Foreign hey guys this is Andrew here with Howard today we're really excited because we're bringing you our first impressions of brand newly released paddles from ectelon these are The Inferno 16 and 13 millimeter I was actually really happy off the bat because I started playing.

With a engage Maverick which was a fiberglass paddle so I'm excited to kind of go back and try these again now I was really impressed with how these performed off the bat these have a ton of spin really good balance of power and control for fiberglass and then also echtelon includes an EVA foam in the handle which provided a lot of comfort I.

Still felt the ball and knew where I was going to hit it but I never felt any harsh vibrations so I was really excited to see that but overall these played incredible and when I saw the price I was even more impressed Howard what'd you think about it yeah like you had mentioned I'd love the price of both of these paddles definitely compared to the.

Paddles I've played in the past with the Onyx Premiere evoke and the Franklin signature paddle This paddle offered similar characteristics but I felt a little bit more comfortable and I felt this paddle was just tad bit more solid for me I still haven't decided if I like the 13 millimeter a little bit more or if I like the 16 millimeter I'm super.

Excited about heading out to the court and giving these a full-on review and trying them out and figuring out which one I do like the 16 or the 13 millimeter but overall an amazing price and I really love these paddles so far I would say another characteristic that we also light together are just the options here you've got two different color.

Schemes and both of these just look really clean so that concludes our first impression I'm really excited to give you guys our full review of this I know you are as well Howard so check these out a total pickable and as always thanks for watching foreign.

Check out the brand-new Ektelon Inferno Pickleball Paddles here:

-Bring the heat and burn your competition with the Ektelon Inferno paddles. These paddles offer balanced power and control for all skills, and an EVA foam filled handle for optimum comfort.

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