what we went with well congratulations we'll get Jeff out here with red clay hot sauce to present the trophy thanks Cameron so tremendous playing guys on behalf of Ray clay hot sauce in the PPA tour congrats on your championship got it.

Congratulations guys don't go anywhere we'll be right back well as he has built his own brand alongside Selkirk there's the two-hand backhand put away from Anna Lee Waters just 16 years old number one player in the world for the women's side and Ben Johns number one for the men I thought that was why I thought it was.

Wide too you see that Breakout second serve yeah I thought that was clearly wide off the paddle so Tyson's giving him the benefit of the doubt though no he's not oh he's not he's out of bounds okay he didn't give us a call it was hard to tell.

One of my first questions is going to be how much is Catherine parento gonna try and create against Ben Johns because one of the formulas we have seen just in terms of mixed with Georgia Johnson going head-to-head with Ben Johns as well as Riley Newman oh yeah Georgia didn't care Georgia's been quite the story and mix this year and Catherine.

Will definitely pick her spots uh what has been winning for Tyson and Catherine is just making balls and then when they get their chance team yeah so it's a different kind of formation here but when they get the opportunity they will attack but you have to hit so many precise winners against them or they're going to keep throwing it back in the.

Kitchen a great point because it is a different combination of athletes and nuances that they each bring Catherine parento obviously has fantastic hands but at the same time Georgia Johnson she's just on a kind of different level in terms of her hand speed point.

Tyson McGuffin also known to just kind of grind out points dink after dink after dink looping that in on the forehand Annalee Waters Perfect execution big smiles and head knots as they go back to the line out zero three one.

The Flying Star for Catherine yeah that's what happens when you have a couple Alphas out there they both want that ball Annalee looking to speed up she's done so several times just early in this game one again if you're just joining us doubles matches here on Championship Sunday are played three out of five.

Second serve nearly pulled one out of his pocket yeah Tyson McGuffin and that's how precise the dinks have to be from parento or if it's up at all Ben's gonna sneak in there and put McGuffin in peril Catherine that is a violent finish and mcguffin's.

On to the speed UPS now so he got that down and then Catherine just sitting there on the two-handed backhand Kelly Waters not scared to pull any shots right now speeding up just on almost any ball she can yeah even inside out on the forehand there which usually take Pace off the ball but.

Uh kept them in a decent position yeah been frustrated with themselves that was a really good look there for the Ernie yeah great read of where that was heading and had a huge three three two area to hit that just push to the 15. a little bit of a check there between.

The two of them and only water still finds a very good drop four three two Point Catherine just keeping that elbow inside her midline there pushing that ball wide of the Court presence of Ben John just does it makes you be even a little more precise than you need to be.

Keep him honest nice job by parento go up the line three five one second serve big swing goes deep good lead from manly Waters because that's the longest shot you can hit from corner to corner there and it still sails deep fight.

And again they'll just sit in these dink rallies a little bit more frequently which is why I think you're starting to see Anna Lee and Ben Johns taking a lot of the first shots yeah and they're gonna just make them show okay you talked about how good their defense is well we're gonna have plenty of opportunities to show you.

Whether they can make that ball bounce consistently or not dips the shoulder out of the way and it lands yeah and the one before that was going to hit well out so tough break there for McGuffin wow Ben John barely even moved his wrist on that one.

And it still had plenty of pace yeah and a parent is going to go back behind Ben it has to be on the ground or she's going to be out of position second serve 7-4-2 Emily Waters was loaded with that forehand and that's the second Mystique we've seen now on the backhand side from.

Ben John's up the line yeah great bail out of her partner Catherine parento there there you see the effect of so much spin so that ball is both down and heavy rotation tough to short hop that and keep it in good look at the lattice of Tyson McGuffin there.

Shout out seven four one Emily Waters came flying in but Tyson McGuffin with a crossover step 7-4-2 nice reaching from Tyson little roll Tyson McGuffin and Catherine parento.

Faced off against bright and ignata witch in the quarterfinals 11 to 11 7. yeah and that was interesting Cameron because last week without Tyson it was ignatowich and parento who took the mixed Devil's title so we had half that team on each side again side out you might be wondering not seeing Riley Newman out here on.

Championship Sunday I'm not a receiver not right in him or at least Matt took the weekend off this weekend and Riley also playing alongside Paris Todd here in Florida so a little bit of a different combination here in Daytona Beach hence you're seeing Tyson McGuffin and Catherine parento versus Annalee Waters and Ben Johns a good time here on.

The carvana PPA tour Ben Johns Emily Waters Tyson McGuffin and Catherine prenzo in first game action for the Pro mix doubles championship match foreign help from the net and again Annalee waters on that forehand side nice job on the roll get that ball off the bounce she's been firing consistently all day.

So yeah up 8-4 now even taking balls from Ben in the middle oh my Ben Johnson's expression here we saw Annalee Waters make one similar to that in the women's match and now Ben has matched it second nice job by Tyson McGuffin right.

Here getting that ball down at the kitchen yeah that's when they these two get wound up and they want to keep putting the Highlight Reel shots together Tyson doing a nice job locating that ball I believe that's about the second one he's found just a defeat of Annalee Waters.

Missed return 591 second serve A little sloppy right now Cameron I think Italy just taking a little extra Pace off that ball I think Tyson probably expecting it to come quicker shout out.

And there's that inside out where he just gets you off balance 951 second serve and a second serve now after an elongated point nine five four remains nine five and again Anna Lee looking to poach 591.

Catherine getting stuck in an upward paddle position yeah she is so balletic on the court that she's rarely not able to get the paddle where she wants it that time she got all jammed up sign up a lot of balls in people's feet here over the last several rallies that's.

Where you want to put it Ben John's Flying pass for the ATP and those are your favorite because when they kiss off the tape they send them even more severely to the side of the Court and I think Annalee Waters may have just asked if she could play the leg after.

That point just for the heck of it I don't know if Ben John's gonna let her though who knows Tyson McGuffin the most electrifying man in all of sport I think think to that personality as well as the mullet that he so has underneath that Red Cap right now trailing by five points in game one.

Second serve the Ben Johnson's last final here on this Championship Sunday 10-5-2 Point having already picked up two as well as a game number one in the mixed doubles final and I love that shot selection there when someone is unwinding the sack and they're in a hurry to run across the court.

They think it's coming to their backhand so if you put it just to the forehand side they'll overrun the ball that's so smart from Ben Johns right there Ben John's looking for the Triple Crown here Florida open game one to the number one seed Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns in this mixed doubles final at the red clay hot sauce.

16 year old we'll get us started for game two point and a big swing from Catherine parento she was going for it that is a heavy swing off of a third shot drive you usually want to block that one that's really good for McGuffin paddle out in front ready for the reply.

Zero one one he returned it there's no call I think that serve caught the line one one one so ball in Catherine parento with a point Catherine kind of Miss hit this but it still works yeah in the rare lob from Ben Johnson.

The kitchen line not usually part of his Arsenal but saw an opportunity there saw a lot of those from Anna Lee earlier Tyson McGuffin given his partner a little bit of a shove here saying let's go partner he'll love me yeah yeah it's full contact if you're Tyson's partner.

The former wrestler after that fire fight two one two oh Catherine nearly at it one two one oh that's just silky smooth for manly Waters such a great ball there and you know the weather is a factor here as well Ball's.

Playing slower 80 degrees here in Daytona Beach by far the hottest it's been on tour all year long defending two of the overheads from Ben Johns and then he waited for Catherine to take one little slide to the right and smashed it back down the middle three two one foreign.

Went long yep yeah the court being covered is a major factor here today not you know fully enclosed but that sun beating on the players all day would have been a big difference and again Anna Lee on the backhand usually see the inside out forehand annelie water is finding her backhand on.

That right side working her feet to be able to find one of her best shots Waters requires two things number one incredible footwork from her but then just trust that the middle because you're gone you're awesome so uh no one needed to cover anything though because she had a clean winner.

Now missed return too danger yep so six to two waters and John's everything working in their favor you're in game number two as they head to their bench Colin John didn't support that as well Championship court is definitely the place to be here on this carvana.

Championship Sunday this place has been packed day in and day out number four for the red clay hot sauce Florida open at picktona at Holly Hill Cameron alongside Dave Fleming we've got Cameron Blackwood also hanging out Courtside chatting with all of our Pros as they pick off their gold medals then John's looking for his third on the day.

Yeah the crowds have been epic here all weekend and what you can't see from this all the outside courts people just Milling around packed all around those obviously just on center today for the pros second to your point this is the largest tournament in 2023 so far 1189 total participants over 215 Pros.

Competing foreign parento and McGuffin just having a hard time getting to the kitchen in this match and when they've gotten there it has been a problem as well but that much better on the return side and we saw him shove parento earlier in a.

Positive way but they need to get some of that barking and that energy from Tyson that makes him so so deadly I think it's fun to watch some of these contacts from Tyson just how fast he moved his feet and how stop he how quick he's able to stop his feet in the same regard right on contact second serve.

Your Miss volley swinging for that one yeah there's a couple of big swings from these two on balls that were coming with some pace that was close on the sideline and again I was impressed with Catherine's counter but Ben Johns finds yet another yeah the one before where he made that.

He meant to do it that was kind of off the end of the paddle but the paddle was there Cameron Point look at this drop from Ben Johns perfectly placed I mean fell off the table seven two one oh my God did he do that on purpose there is.

No way he did that on purpose off the end of the paddle eight two one here's a lick well there's a new shot everyone's gonna be trying point tough ball left two and another timeout called from Tyson McGuffin and Catherine ferenzo.

Just some of those contacts going a bit too high but I will say it's still plenty of smiles on their side as they know they've got to find some energy and a couple balls bouncing their Direction Emily Waters and Ben Johns are tough to beat one of the top Duos if not the best to have ever played the game alongside one another.

With a quick little speed up yeah caught bent moving to the middle great ball right at where he was caught him it's a great great shot by parento talk about that serve that thing was right on the Baseline saw that earlier paid big dividends against uh the Cinderella story where the Clock Struck midnight but it was so.

Fun to watch Colin and a league closing the door with the backhand so game one and game two now residing with those in pink experience parento and McGuffin looking to find something here in game at number three Dave you got to give me a little breakdown after the break.

Tyson McGuffin and Catherine parento ever at the ready at the Baseline trailing zero games to two Stanley Waters and Ben Johns Cameron Irwin alongside Dave Fleming Cameron Blackwood down on the court Annalee Waters the Cross Court speed up I think that just caught the line so everything's working in their favor.

Cameron and I think what Catherine and Tyson have run into is a team that is playing loose it is a team that is winning the hand battles and they're looking for those hand battles so zero zero to parento and McGuffin do better than anybody grinds so slow this all the way down keep the ball in a safe place and see if that can work.

Easier said than done I get it because these two are firing on anything they think is even remotely attackable Point well there's a good drop from Catherine parento Ben Johns trying to use his length there to get that ball back over one zero one Point Kennelly Waters trying to play.

With some of the pace there 201 0 and even then Ben John still gets that ball back yeah but that was a great look for McGuffin to go up three nothing and it's you're gonna have to make the bunnies in.

This too be able to make this a four or five game match sign up Catherine looking for the lob and it's just long of the Court yeah I thought we're gonna have a fight over who's gonna get to retrieve that they were both there Tyson McGuffin was putting everything he could on those overheads but ultimately.

Ben and Annalee get themselves back to the kitchen line and then find the offense one two one I mean that's a disheartening point for those two because they did everything they could and they end up losing the rally it's beautiful from McGuffin second curve.

One two two Emily ended up on the left there after the poach oh you know that's another thing for consideration Catherine moving to the other side 2-1-1 unlikely but uh last ditch effort.

Not there yet second serve two one two sign up Catherine just barely missing on that third shot drop see those red Sketchers on Tyson mcguffin's feet one two one the own shoe is coming out from Skechers in April team Skechers over there with Catherine.

As well it's also uh starting a new clothing line as well be on the lookout for that two two one some of the fastest hands we've seen on the day Tyson is roaring Tyson's paddle tapping with people off.

Court I mean you want to know why people love pickleball that's it right there those epic fire fights two two four nearly a collision in the middle of that rally and just a nice little counter that's a good location Catherine's cut.

It up at the right hip but Ben's able to get the paddle there it's impressive one really nice save for manly Waters in the middle of that transitioning to the kitchen line two three she went for the fire and the tape pushed that deep Tyson taking some earlier looks now in.

Game number three three three one a new shot from Ben Johns in the middle of that rally oh man we got to come up with a name for that one too yep I got homework I gotta see that again too that was outrageous back to the paddle on the right side of his body.

In the middle of a dank battle I'll be watching that one 3-3 in game three three everybody check that out there's that narrow Little Alley when parent is favoring the backhand on that side good job by Johnson second serve Tyson's been doing a good job in some of those exchanges Bay.

Ball out of bounds again Anna Lee she's had a few successful on that forehand side going Line to Line tries to face to fade it with a full cut and shape it and it just carries wide with the spin there are no extra points for degree of difficulty here Cameron three three two.

Side out then this time on the backhand side flicks Cross Court closes with the forehand again that's a product of parento trying to keep him honest but it's got to be on the ground panel Lee Waters choosing her spots yet again finds the middle.

Yeah has really found a variety of attacks over there has gone down the line Pace inside out down the line now through the middle and here's the switch I thought could could happen parento earns one probably will keep it four three at least this rally.

Again another big rally to Catherine parento and Tyson McGuffin I mean that's just fantastic again Ben took the hardest ball I've ever seen hit Adam and just volleyed it back in the middle of that but that's just terrific from parento and McGuffin and they are going to stay in this formation why not after that rally.

Ground from the crowd interesting you see how the pattern might shift and only water still looking for the same speed up through the middle there four four two point now to The Far Side wide of the sideline yeah that's a tough ball to keep in when you go to the paddle side.

Hip of this cross-court player you have very little room to work with Catherine frustrated looking to drop that ball but instead it was still on the rise and met Ben Johns yeah that was after she stared him down and had three good swings at him and then had it back neutral I'll recall call the score.

Second sir caught in a lead with the paddle on the opposite side that's a rarity yeah like this you know parento in front of annalize giving them a different look nice job jamming up parento on her way to the kitchen foreign thought he could catch Ben right there.

As he shifted left that would be a negative no yes ma'am six five two point this is what becomes so difficult even trying to de-cross court with Annalee Ben just continues to press further and further towards that right.

Side yeah and you don't have a Riley Newman type backhand in the middle from McGuffin that can be real offensive there either so this is a tougher guy on the right next doubles for this particular matchup five seven one second sir having a hard time with the.

Thirds right now those have to just be absolutely perfect against each one of these pros and they know it Catherine parento finds an alleyway yeah great read of the movement of Anna Lee Waters there by parento just a sneaky little flick there.

Oh shout out I see your sneaky shot and I'm gonna go inside out that's a severe angle I'm not sure how she hit that seven six one says too easy that high dink pushed looked like they were playing back in the men's doubles trying to find the left foot of Anna Lee and then.

The middle as well not inside out forehand to Ben Johns they switch back and Tyson gets a little slider off the top of the tape there he'll take it eight six two side out nanolee found forehand after forehead after forehand the backhands what gave her a little bit of trouble.

Yeah I think she thought uh John's was gonna cut that last one off didn't happen second serve yeah I'd like maybe they need to drive the third and drop the fifth because the the third shot drops have been way too high much better.

Oh Catherine took a full SWAT but so did annalia she backed up a half step from the kitchen line just give herself a little extra time when she saw that swing same thing watch Annalee Waters right here just enough of a shift yeah she clears that right shoulder out of the way so that she can get the full.

Rotation and then it's so good at getting on top of that ball with the two-handed backhand nine to six is gonna force a timeout here in game number three Annalee Waters and Ben John still up two game still one time out six to nine for Catherine parento and Tyson McGuffin versus Annalee Waters and Ben John.

Championship match for mixed Pro doubles here in the first fifth stop the carvana PPA tour nice little step in from Ben Johns Triple Crown Point ten six one 10-6 here then John earns himself some Hardware three times over on this Championship Sunday.

Just too good all day and uh deserving champion Annalee one with Catherine and then gets a little Revenge because she lost the singles so she wins the mixed and uh you know this is impressive and the hard part for Catherine now is she has to regroup herself because she has the last match of the day in the last final to.

Play in singles but it's all about these two nice comeback from losing to the Johnsons in the last match that's a deserving Champion right there a smiling champion and a Triple Crown winner Ben Johns is all smiles there alongside Anna Lee Waters they'll talk with Cameron Blackwood after this short break welcome back I'm Cameron Blackboard here with.

Our winners Annalee Waters and Ben Johnson Ben Johns Triple Crown winner today congratulations I hope people know this but your guys's record is 63 and 2 now so amazing job here but a lot of people want to know how often do you guys actually train together before stepping out on court uh you know we don't actually get to train.

Together that much we pretty much just play together at tournaments but we play like 20 some a year so I think that's a good amount to get a lot of practice in and she's just so easy to play with she's uh absolutely incredible uh just one-way traffic with baby water so it's just a pleasure to play with her and Anna you are creating so many.

Opportunities on the other side with those gaps on the other side you did a lot with your backhand side outside in inside out what were you seeing on the other side to create those opportunities yeah well Ben's so good so I have a little portion of the court that I have to cover so I know you know I can feel comfortable moving over and hitting.

Backhands on the forehand side I think Ben actually likes it it gives him more room to take those four hands and I can do a lot with my backhand I can go line at the person middle I can ding it back across so that's one of my favorite shots and I've definitely been working on that inside out but you guys did just that we're gonna have Conor Ogden from.

The PPA tour come over here and give you guys the trophy on behalf of the red clay hot sauce our title sponsor Ben congratulations on a triple crown and Annalee and Ben both of you congrats on your championship and so on behalf of the PPA tour and red clay hot sauce we present you this trophy congrats congratulations you guys don't go.

Anywhere we'll be right back with our last women's singles those sets those game scores were 11 7 11 9. Julia Jansen will get us started here for the women's Pro singles championship match so I will play two out of three as that third shot is a doozy of one from Catherine parento yeah really nice on.

The run I don't know if Elise Jones is still in the house but she was a big factor in Leia Jansen getting through against Salome Davide just having that positive support on her side Catherine parento is a backhand winner in the first point on the board yeah and.

Parento comes in here having played She's Fit she's in good shape so that's an advantage to have been on the court Jansen doesn't know when her match is going to start because she's fifth on so she's got to work her way into this point no you make a great Point Catherine definitely in Rhythm here having played now in her third final on.

This Sunday 2-0 side out Catherine sliding into that great decision by Jansen there she knew her return put her in trouble and she retreated and then hit a beautiful two-handed backhand pass point that's all set up by a great surf excuse.

Me Cameron that was really good spot on Jansen now with her first point two versus four seed 1-2 we weren't even sure if Catherine got this ball she disappeared and she did get it like a magician that's really good by Jansen to find that angle and take her off your phone.

And off our screens and then just lay the next one right back into the Open Court fall out of bounds seeing Leia Jansen for the first time on this Sunday she's 30 years old now residing in Austin Texas turnpro back in 2021 3-2 side out trying to lift this ball across.

Court got to give a little extra love on it yeah great job by parento of seizing the opportunity she was the one having to hit from the Baseline but made a shorter volley thanks to the quality of her ball and came forward and of course the mayor oh Mr Schick is in the house I was gonna say we learned something from Colin nice.

Little drop volley there from Leo Jansen originally out of Spokane Washington Pacific northwesterner three two other parento out of Montreal Canada side out two three four yeah Jen's gonna ask whether this ball was in fact out of bounds it's.

Interesting she actually hit a really solid return and didn't come to the net she took a half step forward and then three guessed yourself you did that earlier and I agreed with that but that time it looked like there was an opportunity wow Catherine parento the backhand is deadly.

All about the legs and that you saw her have to drive through that and then get a beautiful swing but the legs are the key to that four three great job by parento foreign just out of bounds that Leia will question she either challenged it or called timeout.

So I believe this could be getting challenged right now as there's just a little bit of conversation on the court between Leia and our official that is correct so a challenge on the out call from Catherine parento in terms of our bronze medalists here's a look at it Salome David say taking home the bronze.

Here yeah and I like the idea of challenging this because you want to time out anyway so if it's out you're getting in the timeout but what if the ball is good um this ball is clearly out so call it on your way over there and you know there's lots of green around that one.

We're unanimous here cam in terms of the path for these two Catherine ferento took down Annalee Waters in the semi-final to get to this point Leia Jansen took down Salome Davide and three games played eleven five three eleven eleven seven player Jensen also had to face off against her women's doubles partner in.

The quarters Elise Jones yeah that was unbelievable they played a great match Jones is sent to the backdraw with you hold for the call here one time out two timeouts and to finish that story then Elise Jones is sitting right next to her Devil's partner cheering her on to a uh.

Birth today in this match so tremendous partner is Elise Jones there's a tremendous volley the amount of pressure that's placed on some of those first volleys in the game of singles compared to the game of doubles is significant agree more a lot of times they're further outstretched on the Move try to.

Cover as much Court as possible Catherine parento with a massive overhead but some great contacts in about that mid-court range yeah you talk about covering Court as you did a second ago you're like how can 20 feet be this much but it just is and a really good job by parento of making it difficult for Jansen at the kitchen line.

Turn from Leia Jansen look into that forehand florento scouting report changes as you switch sides too in terms of right to left where you want to hit your spot yeah and she did a great job of opening up the court and that ball doesn't even need to be that good just get it deep and then.

You are in a very dominant position but can't make that one work nice teardrop third there from parenta we saw that all day long and both of her doubles matches as well great Point construction from Leia Jansen so tough from the Baseline to then get herself to the kitchen I mean just tremendous and then my goodness the.

Slide there at the End by Catherine that's what it takes to win one rally out here today Cameron also a little bit of a length discrepancy between these two is Leia Jansen sits at about five foot ten Catherine parento five foot five so she works that slide into her game a lot especially in the game of singles gives.

Her that extra Bit Of Reach Catherine parento The Graduate of Michigan State University where she was a standout tennis player turned pickleball player thanks to Simone jarjim yeah really good job of coming forward here by parento 7-3 yeah it's nice to have a mentor of that.

Lineage and skill that's the second drop it's works for Leia yeah a couple of beautiful drop volleys for her on the forehand we suck Colin Schick on that backhand all day long doing it so I'm sure there are people all over the country practicing those drop volleys right now Cameron or.

Hopefully after our coverage let's be honest yeah Catherine really on the move here gotta love the way that Leia jansen's staying tough though up at the kitchen line yeah great job by Leia of not getting away from where she was she took two steps over but didn't give up the.

Backside there really smart footwork four seven side out it's tough she keeps trying to bring that ball cross court on the backhand side she had been trying with the two-handed rule but that time she works a little bit.

More with the slice yeah I would have liked to have seen the role on that particular ball and finds it on the forehand yeah parento frustrated with herself there I think she might have had a look at that but that just so perfectly shaped Cameron just four.

Seven right in the corner oh call was out and Catherine just stops on this one oh actually she's calling the ball out of bounds excuse me yeah it didn't hit through this one hit fall out of bounds yeah good call.

Seven four sometimes you can do that swing any Top Spin you get too much of the Top Spin and roll it out and set it down Leah Jansen great volley right there beautiful touch yeah because what's parental gonna do even when she gets there it is so shallow to the net there's nowhere to go.

With that that's terrific side out Catherine parento returns to the other side she had been looking to the backhand yeah and it's okay to have a pattern if somebody has a definite advantage on one side but keeping them honest on on that is a good way to mix it up.

And she's giving plenty of shape over the height of the net yes she's finding inside the Baseline it's that fall right there the parento didn't get either deep enough or wide enough into the court if you go deep straight down the middle you would have taken that angle out of the way so uh.

Side out another side out for Catherine parento seven four it's stuck on seven for a little bit here Cameron and we'll remain stuck and that's what Leia makes you have to hit a precise third or she is so good at.

Putting that first up volley away good luck at the official ball PP at the Onyx Terra fast 40. watch the Battle of Catherine parento so much Spin and a sharp short angle Battle of forehand passing shots right now and four points just enough of a hold from.

Catherine finally off the seven eight four now four point timeout receiver nice see the whip watch out Catherine goes after these serves it's paying dividends Catherine Perez.

Died of peek and bake from these two so at one point on the same side of the court now on opposite sides of the Court here playing women's Pro singles championship match time yet I'm impressed with Leia Jansen when she's able to get that ball out of the.

Air she's been able to do some damage to get that particular volley from below the net to the depth she was there that's ridiculous that's a great shot four nine side out nice read from Catherine as she lunges for that last one yeah if you know your ball is going to get down and they'll be hitting up don't let them off.

The hook come Chase your goodness the last inch of the paddle is Catherine parento's friend it's just one or the points absolutely insane women's singles point there outstretched all over the place a gorgeous lob in the middle of that from Leia Jansen but this has been the woman.

Of the week and showed you why right there you want to finish game number one nonetheless Catherine ferenzo with the trickler and the first game in her pocket playing two out of three she is just one game away I'm going back to back for women's singles titles on the.

Carvana PPA tour you got any gear you need a net a paddle new gear it's all there and they'll tell you what's best for your situation they are the experts first point for Catherine ferento we will play two out of three and it's like are you kidding me A trickler to lose game one and then the.

First rally of game two is off the tape also side out maybe that's a good sign for her there yeah because that one had sort of a height that was dangerously close to the same I like the energy though you hear Leia trying to get herself fired up good.

Just high enough off the bounce Catherine forenzo taking a half step back and that was the key to that like let that thing come up and then you've got options since jansen's come flying in there still a really tough ball to make Leo with a ton of hustle on that point.

But following the ball is Catherine parento yeah when you see parento swing like that and then you're still able to get it that's impressive but still in total command at the kitchen line 2-0 Cross Court winner.

See a lot of the timeout receiver fist pumping from parento and Leia saw it too so she's calling time out so Leia Jansen trailing by three and game number two she's wondering what do I have to do against Catherine parento right now it's a little pep in her step as Leia.

Jansen is facing off against Catherine parento down by three 3-0 and on the return here it's good coming out of a timeout a nice deep ball the backhand side of Catherine parento yeah didn't commit the legs like the one we saw earlier when she drove through it down the line zero three still a good return coming out of the.

Timeout and necessary Catherine looked in front of her saying oh I had so much space and that she did because that track down was incredible side out three one and again Leia Jansen had a really nice.

Return there and chose not to come in she returned deep middle yep and then she got herself in trouble and this is just such a nice little Molly winner that is that's just a nice play from Catherine parento and another she pairs it hitting the edges very well right now with Catherine parento La has sort of.

Looked over at the referee like was that really in and the answer was oh yes it was inside out over there that was really good point we are in a dangerous spot right here at the game 6-1 yeah.

And again so after the initial timeout oh three three fronto adds a few more on to her score three additional as she's now up six to one again this just being our final championship on this carvana PPA tour fifth stop the red clay hot sauce Florida open lunch is remaining some fancy Sketchers.

On the feet of Catherine parento our camera crew doing a nice job tracking those feet CP on them stick it on the tongue there she's special Catherine parento is just too good nothing else to say after that we showed you those feet and they were Fancy on that point my goodness 7-1.

Digging down deep Catherine tell Leia Jansen just laying that one back into the court enough is what last or so gotta go now gotta get aggressive get to that net and make her make shots one seven okay side out.

Really love the second ball that Catherine hit there though to force the ball deep with topspin that's going to be hard for Jansen to do a lot offensively with that seven one point again watch the torque that Catherine parento gets on the serve now.

That one did not come up well but she's really going after it Leia Jansen taking a slower walk to the Baseline here eight one now look at this motion coming up right here point make it 9-1 for Catherine parento.

Sirs paying big dividends here 9-1 side out turning middle and Catherine you can see just how much spin she's trying to put on that based off of her finish on her stroke one nine well over her head so another trickler for Catherine foreign.

Off of Leia jansen's paddle sorry thank you point so 10-1 Katherine parento looking for a second gold Leia Jansen a wicked forehand cross-court some extra pop on that one impressive fight at Match Point down and.

In such a big hole to be able to dig out that point that's really good from Jansen side out a little off balance here trying to pull that ball Catherine parento with a second look at Championship point 10-1 shot out of solid angle on the volley.

Leia Jansen yeah she has that short angled cut volley on the backhand that's better than anybody's on the women's side perfect for singles Dan Catherine just enough over the top of the net look at the amount of clearance on this a couple millimeters well just out of bounds.

Leah Jansen spended off three match points 110. foreign parento go 11 straight in the last final between these two could it be Leia Chance's turn we've seen it between these two as she said so that's one again Catherine's paddle just at the tip.

Getting so much work I mean this court coverage is absolutely phenomenal timeout server and she's calling I love that time out there just get yourself together you've had three shots at it already walk up to the line hit your best serve.

And trying to get out of here yeah so with another opportunity at Championship Point Catherine parento trying to slow things down just enough catch her breath she had a Miss serve on one of those that's going to be area one to focus on getting the ball in the court where might she look to find that third.

You know I think it depends on where she goes to serve if she goes big in the corner as she has then she'll be looking for that two-handed backhand which she's found inside out Cross Court Etc she's been mostly taking the forehand down the line but uh you see even Leia Jansen using a couple different paddles and there's the.

Selkirk and the chains she made in the paddle has been a difference because you question her defense is so good with that paddle Tech paddle she still has the great defense and with this cell Kirk she's got extra pop to go with it and the results have followed ten two and again Leia Jansen showing some grit.

Right here that was the fourth championship Point yeah on the overhead parento just couldn't find enough of an angle 210. great job by Jansen fighting to the end whenever that is foreign having a hard time on that backhand side on some of these thirds I just hasn't.

Found the contact she's been looking for 10-2 number five for parental and she's good for double earning her second here at the red clay hot sauce Florida open yeah what a week for this lady gods silver a win over Annalee Waters in singles and a tremendous tremendous she.

Put two gold medals together in Minnesota puts two plus a silver together today and she is on the rise Cameron without a doubt Catherine parento the number four seed but ending up the number one here at the red clay hot sauce Florida open 11 4 11-2 Catherine parento earning double gold at Daytona Beach and going back to back.

Here on the carvana PPA tour I'm with Catherine franto I'm Cameron Blackwood with our women's singles winner you had a chance of Triple Crown but you came out with two gold medals today just how much of an advantage is it to have been on court all day warm and ready to go oh for sure I think it's a big Advantage even though I didn't get.

To play singles all day I think I was just really warm and that's for sure a big advantage since Leia didn't get to play any matches before so she was a little bit colde