If you want to get a jump on the 2023 rules then this video is for you in this video I'm going to show you where to find A draft copy of the 2023 rulebook that will become effective starting in 2023 and I'm also going to show you the section in there that has the rules changes for 2023 so you can jump straight to the matter of what's.

Happening new for 2023. all right so the first thing we want to do is you'll see I have this screen opened here this is the usapickleball.org site so this is the base site so you're going to type in USA pickleball.org into your web browser that'll open up this page here then what you're going to do is you're going to.

Click on on get involved then you're going to come down to officiating and rules this is where the rule book is the 2023 rulebook you can find the 2022 rule book up here in the official rules but to find the 2023 you have to go to get involved up here and then scroll down to a officiating in rules when you click on that there's all sorts of magic back in.

This page here so you're going to click here and then you're going to scroll down and what you're going to see is a section called reference materials over in this area here then you're going to come down here to draft 2023 rulebook and this is where the magic happens so we're going to open that up.

And here we are we're going to be in the 2023 rule book you can say it says draft on it they haven't done the cover yet for it let me make it a little bit bigger so it's easier to read and then what you're going to see here is as we scroll down is you'll see the official rulebook introduction and then the key that I want to get to.

Is starting right here it's called significant rule changes for 2023 these are the pickleball rule changes that will take effect starting in 2023. the first one has to do with apparel and you can see on there that inappropriate apparel may be excluded now from tournaments if it's too similar to the tournament ball so find out what the.

Tournament ball is be the color of it before you head out to your tournament uh there's a video we did on this interview with Mark Pfeiffer the head of officiating at the USA pickleball I'll link to that above you can check that out the spin serve that's been a big point of contention for for about a year and.

Change now that is handled by this rule change here about manipulating the ball to add spin uh so and you can check out our video where we interview Mark about that particular rule change up above some of the rationale and why they did that uh the replayer or fault on the serve when you have an issue with an illegal serve during a tournament.

Player questions about Correct server receiver or position how to handle that they've simplified that if you're a tournament player that's going to be pretty helpful to you and if you want to see the tournament rules again I'll link to that above you can check that out and then wrong score and Equipment timeouts these are the major changes for.

2023 and you'll see those in the in the um in this section here they have the or this in these Pages they have the rule reference here so you can read the whole rule then if you keep on scrolling you'll see the table of contents that you're familiar with if you know the rulebook and then the text of the actual 2023 rulebook so if you want to get a.

Head start and you want to know what's going on in 2023 of the rules follow the steps that we outlined here you can check it out and be ahead of the game
You want to know the new pickleball rules for 2023 – right? In this video we show you how to get a sneak peek at the Draft of the 2023 Rulebook – the one that will become effective in a few weeks.

Be the first in your group to know, in detail, what is coming our way for 2023. An informed player is a better player.

Thanks to the volunteers and staff at USA Pickleball for putting together the rules that govern our sport. Support your passion by joining USA Pickleball in 2023.

0:00 Introduction to the 2023 Pickleball Rules Book as prepared by USA Pickleball
0:35 How to Access the Draft of the 2023 Rules Book
1:42 The Summary of Significant Rules Changes for 2023, including the pickleball spin serve, wrong score called, shirt change, and other rules for 2023

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