Hey what's up Chad here just heading out of Cebu City and enjoying the view on my way to Moab wall I can't wait of course I'm excited about all the nature and Outdoor Adventures to enjoy there but there's something else that I'm pretty excited about checking out and it's at the place I'm gonna be staying at at Beyond Island Resort let's.

Check it out what's up what's up made it to wall of wall I am at a place called Beyond Island man I am so psyched to be here this place is quite a bit different from Cebu City as much as I loved it there this place has an amazing Vibe um there's so much to do here I'm excited about I was just talking to the.

Owner of this place who's telling me about like all the waterfalls and the snorkeling and the reef is like right off the beach there's candy near him there's everything here but there's also something that I'm pretty excited about it's pickleball it's huge back home me and my friends play all the time my family plays and this place beyond.

Island is the first place in Cebu to build a court all right I'm gonna head into town for a little bit grab a bite to eat and then we're gonna head back and check out the pickleball see what's happening tonight at Beyond Island resorts pickleball is considered the fastest growing sport in the U.S with nearly 5 million players picking up a.

Paddle last year once viewed as a Pastime for the older athletes Among Us pickleball with its noisy pops of plastic is somewhere between tennis and ping pong and proving it has no bounds looks like they are starting the games have the gun oh my God this is so great so pickleball.

Is Alive and Well in the Philippines that's actually Max there the owner of the place playing right now I'm gonna sit down with him in a little bit and chat with him and get a little history on how it all happened this is the first pickleball court in Cebu and it's kind of been blowing up since then a lot of people come to this place just to play.

Pickleball anyways we're gonna sit down and have a chat okay I'm Max from Italy Lake of Como beautiful place I find out applicable it's a sport from USA we enjoy very much so I built the first court in cebui Cebu Island four years ago we play every every evening we play two three hours we'll join very much enjoy your paddle.

Your mini puddle I love pickleball that's why I love pickleball it's good to my health so why is this sport booming so fast what's the deal why all the hype well.

What makes it unique is how inviting it is to a wide range of athletic abilities and ages when it was invented back in 1965 it was intended to be an easy game influenced by ping pong badminton and Tennis to be played at family gatherings that all could join in on of course now it's evolved and there's competitive.

Tournaments around the world including in the Philippines but for a new player to get to a point where you can just rally have fun join your friends get some exercise it's surprisingly easy compared to sports like tennis and badminton and that's why it's taking off so fast because so many people can get involved with it and participate this is.

Our Miss Universe or Miss Universe if you want some sports it's everything running cardio and muscle in the arms is everything you met a lot of people and then you get to get to know each other but yeah if you win then you're good every day you go go home and then you.

Think about tomorrow okay I will play Pico it's that's I I was uh oh yes yes your virginity all right there you have it pull up pickleball in the Philippines Beyond Island style having too much fun here if you haven't tried it definitely get out and give it a go it's so much fun better.

Yet come to Beyond Island and wall ball this place is awesome snorkel all day waterfalls canyoneering and then pickleball at night it's a good time it's a good group the owners are super awesome and friendly and you'll love it you won't regret it anyways see you next time Channel.

Move over basketball and make room for pickleball! Well, basketball will probably always be the number one sport in the Philippines, but pickleball is gaining popularity here fast and it’s only going up from here! Join me as I highlight pickleball at Beyond Island in Moalboal, Cebu!

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