Major League pickleball had their first event of 2023 this past weekend in Mesa Arizona new format new team's Return of the PPA players it was as drama-packed as one could have anticipated there are two instances this past weekend that had some controversial moments we had the New Jersey fives owned by garyvee comprised of number one female player.

Anna Lee Waters Leia Jansen James ignanowicz and Hayden Patrick they were facing off against St Louis shock who had Elise Jones Simone jardim JJ villier and Eric Lang the fives were 2-0 heading into this match trying to clinch a spot in the playoff rounds St Louis was one and one and needed this win to advance to the next round so extremely important.

Game for both teams things start getting a bit Shippy in this second game with both teams going ballistic after what felt like every single point that was won Hayden foreign.

Also had some exchanges between the two of them throughout this match Jay hits and Ernie here and then gets a challenge and overruled due to him making contact across the net and then JD comes out firing the very next point with a stare down towards Patrick Quinn foreign.

big time at Hayden Patrick win and look at Hayden looking at him like what the heck man oh this is Juicy before we get in the next part of the video I wanted to give a quick shout out to 11 pickleball who is sponsoring this video a Premiere pickleball apparel brand who recently dropped a vintage Ryan Sherry.

Shirt on their online store so go to their website and use the code fifth for 10 off any purchase also check out any of the other premium clothing as well and give them a follow on their Instagram links will be in the description down below so now back to the video the shock end up winning this game and now we're up two to zero just.

Needing one more win in mixed doubles to secure a spot in the quarterfinals they lose their first mixed game and then on to their second mix game which is game four the fives need a win to force a dream breaker which they'd have a significant advantage in due to their age and single skills and you really can't make this drama up the score is 19.

To 18 the fives are up and this point occurs wow oh blank think there's a hindrance so someone from the bench yelled they're talking about a hinderance right now oh my this could get juicy it's actually quite they're calling a hindrance on the fives Annalee Waters yelled out oh my goodness.

There's not even a question right now because the officials conferred right away and they both agreed wow hindrance on this big of a point from the fives bench so someone on the fives gets called for a hindrance as the point is occurring you can hear shouting from possibly their coach as ignatowicz is hitting an overhead.

the fives are arguing Elise was the one who originally yelled first during the point as she was returning the overhead the officials are pretty confident in their call and it stands the fives have a game point opportunity they're up 20 to 19 and an even more controversial Point occurs.

You oh boy and I saw it too so ignato which I thought too I'm not gonna lie as well wow this is complete chaos all right so to Cameron's point if you.

Caught some of that you can't gasp and it was considered a hindrance based off the footstomp and the noise that he created in the middle of that with his split step um again I'm not gonna I I'm not gonna lie I did it it was noticeable to me I'm not saying it was a hindrance whatsoever but I did go wow that was quite the.

Split step in my mind um but that's that's pretty remarkable to call at this point you can see ignata which split steps which he does on almost every point when coming up to the kitchen the ref on this one thought this was too much of a distraction the reaction from the fives is hilarious everyone on that side completely stunned.

When they realize what the call is so I guess the question is what is considered a distraction according to the USA pickleball rulebook a distraction is any physical actions by a player they're not common to the game that in the Judgment of the referee May interfere with the opponent's ability or concentration to hit the ball examples include but are.

Not limited to making loud noises stomping feet waving the paddle in a distracting manner or otherwise interfering with the opponent's concentration or ability to hit the ball was ignata which split step in action that's common in the game surely for him it is considering it's his signature play style was this one completely.

Overboard to the extent of trying to distract his opponents I don't think so Russ made a mistake on this one and after a deliberation of what seemed like took an hour they decided to overturn the call and replay the point it's a good decision from the referees here the five's going to win this match and send it to the dream breaker which with all.

Their young talent and singles prowers were able to get the win in the dream breaker as well and aggressive step there in the middle created a lot of chaos and controversy talk to me through that um I think a lot of people were blaming the ref for the call because um I think it wasn't the right call but.

Ultimately nobody really moves their feet as much as I do it I mean you know Morgan sold me countless times it's like it looks like I've got a problem and for whatever reason I like to do that I don't do it on purpose I just do it because it makes me feel looser and gets me to stop thinking so you can't blame the ref for making that call because I'm.

A weird player so the other controversial instance that took place was during a quarterfinals Challenger matchup between Utah black diamonds and the Brooklyn Aces Greg Dao and Sierra gate leech were taking on Rob Cassidy and Olivia McMillan gate Leach gets a ball near her feet and believes it's possibly out down not really sure.

Looking over at his bench confirming that he thinks it's possibly in they decide to call the ball in and use their challenge which is the Admiral thing to do they could have called it out and had the other team use their challenge presumably putting them at risk of losing their challenge instead they put all the risk on themselves from the MLP.

Rulebook a successful challenge will result in the team keeping that challenge an unsuccessful challenge will result in a loss of that challenge and no more challenges may be used by the team for the remainder of the game and this call is pretty obvious they end up losing the challenge and now don't have a challenge for the remainder of the.

Game so now it's game Point Utah is up 20 to 17 in this point ensues oh they don't have a challenge I don't think they have a challenge they don't because they lost the challenge before I mean.

Oh I think I think Rob's gonna challenge his own call right here out of good sportsmanship to say well so Utah it sounds like right now Utah is going to challenge they called it out but Utah I believe is going to use their challenge.

Or no I have no idea Dao immediately thinks this ball was in Cassidy sounds like he's willing to challenge his own call the ball and replay looks like it skips off the line so this most likely would have gotten overturned but the owner and team captain of Utah black diamonds decided they didn't want to challenge the call and the announcers.

Give an explanation still going back and forth here about whether it's a challenge whether it's not so the rule is that the captain of the team has to initiate the challenge sticking to her guns and she is not challenging it again so it looks like there will be no.

Challenge we did see the replay so you guys at home do know I'm being overwhelmed by my captain things got a bit tense in this situation Brooklyn Ace is trying to convince the black diamonds to challenge this call because it would have been the classy move but the black diamonds were not budging Cassidy said he would have challenged if it was.

Solely up to him it comes into question whether teams should have hold themselves to Integrity on the court or to choose the path of win at all costs it'll be interesting to see how pickleball develops in this aspect but what do you guys think about this situation do you think the black diamonds should have challenged this.

Call or did they have zero obligation to do so and take the win for context there are at least two instances the day prior or Dao in Brooklyn Aces decided to overturn their own calls after having some doubt after initially calling the ball out of bounds and then Dow changes the call foreign.

I'm very far away but I thought that might have been out the Utah black diamonds end up winning this match and also end up in the championship match in the Challenger division there's still lots more to cover from this past weekend and we'll probably make another video within the next few days but what.

Did you all think about these two instances that happened from Major League pickleball leave a comment down below also if you enjoyed watching hit the Subscribe button and give this video a like anyways thanks for watching
Two controversial instances during Major League Pickleball’s intense weekend.


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