There are several kinds of pickleball topspin shots the first is traditional this happens when we brush up the back of the ball it sends the ball not only sailing toward the opponent's side but spinning toward it at the same time there's a bit of a loft before a sudden dip onto the court we use traditional topspin when we have.

More time and space for paddle take back and paddle follow through another type of topspin shot is a more modern version called the through and up this happens when we connect with the ball continue moving through and up through and we're basically rolling up the back of the ball while we're hitting up.

This creates a more linear path toward the opponent's side with the ball spinning toward them at the same time prior to that Telltale dip onto the court at the end we'll be moving through and up we use this more modern version when we have less time and less space the pickleball court is small and much.

Of a point is spent approaching the line or at the line so we're playing out in front very Compact and very efficiently this provides a great Top Spin alternative for that the end result with either of these kinds of topspin as with any kind of topspin is that we can hit with more power But be sure that the ball is going.

To stay on the court I guess regardless of the amount of power applied we can be sure that the last part of the trajectory is heading downward toward the court topspin Pro for pickleball can help train the muscle memory you need to hit with consistent topspin of any kind just two minutes a day the repetition is what.

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