If you're thinking what does Roger Federer have to do with pickleball let me explain what I mean hi welcome to Brianna's pickleball my name is Jordan Briones and if you don't know who Federer is he was arguably the most impactful player in men's tennis sure there was Sampras Mcenroe Borg and.

Connors to name a few but in terms of impact on the game and also bringing new raving fans to the sport Fetter in my eyes was the Michael Jordan of tennis less than a week ago Roger Federer officially announced his retirement from professional tennis at age 41 he is one of the all-time greats with many records and one of his biggest accomplishments.

Was to lift that grand slam trophy a whopping 20 times in his career so what does this have to do with pickleball well you see Federer was known for his longevity even though 41 years old may not seem that old to you in such a physically demanding sport like tennis Federer was able to be a top player in the game for two and a half decades sure.

Nutrition conditioning and pure talent were important factors to his success but if you watched the beginning of his career in the early 2000s and compared to the tennis that he is currently playing today you may find two totally different players yes of course he always had that god-given talent to be an amazing player and he also put.

Thousands of hours out on the court but one thing that he's done year after year was to continue to evolve his own game you see the game of pickleball is ever changing and is evolving week after week and if you don't adapt to the changes or if you try to play the same exact way as you've always played you'll find yourself getting left behind one major.

Adjustment that Federer made throughout his playing career was that he became more aggressive if you watch this game develop over the years you notice that he greatly improved his serve and also developed more aggressive third shots yes I know the third shot in tennis is a little bit different than the third shot in pickleball but overall what we saw.

From Federer was that he became a more offensive player overall he learned how to attack earlier how to keep his opponents on their toes and ultimately how to be ultra aggressive he may arguably be the most offensive player to ever walk the court so how can we apply this in our own game yes pickleball is a much different sport than tennis as we.

All play it for many different reasons you may play this game for fun Health camaraderie or competition or maybe a combination of all of these things but one thing that I think we can all take away from this can be summed up in one word Evolution and no I'm not talking about the theory that we came from monkeys but what I am referring to is.

The constant dedication to the game learning how to adapt change and evolve as a player I always say that I'm a student of the game I think that this is the main reason why I can clearly communicate to players that I'm coaching and why they quickly can find success you see if you're a student of the game you will continually see the sport.

Evolve and you'll want to evolve with it as I started playing over seven years ago there wasn't really anyone around to teach me how to get to the next level or anyone to tell me what YouTube channel to watch to improve my game hey subscribe to Brion is pickleball this is a good one as I learned more and more from many.

Others and also traveled and played all around the country I made sure that it was acting like a sponge trying to absorb everything that I could as fast as I can I've always heard that the game of pickleball is easy to play but difficult to master and I would say I completely agree even after learning and playing this game for almost a decade.

Now I'm still taking notes watching the best of the best play and also thinking of better ways to communicate tips and strategies to all of you so as sad of a day as it was when we found out that Roger Federer is retiring tennis hopefully we can look back at his legacy and learn from it never stop learning be a student of the game evolve adapt.

Change learn to become a better player and learn how to become a better you at least that's what I'm trying to do Roger Federer thanks for all the great memories that you've brought us I remember watching you and the Dow duke it out for hours at Wimbledon you were an inspiration to many and hopefully that inspiration can lead us to hard.

Work to become a student of the game and last but not least to continue to evolve hope to see you out on the pickleball court soon really quickly that was my tribute to my favorite tennis player of all time Roger Federer if you found value in this video make sure to give this video a like and leave a comment below if you play Pickleball and you.

Want to continue to evolve as a player and you don't want to get left behind make sure to go to brionist pickleball.com to learn more and to continue evolving again thanks so much for watching this video and click here if you'd like to know one return tip that will completely transform your game.

All that I know
Roger Federer, the Greatest of ALL TIME, retires from professional tennis. So what’s next you ask? Well…. I guess we’re just going to have to see.

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