Welcome into pickle my name is Tony royg your virtual pickleball coach are you tired of losing more points than you think you should then you're going to want to check out this video in this video we're going to do a rally breakdown and I'm going to share with you a common error that you see out on the pickleball courts all the time that.

Is costing teams tons of points when they play Pickleball apply the tips that you're going to learn in this video to your play you're going to lose less points and win more games let me show you how in this rally breakdown in this rally breakdown we're actually.

Comparing two separate rallies that occurred in the same training game between four players here in the Tampa Bay Area the first rally that we're going to look at is a rally in which the surf team scored a point and in the second rally we're going to look at is a rally in which the serve team did not score a point in this video we're.

Focusing on the play of the return team on the far side as a pickleball player you're going to want to differentiate between serve side play and return side play they are very different things it's so important that we made an entire mini-series built around it if you're not sure about the serve side return side check in the notes below there's.

Going to be a link so you can sign up for the mini series you really need this concept if you want to improve as a pickleball player let's break down the rally that we looked at earlier where the point was scored by the serve side what you're going to notice is the way that the return side plays and remember our focus is on the return side which is.

The players on the far side the player in the orange and the player in Gray what you're going to notice here is that they play in a way that allows them at this stage of the rally to start getting attacked by Elizabeth who has her back does there she's going to slam a couple balls with him resulting in a point being scored the next rally we're going.

To break down is the one where no point was scored again we're focusing on the far team we're focusing on the way they're playing this rally has the same number of shots as the prior rally in fact it starts out almost the same as the prior rally but there's a major difference between these two rallies if you can understand this difference.

You'll Play much better pickleball as the return side we're going to do a side by side in a second to show you but understanding this difference and being able to focus on the return side is absolutely critical to your improvement as a big ball player here we've put them side by side the one on the left is where the point was scored and the one.

On the right is where no point was scored what we're going to start looking at is we're going to look at the beginning of the rally starts off roughly similar you have a four shot volley being hit by the playering orange hits it back to the player at in the back Bob there with his back to us then what you're going to see is the fifth.

Shot is similar in the sense that both shots bounce but here is the big difference in the rally on the left side the rally where the point is scored the player hits this next shot the sixth shot to the player who is up that's Elizabeth on the left side of the serve team with her back to us that allows Elizabeth to start commencing an attack.

On the return team and it is what ultimately results in the serve team scoring a point if you look at the frame on the right or the rally on the right what you'll see is that the same player with essentially the same sort of shot hits the ball this time to the back player on the serve team that is Bob with his back to us and.

You can see that even though Bob is going to attack this ball because he's attacking from further back he cannot create the same pressure that Elizabeth did on the in the rally on the left and the rally ends one shot later in favor of the return team no points scored if you're enjoying the video make sure you click the Subscribe and the bell button.

Below you'll get notified of future videos and improve your play there are two questions you want to ask yourself here as the return team first which team would rather be the team on the left getting smashed from the non-blies online or the team on the right getting attacked from the transition zone by your opponents and then the second.

Question you want to ask yourself is how did we get here knowing how to avoid being the team on the left and making sure you're the team on the right is how you're going to avoid giving away those extra points when you're playing pickleball to apply the tips in this video into action the next time you play maintain.

Your advantage when you're on the return side and when you're ready to take your game to the next level take your first serious step towards your best pickleball by joining us inside the miniseries I'll put the link in the description below be well out there
Watch any pickleball game and you will see this strategy error committed over and over. The return team hits the ball to the wrong place, allowing the serve team to attack them and win the point. If you are clear on your pickleball objectives, you can then play your best pickleball.

In this pickleball video, we do a rally breakdown to show you the error – so you can recognize the error when you are on the court – and also show you the right strategy to us – so you can avoid the error in the future.

If you are not familiar with the serve side – return side distinction, you will not be able to play to your full potential, not because you are not trying hard each time you playing. It is because you simply do not have enough knowledge about the game. We can teach you what you do not know – it is what we do. Our 3-Part Miniseries covers this important distinction and also gives you the four most important shots in pickleball as well as the reason why you sometimes pop the ball up. You can find out more about joining us for the Miniseries by visiting us at WeArePickleball.com.

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STOP giving away pickleball points – I’ll show you how to fix this common pickleball error

0:00 Introduction to the return of serve side and serve side of pickleball
1:15 Breakdown of the pickleball point where a point was scored
1:45 Breakdown of the pickleball point where NO point was scored
2:10 Side by side comparison of the two pickleball points
3:35 The 2 Questions for you to ask about return of serve side play

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