That's going to be ready thank you three two one.

No come on foreign oh good job.

that's so good it's so good come on all the way please all the way let's go let's go all right no no no.

That's so good that's so good the middle six four one oh my so good so good that's such a good eye this is such a good eye I remember.

Thank you all right there we go okay guys one more stop one more stop.

Let's go now let's go now so good shot let's go one more let's go let's go all right foreign.

thank you foreign thank you.

Know what's happening yeah come on thank you foreign what's going on remaining.

That's okay finish it over let's go let's go get aggressive huh stay aggressive let's go touch on them nine one on let's go let's go let's go.

Back let's go let's go
Game 2

Quan Do (DUPR 5.35) , Justin Woo (DUPR 5.08)
Ryan Diaz (DUPR 5.33) , Dmitry Wert (DUPR 5.40)