Hey everyone I'm John Hanley with Team handling pickleball and I've got the brand new paddle from gearbox here it's the gbx and I wanted to show off the the pretty cool box that comes in so I've already played a little bit with the paddle but I put it back in the Box just to show it off so it's got some coffee that comes with the.

Paddle and then of course the paddle itself and this fancy bag and there it is this is the gbx 16 millimeter elongated and the paperwork I received said the handle is four inches but I think it is when I measured it's five so I think.

There was a maybe a mistake made of the paperwork I received but this one is the five inch handle and I'm not exactly sure what the specs will be on other paddles in this series I know gearbox is coming out with other similar paddles but this is the one they sent me to take a look at early before it's out in the public.

It's the gbx and it's a raw carbon fiber face and I did have a chance to play with it a little bit and I can tell you it's very very good so it's getting really good power The Sweet Spot is really really nice on it really large and uh the for a 16 millimeter paddle it was getting surprisingly good power and then 8.5 ounces of the standard weight.

For this particular one and again I'm not sure if they'll have different weight variations on these paddles but 8.5 ounce which is really heavy for a an out of the box paddle usually to get to that weight you got to add some weight or something to it afterward once you receive the paddle but I it feels really really good I think that's a fantastic.

Weight and it provides some really good power uh for this paddle so I did get a chance to play just a few minutes with it and it felt fantastic my standard paddle is the pro kenix pro spin which is also known it's very very thin known for having a lot of power itself but I was getting even more power out of the gbx and was needing to adjust a little.

Bit on the the dinks going just a little bit higher than I was expecting and things like that it'll just take a little bit to get used to when you when you switch to a new paddle but uh it felt fantastic getting a really good spin from that raw carbon fiber face and then fantastic power and The Sweet Spot was really really good I felt like it.

Was you know even when the ball was hitting out here on the outer edges which obviously is never ideal but uh certainly uh most players are hitting some of the balls out there it was still getting the ball back over and uh and I was able to control the ball a little bit better than I was able to do with my my Pro kenix so.

Really really uh happy with it so far in this initial uh first look at it um but I'll play with it a little bit more and get some more thoughts on it but this is the first look at the gbx elongated and again there's more coming in this series I'm not exactly sure how many more paddles but more coming in the series from gearbox tells me and it'll.

Be exciting to see what else they come out with presumably uh one with a shorter handle since the paperwork I received said they said the foreign channel uh there maybe was just a mix up there in the paperwork um because this is definitely not a four inch handle but um and probably some different thickness.

Options as well but this is gearbox's first 4A into the raw carbon fiber face paddles and I think they've done a really really good job from everything I've seen so far so I will be playing with this for a little while and and uh maybe coming back with some more thoughts in the future but so far I think it plays really really well and it.

Looks uh great I love the kind of the the design of the pedal as well is really cool I think it's uh this is a nice look here in the Reds it really stands out against the black and then on the other side it's very similar just missing the big gearbox logo on it but that's first look and then of course along with the in the Box I've also got.

Some gearbox coffee so I mean you can't go wrong with the the gearbox coffee I'll be uh trying that out as well I don't know if I'll be making a video on the gearbox coffee but uh maybe trying it out along with the paddle uh and see what uh see how that goes but I thought they had really nice packaging they came along with it so that's first look at.

The gearbox gbx thanks for watching
Gearbox sent me more info after the video was published. The paddle will retail for $199.99. It’s available for pre-order on February 3 and will ship starting February 17. The face is made of Toray T-700 carbon fiber. Unlike other paddles on the market, the perimeter of this paddle is not foam injected. Gearbox says foam injecting can potentially impact the paddle’s maneuverability.

The coffee is not included with the paddle. 🙂

What do you think about this paddle? Will you be trying it out? Let me know in the comments!
Purchase Gearbox paddles: https://amzn.to/3XPhCQF (affiliate)

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